Friday, December 30, 2016

More postcards out!

I"m pretty sure that these will be the last few postcards that I'll be receiving this year...and these are the last postcards that I'll be sending out this year. Such a interesting though! :)

I absolutely love this postcard from Taiwan! It took 12 days to get to me from JunMi! And I love it! The name itself is super amazing, Sun Moon Lake! How gorgeous is that?! JunMi wrote that she is a law student and her hobbies were knitting and taking photos. My goodness with gorgeous places like the picture on this postcard; I would LOVE to take pictures too! :) Thank you for this amazing postcard!

This snowy picture postcard is from Sabrina of Germany. It took 11 days to get to me and I love it! It's like she sent me snow to my tropical island in the middle of the ocean! She wished me a happy new year and and Merry Christmas. How sweet! :)

This is a direct swap with Melissa of the Philippines. This is the third postcard that I've sent her, and I did enclose it in an envelope with a letter. :)

These next three postcards will be sent to the same person! Martina from Germany will be the last person that I'll be sending postcards to for this year! So, because that is the case, and also because she mentioned that she really wanted to come here to Hawaii, I've decided to send her THREE postcards! This first one I sent her is of a surfer because she mentioned that she wanted a postcard with surfers on it. :) And I like this one...I adore the blue colors!

She also mentioned that she likes maps, and such so I decided to send her this vintage map of the islands! I like this postcard! :) Oh yeah, she also said that she liked paper crafts and origami, so I just so happened to have some origami stickers that I added to her postcard!

And the last postcard that I sent her was of my beloved beach Lankai Beach! She mentioned that she loved the ocean and how she can't live without. I know how she feels. I love my ocean, and I can't live without. I love this beach and I even told her that. I told her that I hope that she doesn't give up on her dream and that one day she can make it here!