Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long Weekends.

I love long weekends. They give you time to recharge from everyday life stress. Well, let me rephrase that. I love long weekends that hold no obligations, appointments, and/or stress! I had a VERY relaxing day spending time with my mom and dad [who came home mid-morning from his Men's Retreat] and my niece and nephew.

I am trying to spend as much time with my parents as I can...the day that they leave is coming closer and closer and my heart is getting heavier and heavier...I'm not the happiest person that they are leaving, but I'm not not going to selfish and ask them to stay for me. If God is calling them, who am I to ask them to stay.

I didn't take much pictures of today...but my niece did! As I was going through my phone deleting the pictures that she took that make no sense [a million of the floor, of the ceiling fan, her foot?!?], I saw one that was pretty good!

Whenever DollGirl comes over to my place, I let her pick the hat that I'll wear for the day whether or not it matches with my outfit. *laughs* She picked this hat for me yesterday. It's a good hat that matches with most of my outfits. :) But DollGirl had given my that flower to put in my hair, but I had set it down by my hat because she gave me a few flowers for my hair, and that one just didn't finished...I guess sometime today she took a picture of it...and even though it is a random's a pretty good picture!

I wonder what she will be when she grows up. She LOVES being outdoors. If she can, she would stay outside forever. She loves running. For no apparent reason, but just to run. She loves to plant every seed that she sees. She enjoys climbing trees, and swimming in the ocean. Shoots! This 2-year old babygirl swims out with me in the ocean and floats. And she has no fear when she does flips of the SUP board! That girl! Yep, that girl has my heart. :)

But she loves to take pictures! And she takes amazing pictures at that too! Yes, there are times where I think she doesn't realize that her finger is on the button to take pictures, because there are random pictures...that I have no idea what they are of! But then you get to a set of picture that you can tell were thought out. Hm...maybe she'll do something with pictures...ooohh! Maybe a National Geographic photographer! That would be amazeballs! :)

Well, I need to go to sleep now because we have decided to Hike the Aiea Loop for Memorial Day tomorrow...and I am NOT a hiker so I need all the energy I can muster up! *laughs*

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lazy, relaxing day!

I honestly was NOT in the mood to go to church today, but my niece had asked me yesterday, so very kindly, mind you, if I could go to church with her. So, of course, I can't say no to my lil' DollGirl! It was good though. My parents usually go to the Fil-Am church, however there is a Men's Retreat in Waianae and so my dad went to that for the weekend. So, my mom ended up going to church with my sister, and I caught a ride with Amanda to go to church and we all met up in Kailua SDA Church. It was good to go to be in church again with my mom.

I found out a few days ago that my parents bit the bullet and bought a one-way ticket to the Philippines on August 18. Whenever I think about it I just want to cry all over again. I hate knowing that the date is coming closer and closer to when I have to be without my parents again. Here I am, an almost 30 year old woman crying for her mommy and daddy...but this time around, my heart isn't breaking for myself. My heart aches for my niece and nephew. DollGirl is my dad's personal shadow. Yeah, I can't write about it right now... I can feel myself tearing up. Change subject!

Well, after church, I ended up coming over to town to be here and spend time with my mom and my niece. I ADORE spending time with my niece...and I also equally adore spending time with my lil nephew! I can't believe that he is almost 4 months old! In four days he will be 4 months lil KaiBoy is growing SO fast!

He is such a happy baby! And he has the cutest laughing eyes ever! And he laughs...really laughs out loud when you tickle him! It's the cutest thing ever! These are a few pictures that I can't take credit for. My lil DollGirl took them! She loves taking pictures, that one! :)

I love how DollGirl is super protective of KaiBoy. She loves to cuddle with him and tell him stories and you should hear her when she hears him crying..."No need cry, baby, I'm here. Ate is here!" It is SO heart warming!

My brother and Amanda are here right now to. Right now, Neal, Jeremy, and Amanda are doing a 1000 piece puzzle. That is their thing...they love doing puzzles and they do them like its nothing. I can't sit still that long. This puzzle I gave to Amanda for Christmas...I gave Neal a 3000 piece puzzle...they gave up on that one in a few days! *laughs*

I was trying to wait for them to be tired of the puzzle, but it doesn't look like they are going to be finished anytime soon, so I will say goodnight and just get ready for bed now. :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Kuya Neal!

