Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of July.

I know I didn't do a very good job at keeping up with my blog. I know I planned to write more reviews and stuff...but I didn't realize just how busy this month was going to turn out. And seriously, I know that everyone is busy...but talking for was way too busy to sit down in front of my computer without researching some kind of wedding/event detail...or classroom game/song/craft...or write a quick e-mail to my mom and dad...oh and okay and maybe take a quick glance at my facebook account. *laughs* Seriously, it would be super quick...because I felt like I had so much to do in so little now I am taking the time to recap EVERYTHING that happen this month that I want to remember....

Every morning except for Sunday and Saturday I would wake up at 5:am to go swimming for an hour at the YMCA that I joined earlier this month. I was sad to cancel my 24 hour fitness account because I really liked going there...but it would take 20 minutes to get there [if there was not traffic] and 20 minutes to get back [if there was no traffic] and then I would only have an hour and a half to work literally when I'm so busy I would take 40 minutes just going to the Y was only less than 5 minute and they have a every morning at 5:am I would wake up and literally try to get my brain up by doing stomach crunches, and stretches...then I go to the pool for an hour and swim laps.

I would get home around 7:am...take a shower, get ready for my [preschool] work...and then go to work from around 8:30am-5:pm...then come home and call my other boss to see what she wants me to do...and if I have time I have started doing Insanity again with my two work-outs a day...I hope I start losing some serious weight. Not that I'm not horribly unhappy with my body, I just want to be more healthy. :)

I have been doing a lot more weddings and events. During the week, it's a bummer because I can't make the actually event...but in the evenings, I go to the studio to do arrangements and prep the props and such for the wedding the next day. Sometimes I won't get home until like 1:am...and then I wake up at 5:am and then I have another full day...yeah, super busy.

This month at school was crazy. Getting things worked out with the new teacher...when she dropped a bomb on us. Right when I was getting used to her...and I could see a lot of improvement with her...she told us that she was leaving. That made me really sad because I was starting to like her and she was becoming my friend. So, I was very sad to see her leave. I liked her a lot...we still keep in touch...

This week we had the week off [lucky me, since wedding/event-wise it was SUPER crazy!]...but it wasn't really an off was a week to prepare for this next coming up school year. I was really shocked coz my school boss has hired a new 2-year-old teacher that I will have to train tomorrow...I met her already, because she came in to help set up the classroom...and I have to say that she is really nice. She actually applied to be an aid...because she just graduated and she has never been a teacher and she wanted to see how things went first...but she got hired as a teacher since she had the schooling to be a teacher. But talking to her she seems like she gots this. I have a good feeling about her.

I found out my wedding/event boss is pregnant! WOW! So many of my friends are getting pregnant! I use to say that I don't think that I wanted to get married so I would have to adopt...but now, I do want to get married [not in a rush though] and I want to have my own baby...but I also want to adopt too. But I'm so happy for her! She is only like I think a little more than a month...but she needs a lot of prayers because she is already having complications in her pregnancy. We were teasing her that she had sextuplets! Well, my sister and brothers were saying that...I was saying twins. *laughs*...She only has one in her tummy though...:) At least for now. *laughs* But I hope that she gets better soon. She said that she is going to California next I'm going to be doing a lot of the weddings on my least the floral part...because I can't take off from my day job. But yay! Congratulations to her!

I talked to my parents twice this month. I miss them so much. Whenever I think about them, I get teary eyed. I well, when they left...I nearly had a breakdown...and sometimes I can feel myself slipping if I'm not careful. It's hard...harder than I thought...this kind of moving on. But I got to talk to them twice. Oh my goodness. I miss them. I miss my dad. I miss my mom. I miss my Baili. I miss my Precious. I miss.

Well, I want to go to sleep now...I'm going to have a long day tomorrow. But this month flew by SO fast...and I need to make more time to write in here! But here is to the month of July...goodbye! Thank you for the memories!

G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Oh okay, I know that my last post up here was about a movie too...but yes, I finally saw G. I. Joe...and yes Channing Tatum is the hottest ever! Oh my goodness..yes, he is [one of] my eye candy! *laughs* Hey, what?!  A girl can have her own collection of  "eye candy", right?! Don't tell me that you guys don't have your share of "eye candy." Well, whatever...I have my own collection of "eye candy" and yes, Channing is up there.

Things were too busy this month...but I promise next month I will keep up with my least better than I did this month. SO MUCH has happen this month it was crazy! But for now, let me give you my thoughts on the movie G. I. Joe.

I don't know why I didn't see it before. I was so busy this month that my brother have to tempt me with these good movies to watch that they know that would like just to get me to actually "relax"...if watching a movie is relaxing...well, you know, I think it is...even though I do have to think a lot and process a lot of information...yes, I do ask a million question when it comes to movies...but that's okay...I liked this movie. I heard that it didn't really have high "them"...who?! "Them"...but I liked it.

