Friday, August 14, 2015

Preschool Project.

Like I mention in a previous post, my preschool classroom is an on-going, never ending "project" full of mini-projects. Actually, I never said that in a previous post, but I said something like that...not those words exactly. *laughs* But it really is. I have so many projects that I am doing in my classroom to get it to be where I want it to be. I just keep doing this that help me stay organized and make my classroom look better. Maybe in a couple of years it will be how I want it to be...but for now, I keep adding things it. Yesterday actually I finished one of the many things that I wanted to do.

When I started school, I had asked our school maintenance guy to please put up the wire he had taken down from my classroom when he painted it and so he did. The only problem is that he put a thicker cable in and it was higher than what I wanted so I couldn't really reach is comfortable without feeling strained...and when I could reach was just barely and then the clothes pins that I used to hang the kids artwork wouldn't fit! So I thought of this solution.

Well, last school year, it was still REALLY high, so I had used pipe cleaners as hooks that would help me hang up the children's artwork...this year, I still used pipe cleaners..but I also did something like this...

 I cut construction paper in half length-wise and then laminated it to make it more sturdy and glossy like. Mainly so that it was sturdy. At first I was just going to do all one color...but then to add color into my classroom, I did ALL colors...well, the main colors at least. :) After I laminated the paper, I used Elmer's Glue to write out each child's name one at a time and then (literally) dumped a lot of glitter on their name (written in glue).

I made sure that I had another paper under so that when I shook off the excess glitter I could easily slide the glitter back into the bottle. I have to wires that span my classroom. The front wire I made names for my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class. And the back wire, I made names for my Tuesday and Thursday class. (I have two keiki that come on both days; I did make two for them on each wire.) I let that dry over night.

Then the next day, I glued (and put masking tape just for good measure!) two clothes pins to the back of each name on the bottom and hole punched two holes on the top. I, then, made hooks from pipe cleaners and hooked it in to the hole and made another hook so that I can hook in onto the wire!

So that is what it looks like when they are all hung up! :)

I was able to use them right away, and it was SO much easier to hang up their work! It was at the right height for me to reach it and it was easy to pin the work up. I were to improve on this, I would also right their names on the back since I am using them forward and backwards as well. :) But the keikis love looking up to see their work...

Here is the back. :) I think in the coming weeks I am also going to hang hooks and clothes pins between each name to be able to hang more work. I love making different kinds of mobiles with my kids and so that would be the perfect place to hang them. :)

Happy Birthday DollGirl!

Today is bittersweet for me. It's my lil' DollGirl's birthday...but today I will be going to my sister's house and staying there until Wednesday. My parent's leaving date is coming closer and closer...and I am dreading it more and more. I hate it.

I am trying very hard to find the good in this whole situation of my parents leaving me and I am trying to put it in the back burner...because I want to feel 100% happy since it is my DollGirl's birthday. In school today, one of my lil keiki's noticed how sad I was and look what they gave me... first I was like "what is this?!" And then they said that they searched the whole playground to find the prettiest leaves! And that is hard to do! There are leaves EVERYWHERE in the playground...and the picture does not do these leaves justice because they are actually a very vibrant, bright yellow! And I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!

Kids are like that. And that is why I LOVE working with them...they have such pure hearts at the age that I have them...and if you take time to pause in you life and just try to understand them, they can be the best people you can possibly be around. My lil' 2-early 3 year olds. I love them. I did keep these leaves and I am going to try to press them and make them into bookmarks of something. It was super sweet of my Keiki.

For my lil' DollGirl's birthday we went to the beach and had picnic food! DollGirl LOVES the water and so it was only fair to take her somewhere where she would love being...and my parents wanted to go to the beach as well...and so since they stayed for her, they helped prepare the food for her little birthday bash that was family. Tracy and Kaleo are family and so they came to. They invited their friends along as well and DollGirl LOVED playing with the girls. :)

I can't believe this little cutie is already 3 years old! She is such a big girl! I can't believe that she is one of my lil keiki at the school...she is my heart and I love her so much! I wish I took more pictures to remember this amazing moment of my DollGirl, but I was too busy have fun in the water with her to take pictures. :)

She didn't even want to get out of the water to eat food! But she did and the food was yummy. It was a simple meal of haystacks...but you can NEVER go wrong with haystacks! :)

This little bundle (who is not so little anymore!) can live off of chips! She loves haystacks was the way to go...she can eat healthy while eating chips. :)

This little bugger is also growing so fast! I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is sooo active, I can't wait until he can go into the water! I hope he will love it as much as his waterbug sister! This one is a lot more active than his sister was at this hopefully he will take to the water as he does with everything else!

