Sunday, July 31, 2016


Yes, I have the jitters. I always have "first day jitters" no matter how many years I have been teaching, I always get nervous on the first day of school. And to make matters worse, we have not one day that we consider first day, but we have TWO "first day's" because since we do part time at our school, my Monday/Wednesday/Friday class is different from my Tuesday/Thursday class. I do have one child who is full time and comes every day...and he was with me during the summer so that makes it somewhat easier...but other than that, I have the jitters for sure! I know that I am a good teacher, its just that initial meeting of the parents and their keiki that makes me nervous because for the most part these kids have never been in a childcare environment and the parents could be first timers and it makes them more nervous...which makes me nervous, but I can't really show it. But I know that everything will be good. :)

But I did finish my classroom! I still have places that I was not able to organize, but my class is ready for first day!

I had put the cots out to make sure that there was enough space for napping without the children being too close to each other. That is very important to me! I want the children to sleep, not play with each other...but there is my classroom! I am not sure that I am feeling black paper any longer though! I know that either during Christmas or just next year I am going with white bulletin paper. But it does look nice and I am happy with it. :)

I did down size my window garden though. I have 5 pineapples, an avocado tree and a Jade succulent plant with a few nests up for display. I love the pineapple plants! I love the smell of pineapple and the kids love it to! :)

When I got home, I got the notification that one of my postcards made it to its destination and so I was able to send another one out.

In all caps this young lady hinted that she loved turtles so I decided to send her a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. I hope that she likes it! :) This postcard was sent to New another fellow USA postcrosser. :)

Here is a picture at what my desk looks like right now...

Yep, I am busy trying to do lesson planning for this month and writing down and typing up everything that I need to do before the first day of school tomorrow! So that is what I am going to do right now. :)

Pray for me and the little kids that walk through my door tomorrow!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yay! to mailbox surprises!

I feel like these days are SO long and that they are never ending! I don't know what other jobs are like, but I wish people can somehow know just how emotionally, physically, and mentally draining it is to be a teacher. It's SO true, we don't do this for the money...and I am so happy that I love my job. But with every job, there is also the downside...but for me, the pros far out weigh the cons, but I'm just tired. So tired. Oh well....well, when I got home, I came home to two postcards from different parts of the world!

One was from Germany and the other one was from the Netherlands.

This postcard is from Kathrin and she has been with postcrossing for about 3ish years...that's a long time! This postcard is a picture of where she is from in Germany in this place called Jena...and it looks so beautiful! I love the sun that is peeking over the horizon! And the stamps are beautiful! I love flowers!

The second postcard is from The Netherlands.

It is a very interesting postcard! Two mating ladybugs...but it is a postcard that I have never seen before that's for sure! One cool thing about this postcard is that it is like a hologram postcard so you can't really tell from the picture, but it's like a 3D postcard! So that was pretty cool! The sender of this postcard has been with Postcrossing for over 4 years and has sent out and received more than 1,000 postcards! That's a lot!! I love the fact that she runs her own Bed & Breakfast! That is so cool!

Yes, I am enjoying all the postcards that I am receiving! :) And I can only hope that those who receive the ones that I send out enjoy them just as much as I enjoy selecting the perfect one for them! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Working hard.

This week is Teacher Work Week. It's the week that we get as teachers to fix our classroom and start on our lesson plans for this coming up year. A week? I wish that we could have more than a week, but I am very appreciative for this week. But I do have to say that I feel like I put in more hours on this week for this job than I do on a normal preschool work day. Oh well, that could just be me and how particular I want my room. :)

The first thing that I wanted to do was get all the painting that I needed to get done. And I did a lot of painting! The first thing that I wanted to do was this "easy" job of repainting this toy shelf for the kids. I also plan on putting the fish tanks on this...and don't get me wrong, I am all up for the primary colors, but this...this was something that needed to change. 

I started off with painting the outside black and then then inside the cubbies a sea foam color. I love that color combination! I really love the ending product!