It sounds like Channing was country sounding least to me, but I still liked it. The fighting scenes were nice...and where can I get an outfit like that?! I wanna run faster! Jump higher...FIGHT better! They came up with some really nice gear.

I was sad though about the brother...aww...why didn't he just turn himself in...yeah, I guess it is true the greed is the middle of all evil...but seriously, really?! He did all this because he wanted to be the top dog?! For crying out loud...his sister...she was hurting so much and he hurt her ever more! Turning her against the one she loved. I'm glad that she came to her senses at the end...before it was too late...but really...was that really worth it. I loved the fighting scenes though...

My brother told me that they were going to come out with another yay! I hope that they do...and yes, I will see it. I don't know what took me so long to see this one. My brother bought the blue ray of it and said that he was 100% sure that I would like the movie...and he was so right...I'm glad that he got it coz I would so see it again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

So, I know that I haven't been writing a lot...but things have been SO chaotic that I come hope late, wake up too early and I don't even have time to sit down to update my blog! Boo! I'm sick...but don't tell that to K.Neal...I always tell him that I have "allergies." *laughs* But I know that I'm actually sick only because tomorrow will be my "allergies." No, I'm really serious. I hate being sick, so therefore, I am NOT sick...but only for today.

I actually had "nothing" planned...actually, I did have stuff planned, but then my brother's said that they wanted to watch Captain American and I had really wanted to see it, and so I saw it...go screw what "needed" to be done today...I made it up...but being sick, I couldn't even sit though the movie. Don't get me wrong, the guy...Chris Evans...oh, his body is to die for. He was/is SO beautiful in the the guy...but he steps into that magical machine and they do "magic" to him...and wow, out comes this beautiful guy.

But seriously, really?! Really?! Instead of using him how they should have used him at first, they used him in Broadway shows...?! Really?! No, really?! Why?! That was dumb move...but I'm glad that he at least got to his senses and did what he had to do. When the movie was over...I asked/told my brother..."I could BARELY sit still...was that like a five hour movie?!"

I can barely sit still as it is, but if it's something catches my attention...*cough*Chris Evans *cough*...I can sit still...but not this movie...I'm guess like 1/4th of the way, I was thinking oh, it's going to be a fast climax and them bam! It's almost over...but it went on forever and ever and ever! What was going on?! I don't know...but it was going forever I know that.

Did I like it?! Yeah, I'm a sucker for those kind of super hero movies...was it too long?! Not really...but kinda...I mean, I could barely sit still...maybe it was the fact that I was sick...but really?! Maybe?! Maybe not...Can I wait for the next one to come out?! No...I want to see it.

My thoughts on the ending though?! Breaks my heart how he wakes up decades later...he missed his date. If I was that heart would have been probably was. I mean, mine was...and I'm not even her.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blah Day.

Wow...long weekends are fun to have...a break from the chaoticness of the week days...but when they are over and you have to go back to's a major boo! The kids were soo cranky today...I swear they didn't sleep all weekend...and yeah. Today wasn't the best day. Hopefully tomorrow it will all be good.


So, I did it! I signed up for the YMCA here in I don't have to drive all the way to 24 Hour Fitness in Kaneohe. It only takes less than 5 minutes to get to the Y. I think that I'll keep my 24 HF membership though because I do like that place a lot and I really do like the classes. And I do like the beautiful men that are my motivation. *laughs* But I really do hate running on the treadmill, so much for that! *laughs* Well, that only makes me go to the weight floor and be that much closer to the beautiful men. *laughs* Oh my goodness! I sound so boy-crazy! I'm not...I juss like eye-candy...and that is the closest any of them will get. :)

I'm just waiting for my sister to get out of the shower...coz I let her take a shower first, so this is going to be very fast. But yeah, I plan to go swimming 5 times a week...if not 6 the morning...and in the evening times lift weights and/or go jogging. Lets see if I can keep this up. I saw that they have some zumba classes and some kick-boxing classes and even tae kwan do classes  too! I don't know...I might join them...some of the aquatic ones too...but I'm not sure...I'll see how my schedule goes.

What are my goals for this month?! Hm...lose at least 10 swim 60 laps in 45 minutes at the pool in the morning. I think that it's I did 44 laps in 30 minutes...and I wasn't really going as fast as I know that I could...just feeling out the pool and stuff. It's a lot different...swimming in the pool than in the ocean. Do I like it?! Well, it  does have it's pros and cons...but we'll see how it goes.

I do have to say that I love swimming. And it feels so good to swim in the morning...the down side of 24 HF is that the club that I'm at doesn't have a pool...:( So I like how they have a pool here. Well, my sister just got out of the shower...and I should go take a shower now and get ready for work so that I won't be late!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July.

Yay! For holidays! We didn't have school today because it's Independence Day...and good, because I really needed this break. This time last year I was in San Diego visiting my sister and her husband in Loma Linda. Hm...that didn't really make any sense...but yeah, I drove down with my brother to Loma Linda to spend 4th of July with them, and we all drove down to San Diego. That was a fun time for me. I ray of sunshine in a really hard time in my life.