I am going to miss moments like this. My daddy adores his baby grandbaby...and that is how it should be. My mom is super close to KaiBoy as well...I know that it will be hard for them when they leave.

But today was a good day. I know that DollGirl had a lot of fun and I know that she will remember her "Lola & Lolo" more than she did when they first left her at about 7 months old. I am glad that they were ago to see her age one year...they came here around the same time last year to be here for her 2nd birthday and now they are leaving a little bit after her 3rd birthday. I know that they had a good time here. I wish they would stay...but for because they are here. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ipsy GlamBag August 2015: Prep School.

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It's been awhile since I've done a review/revealing of on of my glambags and so I decided to start doing that again. I think the last time that I shared my bag was back in 2014...I think October...too long ago! But I still love the surprises that I get in the mail! I love these bright pink packages in the mail!

 It's actually pretty early that I got my package! Usually it takes a bit longer for it to get to Hawai'i, so I don't normally get it until the end of the month...but this time I got it today! Yay! The second week of the month, so that's pretty cool! I'm pretty impressed! :)

This month's theme is Prep School...understandably so since for the most part, school does start this month. So, with Ipsy: always gets shipped in the beautiful bright pink bubble envelope and most everything is usually in a little makeup bag...which I absolutely LOVE! Because I can never have too much of those! I have enough now that I can switch it out in my bag and give away just because presents to my friends in them! They also give you a card to let you know what the theme is about in-case you don't go online to see what it is. I wish that they would tell you what is included in the bag though, I think that that would be more use to me than a card that says the theme.

So these are the items that I received in my bag; first glance.

At first I didn't know what this was! I thought it was mini perfume bottle or something...but when I opened it I realized that it's a lip gloss! So cute! So tiny! It is the Deluxe LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in Energy. It goes on fairly sheer and just adds a nice gloss to your lips.

Ever since I started receiving my GlamBags (and BirchBox) I have never had to buy eyeliner and for the most part, the eyeliners that I've received have been pretty good! And so, I'm excited to be using this one! It's called the Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen.

This looks to be a one use face mask. I love face masks! I use them often as part of my home spa treatment. This is the Juara Skincare Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Facial Mask. According to the site, "Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Artificial Colorants and No harsh Chemicals."

Between the lipgloss (I adore lipgloss!) and this, I can't decide which I like the best in this GlamBag! Because anything that can make my hair smell amazing is a favorite of mine...! :) This is the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment.

Ofra Comsetics Lip Liner in Wine. I already have this...but I use it all the time! It gives the perfect tint to my lips that it doesn't look to dressy, just casual...enough to give my lips come kind of I really like this lip liner and I'm glad that I got another one! :)

And so that is my GlamBag for this month of August! I'm so impressed with the shipping this month...and I am pretty sure that I will be using ALL the things that I received this month! Yay! :) Remember, is you would like to subscribe, please use my referral link right here! I think that it's worth it! :)

Eventful day.

Well, not really was an eventful day...but not that eventful...just, lets just say that I'm glad that it's over...because I really was stressing over it for awhile. Today the two main things that happen was 1) we celebrated my DollGirl's school birthday. Even though her birthday is tomorrow, we did celebrate it today because since she only comes to school on Tuesday and Thursday, she won't be here for her actual birthday. And 2) Open House/Parent Night.

I'm not always so worried when we have Open House or Parent Night...just this time it was a lot different from how I would do it in my other schools that I've taught at. But I guess it was my fear of the unknown that made it worst than it really was. :)

For her birthday, DollGirl brought the class brownie bites. I made her a birthday crown and let her choose several toys from the birthday chestbox. I was so proud of her as she shared her brownies with everyone and everyone was so cute greeting her happy birthday.

She really does have a sweet soul and I hope that she never changes. I love how I get the children SO young...and my prayer for them is to remember the innocence that they possess now for when they grow older. It is very rare that I get a child at this age who has a bitter soul...and I love watching them grow and develop their character and personality. And, of course, my DollGirl is no exception. In this cruel world, I hope she retains her curiosity, her initiative, and her loving personality. I love this girl so much.

I actually just got home from open house...and I have to say that now that it's of the past, I can concentrate more on pressing matters in life...but I'm glad that it happened. It was only 1 hour long with about 1 more hour of getting to know and mingling with each other. I love how the parents were able to get to know each other since some of them won't get to see each other since their child comes opposite days from theirs. I was able to see several numbers exchanged so that play dates could be planned out...and I think that it's good place for parents to also find friends...and also for them to get to know me and explore the classroom.

