Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May.

Well, this month started out like a normal month and then quickly became into a very challenging month.

At the start of this month, my whole household decided to support K.Neal in his run at the end of this month by not eating any junk food or sugary food in excess. That was hard. It was a hot month and I wanted ice-cream! Wahhh! *laughs* I just felt bad because we didn't have a cake for K.Neal's birthday...no sugar thingy...oh well, we still had fun eating out for his birthday.

This month at school was pretty chaotic. We had our graduation for our little 5 year olds...and I am super proud of them! Some of them will be staying behind to be "Explorers"...which is a summer program that our school designs that allows the 5 year olds to be explorers of our Island Oahu...and they get to go see the sites and basically go to the beach and park of the "days off" of site-seeing. Pretty fun...but we'll see how that goes.

The new teacher also came into my 2 year old class. Nicole is now teaching the older 3 year olds...and I miss her. But I was told that I will join her after this summer. My boss told me that she wanted me to stay with this new teacher so that I can show her the ropes and also so that my 2 year olds won't get too emotional from all the change. You know babies and change...do not go.

I'm not going to lie, it's been a challenge. A super big challenge working with this new teacher...but then I won't really say anything negative because I was once new too. I'll give her a few weeks until I start getting really upset. *laughs* Naw...f'reals though, she's nice...but I do get frustrated a lot...every school is different, and if you choose to work at a new place...PLEASE try to have common sense to understand and get to know how the new place works. But that is all I will say about that.

I've been going to the gym a lot more. My nerves have been going out of whack so I need to release more energy. I'm still okay though. *laughs* I will always be okay. I'm glad that this month is over...but I'm not too hot about the month of June, even though it's my birthday month. But we'll see how it goes...here goes to the month of May...thank you for the memories!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hibiscus 1/2 Marathon.

So early this morning, my brother [with my sister going to support] left the house at 4.am with Uncle Rod to run the Hibiscus 1/2 Marathon. I know, I should have gone to support him too...but that's okay, coz my younger brother and I went later at 7.30am...just in time to see Uncle Rod pass the finish line!

The run was at the place where we go swimming every Sunday...so that was good, what was NOT good was the parking! If we were only 2 minutes earlier...we would have been there to see Kuya Neal pass the finish line, but it's okay...but I'm so proud of him...can you imagine!? MORE THAN twelve miles at 5 in the morning...yeah, seems a lot...!! But he's been training and was running 16 miles before the race.

I really appreciate Tracy and Kaleo in my life because without them, I don't think I'd be into exercising as much. Well, no, I take that back, I might be...but with no motivation. *laughs* They are so encouraging and motivating! And even though they are FAST FAST FAST...they are so patient! Always waiting for us when we are running...well, namely me. *laughs*

But I'm not that much into running. I'm more into swimming...and even with that, Kaleo is so patient and encouraging. I can't believe how far out I swim in the ocean now...or how far and long! I remember swimming like 30 feet or so back and forth and being super tired after like doing that only ONCE! *laughs* Now I can swim more than a mile at one time and believe it or not, I like swimming deep and far into the ocean rather than by the shore. *laughs* Coral scare me! Not to mention the shadows they create...yeah, I'm still a slow-ishy swimming...and there is no way I can out swim some scary sea monster! *laughs*

But I hope that my bro-in-law continues to run now that this race is over! Hey the full marathon is in November! I remember going to it to support Uncle Rod and Jade who were running in it...and I was so motivated watching all the people run! Super old people...and people with disabilities...and look at me, I'm healthy, yet still I don't...but like I said, I'm more into swimming and I would rather race a swim meet than run. But it's good to know that with the right mind set and good people to encourage me I can do it too! *laughs*

Well, congratulations to Kuya Neal, Uncle Rod, Kaleo, and Tracy for finishing this race...time to train for the next one! :)

The winners!! I'm so proud of all of you!! Yay!!

My sister who went early with K.Neal took this starting shot like at 5 in the morning...pretty cool looking!

