Friday, December 9, 2016

Gingerbread Men Cookies.

One thing that I learned about being a teacher is that you have to be flexible and just ignore the lesson plans sometimes. Today, my TA brought in this gingerbread man cookie kit and I went with it! She said that she was laying in bed when she got home after work yesterday and she sat up and said that she was on a mission to find gingerbread cookie kits.

I told her that in my class, I see her as a teacher, not only a TA...not that there is anything wrong with being a TA...I appreciate them, and I let all my TA's know that. They make MY life a lot easier! But I told her that if ever she had an idea that she wanted to do in my class, we can find time to do it...and so when she brought the cookies in...I said, why not?! Lets do it!

The kids loved it. I let them squeeze the icing onto the cookies and sprinkle the sprinkles onto their cookie. The kit had little candy balls that I decided not to give to the children, it seemed as if they could be a chocking hazard. But they still had a lot of fun! :)

Each cookie was different and unique and supper yummy looking! :)

And when my keikis saw that I was trying to take pictures of the cookies that they made, they wanted to put the toy dinosaurs there too. :) I love my keikis. I love making them smile. I love cookies. Not particularly in that order. :)