So, I purposely made these welcome packet for them to take home so that they could get to know me and reminders and just articles that talks about children development the reason why we do what we do in the school. Our school concentrates on emotional/social behaviors and I really like that. I do do some academic things as well...but I like how we concentrate on developmental social behaviors, which I think is very important.

So, before I go and do the rest of the things that I have to do tonight, I wanted to show you the new cubbies that I got for my classroom! I LOVE THESE CUBBIES!!! I love how they have a slot on the top for the papers that I have to give to the parents. It's so convenient! So that is where I put the welcome packet for the that's pretty cool.

Well, I am glad that I survived Parent Night...and SO glad that DollGirl was able to celebrate her birthday at my school. :) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but as soon as school was over, I went hoem to take a shower before going back to school for Parent Night...and I got my GlamBag from ipsy! So I opened as soon as I returned from Parent I wanted to create it's own review post about that's what I'm going to do!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Distraction, please.

I need a lot of distraction...please. I don't normally ask or even want distractions in my life, there are enough already that I don't go looking for them; they are usually constantly right there, like SQUIRREL!!! :) In less than a week my parents will be returning to the mission field in the Philippines for who knows how long...I don't even know when I will be talking to them after they leave! I don't want them to go, but I am not going to beg them to stay. They already know that I want them to stay without me asking/telling/convincing them to stay. I am not going to go against what God is impressing them in their hearts to do.

That being said, I am trying to distract myself from this empty feeling in my heart. I am painting my nails right now...

...the first part is a shimmery blue/green color. I think that I'm going to do my nails in somewhat ocean-y theme...but for right now (tonight) I will leave it like this (still need to put a clear coat onto it!) I used two colors to get it this shade. The first color was from Avon.

The second color was the Color Club 3 polish that I got from one of subscription boxes that I have and I love this shiny, shimmery color to it! I have so much nailpolish that I sometimes forget the ones that I don't use as often but I like...and this one is one of those!

So, I know that it looks pretty plain...and I don't normally do just a one color type nail...but for now, it works. I need to let it dry a bit before I attempt to go to sleep. Yes, I move around a lot...but if I tell myself NOT to move for the first 30 mins, I'm okay nail-wise....So I have to wait for a bit....

Tomorrow, IF I have time I will add more design to my nails, but for now, this is it. :)

My classroom is getting we were learning about our "feeling/touch" sense and so we did bubble painting with bubble wrap. I just added the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and told the kids to mix it around on the bubble wrap and then when they were done we pressed a white sheet of paper on it and got a print of what they did. They LOVED doing that will be a project that we can do again in the future. I've done this project several times with former classes and they loved it as it is a loved project. I think they turned out pretty amazing to.

Since it will be Open House for the parents tomorrow, I'm glad that I have several art pieces that I can put up that the kids did. It's always a challenge when Open House is in the beginning of the school year. But it was good though because originally we were going to have Open House a week the 1st week of school...but it is good that we are having it tomorrow, during the 2nd week of that parents can get a feel of what is happening and then ask question from there.

Speaking of Open House, I have been trying to get my classroom ready for Open House...for the most part, it is was ready the first day of school, but that there are "projects" that I have been wanting to do in my room to make it "my" room and how I want it. One thing that I was able to do was....wait. First, let me say that it was decided that a refrigerator would be put in my room. I didn't want it in my room...but it had to be in my room and so I took full advantage of it...that being said this is what I had done. 

I like how it turned out. I plan on using this several different ways...since this was the first time, I used the "Question of the Week"....and then during Circle Time I asked the what they original question was, "What are your favorite things to see?" But I changed it to something more simple...and these were their answers! I like the little magnet people because in the future I can ask question like "Who went to the beach this weekend?" and they can place their little people on either "I did not" or "I did!" a chart bar chart or something, but with yes... I was able to get this up for Open House tomorrow.

Another thing that I have been working on was Binder Organization. I bought the 1.5" colored binders from Costco and I am going to use them for the organization of my curriculum units and the children's portfolios....I think that I've pretty good so far...but I have a lot more to do. Slowly I have been adding different activities/artwork in each binder....and I will always continue to do so...I also need to make cover pages and side titles for the binders...because right now it looks like this... it is getting there. :) I love an organized classroom. :) 

 Well, I think that my nails are dry enough to attempt to go to sleep least lay down. Goodnight!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Making Over Cradle Roll.