You can get so hungry after a race...*laughs* Oh Ciccio...

"The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that's when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it."-John C. Maxwell


I saw this picture and it made me laugh coz I hate it when I take the time to text someone and all they reply back with is "K"...*laughs*


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dessert Buffet.

Wow...so Happy Sabbath to you!! Starting on Thursday, our refrigerator has been empty of food that we can eat. It was nearly empty...basically it was unless you wanted to count the ketchup, bbq sauce, honey and what nots in the door part of the fridge...yeah, I was like where is the food...then my sister started to bake...

....and bake....

....and bake....

....and bake....

and you get the point.

I didn't realize that she was going to be baking SO MUCH different kinds of desserts! And poor us in the house, we are on a no sugar/no sweets diet for this month to support Kuya Neal and Tracy and Uncle Rod on their 1/2 marathon run tomorrow! Believe me, when I got home Thursday and Friday and all day today I have never been so tempted until them to eat one of my sister's yummy creations!

So congratulations to Pastor Jesse who was ordained today at Kaneohe SDA Church. The church that he grew up in. It was about an 1 1/2 program and afterwards we had a "feast"....and the main "attraction" was my sister's dessert buffet. And I have to say it looked really nice. Of course everyone in the house helped and them Josh, Tracy, and Kaleo helped when we transfered everything to the church. It was funny because everyone crowded around the dessert buffet rather than the "real" food...and we had to watch them...there were about 300 people in attendance.

Well, here are pictures that Tracy and my sister managed to take before the table was bombarded with hands grabbing this and that...oh how I wanted to try...

My sister and my two brothers helping my sister out in the kitchen. I'm so proud of all of us...we didn't try one thing...and let me tell you it was pretty tempting!!

The amazing Lemon MeltAway...and literally these cookies melt in your mouth...and they are not even that heavy in the stomach nor too sweet in the mouth...these are pretty yummy.

Mini Chocolate Torte topped with mint leaf and a raspberry....I've never tried these ones before...but these sure went quick! I hope she makes them again soon!

Fluffy Coconut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting topped with an orange mandarin. These are one of my favorite cupcakes that my sister makes.

Miracle/Magic/Ooey Gooyey/7-layer (whateveryoucallitt) Bars. One of my top 5 favorite things that my sister bakes...no make that top 2 things that my sister bakes...these are the best ever! They taste like almond joys/mounds but in bar form or something...these I absolutely love!

I'm not really a peanut/peanut butter fan...but these were a top hit at the reception...I believe these were the first one out...nearly a tie actually with the chocolate torte and oreo torte things...but basically my sister puts another recess pieces cup in the middle for a peanut butter/chocolate gooey surprise.

Little oreo cups with a decadent layer of chocolate and fresh strawberries topped with freshly whipped vanilla cream. These went really fast too...I didn't get to try it, but at least I got to eat all the extra strawberries that we didn't use!

The Double Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies...[well, if she had gingersnaps up in there,  I would have been happy too! *laughs* Those are my top favorite!] that my sister makes! Towards the end, my friend Robin ended up dumping the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies on a plate and sneaking them home! *laughs* I even told him where the extra ones were! Oh, they were sooo yummy...well, I don't know about these ones...but when I did try them before. *laughs*

My sister also made other creations...her signature red velvets were there...and her new red velvet mini cakes [I haven't tried those ones yet]...but this picture was take before everyone touched anything! *laughs*

And a congratulation to the newly-ordained Pastor Jesse and so happy for Shilhi [yep, my wedding designer/florist boss!]

Well, it was a long baking day...and we even took down the whole place so I am very exhausted. I'm out!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Astrid & Phil Wedding.

I finally got the pictures of a wedding that I did last December! This was the first wedding that I did the floral work on my own...it was really nervous at first...but it really wasn't all that bad. My sister helped me wire the orchids though...that took FOREVER!!! But all in all, I think that it turned out pretty good.

Thank you to Renai Photography for the pictures...and congratulations to the newly wed couple, Astrid and Phil!!

