Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cookies and Ice Cream.

The end of the month is here and I wanted to do something special for my keiki and so I asked my sister if she would make cookie dough for my classroom. Not just one flavor, but 3 flavors. I wanted them in dough form so that we can use the toaster oven to bake the cookies. I wanted them to experience them with all their senses and, no lie, I also wanted to eat the cookies! *laughs* But when my sister brought me the cookie dough, she didn't make only 3 flavors, but FOUR different flavors!

Chocolate chip, MINT chocolate chip, lemon, and coconut cookies! So, I had put all the dough together and had them smell the cookies and try to guess what the flavors where...and then we placed the cookies on the cookie sheet and put them in the toaster oven and we would check them and watch them bake. Each child got 1/4 of each cookie, I was NOT about to give the children all FOUR COOKIES...but they really liked the cookies...and of course, you couldn't have cookies without ice-cream. Well, you can, but where is the fun in that?!

So my friend had showed me a way to make ice-cream using only two ingredients, heavy whipping cream and sweetened condense milk. You mix those two ingredients together with a mixer, and add food coloring...and freeze it! Then you get some super yummy ice-cream!

I had some neon silicone snack container that I used to scoop some of the mixture in and then I let the children add the sprinkles and 3 chocolate chips each...and then we stuck in the freezer and had it for lunch. We were suppose to leave it in the freezer "overnight," but they were hard enough to eat 4 hours later for an after lunch snack. It was so ono and a lot of fun watching the children get excited about making their own treats!

Monday, August 29, 2016

All things matter.

This morning as I was getting out of my car, a tiny baby Gold-Dust Day Gecko feel onto my car chair while I was trying to get all the bags that I brought to school out. I couldn't figure out where it fell from and I felt so bad, because it looked like it was in a bad place...but I couldn't leave it in my car because I knew that it was going to get really hot fast, since it's been hot lately, and I couldn't leave it on top of my car coz I didn't want a bird to come by and eat it! So picked it up, and it didn't struggle at all and let me pick it up. I really want one of these beautiful geckos as a pet! They are so beautiful, but I couldn't bare to put suck a beautiful creature in captive when it can be free and so I decided to bring it into my classroom and put it in a safe place where it can recuperate with no outside factors giving it trouble.

I decided to place it on one of my coral pieces that grace my classroom window sill. I figured the sun will give it it's energy back, but it wasn't directly in the sun that it would bake. Also, the little keiki couldn't get to it, and it was in a safe place.

As I was talking to a parents, I saw that it had perked up a lot and was running up my class window!

I hope that this little one grows to be big and that it is okay! My niece came into my classroom as it scrambled up my window and out to where ever it wants to go.

I don't know what happened to this little guy, but I was happy to see that it had a chance in the big scary world! All things matter...including this little gecko!

When I got home I gasped in surprise when I saw this beautiful postcard waiting for me in my mailbox!

This beautiful postcard with fun stamps came to me all the way from France from a young lady who is so sweet! Her message to me was so thoughtful and lovely! I like nice people and I'm so glad that she took the time to find such a perfect postcard just for me! I love this addition to my postcard collection, that's for sure!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cookies, painted nails, and postcards.

Last night I did something that I hadn't done in such a long time. I painted my nails. Granted it is one of my simpler designs...but it's been months since I last painted my nails! And I have to admit...I miss seeing the flash of bright colorfulness throughout the day. I've always loved to paint my has always been very therapeutic to me. Then life happened and things got busy and I didn't realize that I was going a day, week, month, monthSSSS without painting my nails. There was a time where I use to paint and design my nails twice a week! My goodness...oh those young, carefree days. *laughs*

Anyways, I was on the phone with my friend, and she mentioned that she just painted her nails the colors of her son's baseball team, since the season started again for him. And she asked me what design I had on my nails...when I said my nails were only painted clear (just because I didn't design my nails, didn't mean I didn't clean them weekly and put a clear coat over them!) she told me to paint my nails. So I did.

Left Hand

Right Hand.
Like I said,  simple design...yet it made me happy to see my nails painted again. I think I should start doing that again...if I have the time! *laughs*

Today was a super busy day for me. But I have to say that it was a very productive day! I got a lot of thing done...and the last thing that I wanted to get done was my postcrossing postcards. I got the notice on Saturday that one of my postcards made it to it's destination...and that makes 15 total that I had sent out and was registered, which means that I can add one more postcard to send out at a time. So, I am up to 7 postcards out at the same time. I also got a message from someone asking if I wanted to direct swap with them, and I said yes, so I had to get that postcard done and sent off!