Today is my amazing brother-in-law's birthday! On Wednesday, I had talked to Amanda about what we were going to do for him...and this is what we decided. Since him and my sister are always SO giving with their time and they are always thinking of others that they sometimes forget to spoil themselves, we had decided to give them time. Meaning to say, since Amanda had taken today and yesterday off, she was going to go to their house and watch the kids for them to be able to get away for a few hours. Since today I had only a half day since we had our preschool graduation, I told her that I would go with her. So, that is what we did. We gave them time.

My morning started out very good, thank you very much!

I took my sister's advise and cut two thick slices of her amazing Honey Oat Wheat bread and toasted it. I like my toast crunchy, but not burnt. So that's what I did, then I smeared on a good amount of butter, but not too much and wow! That totally made my day all happy! I ended up cutting two more thick slices and toasting and buttering them and bringing them to school to share some with Mrs. A. She is the teacher that I join with in the morning to watch the early morning kids. :)

Mrs. A had already had breakfast so she ate one [she was SO happy to have ordered one cinnamon bread loaf for her family after tasting this one!] and we shared the other one with two other children that were there and wanted a taste of the wonderful smelling bread. :)

It was pretty chaotic short day at school. I am so proud of our graduates! They are on their way up to kindergarten...and this is one of the reason I LOVE LOVE my job! In these early stages of life, the children learn SO much and SO fast! And they are all smart cookies that I know will go far in life!

After school, I went home. I have a friend that we send a least a picture a day to. We miss each other so much...and I know that she is lonely at the moment since her husband went abroad for a month for school. And so, I decided to wear a flower in my hair for I sent her the picture of the flower I wore...the background you can see the wonderful front yard that I am blessed to have. :)

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I am so blessed to have this place that I'm living at. It's a beautiful place and my landlady is amazing wonderful as well! She is so sweet and I know that I am safe here. :)

Since it was my brother-in-laws birthday, I got him a birthday balloon to go with the present that I got him.

It's always fun to have balloons for your birthday, at least I think that it is. :) So, I had driven over to Amanda's house and we went together to my sister's house so that she can take her husband out for his birthday. They ended up seeing the new Avenger's movie. I wanted to see hopefully I'll be able to go and see it, if not, hopefully it gets on Netflix so I can watch it when it comes out! :)

But before Amanda and I got to the house we stopped at our favorite Boba tea place.

Taste Tea is so yummy! My favorite order is: Winter Melon with Lemonade, 70% sweetened, Less Ice, and Big Boba! It's so yummy! My sister and Amanda usually get the same. Milk Tea...but I like my Winter Melon. :)

When we got to my sister's house, they had just left and my parents just waiting for Amanda and I so that they can leave to go meet their friends. I knew that my sister was already going to be gone...but I'm bummed that we missed them by just a few minutes, so we just put her Iced Tea in the refrigerator and Amanda and I enjoyed our tea while we were waiting for my lil' DollGirl (2 years old) to wake up from her afternoon nap. Lil' KaiBoy (3 months old) was also sleeping...but he woke up when we got there so we got to play with his little cuteness for a bit before sister woke up and demanded our attention to play with her.

Amanada stayed with KaiBoy in the house while I went outside to play with DollGirl.

She loves cars...just like her daddy! :) While I was taking her picture, she told me that she wanted to take pictures I let her take a picture...and I had a million pictures of the garden that her and her grandpa (my daddy) had made for her mom.

She loves to garden! She is going to have a green thumb just like her grandpa! I love watching them together! My dad is an out-doorsy person...and so is DollGirl...she loves going outside! She loves running...for what seems like NO REASON...but she LOVES LOVES to be outside!

Well, I am getting tired now, but before I end this post, I wanted to post up some of the pictures that I got from the wedding that we did today! My brother-in-law was able to go with Passion Roots to help put up those ridiculously heavy chandeliers! And wow! I so admire and him and Amber (my co-worker)...they had to do some quick thinking with how to put them up!

My other co-worker and friend, Ivy, sent me these pictures earlier today...and I couldn't be more proud of my Passion Roots team! They look amazing! Ivy said that they had a lot of people come up to them to compliment the arrangements and The Modern were amazed by them as well! Yay for Passion Roots! We rock! I love working with them and being part of the team. :)

"Happy birthday, Kuya Neal! I hope you had an amazing day! I love you!"

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unexpected Happenings.

Today was pretty unexpected, to say the least! Not a bad thing...sometimes it's good to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. I use to be like that. When I look back in my life, I realized that I was pretty spontaneous...and I need to learn how to do that again. Today was one of those days. Although, it wasn't SUPER spontaneous, it was unexpected.

