Saturday, December 17, 2016

After the Pen: Dec. 11-Dec. 17.

I love this layout-it's so bright and colorful! I really need to get on the wagon on how to make planner stickers! I have tried, and I want to continue to try to make them super cute and how I like them! This week was a crazy week for me! We started and FINISHED our Christmas gifts for our parents and I have been trying to get in my Christmas shopping in-between the crazy times! I am ALMOST done, but not quite, but that's okay, I'm not too worried. We have one more week until the break...but until, no sleep for wicked...well, for this teacher! :)

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} SnsTreasures
Stickers {love} StickiiClub & personal stash