The Best Love Song.

This song has been in my head for this whole week. I love it...makes me feel kilig. *laughs* Here goes to Friday! I get through this day...I will be the happiest! I survived this week to the weekend...I'm almost there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preschool Graduation.

So the little 4-year-olds at my school graduated from preschool to go to kindergarten. I have a soft spot for these kids because my first class that I worked with when I first got this job was the 4-year-olds and they continue to warm my heart with their hugs and their stories...

The program went great! I actually went to school early to do last minute help with the set up and everything. The rock n' roll theme was so much fun. And the program was soooooooo cute! Half of the program was in Hawaiian and the kids did a really good job with that...

And I'm so proud of my little 2 year olds! They sat through the whole program with no real big trouble! All forty-five minutes of it all! I can't believe how grown up they were...I love them so much!

"Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference."-Arie Pencovici

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pictures & my thoughts.

Yeah, there are many times where I feel like it's my end...like I can't go on, like I don't even want the strength to go on...but then I remember that I'm not alone in how I'm feeling...that there is someone out there who is going through what I'm going through or something even worse...and maybe just maybe I can make them feel better...or if I hold on just a little longer...I'll find the meaning of my "story."

Oh yes I do...I do love cookies...and brownies...and cupcakes...but not cakes and I'm not too fond of doughnuts either...*laughs* But I know that I can do this...it's almost the end of the month and I can have sugar again! *laughs* I do support my brother and friend who are going to run the race though...and so no sugar for me...oh mandope! I can't wait for Sunday afternoon! *laughs*

Could I do it?! Punch someone in the face...probably if I really had too, I did punch someone in the stomach though...when I found out my ex was cheating on me and my friend came to see if I was going to be okay...but I knew that he was cheating on his girlfriend [I wasn't close to her] and I was trying to get him to stop...when I found out that my [then] boyfriend was cheating on me I took my hurt out on that guy who came to check up on me. Good thing he's a good friend...*laughs* But to punch someone in the face...I don't know...but that doesn't mean that I don't think about it! *laughs*

An old highschool teacher once caught me crying outside in the rain. You know...highschool heartbreak and drama...*laughs*...but he told me something I have never forgotten. He went into the school office...came out and sat next to me...out in the pouring rain [It was February 2001...so, yes it was freezing cold]...he told me that it wasn't the end of the world, it probably wasn't going to be my first heartbreak, learn my lesson, cry but stand up and keep moving, then he handed me three pieces of chocolate and told me that in the end everything was going to be okay.

I am that hopeless romantic that dreams of my day when I get to feel and BE a princess.

What A Day.

Long day. I just got back from one of my Patch classes...it's usually every Tuesday...and it sure was a long day. I got out of work at 6:pm...my class started at 6:pm and ended at 9:pm...I left the house at 7:30am to help with some of the set up...so it's good to be back home. My class today was called Development and Learning in the Multicultural Setting. It was a good class with a lot of information...but it was a long class at the end of a really long work day.

Sad news. My co-workers dad died last night during volleyball last night. I can't imagine what I would have done if I was there last night. I wonder what I would have done...I play volleyball with my co-worker and I met her family...they are my volleyball team that I play with and her dad was a really nice guy...first guy that I was comfortable with on the team...and such a team player...

When I first got to school, I noticed right away that she wasn't there...she gets there 15 minutes before me and she usually is the first teacher to greet me. And Tuesday's we usually have some joke to talk about last night's volleyball games...but she wasn't there and when I heard my heart when out to her and her whole family who I got to know though volleyball.

Today was pretty crazy because tomorrow is graduation. I don't know why they moved it because it was suppose to be on Thursday...but no, it's tomorrow now. The only joy that I have is that we get to wear "not uniform" *laughs* I don't even know what I'll wear...

My little 2's are going to sing "A is for Aloha" and "Old McDonald Had A Farm." I hope that they sing...and not get scared! *laughs* We had dress rehearsal today...and they got shy in front of the other kids...and they love the loud sounds that come from the hollowness of the set up stage! So they kept jumping...oh, it's going to be a day tomorrow! *laughs*

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."-Eskimo Proverb

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Teacher.