I just got home. Well, I take that back. I just showered and so like about 30 minutes I just got home. I had my evening all planned out when I got a text that gave me a decision whether or not I wanted to continue my evening plans to deviate a little from what I had wanted to do. I decided to change plans. Let me [sort of] start from the beginning.

So, starting last week I have been having MAJOR car problems. Like my-car-stopping-and shutting-off-randomly kind of car problems. Because that was the case, I had asked my sister to lessen my work load at Passion Roots to a minimum unless I can get a ride out there. My point...if I did take a bus out there after my preschool work, it would talk a little bit more than 2 hours to get there because of all the traffic. If they really needed me, I would figure out ways to get there...tonight, I wasn't even on schedule, so I wasn't worried.

I do drive my car though, with a lot of prayer. I have made it a habit to text my sister whenever I drive with a simple, "I'm about to drive! Please pray!" I like that I can do that...coz I know that she will send up prayers for me. I usually just drive from my preschool job to home or to the long as it stays in Kailua...I'm usually okay...because I know that if my car does stop and I can't get it to start again, I can always just walk home if I can't get a hold of anyone at the moment.

When I got home, my sister calls me and asks me if I could meet her at the shopping center in Enchanted Lakes [still part of Kailua]. She has started to slowly start her baking business. And I couldn't be more proud of her! She calls her kitchen "The Lab" because she is just finalizing her different recipes and so she sells her baked goods at a discounted price. I know she will do GREAT in this...her goodies are known all over. :) So I had gotten orders for her from my preschool co-workers and so I went and picked up our orders.

Oh my goodness, the bread smelled AMAZING! As always. Since I was at the shopping center anyways, I decided to go grocery shopping, so I did. And picked up some groceries while I was at it.

I really like how my sister's bread, she makes them as healthy as she can, yet they stay really moist and so onolicious! So wish this Honey Oat Wheat bread, you can order it in several ways. You can get it just as a loaf OR in 12 "Largeish Dinner Rolls" OR 18 Smeedium Dinner Rolls." My favorite is if you get in a "Big Ol' Loaf" you can add a "cinnamony swirl" and oh my! That is my favorite! It is SO yummy!

My sister's extra tag for this special swirl of hers just cracks me up! She is so ON POINT!

This Rosemary Garlic bread though. Oh mandope! What can I say that doesn't sound like I'm making something up?! I don't even know...! Well, lets just say that I was planning on having lettuce wraps this evening...BUT I took one smell of this bread and I knew that I wanted it. So, I ended up cutting two slices from the middle of it...

...because I wanted two of the longer pieces of it...and then I toasted the two pieces in my little toaster oven.

And let me tell you! The smell of this bread while it was toasting was unbelievable! It smelled SO amazing! When it was done, I made myself a sandwich!

Since I'm trying to be a bit more healthier and more conscious about what I put in my body, I used Edamame Hummus as "mayo" and I put turkey and cheese on it...then I sat down and took a picture of it to send to my sister [just to let her know her bread was VERY much appreciated!]

However, as soon as I took the picture, I knew something was missing...and I knew right away what it I added:

some lettuce! Sorry for the blurry picture! As you can tell, I was in a rush to eat this yummy sandwich! And yummy it was! :)

Commercial Break! *laughs*

Please follow my sister on Instagram and Facebook! Spread the word as well! She loves baking for others and filling your belly with YUMMY YUMMY baked goods! Support her! Pray for her! And just encourage her...starting your own business isn't easy, but I know that she can do it!

Instagram: TheFlouredCounterLab
Facebook: The Floured Counter: Lab

And trust, I'll also be posting up her yummy goodies as they come my way. :)

*End of commercial break!* :)

Anyway, as I said in the beginning of this post, things don't always go as least my day didn't! As I took a bit of my heavenly just made sandwich, I get this text. Thinking that it was my sister responding to my text of my ingenious idea of using her amazing Rosemary Garlic bread as a sandwich, I check the text.

"We need you. I'm picking you up! Just two hours, I promise!" It was already like 9:PM and I was like WHAT!? I know that my Passion Roots boss would not text me AND offer to come and get me if they didn't need me, so I packed up the rest of my sandwich, packed half of my left over bread to share with my amazing Passion Roots co-workers and walked outside just as she pulled up into my driveway. And off we went.