I think that it matches my room sooo much better and I get match it better in the future. The red was just too bright! Because of the humidity it took a long time for this baby to dry! I did a lot of painting this year. I chalkboard painted my door with a trim of this same sea foam color. And I also made four chalk board's to hang around my room.

I hate when my classroom is a mess and I have to admit I was going into anxiety mode during this process! It took forever to take down the bulletin paper because I didn't just want to rip it down and throw it away, it was still good paper and so I wanted to save it all and cut it into smaller pieces to recycle it for artwork.

I decided to use black as the main color for the bulletin boards and it made me sooo frustrated because the boarders that I wanted were out of stock at all the teacher stores here on the island (a down side to living a small island...) but I made due and used chevron strips and polka dots that I had used last year in a different pattern.

Once I had all my bulletin paper up with the boarders I felt like I could now start on the other things that I wanted to do...the details and accents. And most importantly setting up the classroom management part of the room. It frustrates me if there is no order or the management is off in my class.

Oh but first...look at my black mollies and (one guppy) their babies! Aren't the babies SOOOO cute! I love my fish. :)

I love laminating EVERYTHING! I wish that our school had a bigger laminater, but that's okay, because for now I can use my personal one. It gets what I need done, done. :)

Order. See, I like order...:)

Their cubby tags are super cute! I love the accept pieces that I chose for this year...I love the "cutesy" things with adorable faces!

Although, I do like this part of the year where I can redo my room and get back with organizing everything and implement new very time consuming trying to get everything done for the first day of school...and I have to say that at the end of the day I am extremely exhausted...

When I got home I was excited to get a postcard in the mail. :)

The postcard was from 17 year old Katerina and she is from Czech Republic. It had a very sweet message on back about how she knows someone here in Hawai'i and she had met him at a camp where she gave her life to God. That was awesome to hear! On my postcrossing profile, I had mentioned that I love God and I was glad that she was comfortable enough to let me know about that amazing decision that she made.

I also think that stamps that she used are super adoreable and cute...bunnies! You can't go wrong with bunnies! :)

Well, I hope that I'll be able to finish what I need to get done for my classroom by Monday! I'm sure I will, I mean, it does look a lot better than it did in the beginning of the week! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birchbox July 2016: My Morning Routine.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that is $10/month. I highly recommend you to subscribe to this box subscription if you would like to explained your experimentation of beauty care products. I have to say that since I have been subscribed to this box, it has not been all sugar and spice, but I have found plenty of new beautify care products that I've liked and added to my collection of things that I use. If you would like to subscribe to this box, please click here and enjoy! :)

I am sad to say that this will will be my box from Birchbox. I have been with them for over two years hoping that somehow, maybe that the shipping of their products can come here to Hawai'i. I love this subscription because it introduces me to facial care and make up products that I wouldn't have known about on my own. However, the only downside that I can say about this place is that since I live in Hawai'i, they are not allowed to ship certain products to me, even though they were able to ship it to me in my birchbox subscription. And the reason why I held out for so long with this subscription, was because I really liked them...and I was hopeful that one day they would be able to send me the products that I realized that I liked through the subscription. I didn't really see a point in continuing with them for as long as I lived in Hawai'i...and since I have learned to love this place, I had to cancel, and so I reluctantly decided to cancel my subscription. But I would still recommend this subscription. :)

So without further ado, here is the review of my last Birchbox subscription. (And yes, I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with all the reviews this past year!)

I have to say that I am going to miss getting this little pink box in my mailbox! It's always fun to get a package after a long day of work. And it's a plus for me since my favorite color is pink! :)

I really do like how each time they send you a box, the box is always has a unique design to it! Not only that but they are really sturdy like boxes that you can use for other things! I like to bring these boxes to school and use them for different storage things. Very useful boxes. :)

So, this is what it looked like when I first opened my box. I am sad that they did do away with the brightly colored tissue paper, because I can always that again for whatever craft work, not they put a spongy black thingy that sheds little black things. But that's okay.

"Hello world Lets do this!-This month is about the things that get you up and at 'em. Fittingly, we're spotlighting the product our subscribers say they won't leave the house without: mascara. We hope your new mascara helps your ace the day a little more bright-eyed...."

