Saturday, December 17, 2016

Random Family Beach TIme.

I usually go to the beach early on the weekends. I like going to the ocean in the mornings when there aren't that many people out and I can have the beach sort of to myself. It's nice going out to the ocean. I love the ocean. The problem with going so early is sometimes my family will text me and ask me if I want to join them at the beach...when I just got back! Today was one of those days. It was good that I still have my beach attire on so I told them to part at my place and we can walk over.

They didn't really go into the water, KaiBoy and I walked the shore some and DollGirl just played in the sand. It was pretty cold out and there were a lot of people at the beach already. (Another reason why I like to go early. When the crowds start to come, I leave.)

I love the fact that I live so near to the beach. I honestly believe that it's my soul place and I can't fathom the idea of leaving it. Thinking about it just makes me go blank.

Although it sprinkled some, the day was gorgeous. I love the weather here in Hawai'i. It's perfect weather! Look how beautiful it is! Hey, a random thing I learned today! When I come here early in the morning, I always see that boat! (The one in the in the left of the picture in the middle.) I ALWAYS see it there...and I never really thought about it...until I saw one of my preschool parents run past me and jump in the water and get on the boat! Well, now I know who the boat belongs to! :0

I hope I never take this beautiful place for granted. I wish that my family would come here more. I love the beach and I love being near it. I love it so much...and I know that my DollGirl and KaiBoy love it too. I hope we stay here for a long time.