She told me sort of what was going on at work and why they needed me. And so when I walk in I was too surprised to see these giant wooden hexagon shaped pieces with crosses in the middle chicken wired tight with flower oasis. Our bride wanted these HUGE (think at LEAST 5 1/2 feet across) chandeliers. Not one but THREE!

I wish I thought to take pictures of when we first started...but I didn't. Since it was already late, I wanted to work as fast as we could to get these finished. I have preschool work at 7:am tomorrow, but these lovely ladies had to be at The Modern at 6:45am! Plus they still needed to load all our work in the vans before being that was even earlier! Here is Evy adding some foliage to this chandelier.

So, these particular floral chandeliers were to be filled with various foliage and on site they were going to add Eskimo Roses...VERY few Eskimo Roses. This is the underside of the chandeliers...and I post up pictures as I get them of the actual site when these babies are up. I can't wait! I think that it's going to look AMAZING!

After we were done with these as much as could, we preloaded them into the vans and I went upstairs to the studio (we did these pieces downstairs because there was NO WAY were going to bring these pieces downstairs...they were at LEAST 80 pounds EACH! And it was late and we were all so tired already.) I helped Shihi with some of the bouquets of the other weddings that we were also having tomorrow...

The left bouquet goes with the chandelier wedding...and the other  bouquet on the right is going to another wedding. They are SO gorgeous!

I love roses! And peonies are just so gorgeous! Look what pretty gems I found in the refrigerator I saw that we are saving for the following wedding!

How can you not look at these and just be happy! They are SO gorgeous! A beautiful color and so beautiful to look at! Lucky bride! :)

But now that I am FINALLY home...I can now sleep! So goodnight, world!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Girls Day Out.

And when I say "mini" I really mean, mini...*laughs* Basically it was last minute and I had originally agreed to go because my brother's fiance was going to pick up her wedding dress from the person who altered it. And then Amanda decided to invite our other friend Sera to come along as well. She is also getting married, but she will be having her wedding in Baltamore...but it will be like two weeks after my brothers. Her fiance is currently deployed though and won't be back [hopefully] until two weeks before the we are having fingers crossed on that whole thing.

Well, Amanda's dress appointment was at 7:30pm...and it takes about 30-45 minutes to get there so we were going to leave at 6:15 so that we can stop at our favorite cafe La Tour...oooooh! I love that place! I adore their macaroons! SUPER adore the macaroons! But when I got home from my preschool work, I noticed that WOW! My succulent leaves were starting to root and some where even growing leaves!

It was about time! Passion Roots had done a wedding about a month ago that involved succulent plants and we had to wire some of in order to wire them, we had to pull some of the leaves off. I took a lot of those leaves and just laid them out so that they can start to root. One type of garden that I want to start at my new place is a mini succulent garden. [I also want an orchid garden and herb garden! :) So instead of going out and spending money on buy succulent, I decided to try my had at propagating the leaves. So this is my first time.

The instructions given to me was to just leave the leaves out. Make sure that they are out in indirect light. If they are in direct sunlight, it will literally burn the roots dead...but in a shady place with natural light. That has my patio screaming all over it! *laughs* So, since I had some time to kill, I decided to relocate the little leaves into pots of their own.

But it doesn't even stop there! I guess I got a little pot happy. *LAUGHS!* NO! Not that kind of pot!

When I was done doing this, I went back inside to wash off and wash the things that I used. Then I came back outside and realized that I didn't like how there were SO many I decided to move EVERYTHING...well, most everything to one least for the time being.

And I was definitely much more happy. When they start really growing more, I might move them to their own places...but for now, this is good enough.

NOW when I was done with this, I was ready to get ready to meet my friends. I did lay down for a few minutes [30 minutes] and decided to get ready to meet my friends.

Before going to pick up Amanda's dress we were able to stop by La Tour...and you want to see the reason why I love this cafe?!

Macaroons!!!!!! Today I got Mango, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was bummed that my favorite Cinnamon Bun wasn't there! Oh mandope, that one is a yummy one! :)

Then I did get my Crispy Chicken Tenders.

*laughs* As you can see, I couldn't help but to eat my Strawberry Cheesecake macaroon! *laughs* But Sera said something that cracked me up! "I need to eat my macaroons now! [this was even before our main meal had come out and we were still wait!] Something might happen and I might die. And I would hate for these macaroons to go to waste." Oh mandope...the way she said it was too funny! :) And just letting you know, NOPE! I didn't eat the fries. I dislike potatoes!

But after we ate, we went next door to David's Bridal and Amanda tried on her dress and liked it. The we left for home. All the while we were laughing. Talking. And just relaxing from the chaos in our classrooms. Yes, we are all teachers. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My little corner.

