Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Basics of Me. [part.2]

Your birth and family [Part 2]:
*What are you parent's full names and birth dates and places?

Well, this is another one that I won't answer fully...but my mom goes by the name Bing, but her real name is Timotea. I once asked her where she got "Bing" from "Timotea" and she said that she was called "Baby" for a long time and "Bing" is another term of endearment for "Baby" or something like that. But she is known by "Bing" or even "Tim".

Her father's name was Timoteo, and unfortunately I never got to meet him. I wish I was able to meet him, because my mom told me that she was in-a-way close to him. She was named after him and she once told me that they shared the same birthday, but I can't be sure if she told me that or not, but her birthday was near his birthday if anything.

My mom is the eldest out of 7 sibblings, however, one twin died when he was still a baby, so there are now six of them. I'm pretty excited because knowing that my mom had twins in her family, gives me hope that I will have twins. I would LOVE to have twins.

My mom was born in the wintertime in the Philippines. In the Visayas. She migrated to the States when she was 18...and has been here since June 20, 2010...when she decided to dedicate her life to God and became a missionary back where she started...in the Philippines.

My daddy's name is Jeremias. But only recently did he find out that on his birth certificate, his name is spelled: Geremias! *laughs* Imagine that! Spelling your name wrong nearly all your life. He does go by Jerry though, or Jer by really good friends. Like my mom, he doesn't like to be called by his last name, so he's everyone's "Uncle Jerry."

My dad is the youngest boy in a family of 11. He is number eight, I believe, in the order of siblings. He has two other brothers, and the rest are sisters...and he is very close to his family. My dad was born in Duclong II, Tarlac in the Philippines and migrated to the States when he was really young. He also dedicated his life to God the same time as my mom and I haven't seen them since.

I miss them a lots...and I admire them lots. It takes a lot of faith to give up everything in your comfort zone to be missionaries far away from everything that you've known. I miss them more than anything...and I am looking forward to seeing them again soon. 

I love you, Daddy. I love you, Mommy. Stay safe and I'll see you in the morning. *hugs*

Throwback: 04.July.2006

Don't forget to smile.

So, today was a VERY long day. Well, this week just seems like it's super dragging and I'm just like...can't this week be over already! Super stressful at work...since I'm suppose to be the "teacher" now...ugh...long story and I really need to catch everything up...but I'll do so one of these days. *laughs*

But anyways, I was walking home today...and when someone passes me, it's just me to smile and say hi or something. I think that it's rude to walk by someone and not acknowledge them...I mean, come on now...whats so hard about just saying a small hi or something...you know what that could mean to someone...so I do it...

Anyways, as I was saying, I was walking home today after work and I was thinking about how stressful my life was at this moment...I'm not complaining, just that I'm super tired because I haven't had a proper break in such a long time...and I was just wishing for a pause button in my life when this guy who was walking the opposite direction of stopped me and asked, Do I know you?! Why do you look so familiar?! I looked at him and I was like, oh, that's because I see you every morning and we smile hi to each other every morning...but I hadn't seen him that morning and I mentioned it. And he told me, that yeah, he was running late that morning and didn't have time to go walking/running that morning so he was doing so now...[it was around 5:25 pm].

Then he said [not his exact words, but something like] Promise me that you will never stop smiling. I replied with an uncertain okay...and he went on to explain...you're smile makes me have a good day because its just so happy. He then went on to say that he didn't know who I was, or what I was going through in life, but he admires the fact that every day I still can smile what seems like a genuine smile every morning. And he told me to never stop...he made me laugh because he asked me how much my smile was and I was like what?! He said, if I had a trillion dollars, it wouldn't be enough for one of my smiles.

See, things like that make me smile. Sometimes I could be having the shittiest of all shittiest days, but I still try really hard to smile at those around me because...sometimes when I'm down, I wish for someone to show me they care enough to smile at me...so I do that. I smile at people, because I don't know what is going in their life and if a simple smile can make them smile for a single second or at least remind them that someone cares enough to smile at them...then I will smile.

So smile...it can't hurt you...and you don't know what your smile can do. It can change a life.


Monday, February 27, 2012

The Basics of Me. [part.1]

Your birth and family: 
*What is your full name and how did you get that name? Do you have any nicknames?

Well, I am NOT going to write down my full name...but yes, my name is Charity [S.P.G.P]. I'm not really sure how I got this name...other than the fact that my sister's name is Faith and what goes with Faith?! Charity...so that is why I was named Charity. :)

Well, lets start from the beginning. When my mom was pregnant with my sister, the doctor told her that she was going to have a boy...so they had planned on the name "Paul" for her. She ended up being a girl, so they named her Faith instead. When my mom was pregnant with me, the doctor told her that she was going to have a boy...so they were planning to name me "Matthew" and I ended being me, a girl...and so they decided to name me Charity. So, I guess that is how I got that name!

Do I have any nicknames?! Why, yes I have a lot! My main nickname is "Che"...I'm not even sure how I got that nickname! I think my cousin started calling me that...and it stuck. I've also been called Chartee...bascially the lazy way to say my name. *laughs* For the longest time I thought my name was pronouced Chart-tee!! *laughs* Little did I know...*laughs*

Other nicknames is "Gorilla"...and I'll tell you why in a later question...by my dad...who also called me E.T. because it was an inside joke of how scared I was of E.T. and also he use to pronounce my name /Cha/ee/tee/ so E.T. was short of that.

