Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Keiki Field Trip: The Bus.

Today we had (at the preschool we call it) an in-house field trip. Usually our in-house field trip means that we stay in the school, however this time we didn't really stay in the school, we went on the City Bus! We didn't really need any parent participation. We we out to the front of the school and then "Aunty" told us all about what the bus is about and all about the safety, etiquette, and rules about being on the bus, how to get on the bus, and how to act like on the bus. 

Then we all got on the bus and we were able to take a short ride around Kailua! It was a lot of fun. I love how it was such a simple thing...riding the city bus...but the kids loved it! All they had to pay was a penny! And that was because we wanted them to know what it was like to put money in the ticket box, and then say, "Transfer, please!"...it was super cute to watch! I loved this in-house field trip! It was super fun for the kids and it reminded me that the simple things in life can mean so much to a child who is experiencing something that they don't normally wouldn't, like a ride on the city bus!

On a side not, I was SUPER proud of all my keikis! I am currently potty training some of my little keikis (more than half of my 16 children!) and I have to admit that I was worried that one of mine would need the bathroom at the most inconvenient time! But we all made it with no accidents. And so yes, that makes me one proud teacher! :)

Sending out aloha to the world!

This lovely postcard will be on it's way to Amsterdam in the Netherlands! She mentioned ha she wanted a postcard what had a view of the landscape, and even though this is a view of the oceanscape here in Hawai'i, I hope that she will still like it! She also said that she liked flowers, so I decorated her postcard with flowers! :)

This here postcard will be traveling to Japan. Renn asked for a postcard that showed "local costume" and I hope that this fits the bill! She also mentioned that she liked "Daily life" things such as houses, spoons, forks, keys, "anything you use in your daily life"....so I added some stickers to portray that.

On it's way to Lithuania is this vintage postcard of Hawai'i's daily life! He mentioned that he liked vintage postcard and when he said that I knew exactly the postcard that I was going to send! I hope that he likes this one! :)

The beautiful aerial view of Sandy Beach will be on it's way to the mainland! It is going to New Mexico. I remember passing through there on the many roadtrips that I use to take with friends and family! :) But he asked to send a postcard that we wouldn't mind getting ourselves, and I definitely wouldn't mind getting a postcard like this! His profile on the website makes him out to be a really nice person! And I am sure he is! I hope that he likes this postcard and the way I decorated it for him! :)

This vintage postcard of the islands of Hawai'i will be on it's way to the Philippines for a direct swap with a young lady there. I have been exchanging postcards with her for a while now, and I hope that she likes this one that I have chosen for her! :)

This gorgeos Lanikai Sunrise postcard will be on it's way to Russia in the morning! She wrote that she wanted postcards of "places of interest" and this is definitely one of my favorite places of interest! I love this time and I love this place! It's so magical there are this hour...sunrise! :)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Postcards from Spain & Italy.

This gorgeous postcard came to me from Italy. It traveled 8 days to get to me and I can not get over how quaint it is! I love how the building is resting comfortably in what looks like mountains and there is so much greenery around! I love it! :)

This postcard is a direct swap from Spain! This person asked me if we could exchange postcards on IG when she saw one that she really wanted! And so I agreed and she sent me this one! I love it...and I love the washi tape that she used! :)

Sending a piece of me to Russia.

I am sending a set of three postcards to Russia. I "met" this girl through postcrossing when she sent me a beautiful postcard and she had written on the postcard a message that was so vivid in the writing that it impelled me to write her back in the same fashion when I thanked her for the postcard that she sent me. We have been emailing back and for every so often since and so I decided that I wanted to send her something to smile the way she did when she sent me a fun postcard!

Here is the first postcard that I am sending her. She had written me that she loves vintage looking poastcards and that was on the top of the list of the kind of postcards that she liked to receive, so I decided to make sure that she gets at least one vintage postcard from me! :)

Alexandra also mentioned to me that she loves seeing the creatures of the ocean. So I had to send her one with this breaching whale. I told her that I love whale watching and I don't think I'll ever get over the awestruck-ness of seeing such a magnificent creature in person in their natural habitat! :)

And lastlly, I am sending her one of my favorite postcards from Hawai'i. The picture postcard of this beach...I see this view often when I am driving Makapu'u side...and it's always so gorgeous! I did draw her a picture on this one since she mentioned that she loved the ocean as much as I did...:)

I hope she likes these surprise postcards that I am sending her! :)

Before the pen: Jan. 30-Feb. 05.