Today marks the day where one month ago I moved into "my little corner" of this vast world. A place to call my own. A haven. A secret hide-a-way...well, it's that big of a secret...but I will say that if you don't know where to look, you will most definitely just past by it without even knowing that you missed it. 

Since my [former] housemate is planning to get married [to my BROTHER, no less!]...I had to quickly find another place to live. I have to admit that I was a bit stressed out trying to look for the right place. I knew that I wanted to stay in this area because I liked being close to work, I didn't want to live in "town", and I have grown to love this part of O'ahu. With the help of my sister and her husband [MY amazing brother-in-law!], I looked, inquired, and finally found the place where I felt like I could feel safe at. I haven't lived on my own for a couple years now...and I knew that the degree of my FEELING of safety would play a HUGE role in whether or not I liked the place.

As we all know, teachers don't make the highest or anywhere near the highest paying short. We struggle. Especially if you are single with no second income. So, it's as good thing that I have two jobs. But I love my job, and I'm finding it hard to imagine anything taking me away from this amazing teaching job that I have. That being said, I just wish that they would pay us so that we can actually survive and have fun from time to time! *laughs* Well, no one said that I HAD to live here in Hawai'i and it's ridiculous high cost of living. But I have grown to love it here, so I really wanted to try and make it.

The windward side of O'ahu isn't the easiest place to find a home with the amount of money we make [as a teacher]...however, I was blessed to find this gem of a place. Well, my sister found the place, and when I went to go check it out, I knew that THIS was the place where I wanted to be.

My "little corner" is a tiny 245 sq. ft. studio located near the beautiful, beautiful beach of Lanikai. No, seriously, when I say "near" I mean NEAR. I-can-hear-the-ocean-waves-crashing-on-the-shore kind of near. I love it. At first I thought the "silence" of this place was going to bother me. I hate silence. But its not as silent as I thought! Between the waves crashing in the distance and the ever present trade winds brushing against the trees that surround me it is the perfect nature sound of relaxation. Oh, and guess what wakes me up in the morning! Birds singing. And the sun...I have plenty natural light and I can look out my window EVERY DAY and see the wonderful masterpieces that God creates in the sky. Like I said, I love it.

Originally, I was concerned about how tiny the place was! I have NEVER lived in a place that was SOO tiny! It didn't have a kitchen, but a refrigerator. And when you walk in my front door...let me just show you...come on in! :)

Yes, that is the bathroom! I didn't think that I would like the fact that you walk into the bathroom right when you step into my house! I still don't like it, but it's not as bad. I do love the fact that my sister was able to find a welcome mat that matched my shower curtain! :) Before I share with you the rest of my place is still a work in progress. I am more on point in keeping everything clean! I hate when I see anything out of place...or if my floor is littered with my hair! *laughs* But I still need to decorate and add shelves and what not...but for the most part...I love how my "little corner" has turned out!

I like things nice and organized. And I have to say that I have The Best sister ever! I think she realized that I was overwhelmed with the move and trying to organize everything so she stepped in and while I was at work, she came to my "corner" and organized and fixed everything up! It was a mixed collaboration among my sister, brother-in-law, and I in creating my tiny space. I did research on tiny living and put my input and my sister did the finishing touch on the plans and with the help of my Bro-in-law, made it into a reality!

When you turn left from the front door into another door to enter in the main living place this is what you would see. Downsizing was VERY hard...but it was also very therapeutic since it was cleaning out everything that I knew that I didn't really need. The two things that I wish I could have taken with me was my punching bag and my piano. I was able to bring all my books though! And my fishtank. I actually had a longer fishtank and it worked it great because my friend was looking for a longer tank since she has a saltwater tank with an eel in it. My tank was a 30 gallon tank...this one is a 35 gallon tank...but I love how it was more vertical rather than horizontal. So, we switched tanks...and it worked out perfectly so that my armchair could fit there.

I was able to bring my TV with me...and I use it as my "radio"...and when I'm not, it's always playing music or sometihng. :) My mom made my curtains! I love them! My sister made me my mermaid signs and my brother-in-law made almost everything else you see in this picture. :)

I was so glad that my twin sized loft was able to fit in this little alcove. I all the loft my "bedroom." My brotherIL did make it fore me! And my sister had a surprise for me! She added glitter to the paint...more like a shimmer. I live shiny things and so I was SO glad that she added that! I even have my very own "dungeon"...basically what I call my storage rooms where ever I live [think Phantom of the Opera! *laughs*].

