Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Christmas Handprint tags/ornaments

This week at the preschool, we are working on our Christmas presents to our parents. It's a bit harder because not all the kids come on all the days and so I wanted to start a bit early and not leave this to the last minute. Today I was able to complete all the hand prints tags that I plan on putting on the bags that the children are going to decorate.

I think that they came out super cute! I made these last year and they were a hit with the parents! I hope that they will like them this year as well! I am a sentimental person like that...and I like making hand print arts and craft so that the parents can save them through out the year. I think that it's a nice memorabilia.

I found this poem that I placed on the back of the mittem/hand print on the internet...and it was a super cute poem so I really wanted to print that out. These tags are really quick and easy to make...and it's a nice keepsake. I think that it's also nice to hang on the tree as well. :) At least I have one step down from finishing the Christmas presents! :)