So, the new teacher can today. I was both mixed in my emotions about it. I thought it was bad timing though only because [they changed the graduating day from Thursday to Wednesday this week!!] I know that this week will be crazy with the graduation...the schedule is out of whack...and it's going to be "go with the flow" type of week. So I know that the new teacher will be overwhelmed because of all the confusion.

Working with the two-year-olds, they like consistency...well all children like that. But I know that my two-year-olds don't like change. Every day though Nicole and I have been preparing them for the new teacher, and for the most part they were okay at first with the change. It was kind of tough because there were three teachers to one room...I ended up leaving and help with loose ends of the graduation set up and practicing and just the other classrooms so that the new teacher could get a feel of everything.

I do hope that tomorrow goes better though. I can just imagine the confusion that this new teacher is having though...I was new once. I hope that I survive this week too...I should have gone to volleyball today, but I was just too tired when I got home...next week definitely, and I have a feeling I'll be going to the gym a lot this week to release the stress of having to work with a new teacher...hopefully after this graduation everything will be able to settle down. Summer here we come!! :)

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."-Maria Robinson

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kuya Neal!

So, today is Kuya Neal's birthday and I just got back from his birthday dinner at this mexican restaurant. I don't remember the name of the restaurant though, but it's a new mexican dinner place that we haven't gone to yet. Well, it's not new, just that we haven't been there before today...and mexican is his favorite kind of food...the food was yummy and the company was even better...!!

Super sucks though...no cake. Since we are all [at least Kaleo, Tracy, Faith, Jeremy and I] are on a no sugar diet since Kuya Neal, Tracy and Kaleo will be running the Hibiscus [1/2] Marathon at the end of this month and yeah...and since we are very supportive family, my sister, brother and I aren't going to eat sugar either. And yes, it's hard. At least on my end it is! *laughs* And I'm pretty sure on everyone elses' end as well! *laughs* Oh well...

We went on our regular swimming at Queen's in town...but choked for the first time! It was high tide so the water was extra high...but I like swimming at least 1/3 of a mile out before I start my official mile swim [which takes me about 1.25 hours-ishy]...and I was pretty far out there...scary, yeah, I have to suck up my fear...but I love swimming in the ocean. Anyways, I like to swim out so that I'm further out from the shore...and I do think that it's scary, but I'm okay as long as I can see the bottom of where I'm swimming and for the most part I can.

Well, I'm not really sure, coz when I swim at Magic Island, Ala Moana...I can't see anything...but I feel safest there [but I really don't like the taste in the water there much less the sounds in the water!]...but I like Queens because I also feel safe there, and when I swim there, it's also like snorkeling. I know that there is a lot of coral out there, so that is why I swim far out first...and since it was high tide it shouldn't have been a problem...but I guess while I was swimming I wasn't really paying attention because I had a mini heart panicking moment. I somehow swam myself in this tight corner of coral...I was swimming when I noticed the the coral was surrounding me...I turned around and I couldn't find the way out! I was trapped and I panicked! Oh my goodness...no one was around me and I was pretty far out and guess what happened was the current had pulled me in closer to shore than I realized being high tide and everything and I got stuck in the coral...it was not a good feeling. I told myself that I either was going to drown, get eaten by some crazy fish/shark/eel...or get my ass out of there.

It was a lot of mind games though...I thought I was done for! But I got out of there...and I was jumpy the rest of the time. I guess I can say that I was about a third done of my normal mile, but I couldn't relax anymore.... Seriously though, when I finally found my way out of the high coral, I couldn't figure out how I got there in the first place...the tiny swim place that I had to swim through to get there was really tiny...and I really must have not realized it...[the water isn't super clear, just enough to see the bottom at this certain places]. I'm glad that I got out of there...I'll try it again sometime this week...but wow, I hope that never happens again.

