Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016!

Goodbye 2016! This little guy has now transformed from my "daily planner" into my "memory book." It holds snippets of my life for every day in 2016. I have on record my ups and my downs, my progress and set backs, my smiles and tears. I have lists of things/places I want to explore, do, and make...and I'm happy to say I was able to cross a few [and more] off! I have quotes, sayings and reminders of God's promises written down. i have my memories written down on paper. And that is why I keep my planners. It's my very own souvenir to a moment of time in MY life. So, goodbye to 2016...I'm excited for this new year! :)

Planner {love} Passion Planner

After the Pen: Dec. 25-Dec. 31.

And there she last layout for the year 2016! My wish for it being relaxing didn't really happen, but it was a VERY productive last week of the year.  I was able to purge, re-organize, and rearrange my "little corner" of the world, I spent time with family and friends, I enjoyed the beach, I created, I prepped [nearly] all my planners and journals for the new year, and I "slept in" [until  7:30am!] I would say it was a good, productive week! :) Goodbye to this year and hello to the new year!

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} LaghingAndLosingIt
Stickers {love} LaghingAndLosingIt & my own 

New Years Eve "Ro-Ro's"!

After today, this year will be over. It was good year. It had it's ups and downs. It had it's smiles and tears. It has held so much emotion, feelings, and happiness. I went on many adventures and met so many people this year. And I am glad that I was able to spend this last day with my family.

We did something different for the kids this year. We had CINNAMON ROLLS for DINNER! How cool is that?! And I love my sister's cinnamon rolls! :)

The house smelled super yummy! The company was loving and fun! It was a wonderful way to end this year. Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2016

More postcards out!

I"m pretty sure that these will be the last few postcards that I'll be receiving this year...and these are the last postcards that I'll be sending out this year. Such a interesting though! :)

I absolutely love this postcard from Taiwan! It took 12 days to get to me from JunMi! And I love it! The name itself is super amazing, Sun Moon Lake! How gorgeous is that?! JunMi wrote that she is a law student and her hobbies were knitting and taking photos. My goodness with gorgeous places like the picture on this postcard; I would LOVE to take pictures too! :) Thank you for this amazing postcard!

This snowy picture postcard is from Sabrina of Germany. It took 11 days to get to me and I love it! It's like she sent me snow to my tropical island in the middle of the ocean! She wished me a happy new year and and Merry Christmas. How sweet! :)

This is a direct swap with Melissa of the Philippines. This is the third postcard that I've sent her, and I did enclose it in an envelope with a letter. :)

These next three postcards will be sent to the same person! Martina from Germany will be the last person that I'll be sending postcards to for this year! So, because that is the case, and also because she mentioned that she really wanted to come here to Hawaii, I've decided to send her THREE postcards! This first one I sent her is of a surfer because she mentioned that she wanted a postcard with surfers on it. :) And I like this one...I adore the blue colors!

She also mentioned that she likes maps, and such so I decided to send her this vintage map of the islands! I like this postcard! :) Oh yeah, she also said that she liked paper crafts and origami, so I just so happened to have some origami stickers that I added to her postcard!

And the last postcard that I sent her was of my beloved beach Lankai Beach! She mentioned that she loved the ocean and how she can't live without. I know how she feels. I love my ocean, and I can't live without. I love this beach and I even told her that. I told her that I hope that she doesn't give up on her dream and that one day she can make it here!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fun day with friends and family!

Today was an awesome, awesome, awesome day! My TA who has turned out to be a "mom" to me had asked me if she could take me and my DollGirl out sometime this break...and I told her YES, I would love that! And we also invited my other friend, and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, to come as well, and like I said, we had an awesome day!

We decided to bring her to the Honolulu Zoo and then take her to Spaghetti Factory since that was one of her favorite places to eat...well, that was the original plan! But it had to be changed since when we went to the Speghetti Factory IT WAS CLOSED! We went to Mexico Cantina instead. That is another place that DollGirl really liked since it is one of her dad's favorite place.

