Friday, December 9, 2016

Target surprise gifts!

Today my friend (and co-worker) came into my classroom this morning before the chaos of lovely darlings came in and gave me some things that she got me from Target! I keep telling myself that I need to go there when I have the chance...I absolutely love their $1 section in the front of the store!

So "I" came into my classroom and gave me some washi tape and stickers...! I love it! I love surprises! I love how she thought of me when she saw these things!

I used these same stickers for my DollGirl and KaiBoy's Advent Calender...but I wanted to go back to get some for me...I love these stickers...they are fun and there are a variety of stickers that I can use!

And guess what!? Each 500+ sticker book was only a dollar each! You can't beat that! They are fun, festive, sparkly, and Winter-y...perfect! I am planning to use them in my planners, letters, journals, and DIY cards that I am planning on making. I can't wait!

She also got me some washi tape! Oh, how I LOVE washi tape! :) These are 2 yards a roll and they are fun and festive! (I find myself using that word festive a lot!)

And I love how each roll was only $1! How awesome was that?! :)

And there are close ups of the washi tape that "I" had given me...and LOVE them all! I'm glad that I have friends who give me random surprises! :)