But yeah, happy birthday, Kuya Neal! [Oh yeah, I got his this exercise heart monitor thingy...it's what he wanted...from my brother and I.]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lazy Day.

Today was a super lazy day. As in a really lazy day...a feel-good lazy day. We all stayed home in our pj's and ate whatever we wanted, watched whatever we wanted and just had a break of everything that was crazy from this past week.

And the best part of it all. I got to talk to my daddy and mommy. Mostly my daddy...oh how I miss them so much.

Today was a pretty good day...doing nothing, but smile all day...and talk to the people that I miss the most in the world.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today was a good day! I knew it! I couldn't have had three "bad" days in a row... I wouldn't allow myself too! I got out of work early and as I walked out of the gate throwing my "peace out, yo'" to the other two teachers my little ones who were still waiting for their parents to pick them up came running up to me.

I always have to remind them "no kisses...they are only for mommy and daddy [and brother and sister] only huggies". I have a great job. I love and I never will regret choosing this job. Since I have the two year olds, I usually have to repeat things over and over again and again, and yes, that can get frustrating, but it's amazing how smart those little ones are. Today is the last day of having a "normal" day with my little ones. Monday will start a very chaotic week.

Graduation will be next Thursday and we are having a Rock n' Roll theme, and it's crazy preparing for this graduation. On top of that, a new 2-year old teacher will be starting on Monday. Nicole and I will be helping her for her first day, then I will move to the 3-year old while Nicole helps the new teacher take over...then I will go back to the 2-year old room for the summer classes helping the new teacher. Then on the 31st...most of the little ones will be moving to the next class. Nicole will start teaching the older 3/younger 4 year olds and I will join her in August...but for the summer I will be helping the new teacher.

So yes, today is the last day of "normal" school day for the little ones before they have a new schedule and a new teacher to get used too. I'm going to miss them, but I am proud of them. And I am super glad today was a much better day.

Well, I need to get ready now. I'm going to join some friends for BBQ at Ala Moana, Magic Island to watch the friday fireworks and just to wind down from a really long week.

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week."-Joseph Addison

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Aunty.

So, I really did think positive starting out the day. I really did tell myself the whole day that today was going to be a better day. But when I left work today, I left feeling that things didn't go well. Maybe it's because graduation is next week and how "we" have "seniorities" the little ones have "Kindergarten-itis" or something...and they don't know how to handle it. *laughs* I don't know...maybe I'm just grabbing at something to explain these last two days.

I'm not super down about it...I mean, everyone has "those days"...you know those days that you just don't to get up in the morning...because you just don't want to feel like it's going to be a positive kind of day. Or one of those days where everything doesn't go as planned...just so that you can realize that you do have it good most days until one of those days come rolling around...

I honestly think though that no matter how bad of a day I have...I'm working with children, I know that something will make me smile...kids are just like that. They make you want to pull your hair out...but in the next breath you heart is melting because of something they do. At one particular time in the day when I was getting frustrated because my two-year olds were "making bad choices" and both Nicole and I were struggling to keep our voices laced with love, one of my little bumblebee's came up to me where I was sitting on the floor trying to calm the kids down [I swear they are high on sugar or something] and threw himself at me...at first I was going to yell at him because although I have fun "wrestling" with little ones, I don't do that when I'm a teacher at school...when I'm babysitting or at a ohana gathering or something, ya...but not as a teacher. It's really hard though because these 2-year olds always want to do that and I am forever having to push them back and hold them down and explain to them that we "don't do that in school." But before I can scold my little one, I realize that he had thrown himself on me in a huge child-like hug. I hugged him back and said, "Awww C******....I'm not having a very good day." He replied back, "Why? I'm having a good day...you're the best Aunty." *laughs* I soon was in the middle of a hug-bun of all my little ones saying that "your're the best Aunty."

I won't be 100% pessimistic, but today was a pretty bad day. Sprinkled with rare smiles and laughter...but yes, I do believe that tomorrow will be a new start, a new day, a new chance to make it all better.