Here is a better view of the kitchenette that my BrotherIL made for me! I adore that magnetic strip for my knives and other stuff! And get this, my BrotherIL even made my counter tops with REAL granite that he cut and shaped himself! I love him! :)

Here's a better view of how that looks. I love how everything works together. My BrotherIL did an amazing job! :)

This is my little study corner. Where I am right now typing out this post. :)

This is the view outside my window. It faces the ocean...and I love it! That is the roof of the garage outside my window and I have take an towel and blanket and just laid down on there and just looked up. It's so relaxing to go cloud watching out there...and the stars. Oh wow! The stars are amazingly bright. What you can't see but on the right there is a pretty big front yard with a nice green lawn, mango trees, herb gardens, flower gardens, a water fountain, and open space where I take my towel to lay down and just read a book out in nature. Well, that's if I'm to lazy to walk down to the beach. *laughs*

Well, that is my little corner...a place where I have grown to love in the short time that I've been here. I hope I am able to stay here even longer. I still have to show you may mini patio/balcony that I am fixing up! :) I love my space. I feel safe here. And I feel closer to nature. I love it. :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Classroom Talk.

During nap-time for my "darlings" today, my boss asked me to go through different school catalogs and make one wish list for each 5 classrooms in our school. She told me to never mind the price, but just make an estimated guess on the "wish" classroom if we were to start from scratch. I am SO proud of my keikis and their parents-current and former, causerie we have been doing so well with our fundraisers that we have a good amount tucked away ready to be used. So my boss and I have decided that we will work to beautify our school.

It warms my heart when I hear parents talk about our school with such positive words. It always gets back to me about how wonderful our teachers are! And I couldn't agree more! I am SO blessed to be working where I am I think that its extremely hard to find a place where EVERYONE gets along and EVERYONE is always willing to go the extra mile...and this is the first time where I've worked in a place where everyone genuinely LOVE what they do. It shows through their work, through the keikis, through their parents and it's such a pleasant place to work at. There is SO much respect here and I cna 100% honestly say that they can feel the benefits of us teachers who love their job and its a place where I really do feel taken care of.

That being said, one of the first things that I noticed about our school is that it looks a bit runned down. This is a very good school...and so I am excited to start this make-over for my school.We are trying to get the school board "on board" with this new change that we want. We are also trying to open another classroom for the older kids. So I was given the job to remake every classroom and write a wishlist for them all.

We are trying to have the new classroom ready for the coming up school year in we are really push it as much as we can. And I really am excited for all the change. I really feel blessed that I was able to land such an amazing job. :)

Before I end this post, I'll share a few snapshots that I have of my classroom. My classroom is always a work in progress. I like an organized room that is welcome. I also like color and my favorite "decor" for my room are the own artwork of the children. Yes, I love "showing off" the arts & crafts the children do. :)

The keiki themselves asked me if I can put the planets up. Oh, our subject for this month is the Solar System....and I love how interested they are in the vast amazingness that lays in the outskirts of our planet! But I have a book that shows the plants and different things you can find in the great Solar System. I don't usually do bulletin boards because I like to put the kids artwork up...but since they really wanted the planets up, I went to the store and bought this amazing bulletin set of the Solar System. My "darlings" love it...and they can name all the planets! I'm so proud of them!

Here are the suns that we made the other day. They loved this activity! I like keeping track of the art projects that we do that they like, that way I can make sure we do it more than once. My keikis are into color mixing at the moment. They say that its magic. :)

I like sitting on the ground with my keikis when I do my circle time. I have been in preschool classes where the teacher is on a chair, and that is fine. I tried it, but I didn't quite like it. My keikis LOVE doing the calender each day! They get a kick out of turning the number around...and like guessing what the design of the number is going to be. A few of them are starting to get that it's a pattern! *laughs*

This is one DIY thing that I did for myself...and I love how it turned out! So, when I started working at this job there was this old spice rack that nobody was using. The spices that were in each container barely smelled any longer to be with the spices and herbs that still had a slight smell to them, I used it for various artworks and activities, the rest I just tossed it. I then washed out the little bottles...laminated and super glued tops decorative tops on the caps and just placed miscellaneous things in the jars that I use. PomPom balls, googly eyes, sequins, mini star stickers, paperclips, staples, push pins,'s very useful. Very easy to make, very accessible when I need to grab something...and yes. I like it. :)