For some reason, I was craving something sweet, preferably chocolate-y when I was preparing my desk to choose and write the postcards that I needed to send out. I try not to keep sweets in my house since I do have the "happy drawer" full of all kine candy at my work. So I tried to ignore the craving, however when I went to my school bag to get the stickers and pens that I use to write the postcards, I saw that I had placed the cookies that my brother-in-law had gotten me from Big Island in my bag and it was still there...all perfectly air-title in a bag!

So as I did my postcards, I was silently sending thankful vibes over to my brotherIL for the yummy, yummy big Island Cookies!

Oh yes, Big Island is known for their yummy, yummy cookies...and I'm so glad that he got me some! :) But I am even more glad that he's back. He had to leave for a job that he had there...and I know that my lil DollGirl missed him a lot. I know she is a "Papa's Girl"...and so it was hard that he was gone for a few days. But he is back and he brought me cookies. :)

This postcard is going to France. I would love to visit France one of these days! That would be SO cool! This person (never mentioned if s/he was a male or female or their name) can speak and write in 4 different languages! That's pretty amazing! French, English, Spanish, and Chinese! That's pretty cool! "Person" had a few request on what postcards to receive, and one was "anything about your town, country, or culture) and I feel as if surfing (even though I don't surf) is a big part of our culture here in Hawai'i and so that is why I choose this postcard for this person. I wrote a few things about myself and how I would much rather go stand-up paddleboarding...but that I do love to go swimming. I hope s/he enjoys the postcard and that its gets to them safely!

This postcard will be making it's way to a lady in China tomorrow morning. I really like this card! And I hope she does to! She had a "My list (not must)" preference of postcards and "map card" was one of them. I hope that that qualifies! I love the "old world" feel to it...:) She wanted to know a little bit about me and so I told her basically the same thing that I told the postcard going to France...I wish this card a safe journey to China!

This is one of my favorite multi-view cards from Oahu. I don't know why I like it so much...maybe because it shows more diversity than other multi-view cards that I've seen, but I hope that Laura from Italy likes it! She had messaged me a few days ago asking if I wanted to do a Direct Swap with her and I had agreed. So I sent her my address and she wrote me back Saturday night with her address and informing me that she sent me a postcard last THURSDAY!...and so I had to wait to send her a postcard on Monday. So it's going out first thing in the morning! She seems like a really nice person! She wanted a multi-view card of where I lived and so that is why I choose this one. I put a sticker that says, "Fall in love with as many things as possible" on it with some candy stickers as well. And I also drew her a flower and since she mentioned that she wanted to learn words in other language, I told her about the word "Aloha" and how it is used here on the island and it's deeper meaning. I hope she likes the card!

I did receive a message from a postcrosser in Russia saying that she was going to send me another postcard because the one that she sent me didn't get to me. I have a feeling that postcards from and to Russia are going to be slow going. I did hear back from the first postcrosser that I sent a postcard to who happened to be from Russia. He is a very nice young man who is mastering the piano...and I think that that is awesome. I had written him telling him that I had sent him a postcard 3 months ago and if he got it...and I was willing to send him another one if he didn't  get my first one. He wrote back that he would appreciate it if I did send him another one and he would send me one too. So, I think that coming and going postcards from Russia are going to take a bit longer than everyone else...but that's okay. Patience, right?! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ipsy GlamBag August 2016: Sugar Highness.

Ipsy's GlamBag is a monthly subscription in which you will receive 4-5 beauty products every month for just $10 (and that includes shipping and handling!) Michelle Phan curates the bags. You take a beauty questionnaire so that your GlamBag is filled with products that pertain to you! Each month when you receive your bag you can write a review and rate each product which will earn you points that you can turn into dollars when you buy things on their site. Not only that, but with each review you subscription will get to know you better and you should start receiving products that matches you more with each review/rate! Check it out here and get your very own Ipsy GlamBag each month! Oh yeah, and I can't forget! The reason why I say "bag" is because each month your subscription comes in a it's own make-up bag! How fun is that?! :)

A little later than usual, but I finally received my Ipsy Glambag! I hope that it's not going to be a long term thing in getting my Glambag so late in the month. :( But I do love seeing this bright, shiny pink package in the mail...makes me smile. Then again, anything in the mail makes me smile. :) Well, I'm bills, please. :)

When I took my pink package out of the mail it did feel a bit heavier than normal so that got me excited right quick...and then when I saw that I got the TEAL make up bag (as opposed to the purple one) I was doubly excited because I much prefer the color teal than purple!