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good on every day." -Author Unknown

Please, please.

Please, please be a good day today. Not like yesterday. Please be a good day...wait what am I saying, it WILL be a good day...so there is no doubt about that. Stay positive, ya?! It's gonna be a good day...yay!

If you don't like something CHANGE IT; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it
--Mary Englebreit

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whit's End.

Whenever I feel like everything is crashing around me and I am struggling to find a reason to not give up, I try to remember what my ex-bf told me...whenever I think that I have it bad, there is someone out there that has it worst. And it's true. It doesn't mean that I can't have bad days though. Today was a bad day. I've had worst days...but today was a bad "mental" day. And yesterday, I was having a bad "emotional" day.

We all have those days. I often wonder where "inner strength" comes from. A lot of people tell me that I have a lot of inner strength...that I am always positive no matter. Oh yeah, I can blow my top just like that next person, but [according to them] I have a lot of patience and forgiveness. Sometimes, I wonder how much of that is real. *laughs* No, I know it's all real...but sometimes I do get frustrated because I know that people tend to walk all over those who have a lot of patience and forgiveness. And many times I don't feel like having any forgiveness in me because of that.

I do try to stay positive in life though because I know when/if ever I let down and allow myself to be negative, it would be too easy to stay there. I don't want that. But sometimes it's just too hard. Sometimes I do just want to break and I want to be like fuck it all, I'm there for you, but who is there for me?! But for some reason, I just keep holding on; I keep floating on top of the water instead of drowning in the middle of misery. But it's hard.

Hm...maybe thats why my "mental happy place" is floating in the ocean in the middle of nowhere with the sun on my face and my body weightless...that is one of my most relaxing times...when I'm swimming a few hours in the ocean and I just flip over and relax in the water. My trainer/friend laughs at me because I literally float like a cork...and my brother can barely float...and yes, he's tried super hard. *laughs* I tell him all the time, you don't really try, you just do it...juss lay down and relax and you float...but when my brother does it, he falls, don't ask me how, he just does! *laughs* But no doubt, he is a fast swimmer.

I think that God blessed me with a personality that keeps going. He allowed me many "opportunities" to strengthen my patience and forgiveness...it's hard. But I also know He knows when it's been too much and He sends me people to help me...because everyday I'm struggling now...like I'm at my whit's ends...but I have this friend who is always there for me. I've known her since I was little, but we didn't get this close until a few months ago...and she truly is a God-sent.

I know that she herself is going through a really hard time, but she keeps going. I don't know how she does it, but she does. And because of her strength to not give up, it gives ME strength to not give up. She is a very strong girl...mentally, emotionally and...yes, she can beat you up if you fuck with her. *laughs* But most of all, she is a person that I would call a genuine friend. She tells you how it is, if she is mad at you or if some thing irritates her...and I like that, because many times people won't tell you up front like that.

These past two days have been tough, but knowing that I have at least one person out there in the world makes all the difference. Seriously, it does...so yeah, maybe all these people say I have a lot of patience, forgiveness...and they admire me for all the positiveness I ooze...and maybe they are right, *laughs* but knowing that someone out there cares if I hurt too, that I cry, that I have hard days and is truly there for me makes all the difference in the world. Because many times it is hard to always be the strong one, sometimes I need someone to lean on too.

Tomorrow WILL be a good day.

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ben Does Life.

So, my friend showed me this really inspirational blog that I think I will start to follow. The first thing that caught my eye on this blog is this poem he wrote and I would like to share it with you...

We run.

We run because we have to.
We run to go fast, and we run to go far.
We run to break the tape; we run just to finish.
We run for fun when no one’s around.
We run to get inverted V muscles above our kneecaps.
We run to get the regular V above our hips.
We run to clear our mind.
We run because we’re mad.
We run because we’re ecstatic.
We run because now we know what it feels to nod at another runner. We understand them, and they, us.
We run to lose weight.
We run to keep it off.
We run to eat cupcakes.
We run to eat crabcakes.
We run to be lions.
We run when others won’t.
We run and sometimes we hate it.
But we run and we always love it.
We run up hills and we run through puddles.
We run because it’s poetic.
We run because it’s bad ass.
We run while people sleep and we run because it helps us sleep.
We run because runners have better sex.
We run because once we have that medal, you can’t take it away.
We run because some of you don’t think we can.
We run.
And we run together. 