Wow! Time sure is flying! This week will be bringing the 2nd month of the year: February! I can't believe how fast it's all going! In the past, the second month has usually been hard for me...but this year it WILL be different! One day at a time, is what i have to tell myself!

 I have decided to add tracker stickers for all the postcards/letters/mail that I send out and receive. Last week, I had started to write down all the ones that I received and reminders of the ones that I had to send out still, and I realize that if I was going to keep doing that, I need a more organized way to do it...hence that tracker stickers. :) I like how they make my planner more organized looking. :) I do like to doodle in my planner every-so-often though...and there's not much room for that, but I figured that this IS my "master planner" and so it would make sense that more stuff would been to be tracked on this planner than my other's. At least I can doodle and express myself art wise in my other planners! But I do love how this one is coming along! :)

Well, here's to the new week and a new month! Whoooohoooo!! :)

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

After the pen: Jan. 23-Jan29.

This was a very productive week for me (despite having a minor setback on Thursday when I had to go home early fro work coz I caught whatever bug the keikis had)! My highlight this week was when we celebrated my adorable nephew's 2nd birthday. his presence has made my world a lot brighter, that's for sure! I am pumped and read to see what this next week will bring!

I am now comfortable with the flow of how I do my planner. And I am learning to love the Monday start and the classic size of this planner does not intimidate me as much anymore. It is "Master Planner" so it does stay home and I look at it constantly when I am home. I have a compact sized planner that I take with me...so that is more mobile, but this one connects all my other planners/to-do list together.

My favorite part of my planner (well, all of it is!), is what I like to call my "planner's highway." And that is the middle-ish part of my planner where I place the full-box stickers. When I use to only have my compact planner, I really didn't like how all the post-its that I would use would cover a lot of the planner and the words that I would write. My "planner's highway" allows me to still use all the post-its that I want and at a glance I can see where I can stick the things that I need to do, but don't really need to have a definite place for them-without them covering everything!

What I like to do with my "planner's highway" is put like a "mobile" to-do list. For example, I know that I like to vacuum at least twice a week. So, on 2 separate post-it, I will write down "vacuum"  and place one on one side of the week and the other on the other. And it is a visual for me to see that I have to so many days to still vacuum until the next half of the week or visa versa. I do it with a lot of things that I see that I spend to much time with like writing postcards for Postcrossing or SendKidsTheWorld. I can write postcards for those two company's all day! I love doing it! So I designate two days a week that I do it...however, if I find that I have time and have finished all my other tasks for that day, I still am guilty of writing more. :) Or making art in my art journals...and so forth. So that is why I like my "highway" in my planner. I hope that makes sense! :)

Well, I like productive weeks-yet HATE feeling not well! But I think everyone does! So yay! For such an accomplished week! :)

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ipsy GlamBag January 2017: Metropolis.

 Ipsy's GlamBag is a monthly subscription in which you will receive 4-5 beauty products every month for just $10 (and that includes shipping and handling!) Michelle Phan curates the bags. You take a beauty questionnaire so that your GlamBag is filled with products that pertain to you! Each month when you receive your bag you can write a review and rate each product which will earn you points that you can turn into dollars when you buy things on their site. Not only that, but with each review you subscription will get to know you better and you should start receiving products that matches you more with each review/rate! Check it out here and get your very own Ipsy GlamBag each month! Oh yeah, and I can't forget! The reason why I say "bag" is because each month your subscription comes in a it's own make-up bag! How fun is that?! :)

I love seeing this shiny pink package in my mail basket! :)

This month's theme is metropolis. Hm...interesting! :) I usually check to see what I get online before my GlamBag comes since it always takes FOREVER to get to me and I can't wait...but this time I have waiting just because things have been so busy that I haven't had time to see what I got! So when I was taking these pictures, it was the first time for me seeing what I got! :)


This is my first glance picture of everything! I am excited for the nail polish and the lip gloss!