Here is the card that comes with the package. This months theme is Sugar Highness: Live That Fantasy. "Pop the champagne cans. Deck yourself in ring pops. Get gorgeouly glammed up and dip into everyday decadence-gone wildly galore." Seems like a fun theme...not quite sure exactly what I means though! *laughs*...oh well.

Here is the first glance of everything that I received in my glambag. I am SUPER loving everything! Ahhhh!!!

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut:  Of course, since I'm such a lipbalm fanatic...I saw this first...and I had to admit that I had to try it right away especially since it was vanilla coconut flavored. I love coconut flavored things! And yes, it went on pretty smooth and make my lips feel super hydrated. It wasn't too sticky...and although it felt creamy-like, it didn't go on thickly...but just a super hydrating, thin layer of yummy goodness. :)

It Hair Care 12-in-Once amazing Leave-In Treatment:  This was the product that was making my package a bit more heavier than normal...and wow...and I amazed by the sample size of this mama! I did just try it since I just took a shower and my hair is still fairly damp still...and the yummy smell emanating from my hair is amazing! I can already feel the silkyness this is bringing out of my already silky feeling hair! :) There is a difference...I swear!

It Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner:  I can always use eyeliners...I love eyeliners. And I heard a lot of good things about this brand and this particular I'm excited to try this one out!

Formula X Nail Polish in Dollface:  Whooohooooo! I will always say yes to nail polish...I do love me some nailpolish please! :) I do have to say that this color is a bit lighter than I would ever wear...but it's all good....I know that I can use it in some time of design or something...I doubt I'll use this color alone because it is so light.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer: I love primer. Oh goodness...I just love everything in my bag, no!? :), but yes, I love primer...and I can never have too much to is a necessity in ones makeup don't want your makeup to disappear from your face within a few hours, do you?! Well, then use primer. :) Plus, it smooths out your blah-blahs...and you can't go wrong with that! :) I just like it...and I"m excited to try this one out.

Michelle Phan actually designed this month's Glambags...she curates them and this month she design the bags...and I couldn't be more happier with the one that I got! It reminds me of a mermaid or something...and that will always make me happy. ('Cause you know, mermaids are MY! :))

Like I mentioned earlier...I loved everything single product of my Glambag...and I am more than sure that I will use it all! :) Yay to Ipsy's August Glambag! :)

So come join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! you get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PlayDate with DollGirl.

Today, my DollGirl came home with me after school. I had planned that we were going to go to the beach, since she is a little girl after my own heart and loves the beach just as much, if not more, than I do! However, it was raining...and we got home later than I thought.

After school, I also have the job of cleaning the school (every extra bit of money helps when you are living in Hawai'i!)...and she so desperately wanted to help me clean. I had told her that if she stayed in my classroom and played while I cleaned, it would get done faster and we would have time to go to the beach...but she really wanted to help me and who am I to deny the help of child wanting to help me clean?! So I let her help me clean. And lets just say, that we did have a lot of fun cleaning...there were a lot of laughs, giggles, and teaching moments...but it also took an hour and fifteen minutes longer for me to finish cleaning. To be fair, I did clock out my normal cleaning time...and just had fun with cleaning with my DollGirl. She loves to clean...more like, she loves to be helpful in any way that she can. I mean, I did get her her own tool set and tool belt so that she can help her dad build and fix things! I also know that she likes being with people she loves and cares for and she loves to learn new things...and so I love that about her. One of the million things I love about her.

Her mom already told me that she was going to come by my house to pick her up at around 6:30ishy after giving the little brother a bath. DollGirl and I got to my house at 5:30. Her mom had sent Mac and Cheese for dinner...and we had to cook it and eat it fast since the little brother is severely allergic to cheese. She wanted to eat dinner at the beach...but I already knew that there was no way that we could have made it without rushing...and so I told her that while the mac and cheese was cooking, we could make berry/mango smoothies and drink it out on the roof top (another place that she enjoys going) as we had to eat fast!

As the mac and cheese was cooking I had turned on the music...and I do have a microphone that I am guilty of dancing and lipsyncing to! And DollGirl and I danced and sang to "Five Little Monkeys" and "The Wheels on the Bus" and other kid songs! It was so fun and we laughed and laughed and laughed. While the smoothies were staying cool in the fridge awaiting for our excursion to the roof top, we ate the mac and cheese. I love having conversations with my DollGirl. She is so much fun to talk to. The memories that she remembers is amazing for someone who has only lived 4 years! She recalls so vividly!

