Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fun day with friends and family!

Today was an awesome, awesome, awesome day! My TA who has turned out to be a "mom" to me had asked me if she could take me and my DollGirl out sometime this break...and I told her YES, I would love that! And we also invited my other friend, and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, to come as well, and like I said, we had an awesome day!

We decided to bring her to the Honolulu Zoo and then take her to Spaghetti Factory since that was one of her favorite places to eat...well, that was the original plan! But it had to be changed since when we went to the Speghetti Factory IT WAS CLOSED! We went to Mexico Cantina instead. That is another place that DollGirl really liked since it is one of her dad's favorite place.

But, at the zoo, DollGirl was super excited! She had been asking to go back to the zoo for a long time, but sadly her brother is allergic to something there and the last time they went there, he had to get shot with his epi pen because he had an allergic reaction to something. So she was super happy to go come back again. I wanted her to feel special because I know that she has been having a rough couple of weeks lately with a lot of things happening. So, I'm glad that we were able to take her out. :)

She stuck to Mrs. A super much though! She didn't even want to hold my hand because she wanted to hold Mrs. A's hand! I am so happy that they are super close like that. :)

Look at her happy smile! :)

Lemurs! Super cute...and DollGirl kept singing, "I like to move it, move it!" :)

These tortoises were HUGE! And so beautiful! I still want one though! They are HUGE! :)

My all time favorite are the elephants. Although, as much as I love seeing an elephant, I do wish that I can see them in their natural environment in the wild. But they are amazing creatures.

Here is DollGirl enjoying the penguin exhibit! She loved them and they were always swimming towards her! It was SUPER cute!

DollGirl REALLY loved the giraffes! She couldn't stop looking at them and she even got TWO coins with the imprint of the giraffes! :)

You see that black thing under the square house thing?! That is a porcupine! It's SUPER cute! I love it! :)

Here is a monitor lizard. We were up close and personal when they fed it a rat. I'm still on the fence whether or not that was a good thing for DollGirl to see! I was queezy myself!

I love fish and so I loved watching these huge koi and cards! They are so beautiful and HUGE!

A dragon!  A real dragon! A komodo dragon! They are HUGE!

Before we left we got our hands stamped! The Aunty gave DollGirl TWO stamps! How nice of her! :)

Then we went and made our way to The Old Spaghetti Factory...and found out that it was CLOSED! So we drove down the road to Mexico Cantina...and I was SUPER proud of DollGirl, she ate ALL HER FOOD, and even was super polite to our waiter! I am so proud of her! :) We told her that we were going to a surprise place for a surprise treat.

So, there is this new ice cream store that is only two weeks old and we went there. Cookies and Cream! And it was AMAZING! The service was amazing, the ice cream choices were amazing, the cookies were amazing and their selection of desserts were AMAZING! And I love how it is a family business...and come on now, how can you NOT love ice cream?! :) My favorite!

Look at this DollGirl enjoy her special treat! She wanted the chocolate ice cream scoop in a cone with sprinkles and oreo cookies. I love it. I love her. I'm so glad that she loved today just as much as I did! :)

The store is BEAUTIFUL! The artwork is amazing and it was done by a local artist! I love the foot prints, and I just love the whole presentation of everything!

I got the cookie sandwich with two ultimate chocolate chip cookies sandwiching the yummy, yummy chocolate mint ice cream! It was SUPER ono! :)

The owner even took the time to talk to use and tell us about the story of opening this store. He moved here from CA with his family. His wife and his two kids were incorporated in the stores design in ways that you wouldn't have known unless you were told...and I love that! All in all, if you are looking for a family-friend, decent price, YUMMY dessert, you should come here to Cookies and Cream in Kailua!

It was a good day today. I loved today. And I'm glad that today happened. :)