Ciaté London GELOLOGY Top Coat. When I first saw this I didn't really read the box I just opened it and took the bottle out and my heart skipped a beat when I thought that it was a metallic polish! Ahhh! I love metallic...and then I saw opened the bottle and saw that it was clear and yes, I should have read first and saw that it was a clear top coat. Oh well, I can always use a good top coat! :)

H2O+ Beauty Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream. I like to keep these little jars of moisturizing cream in my bag in case I might need some extra hydration through out the day.

Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss in Blame Game. I just put some on. And I love it! It goes on sheer and leaves your lips with a nice shine of gloss! It's not sticky at all; I'm not sure how long it will last on my lips though, but I like the feeling of it. It doesn't feel drying.

Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #02. I love eye shadow...and I love natural colored eye shadows with a hint of shimmer...and this one is perfect! I can see myself wearing this on a daily basis.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paradise Blush. My go-to make up when I don't have a lot of time is mascara and blush...and I like to have a cake of blush in my bag for those times in the day where I need to look more alive! *laughs* So I like this one!

I know that I can use everything in my bag this month, so I am happy with it all! :)

 So come join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! you get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday, KaiBoy!

Today is my KaiBoy's birthday! I love this little guy so much and even though he has only been in this world for two years, I feel like since he arrived here the world is a little bit more brighter and happier when he is around. He is one of the most happiest little guy ever! He doesn't really walk because he loves to jump, gallop, or run...it's so funny to watch! He is always just so happy and he loves to make other people smile! I can't get enough of my KaiBoy and I love him, love him, love him so much! :)

I didn't get much pictures of our little family/friends gathering for his birthday because between this little guys activeness and his older sister's rascal-ness, you have to always be your toes with them! :) But always in a good way! But I did get a few...

My amazing sister with her baby boy! I will forever be thankful for my sister for giving me an amazing nephew! :)

Life dealt him a difficult hand when we found out he was allergic to nearly everything that you can think of...(and when I say allergic...I mean DEATHLY allergic)) but my sister, being the amazing mother she is, researches and comes up with her own recipes to make things that are safe enough for KaiBoy to eat and today was no exception. She found a recipe that was allergy-free to make him cupcake for his birthday! And you know what!? It didn't taste all too bad!

I forgot to mention that we had a make-yourself pizza party for KaiBoy with tater-tots and (allergy-meat-free) pigs-in-a-blanket (since those two are KaiBoys absolute favorite!) and so I was STUFFED from the pizza alone!

But in saying that, if I wasn't already filled up, I would have devoured another cupcake...as it was, I could only down one and I already knew that these were going to be a yummy treat for KaiBoy in the future! He loved it too! :)

It was so hard to get a clear shot, both these little rug-rats move TOO MUCH! *laughs* But this is him opening his presents! I wish that I was able to take more pictures of the amazing gifts that he got...but I was too busy laughing from him expression from everything! DollGirl was so proud because she had gone to the store with her dad to pick out a gift for her brother and he loved it so much he didn't want to open anything else! I love he loving chemistry between these two! These two love each other so much! DollGirl knows everything that KaiBoy is allergic to and she makes sure that he will stay safe. You know how I mentioned that we had make-yourself pizzas?! Well, we had cheese that we could have on our pizza as long as you didn't touch KaiBoy or kiss him without washing up and gargling after you eat. (Think DEATHLY/anaphylactic shock quicker than you can say cheese). And DollGirl LOVES cheese, but she knows that she can't eat it when he is around. Her mom said that she could have some cheese on her pizza but she didn't want to because she said that it was KaiBoy's birthday and she wanted to play with him and she knew that if she had some cheese she might accidentally miss some cheese somewhere on her and then uh-oh. KaiBoy, too, gets so excited to see his sister when she comes home from school or when he sees her at all. I love how they love each other! :)

I had fun with friends and family celebrating the 2nd year of our little KaiBoy! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Postcards from around the world!