On Monday, she had come with me to my favorite pet store and helped me pick out another Betta fish, since my BamBam Jr. died a month ago. I've had him for about 3 years and I was really sad to see him I waited a month to get another one...but when I went to go out to get another one, DollGirl came with me and chose a 1/2 Moon Betta fish. Very gorgeous one...that we are still trying to pick a name for it! (When we decide on the name, he will have his own introducing post!) But she was telling me all the fish in detail that she saw at the fish store...and she was even able to point out the fish that I had!

But while we were eating our Mac and Cheese, she really wanted her smoothie too, and so I told her that if we drink it now, we couldn't go out on the rooftop to drink it...and she said that that was okay...and so we ate our mac and cheese and drank our smoothies...all the while laughing, talking, and singing to the music.

I love that girl, and I always have fun with her. I pray for her everyday. And I love her. I love her. I love her.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Off to Germany.

This postcard is being sent all the way to Germany to Gunda. I am so glad that I had this postcard because although she had a pretty lengthy list of postcards that she wanted to receive, I didn't have any of those extremely specific postcards! But I did have a "nightview" postcard...and this one is it! She seems like a fun person who likes a lot of the same things that I do..."traveling, reading, nature, music, animals" to name a few. I hope she likes the postcard and I hope that it gets to her safely!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blueberry Muffins.

I got another notice saying that my postcard made it! So, now I am sending off another postcard to another part of the world!

This postcard will be sent (tomorrow, since today is Sunday) to a young lady named Lacey in Colorado! I think that it's so awesome that we are one country...yet each state is different from each other...and I've been to Colorado when I was in highschool, and it is a beautiful place! Lacey is also a teacher and she mentioned that she wanted a postcard from every state, so I am glads that I'll be able to send her one from Hawai'i! I decided to send her a postcard of my beloved beach, Lanikai, heavenly ocean.

And before I go and get stuff done around the house, I wanted to give you this beautiful visual of these wonderful smelling blueberry muffins that my landlady gave me just a few minutes ago!

Yes, they do smell as lovely as they look. Still hot out of the oven too! :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Painting and Yema.

Today was an early start for me. My landlady wanted to repaint my outside porch and since I like to paint (when my brother-in-law lets me!), it's therapeutic to me!, I offered my help and so since I wanted it to dry faster, I decided to start early this morning. I didn't take all that long...but I had to make sure that I was staying in for the rest of the day since I won't be able to walk on my porch with the wet paint!

I first painted going down the stairs...that took less than 10 minutes...but I did wait an hour or so to paint a second coat.

I had to move all my stuff down to the end of my porch and we're going to paint that section down there at a later date. This area literally took less that 25 was quick. But like I mentioned earlier...a hour later I did paint a quick second coat since it started sprinkling rain when I was nearly 2/3 done!

I left the space directly in front of my door free, so that I can still go outside for just a little bit! *laughs* My landlady said that she would paint it when I am at work and so it won't bother me much. :) Not that it would have...but that's okay. :)

Since I was stuck in the house for the rest of the day, I had to find things to entertain myself...and I decided that I would make yema! I remember when I use to eat yema all the time when I was in the Philippines; it was one of my most favorite treat to have and Jyn and Joy taught me how to make it myself!

I know that there are several ways to make it...and since I didn't have any egg in the house, I decided to make it without eggs this time.

I melted the butter first...and it smelled like buttery goodness! :)

Then when the butter was all melted I poured the sweetened condense milk in...I had extra that I was saving the fridge that I also added...couldn't hurt, no?! If anything, more yema! Then I mixed the shit out of the thing F  O   R   E   V   E   R! I seemed like forever...! For nearly 30 minutes I had to stand there and mix, mix, mix, stir, stir, stir...over and over and over again and again and get my point. I had forgotten how forever that can seem. You don't want the milk to get burned, so you have to constantly be moving that mix, stir, mix, stir for a L   O     N     G time.

When it was the right consistency, I dumped the blob of yumminess on a plate to cool. The smell brought back SO MUCH wonderful memories of me making this stuff in the Philippines with my two good friends Jyn and Joy. I can't think of yema without thinking of those two. I miss them so much...and we had such good times together. I miss them. 

As "the blob" was cooling down, I prepared a bowl of plain sugar and one with cinnamon and sugar.

And there is the finished product. Yes, they were absolutely as delicious as I remembered...yema balls. I rolled half in the sugar and the other have in the cinnamon/sugar...and which taste better?! Both...they both tasted yummy!