I like how they have this card that tells you a bit about the things that you have in your box for the month. It's always helpful to know what the things are, because there have been time where I was wondering what something was.

This bright, silvery sample caught my attention first! It is the  Dr. Jart + Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer. I really like using coconut oil and essential oils as my go-to daily moisturizer...however, I have to say that I really did like this moisturizer. It was really light and it didn't feel heavy at all...throughout the whole day.

This is the featured product in this month's box. And I have to say that I am in-love with this product. Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated Macara. I love the brand Smashbox and nearly all it's products. I feel like this mascara does it all, thickens, lengthens, and magnifies your lashes. Rarely clumps and is one of my top favorite mascaras.

I tend to favor dark reds and bright reds when it comes to lip color and so this color, which was bright pink against my skin was a miss for me. Other than that, I liked the way that this felt on my lips and a little goes a LONG way. This is the LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil.

I'm not the biggest fan of perfume samples in my subscription, but every so often I do like the samples that I do get. This one is one of them...I put this one in my bag so that I can use it when ever I need something that smells light and "clean." Clean Air Eau de Parfum Spray.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. Everyone knows that I love face masks...but because I have used my share of face masks, I have realize that I have become a face mask snob. I'm not that bad though...just that I know what I want my face to feel like after I remove the mask...and I have to say that even though it was a different brand, I feel like this is a generic kind of mask. It did do it's job and I thoroughly enjoyed using it, but I wouldn't go out and get it. 

Well, that was the last sample that I got from my box this month. I am going to say that I am going to miss getting this subscription and getting introduced to new products...but hopefully one day I can resubscribe when they can ship to Hawai'i. But for now, goodbye Birchbox! It was amazing while it lasted! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To Germany.

How cool would it be to be able to travel so easily like a postcard! I mean, I guess it is...get a ticket and just go...but it's a lot cheaper to travel like a postcard then it is is to buy a travel ticket! :)

Today I sent off a postcard to Germany. This lady has been on Postcrossing for seven years already and has over 2, 300 postcards! I wonder if I'll ever get much! But I can see why this site can be very addicting. I am having a lot of fun with sending and receiving postcards from all over the world! On the list of postcards that she wished to receive are postcards with "city view cards: typical tourist picture cards: single or multi-views, container ships and cruise ships, sea ports...sea, beaches, special buildings and places in your country..." and so I decided to send her one that looked like this:

...and look, it even has a rainbow. : I had told her that I just visited the I'olani Palace...I hope it gets to her safely!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Exploring North Shore.

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason...and I have to keep telling myself that since we have to cancel our trip to Kaua'i today.

Last night my friend called me while she was at paddling practice and told me that her paddling coach was telling her that Hawaiian Airlines were waiving the rescheduling fee for flights to Kaua'i, Maui, and Big Island because of Storm Darby...and the uncertainty of the flights going from and to there. I was really sad because I would have gone anyways, but there are a few of us that were going that had kids and they were going to be left with babysitters while we were gone on Kaua'i for the day...but then there could be a chance that we were going to get stuck in the island and not able to come back and so they didn't want to take that chance. So we had to reschedule our trip to September.

To say that I am disappointed is a big understatement, but then like I said, I believe that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason this happened. So instead of staying home and pouting about the cancelled trip, I asked my friend if she wanted to take an impromptu trip to North Shore to do whatever we wanted to, storm or not. And she agreed and it was a LOT of fun. :) We stopped where ever we wanted to on the way to and from North Shore and we had a lot of girl talk moments with lots of stops to beautiful, gorgeous places. I am still in awe that I live on this beautiful island...and it's coming up to 6 years that I've lived here...and wow, really?! :) Time sure does fly when you are enjoying life. :)

I did try to take pictures, but I also know that I've failed in capturing all the beauty that I took in. The first place that we went was...Starbucks. :) We needed our coffee fix...and yes, I am still trying to stay away from coffee on a daily basis...and it is still very hard...Since I know that I can easily get addicted to the caffeine in coffee, I try to stay away from it. But I hadn't had any in about a week and so I think that I'm good...

