Friday, September 30, 2011

End of September.
Where did September go?! Oh my seriously, I was so busy, I didn't even realize how busy I was until I sat down to write my "End of September" and saw that I haven't even written a single thing at all! So this "End of September" will be just a fast recap of what I didn't write about! *laughs* [Oh Charlie! :)]
My beautiful babygirl had her 12th birthday on September 5. She is so big now...I still remember when she was born. I still remember carrying her around. I still remember changing her diapers! *laughs* I know that she will get mad that I even wrote that. *laughs* But seriously, I think it is because of her my love for children grew. I always had babies around me growing up...[I do have a HUGE family, and it seems that someone is always having a baby! *laughs*] but it wasn't until Rosemarie was born to my cousin, Presmarie that I was able to actually "help" yes, I practiced holding a baby with her. I practiced putting a baby to sleep with her. I practiced changing a diaper, bottle feeding, burping at baby with her. And she because my little "best friend" and I am so happy to say that even though I am always travelling out of California...she remains that little girl that I can talk too. Here mom and I are "best cousins" and I'm glad that her daughter and I get along. Some of my favorite moments are just sitting around my room lazing around with her just reading books. We both are readers and we do like similar books...and yes, I miss her. So happy [belated] birthday to her.

My "adopted" parents also made their way here to our little part of the world! I was so excited! I am always excited when they come here! They were here for 10 days...and we got to do a lot with them. Nearly every night...almost...we would have dinner together. My favorite was when we took a day trip to The Disney Hotel at Ko Olina [my current favorite place!] and had brunch there and then enjoyed out time snorkeling in the lagoons....where we got to swim with turtles! No, we didn't get too close...but it was an amazing experience! :) I was sad to see them leave.
I got to talk to my parents a little more this month. They are in Bocolod to do a one-month session there...and then they said that they will be going back to Nueva Era for awhile and them maybe go to Palawan to do some classes there. I miss them so much...and I wonder if the hurt of them leaving will ever go away.
Work has been stressful to me. It makes me sad to say that...because I never wanted to be one of those who wake up and dread going to work. It's not that bad...but sometimes I wonder if there is where I'm suppose to be. I wish that they can see that we need breaks too...or we're going to burn out. I wish that they can see that I do work my hardest and even go out of my way to help out the school...but I get tired of hearing just criticism...or what I'm doing is wrong...or I should have done this instead of that...I want to hear what I'm doing right sometimes, just to know that I'm on the right track. I feel like I'm doing so much...and it's like how everything else in my life goes...they take me for granted...and because I know that since I can do it...I do...and no I don't expect for people to tell me thank you or whatever. But I wish...just wish...a hopeless wish that they would be fair with me.
It was cute little Alli's 1st birthday this month too. She is like a doll! My sister agreed to do two dessert tables...and oh mandope did she bake...and bake...and bake...and bake...and guess who had to do the dishes?! Yep, me...and my brothers...but it wasn't as bad as I thought that it would because we all helped out...with her baking and setting out and decorations....and wow, I knew that first birthday's were a big thing here in Hawaii...I this was my first time that I went to one...and it was like a wedding reception it was that big and nice! And little Alli is super cute. So happy birthday to that cute little patootie! :)
Well, Passion Roots is still Passion Roots, but the payroll is under some other company or something like I also because an "official" worker for Passion Roots again. *laughs* That was fun...because the person who was signing me up [I was with Kaila'i] she was "shopping" in Shilhi's studio from when we were opening the clothes line! *laughs* I mean, she was all professional and all, but she definitely was making me laugh. The studio was full of flower too...and it seemed like the color them was green, pale yellow, and peach. A LOT of spider mums...and the antirrhinums were peach...never saw that one...but still beautiful.
Well, a lot did happen this month. And I need to get on it to write at every least something that I will remember what happened! *laughs* But it was a pretty eventful month. Thank you September for being good to me, sorry for not writing about you...but thank you all the same. :)