Friday, December 23, 2016

From Phlippines.

Yay! I finally got a postcard! All month long I have been waiting for a postcard, and none ever came. :( But today, TODAY, I got one! And I am super excited to finally get a postcard!

So, it seems as if I got a postcard penpal. This postcard is from Melissa...and she has claimed that she wants to be postcard pen pals...and it's a challenge for me, because I love to decorate my postcards...but I can't decorate hers since there is so much that I want to write! I think I am going to find larger postcards to write her with...but this is the postcard that she sent me! I love it! It's nice to get something from the Philippines. I feel like there is so much of my history there since my parent are from there. But I am glad fror this postcard. :)