Monday, December 12, 2016

Full Moon.

Oh my goodness! I feel like the children at the preschool can be psychic! They know that something is coming up and their actions show it! They were super crazy this today! I was going crazy! But then I know that I can get super crazy at I was trying real hard not to be crazy...even though I know that I had a lot of energy bouncing around me. And trust me, it was really hard to do...but I did it. I didn't want the children feeding off the energy that I had.

I know that this week is going to be really busy and crazy (I feel like that is the word of the day! :) I decided to stay after school a bit to get ahead of things and plan things out. By the time I left school it was already dark and I was in awe as I saw this when I got home.

I don't think that today is the full moon, but wow, the moon is amazing! It's actually shining in through my window as I am typing this and it's beautiful! I brings me back to when I was younger. The moon use to shine into my room at night and I would love it since I hate the dark...and I would sit on my bed and talk to the moon. I don't even remember when I stopped, but I do remember doing that and whenever the moon shines into my room, it brings back all these nostalgic feelings. I love a full moon. I don't like the dark, but I do love the night. The stars and the beautiful.