Friday, August 19, 2016


There are times where I feel like I am on the verge of suffering from "island fever" and I just want to get off the island...but I can't. But whenever I start feeling like that, I just go out and explore this beautiful island that I live on. I have almost lived here for 6 years, and there are things that I have not yet done because...I live here. Since today was a holiday (Statehood day for Hawai'i)...I decided that I wanted to go to two museums that I have always wanted to go to...but just never really did.

It just so happened that my landlady is a docent at the Honolulu Museum of Art and she had mention a while back that if ever I wanted to go, she could always walk me around to the different places. I asked two of my friends to come along and that made 4 of us total, and we were all excited to go on our adventure.

Honolulu Museum of Art is like 3 museums put together. The Spalding House, the actual Museum of Art and the Shangri La. Today we went to the Spalding House and the Museum of Art. (And yes, I am already planning to go on the Shangri La tour!)

We first went to the Spalding house where we were able to see the exhibit Plastic Fantastic.

It was a pretty cool exhibit posing the question, is plastic "fantastic" or not? We can use plastic for a lot of things...but then it is also something that is harmful for the environment. But without plastic we wouldn't have the medium to produce such beautiful art...but also in excess and used irresponsibly it is more harm. This exhibit used plastic that was "garbage" to show people that there are uses for plastic and you don't have to throw it away.

These amazing pieces were made with different colored plastic bottles that were cut up and used to make art.

 These "geos" were made from paper and plastic. (I can see my class doing something like this as a project in our class!)

We also participated in an art masterpiece....

So all the plastic pieces that you see here were found on the beaches of Hawai'i. So sad. :(

These were the instructions of what you could do to participate in a large-scale public installation that someone will put together next month.

It was actually a lot harder to find pieces to match up to 1 ounce! It took me a while to get it just right...but I finally did...and


I strung all the pieces together with a little metal wire...

 ...and placed my 1 ounce of plastic on the wall of nails where a plenty other 1 ounce pieces were hung. My landlady (the docent) said that this project has been going on since April (I think that's what she said!) and so this wall has been filled up so many times already! At least twice a week they had to take down the little one ounce pieces to make room for the new pieces! But it was pretty cool to be a part of that!

We also were able to walk the beautiful grounds of the Spalding House...


I could not get over just how beautiful the outdoor grounds were! This garden was amazing and so gorgeous! I feel as if I would be so inspired to do a painting here! If only I could sketch! I feel like I can stay here for a long time....

 This tree was begging to be climbed...and I could so see myself climbing this tree with a book in my  mouth (or in a backpack) and just reading balanced on one of the branches. It was so beautiful!

I was super bummed because we could have had a picnic on the lawn...however, when we were ready to eat lunch...there was a downpour. Which I wouldn't have mind eating in...but I didn't think my friends would have liked it the way that I did. But as soon as we had our amazing, yummy, tummy-filling lunch...we headed over to the Honolulu Museum of Art. But not before my friend and I played with this art piece!

It was actually a lot of fun and challenging trying to take a selfie in this mirrored art piece! 

This was the closest that I got to trying to get myself in all the little mirrors! :)


 Thank you James Seawright for was very entertaining. :)

Before making our way to the Honolulu Museum of Art, my landlady warned us that we wouldn't be able to go through everything because of how big the place was. So I have decided that I would like to go back again one day. :)

The first exhibit that we went to was the art of the Philippines. I was ashamed to say that I didn't know about a lot of the art pieces that I saw...but in my defense, I did not grow up learning about the Philippine Art...I did notice though that I really liked a lot of the jewelry that they made!

I really liked a lot of the earrings! I can't really see myself wearing the necklaces...but I do like them as well! Their bracelets were pretty impressive as well!

This art piece caught my attention...but when I got close to kind of freaked me out!

When you looked closely at this can see why I quickly jumped back. 

There are EYEBALLS all over this totem thingy! It reminds me of something from Jeepers Creepers! Yeah, it took me awhile to be able to have the balls to take this picture...because it was really nerve wrecking...eyeballs. Staring at you. *shivers* No, thank you.

Well this piece is called "Assemblage of miscellaneous objects." I guess the person just had eyeballs just laying around to add. Hm....

I don't really remember the room that this tea collection was in...but I really like it...I like teapots, teacups, tea anything...I want to have a huge collection myself! :)

One of the last things that we did was rest at the Shangri La Cafe...and have these amazing cookies!

And then I also had the hibiscus soda...and that was super refreshing as well! But the company was amazing, the day was filled with informational fun...and I had a lot :)

I can't wait until my next excursion to cross off my bucket list. :)