But, at the zoo, DollGirl was super excited! She had been asking to go back to the zoo for a long time, but sadly her brother is allergic to something there and the last time they went there, he had to get shot with his epi pen because he had an allergic reaction to something. So she was super happy to go come back again. I wanted her to feel special because I know that she has been having a rough couple of weeks lately with a lot of things happening. So, I'm glad that we were able to take her out. :)

She stuck to Mrs. A super much though! She didn't even want to hold my hand because she wanted to hold Mrs. A's hand! I am so happy that they are super close like that. :)

Look at her happy smile! :)

Lemurs! Super cute...and DollGirl kept singing, "I like to move it, move it!" :)

These tortoises were HUGE! And so beautiful! I still want one though! They are HUGE! :)

My all time favorite are the elephants. Although, as much as I love seeing an elephant, I do wish that I can see them in their natural environment in the wild. But they are amazing creatures.

Here is DollGirl enjoying the penguin exhibit! She loved them and they were always swimming towards her! It was SUPER cute!

DollGirl REALLY loved the giraffes! She couldn't stop looking at them and she even got TWO coins with the imprint of the giraffes! :)

You see that black thing under the square house thing?! That is a porcupine! It's SUPER cute! I love it! :)

Here is a monitor lizard. We were up close and personal when they fed it a rat. I'm still on the fence whether or not that was a good thing for DollGirl to see! I was queezy myself!

I love fish and so I loved watching these huge koi and cards! They are so beautiful and HUGE!

A dragon!  A real dragon! A komodo dragon! They are HUGE!

Before we left we got our hands stamped! The Aunty gave DollGirl TWO stamps! How nice of her! :)

Then we went and made our way to The Old Spaghetti Factory...and found out that it was CLOSED! So we drove down the road to Mexico Cantina...and I was SUPER proud of DollGirl, she ate ALL HER FOOD, and even was super polite to our waiter! I am so proud of her! :) We told her that we were going to a surprise place for a surprise treat.

So, there is this new ice cream store that is only two weeks old and we went there. Cookies and Cream! And it was AMAZING! The service was amazing, the ice cream choices were amazing, the cookies were amazing and their selection of desserts were AMAZING! And I love how it is a family business...and come on now, how can you NOT love ice cream?! :) My favorite!

Look at this DollGirl enjoy her special treat! She wanted the chocolate ice cream scoop in a cone with sprinkles and oreo cookies. I love it. I love her. I'm so glad that she loved today just as much as I did! :)

The store is BEAUTIFUL! The artwork is amazing and it was done by a local artist! I love the foot prints, and I just love the whole presentation of everything!

I got the cookie sandwich with two ultimate chocolate chip cookies sandwiching the yummy, yummy chocolate mint ice cream! It was SUPER ono! :)

The owner even took the time to talk to use and tell us about the story of opening this store. He moved here from CA with his family. His wife and his two kids were incorporated in the stores design in ways that you wouldn't have known unless you were told...and I love that! All in all, if you are looking for a family-friend, decent price, YUMMY dessert, you should come here to Cookies and Cream in Kailua!

It was a good day today. I loved today. And I'm glad that today happened. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Postcards going out!

I can't believe that this year is coming to an end soon! I'm excited for new adventures and I'm glad that I heard about Postcrossing, because I am truly having a fun time with it! :)

This gorgeous postcard of Kaneohe will be going to Natalie who lives in Slovakia. She had written me asking if we could do a direct swap and, of course, I agreed! She had written that she enjoys to travel, hike, nature, mountains, views, landscapes, scenery, beaches, oceans...just to name a few and so I decided to send her this postcard since it had a scenery view of the mountains and the ocean! And it's nature. :) She also write that she wanted to know some simple sentences in (your) language "except English." The problem with that is that is speak English, so I told her how to say Merry Christmas (Mele Kalikimaka) and Happy New Year (Hau 'oli makahiki hou) in Hawaiian! :)

This is another direct swap postcard going out to Italy to a young gentleman named Gabriele. He wrote that he has five big passions and they are: Music, Food, Movies, Manga, and Traveling. He never mentioned what kind of postcards that he wanted, so I decided to send him a postcard with my favorite beach on it! On his profile, he asks very specific questions that he would like to be answered. Favorite food, song, and book, any instruments played, and about our city. I did tell him that I loved this beach and why, I told him my favorite food and the instruments that I play...I did mention to him that I couldn't just pick ONE song, but I did tell him the genre of music that I liked.

