Sunday, December 4, 2016

Before the Pen: Dec. 04-Dec. 10.

I don't really know why, but this is one of my favorite layouts. :) I love how the glittery washi goes so well with the stickers and I think that it adds a special BAM o it...and I love love the shiny and glitteryness! :) But I hope that this week is more smoother than the last. I know already that we are down a teacher since one of the teachers went to the Philippines for three weeks...and the sub that she got said that she will only sub if her daughter comes to school, and so it so happens that she will be in my class. I hope that that does not disrupt anything...but I don't think so, she use to be in my that is okay. She is suppose to be in in the next class up, but she isn't potty trained yet, so she has to be in my class for the time being. I know that I have a lot of craft that I want to do, I have to do the gifts to the parents and so that will happen this week...and I am going to try to get the keiki's back on schedule with here is to this week! :)

 Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} Sparkles of Stickers
Stickers {love} personal stach