This cute square postcard is from Melissa of the Philippines. She is currently the only one that continues to send me postcards and as long as she sends me postcards, I will send her one too. :) I love this quote is printed on the front of this postcard.  "Everyday may not be good...but there is something good in every day." I love that. And it's a quote that I think you should always keep in mind. :)

Last month the last postcrosser that I sent a postcard to for the year of 2016, I ended up sending her not one but 3 postcards and she was so thankful that she wanted to send me a postcard! And this is the postcard from Martina of Germany! She is so sweet! I really hope that one day she will achieve her dream of coming here to Hawai'i. I think that I will add her on the list of sending her a postcard again...I love to send "smiles" out and she wrote that she keeps the three that I sent her next to her bed so that she can see them when she first gets up in the morning. :) I love this postcard that she sent me. So sweet and lovely. :)

Peely Pack: Colors of the Rainbow.

 We all know that I absolutely love subscription boxes/mail...I just love getting mail that makes me smile and I also love to make those I love and care for smile as well, and so if I see a subscription that I think that someone I know might like, I get it for them. Maybe not for forever, but for a few months at least...and this sticker pack is my favorite that I have signed up for my niece! I love stickers. She loves stickers. And so this is PERFECT For her! And I have no qualms about it either because it's also educational! A sticker pack this is educational and fun and I love...super love...how she SHARES her stickers with her brother and her friends as well! And if there is a time where I might say, "Oh! I love that one"! She doesn't even think about it, but automatically says that I can have it! I love her heart. So, yes, I will always rave about this subscription...I love it, and you will too! Not only that, but the customer service is amazing and on it! They are one of the best that I have ever come across! They will go far with how nice and people friendly they are! And I will always tell people about this kids subscription. :)

PeelyPack is a monthly subscription "envelop" that "is full of fun...that kids can do all on their own!" According to their website, "The original PeelyPack ($11.99 ) comes with 10 sheets of awesome stickers, plenty for several sticker sessions. The FamilyPack ($19.99 ) has double the stickers-that's 20 sheets! The stickers are based on a different theme each month, and sometimes we throw in a fun surprise, too!" All the stickers come in a portable designed large activity sheet that is "perfect for coloring or using with stickers." It also has suggestions on "fun play tips to help you get your child thinking and learning. Talking over sticker play time is a great way for kids and parents to learn and bond."

This month's theme is "Colors of the Rainbow."

I love the presentation for this subscription. They made a huge activity sheet that holds all the stickers and activites so that it's super easy to bring around with you! Just slip in into your bag and be on your way! 

My DollGirl loves this postcard. She uses the stickers to decorate it and the she writes a message on it for her cousin and sends it to her! My DollGirl also loves sending postcards! Awesome! A lil girl after my own heart! :) Last month I had bought an extra PeelyPack for my DollGirl for Christmas since she loves this pack, and in the pack it mentioned that there was suppose to be postcard in it...and since I read everything to her (she is only 4 and is just learning her letters still), she was super disappointed that there wasn't a postcard in the pack...and so I had written them about that. But I also said that it was okay because I had a lot of postcards to give to DollGirl that she can decorate. I just wanted to let them know in-case they were sending out some without realize that it was incomplete. But they wrote back saying that they were extremely sorry and that they would make it up to her...and they did! Like I said, amazing customer service!!

These were MY favorite sticker sheet in this pack! My niece is going to flip when she sees these! They are SUPER cute! And I love them!

I have a huge feeling that my DollGirl will be sharing these with her brother since he loves animals and loves anything that has to do with animals. She usually gives him animal things. I so love her heart! :)

I can not even say how much I love this subscription for my DollGirl! I have not yet seen her since I've gotten the pack and so I will give it to her when I see her next...but I already know that she is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this pack...just as much as her Auntie does. :)

 I would totally recommend this sticker pack for your child, or even for a fun "just because" present for any child. I guess you can make your own set, but I know that my DollGirl LOVES getting things in the mail (just like her Auntie! :)) And it was fun opening her pack with her and watching her face show the excitement I, too, was feeling in my heart. :) So, if you would like to join in with the sticker fun with us, please feel free to click here and subscribe to this fun-filled sticker subscription funness! :)