This postcard is on it's way to Australia to a young man named Jeffrey. I would LOVE to visit Australia one day! One of the things that he wrote on his profile was that he wanted a vintage postcard of people in their everyday lives-at home, at work, at leisure, commuting, shopping, and so I believe that this a perfect postcard for him :)

Gonny from Netherlands had a REALLY REALLY long profile, but from what I got from it was that she wanted a postcard with types of people in [your] country..and then she wrote a lengthy list of the types of people she would like. She was VERY specific about not wanting any city view postcards! And other kind of postcards. But I hope that she likes this postcard and it doesn't offend her too much!

On a side note, I hope that people realize that when they put SO MUCH demand on the type of postcard that they like to receive, at least for me, it makes me not enjoy writing as much. Don't get me wrong, I still do enjoy it, but it just makes me nervous about the postcard that I do choose. Did I choose right?! Will I offend them?! I can understand if someone was like "no gory postcards" or none of something they have a phobia of...but super detailed demands make me blah. (I absolutely HATE/DETEST/ABHOR spiders, but if someone decides that they want to send me a postcard with a spider, I'm not going to be mad.) I think it's another look into that person who sent you the postcard of their decision of which postcard to send you. I should just have blank postcards for those who are super specific and  just say something like,"didn't have any postcards that you wanted...feel free to draw what you want here" or something like that! No, that would be mean though. To each his own!

This beautiful bird of paradise flower postcard will be sent to Bernard of France! He mentioned that he likes flowers, and I'm all about flowers. He did say that he didn't like leis and "hair on soup"...not quite sure of what "hair on soup" means...but I sure don't have any of those kind of postcards! I hope that he likes this one though! :)

And there they are ! I pray that these postcards reach their destinations and that everyone is happy with the postcard that they got!

Ipsy GlamBag December 2016: Carpe P.M.

 Whooohoooo! My Ipsy Glamack just came! And I am super exited for it, because I couldn't really wait and already looked up my samples...:) But I"m excited! :)

 Ipsy's GlamBag is a monthly subscription in which you will receive 4-5 beauty products every month for just $10 (and that includes shipping and handling!) Michelle Phan curates the bags. You take a beauty questionnaire so that your GlamBag is filled with products that pertain to you! Each month when you receive your bag you can write a review and rate each product which will earn you points that you can turn into dollars when you buy things on their site. Not only that, but with each review you subscription will get to know you better and you should start receiving products that matches you more with each review/rate! Check it out here and get your very own Ipsy GlamBag each month! Oh yeah, and I can't forget! The reason why I say "bag" is because each month your subscription comes in a it's own make-up bag! How fun is that?! :)

I don't think that I'll ever get tired of this bright, pink, and shiny bag in my mail basket! :)

OUAI Wave Spray. I'm not really into "beach wave" hair since my hair won't hold this. I go to the beach everyday and my hair still is super straight! No product can make my hair look like it's been to the beach if the real deal won't work! *laugh* However, my sister LOVES these and I will be giving this to her! :)

Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer.

So I was slightly surprised with the consistency of this moisturizer. It's hard to explain...well, on the website it describes is as "Whipped gel moisturizer feels as light and fluffy as fresh snow." And that is a pretty accurate description! I like it; I've already tried it and it goes on pretty smooth and doesn't dry up my skin, and it settles pretty quickly. :) Super would recommend this one!

tarte cosmetics: tarteist glosssy lip paint in wcw. I love love love this product! A little goes a long way, and I just love how it's just glides on!

MAKE: Moonlight Primer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE primer and it's a must have product for me! I feel like it protects your skin for a lot of things, whether you wear make-up or not...and I just love primers, I hope that this one is a good one for me! :)

City Color Cosmetics: Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon, Blackberry, and Guava. When I am in a rush to get out of the house, blush saves me! It makes me look...awake?! :) And I love how this one came in three different colors! This will definitely be going into my purse for a quick "look-alive" look! :)

I love love love the bag that came this month! Just look at it! It's PINK and it's SOFT...and the inside is...

GOLD! I love how you can use it as a quick clutch and it's just super cute! I love it! :)

Everything in my bag made me happy this month! :) It even made my sister happy! :) I love this subscription and I am going to be getting one for my sister as well! :)

 So come join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! you get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here!