Yeah, Ben wrote that poem...and it makes me laugh, makes me be inspired, makes me want to run...even thought I really don't like to run...but seriously, I think you should check out his blog, he has a blog on tumblr.com and you can find him at Ben Does Life. I think he's very inspirational and if he can do it...then I know that I can do it too. His introduction goes like this, "On Christmas Day, 2008, I made a promise to my grandmother to get a grip on my obesity, my depression, and my life. I've lost 120 pounds, run marathons, and finished an Ironman. Why not start from the beginning?" If that doesn't motivate you to check him out...I don't know will. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Liya.

So on May 11, 2008 little Liya was born...so last Wednesday the little cutie turned 3 years old. I can not even describe the energy this little one has! The day that I met her, I fell in love with her...she is such a cutie and she is so full of energy. I love babysitting her...because there is NEVER a dull moment with Liya...I would say that when she sleeps, that can be a dull moment...but she hates going to sleep coz I think she is afraid that she will miss something or something. *laughs*

Liya is part of my Ohana here in Hawaii...she is the only girl in the grandchildren...and you can tell she is the boss of all the little boys! *laughs* We had family night at her house instead of "Tu Tu and Pa Pa's" house...[where we normally have it] to celebrate her birthday. I guess it was an all day affair with different people coming at different times...ending with family night with the Ohana. [I juss realized...Friday the 13th today!!...what a lucky day! :)]

My sister had made the desserts for the party...and our kitchen looked like it blew up bright pink and princess stuff all over the place! My sister made cupcakes and a cake and cake pops...I would say that it was so yummy...at least it smelled yummy...but in support of Kuya Neal running the 1/2 marathon at the end of this month...we can't eat sugar! Well, he can't...his trainer advised him not too, and to support him, we all have given up sugar for this month....yes, it is very hard...no doubt about that! *laughs*...but I'm sure that it will be all worth it at the end.

Sucks for him though...coz his birthday is this month...he can't have a cake...but we said that once this month is over...wham bam...we are going to go all out! *laughs*

But yeah, Liya's parents [her mom who is actually my boss when I work weddings] rented out a jumper house...basketball style thingy...oh mandope that was fun! It was BBQ...and that was yummy...same goes for Auntie Michele's famous salad...oh goodness that was yummy! I just love seeing Liya so happy. She loves princess and pink [yep, my kind of girl!! *laughs*] and so she had a lot of princess related presents...and she was a very happy little girl that night...full of hugs for everyone.

Happy birthday, Liya...I love you little princess! *hugs*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

24 Hour Fitness.

I am so sore. Sore. Sore. Sore. Yes...I am sore. I haven't done something like this in a long time. Yes, I do go swimming a lot...but for some reason, I'm not that sore after swimming for 2-3 hours straight. I don't know why...I know I have gotten used to it because at first my arms would hurt like a mofo...but now, it's nothing but gliding through the water...well, I take that back it is like gliding through the water until the waves and rain come...and most especially when you are stuck in a current and all your arm strokes are feeling like they are not taking you anywhere.

But I did it...finally...after saying that I would be doing it for so long...my friend, Tiare, and I finally went and signed me up for 24 Hour Fitness in Kaneohe today after work. She has been a member for a while, but she wanted someone to go with...so she has been trying to get me to join...and I did want to...but always all these excuses kept coming up...but nope, not today, I told her this morning, T, i'm going no matter what and I did. And boy is my body tired. I'm not sleepy...and yes, my body is sore...but you know now that I think about it, it's not really sore...more like exhausted.