Then we were on our way to North Shore. As we were driving, I saw a sign that said "Ho'omalunia Botanical Gardens" and so (since my friend was driving) she did a quick turn around and we made our way to the gardens. I love gardens. Yep, botanical gardens are high on my list of places I like to visit. :) But oh wow...this places amazing!!! Gorgeous views and since the storm was coming it was shrouded in mist and fog and it made the views look spectacular!

I was way too busy enjoying the views then taking pictures of it...but look at our beautiful Ko'olau Mountains! Like I mentioned earlier, pictures do not do justice to the amazing, awe-inspiriting places of this beautiful place that I call home. Look how green it is! So gorgeous! There is a camp ground on at this place...and I think that it would be fun to go camping least l we don't have to worry about bears and raccoons! :)

When I had told my landlady that we were going to go driving around the island towards North Shore, she told me about her favorite place here on the island and so we decided to go visit it. Laie Point...or "Puka Rock" as the locals call it. There wasn't a lot of parking, but then right when we got there it started to rain, and so a lot of people left so we had perfect parking. :) And I am glad that we came here because it is a beautiful place. It was super windy, and rainy, but it was so worth it...and I can see myself coming back to this place. Although, I'm not a big fan of a lot of people...and I can see a lot of tourist like coming here...and its a beautiful place and it's so photogenic!

I swear that I could have stayed here for hours just watching the waves rolling in the water, however as I was getting out of my car (we took my car) I guess there was something sharp on the door handle and I cut myself and even though I had a napkin to "soak" up the blood, it was a lot deeper than I thought and the blood was saturating the napkin. No, I didn't take a picture of it! :) But we left after about a decent amount of time here at Puka Rock and went to the gas station to get some bandaids. ($2.09 for 2!)

My friend had always wanted to go to Waimea Beach and so since it was just a hop, skip, and a hop away from Puka Rock we decided to stop by there, and since it was raining still, the parking lot, which is usually always filled up, and a few empty stalls that we were able to grab.

I love this beach. I wish that it was closer to where I live, but it's fun to come out here for the day...during times like this the water is soooo calm, that it's hard to believe that this is one of the places that surfers come world wide to surf when the surf is high! But look how calm it is! The water wasn't bad was a lot warmer in the water then it was out!

Another place that we stopped at was at Sharks Cove. I had not yet come here...but I know a lot of people like to come here to go snorkeling...and I can see why. It's super rocky here though and shallow...I like snorkeling where it' a bit more deeper...but it still is a beautiful place!

I am spoiled with all the clear waters that we have here! Whenever I go back home to California, I am reminded how dark and cold the water can be. I would come back here to Sharks Cove...but I don't think I can be here all day...but it would be a nice stop. 

We spend the majority of our time walking around Halaiwa, a place that reminds me of St. Helena, Ca...except island style. :) We then stopped by a truck stop to get some Thai Food...I love Thai Food! So ono! :) Another place that we stopped at was the Laie Hawai'i Temple. I didn't take any pictures of the place, but it was a beautiful temple and the people there were super nice and soooo calm like! But my friend and I stayed here sitting on a bench right next to a fountain and we both agreed that it was a very peaceful place and we didn't even realize how much time passed because it was sooooo chill and relaxed here!

We then made our way towards town to our favorite boba tea place called Taste Tea to get our island favorite drinks. :)

And ended our day with a bowl of yummy Ramen from Goma Tei. It was my first time there, by my friend loved it there and so she wanted to take me there. And I have to agree with her...I liked it there. :) After we stopped at a favorite trinket store, Red Pinapple, we headed home and called it a day.

Although the day didn't go as planned, I'm glad that I didn't stay home and do nothing. I'm glad that I have a friend that I was able to spontaneously call to brave Storm Darby with me to explore this beautiful island that I live on. 

But I sure can't wait until I get to go to Kauai'i! At least I have something to look forward to now! :)