I went through this crazy stage where I liked the name Jezibelle Destiny...so people called me that when I was A LOT younger. I've been called Charlie by a few and a name I like to go by. I have heard that it's because when saying Chartee fast enough it sounds like Charlie..and so that's why people called me that.

I loved the name Mandy because, yes, the song. *laughs* So I was called that too.

Other nicknames I can claim in my life so far are: Trinity [they say that people were calling me Trinity...when they say Charity fast and blurred together], Shorty [for obvious reasons!], Love [because my name means love], Maganda ["beautiful" in Tagalog], CheChe, Cheness [by Joynessless]. Char, Chair, Chart, and many more that I can't think of at the moment!

But yeah...my name.

This Is Me Challenge.

So, I know that I haven't been keeping up with my blogging, and so I decided to get back into blogging again when I saw this pin on the fabulous site of Pinterest.com . It's called "This Is Me Challenge" and you can find it here. I decided that I would do this. I would answer at least one question a day...and then do another blog entry if I can about whatever. But I wanted to do this because I read through the questions...and yes, granted, I can't answer ALL of them "fully" [like my fully name and such] because I don't want stalkers or someone knowing/reading my every detail in my life...but I would like to have come stuff written down...and I think that it's good to do. So yes, I will start this challenge and see where it goes from there...:) I know there are some questions that I won't be able to answer [the marriage ones...because, I am NOT married! *laughs*] But lets see how this goes! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Aloha Run.

I did it! I have to admit that I thought that I wasn't going to make it...after the race. Seriously. After the race, I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep...but no, I had to walk really far to get my finishers shirt and then I had to walk around the millions of people to find everyone, but I am so proud of myself.

I can understand why people do races...it's such an adrenaline rush! All those people who run the race with me...struggling to finish makes me realize that I wasn't the only one who was trying to train for this 8 mile [plus some] race...and we all finished...well most all of us!

I did it in in 2 hours and 15 minutes...and I am so proud of myself because while I was training the fastest I could run it was in 2 hours and 30 minutes....So I knocked off a whole 15 minutes...I was so exhausted though. I thought that I would be sore and tired today, but I'm not that sore...still excited that I really did finish first running race! And I got me an awesome shirt in the end. *laughs*

Oh my goodness, I was so tired at the end of the race, I could barely smile for the pictures! I need to get over this thing I have with germs though. They all told me that the reason why I was so tired was because I didn't stop to drink...the whole 8 miles I never drank water...because! I didn't know those people who were giving me the water! Yeah, I don't do that...so, I have to figure out what I'm going to do when I do the marathon, because I can NOT go 26+ miles with out drinking that would really do me in! But yes, I am proud of myself...not to train for the marathon in December!! Yay!

My brother-in-law and I at the start and the finish! Thanks for motivating me!

Uncle Rod, Kuya Neal, Amanda, Allie, Deven, Me and Katy!! Before and after!

Yay girls! WE DID IT!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby oh, Baby!

So, I have wanted to post this for the longest time, but I couldn't because I didn't know who would read this and my sister forebode me to tell anyone until today to announce this...

 ...I actually found out on Christmas Day! So here is the story...on Christmas Day, early in the morning my sister wakes me up so that we can open our Christmas stalkings before going to eat at Boots & Kimo's. So yes, my brother and I open up our stalkings and find all the wonderful stuff that we got in there, and then my sister hands my brother and I an envelope and told us that she wanted to put this in our stalkings but there was no room so we could open them up now...and BAM...that was in the envelope...

...I screamed.


and my brother-in-law told me that that was why they wanted to tell us in the house and not at the restaurant because I tend to scream when I get excited. *laughs*

Of course, when they told me I wanted to tell the whole world how excited I was...but I couldn't they told me that I couldn't...until today...so FINALLY I can post this...I am going to be an Aunty!!! I'm exctied!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Decade Night.

Oh wow, last night was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Actually, I know that I was excited about Decade night for the longest time...but since I'm shy around the people that were going, it was hard to be fully excited...but you know what?! I was a lot of fun!

I went to the Salvation Army with Amanda on Saturday and bought two sweaters that I could cut up...and I went for the 80's look...and I think I pulled it off pretty well. I did the whole off the shoulder top with cut off shorts and black tights that were ripped and then safety pinned. I then pulled my hair into a super high pony tail and crimped my hair. Oh, and I can't forget the multiple scrunchies! I did my make up in bright blues and pink lipstick...and lots of blush...and glitter galore! *laughs* I used the arms that I cut off the sweater as leg warmers and then I wore HUGE gold hoops in my ears. And went bowling like that. I think it was fun.

I had fun.

Charlie's Angel 80's style! *laughs*

Amanda and I...I think Amanda looked super cute!!!

My brotherhood and I just chilling in our 80's get up! :)

Karlie, Allie, Amanda, Lacey, Leah, Larissa and I

Yep! Girls just want to have fun!!