Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Passion Roots

Oh okay, I know that I have been caught up in life that I hadn't really properly started this blog right...but what I'm going to do is post pictures up of some of the past events that I've done with Passion Roots...and then I'll try to keep up with it. Hopefully, I can get this thing rolling.

In saying that, since I started working for Passion Roots as an intern on August 30, 2010...I have learned so much about the wedding/event industry. I realized that I do have a love for flowers and I think that it's the most awesome-est job ever...I can't ever have a bad day when working with flowers...they just make me so happy! :) My boss is an amazing person with so much talent and creativity and my sister [who also works for this company] is also a person filled with creativeness as well as a person who organizes EVERYTHING! I have NO idea where I would be without these two. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the work that Passion Roots has done.

Roof Top Launch Party for the Honolulu Design Center

I know that I should juss start posting up when I actually do the event...But this Roof Top Launch Party that we did for the Honolulu Design Center was done, I think somewhere around October, I was a wedding fair event where we had a photoshoot of a "fake" wedding...and people came to talk to other wedding vendors [I worked for Passion Roots here].

These pictures were taken before people arrived when the photoshoot was taking place.

These are the flowers that I processed that we used for the photoshoot...there is something soothing and therapeutic to me when I process flowers! :)