I took two classes back to back...the first one was Turbo Kick...and that one kicked my ass! It was intense...constant jabbing, kicking, moving...and I was sweating like who knows what in the first ten minutes! And get this this HOT GUY was standing right next to me! Say what!? I was like...why?! why?! why?! *laughs* Coz I was standing in the back...and he looked like he knew what he was doing...and so why stand in the back?! But he was really helpful...he knew the routine and I talked to him before we started and told him that this was my first time...and so he would say out-loud what would happen next. He was nice..everyone was nice. But it sure was exhausting no doubt!

Right after that I did Zumba...the hottie stayed for this one too [the teacher for my turbo kick is his friend, and the teacher for my zumba class was the turbo kick teacher's friend...and zumba teacher challenged turbo kick teacher to stay and turbo kick teacher challenged hottie to stay...get it?! *laughs*] I thought I would be so lost...I actually moved up with my friend near the front. It wasn't as intense as turbo kick but just as fun...literally I felt like dancing...and I do love to dance. *laughs*

T and I went upstairs afterwards to lift weights some...and oh my goodness...oh okay...going to the beach here, you will see hot guys...and going to the gym...also major hot guy hang out! *laughs* Talk about being self-conscious! But they were nice...at least the ones that I talked too...but wow...they had NICE NICE NICE bodies...and I was like...no! Don't look at me! *laughs*

Well, I really want to go take a shower now...my brother just got out and I want to run in there to wash and yeah...but yes!! I did it! I am now an official member of 24 Hour Fitness...lets see where all this goes! :)

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental state."-Carol Welch

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Senses: Memories.

I am a firm believer that your senses hold memories. Smelling a scent an trigger long ago memories of a family dinners and yearly camping  trips. Seeing your childhood home brings forth memories of playing with the neighborhood children, waiting for the ice-cream truck to roll on by. Hearing an old song on the radio evokes memories of a long lost heartbreak. Feeling a certain thing in the air brings feelings of nostalgia of hot summer days lazing at the beach or running through the sprinklers.


I had homemade pizza bread, blackberries and watermelon these past few days and forgotten memories of long ago came rushing back. Pizza bread has always been one of my favorite childhood foods. Whenever I would have friends over or even when I would have a lazy family day somehow pizza break would be involved. A few days ago when I made myself a pizza bread with french bread, pizza sauce and cheese, I remember my mom in the kitchen making pizza bread for us children. She would always make some Filipino dish for the adults, us children wouldn't touch it because it had the "yucky" vegetables in it, so pizza bread it was. What I wouldn't give to see my mom in the kitchen making pizza bread right now. I miss her so much.

Yesterday, I got home super hungry so I opened the refrigerator to see what I could eat and there was a fruit basket full of fresh blackberries. Being a berry-lover, I dumped some in a bowl and washed it for my after work snack. As I bit into the first one, I was mentally and emotionally transported back to my family's yearly camping trip to Redwood Camp Meeting in California. There would be bushes full of ripe berries...and my dad and I would go and pick some every day so that we can bring them back to camp and eat them. They were so fresh and so juice...I miss those times. We would go to these camp meetings and the whole camp ground was our playground. The friends that I made there, the fun that I had there, the memories that I have them still bring a smile to my face when I think about the times there.

My sister was craving watermelon the other day and she had bought one and it was there, sitting in our refrigerator taking up all the space. It was funny coz she asked me, do you want some?! I said, no...I wasn't really feeling it...but when she cut it...I cut myself a little sliver...and *laughs* I was like...YUMMY!!! OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOO YUMMY! I ended up eating two fat slices of it. I remember clearly the first time my dad let me carry the watermelon in the house. This was at my childhood house...and I had really wanted to carry it...so my dad helped me pick it up from the back of the car...and I was barely ten feet away when I dropped it...*laughs* I was so sad that my dad brought me back to Food 4 Less and we picked out another one...and this time I rolled it into the house. *laughs* Oh, I miss my daddy. So much...I miss him.

Yeah...memories. I think they are the best souvenirs of life. Something you'll [hopefully] always have.

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."-From the television show The Wonder Years