My amazing sister, who has a huge heart, has decided to take on the Cradle Roll room at Kailua SDA Church. She has suckered me into helping as well. But I'm just the accompanist. That's okay though because I'm most comfortable around kids...and since Cradle Roll is 0-3 years old...this is right up my alley. I will say that I do not give her "advise" unless she asks for it though since technically this is her classroom...I won't tell her how to teach it. I think that she is doing an amazing job at it to. It takes a different kind of heart and person to teach. No matter the age group.

Well, when her and her husband took over the church told her that she could remake the room over again. I wish that I took before pictures...because wow, you a coat of paint makes a HUGE difference in the room! The color use to be all tannish color...a VERY neutral color. There is very bad lighting in the room so it made the room look really dark and not very welcoming. So during work-bee today, we got together and painted the room a light blue and Kuya Neal and I painting on the starting layer of the grass...and I think that it looks A-MA-ZING! And like always, painting was VERY therapeutic.

I had already had a very long week...and I seriously went from one job to the other to going to the church to help at the work bee and support Mandy since it was her school that we were working for. I really didn't want to go because I just wanted to sleep, but when my sister told me that my parents were going to be there, I decided to come. But, my mom came down with a very bad cough and couldn't go...but my daddy was there. I don't even want to THINK about how hard this next week is going to be knowing that it will be my parents last week here with us until they go back to the Philippines to be missionaries.

But when I got there, Neal, Uncle and my dad were painting the room blue already (I was doing with Passion Roots job at 2:pm and the work bee started at 1:pm) and so I grabbed a brush and helped. I had fun. :) The paint dried REALLY quick and my sister had to go home and feed the Neal and I were able to paint the grass.

I liked how Neal got TWO different greens for the grass so that it wouldn't have to be just one green color. He said that it was for the accent color. :) So, first Neal rolled a thick paint strip of green on the bottom and then my sister and I experimented with how we wanted the grass and then she went home. Neal finished her green color...and I started doing the mint-green color and I LOVE how it turned out!

I think that it looks sister wants to paint a rainbow and a tree and add clouds...and I think that would look so nice! :) Someone is also going to donate new furniture for the room as well...and I think that my sister is going to do well for this room. I know it. She said that she wanted to take on this room because she has seen an increase of new parents coming in...and she wants to be able to connect to them as well and create a place where they can feel comfortable and meet other parents and talk about how parenthood and something like that. She also said that she likes this age...and I know what she means. I like this age to. :)

I'll post more pictures up as we add more to the room. I'm excited for this room. I know that I loved doing my classroom and designing it and creating it...and so I know the excited feeling my sister is that is good. :)

It's been awhile.

It's been awhile since I've posted up anything about weddings. I am surrounded by them on a daily basis...that sometimes...well, a lot of times I don't take pictures of all that I do. I love my preschool job. I really do...yet, I also love my wedding/event designing job. Both jobs are highly demanding jobs, but both jobs are so rewarding. I love flowers and being a florist, I am constantly around beautiful flower and people. I am so blessed that I am have TWO jobs where I am the most amazingest co-workers AND bosses! I really wish that I took a picture of the cupcakes that my boss brought us this morning. We worked REALLY late last night and so today she brought us bagels and cream cheese, Cinnamon bread, energy bars, COLD water bottles, and cupcakes. We LOVE cupcakes! We are always on crunch time...yet, my amazing boss yells out admist crazy time, "Guys! Don't forget to eat your mid-morning cupcake!" Who does that?! Does any one else have a boss that looks out for you like that?! Today, she bought us, chocolate chip, chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yummy! I didn't have time to take a picture of it because I was too busy eating my mid-morning cupcake and creating flower cake flowers for the wedding cake! *laughs*

These were the gorgeous beauties that I got to work with today. These are the flowers BEFORE they were created into an arrangement...but they are so beautiful! I love coming into the studio and smelling the beautiful scent that they create and then going to the freezer and opening the door and smelling another burst of gorgeous scent! And as you can see from past PAST posts...I love when I work with the different shades of pink. :)

And here are some of the creations that we made. Flowers make me SO happy! Many times when we do weddings like this...sometimes the flowers are blinding to work just see a sea of shades of pink (coral) EVERYWHERE! But when you go to the wedding ceremony site or reception works out real well!

There is my awesome boss, Shilhi of founder and designer of Passion Roots, doing her thing! (The one wearing black...say hello to Amber in the back there! :)) 

I was able to grab a few pictures that my boss has already posted up for this wedding..and it's so gorgeous! So all the credit for the next pictures go to my boss Shilhi.

 Up close and personal with this beauty! I love the colors! I love the texture! I love flowers! And I love the vine that gives it a more chic look! :)

I wish this couple happiness. :) It was a fun wedding to do...and it turned out extremely beautiful and lovely. :)