Today we woke up really early, well, at least I woke up at drove to Ko'Olina to go snorkeling. I know that a lot of people think that I've gone snorkeling before...and I kind of have...but not intentionally. Meaning, I was swimming in the ocean with goggles on...and it was like snorkeling...but not. This was my first time actually planning to go snorkeling and the whole day...well, not whole day, but the "main attraction" was to go snorkeling.
I like Ko'Olina. Kind of far to drive...we left the house at got there like 35 minutes later [yes, that is far on this island!]. But I've done a few weddings there...and it's beautiful. The lagoon where we chose to go snorkeling is man-made and super safe. When I first got in the water it wasn't the best water that I've been in here in first "complaint"'s so murky...! Then I swam out further and it was beautiful. Not as colorful coral-wise, but sea-animal wise...beautiful! So many fish and what-not. I didn't get to see a turtle...but if we had gone to a different lagoon, we would have...but I did see a lot of octopus and colorful fish--I don't know their names! Oh, we saw the humu humu nuku nuku āpuaʻa, the angelfish, the...uhm...uhm....prettyfish?! :) That's all I can name...but there were a lot of beautiful fish! I'm definitely going to go snorkeling more often. 

I love living here. When I go swimming in the Queen's...people do go there for snorkeling...but I go to there to swim...but when I think about it, yes, I see many fish there too...beautiful fish there. I hope I never take the for granted. And I think God for giving me reason to move here. I love it. No regrets.
We were pau before lunch. But it was so worth it. When I asked my friends if they were going to the beach for 4th of July, they ask me if I'm crazy...coz it's jampacked like non-other. The beaches are "The Spot" when it comes to holidays...but I like Ko'Olina because it's like a resort, inclosed place...and so there is a gatehouse that turns people always when there is too many when we got there super early, we were let in...and there wasn't that many people there at the beach. It was perfect...but I guess living here, we don't really ever stay at the beach for a full day. So a couple hours its good for us at most. 

We got home...and it was juss lunch time, so we all showered and did our thing and then my brothers' and I went to go see Transformers III!!! I love Transformers! I really do. And this one didn't disappoint. Granted, I'm a big fan of the new girl...or the storyline that much..[not really bad though]...but drool over the action scenes though. I loved it. I didn't see it in 3D though. I don't really like 3D...but oh, I loved. Kind of long though...well, not kind was I do feel bad for those around me; I can't sit still for long periods of time...but I liked it on the whole. 

Yes, today was a good day. I loved today. Now I have to mentally prepare myself to work tomorrow. Nothing to complain about though...I love my job. OH! How can I forget...yesterday I went with my sister to sign up at the YMCA...and so tomorrow morning I'll be going swimming everyday. It'll be different since I haven't swam in a pool since I came here to Hawaii...I guess living near the ocean spoils me...but I hate swimming alone and so swimming in the ocean at is out of the question. But this week will be a good week. 

"There is no such thing as automatic doors...just gentlemen ninjas."---this quote so makes me smile! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Movie Night.

Wow, it's a good thing my body is so used to waking up at 6 in the morning...because although my body feels mind is awake...I didn't get home until 1.30am and didn't go to bed until can not go to proper sleep unless I have brushed my teeth and washed my face...but I did have fun yesterday.

I didn't go to church yesterday, but my sister had told me that they wanted to go tidepooling again. The weather has been really nice and going tidepooling sounded nice to me. So after church when they come home, they brought my friend Josh back to the house and told me that they were going to hold on the tidepooling since my sister came down with a headache. So once again it was me and the boys when went to the beach. We went to Manana Beach in Waimanalo, which is good with me since it is one of my favorite beaches. Not many people out...but there sure were a lot of jellyfish out this time around! So we had to make sure to look out for those stingers.

We were swimming out when K. Neal saw a huge, having gotten stung before and not liking it, swam back to shore...where unfortunately a baby one was waiting for me. It wasn't that bad. But we had a lot of fun...being with the boys is always fun...they are, like all of the male spices, are very competitive...who can hold their breath the longest...swim the furthest...handstand the longest...who can go out furthest and get the most sand from the bottom...that type of thing...when we got to try to stand on each other's surfing...but more like to see if it could be done. It can't ...but it was super fun and funny trying and watching...try's harder than you think it is!

When we got home Josh and I went to go pick Mel [his fiancee] up, she had just gotten home from work. Their house is the cutest...well, it's a studio...but I like it, there is an opening behind their place, and I would want to live there...BUT...:( it's really far from where I woke and commute would be a bitch. Oh well...they have this most amazing massage chair thingy...oh mandope, I sat in the thing for 30 minutes in bliss. It was wonderful!

When we got home, bringing Mel with us, I hopped in the shower, coz I didn't like all the salt water blah-blahs...and we went to the Seibels house for movie night. It was Mel's and Josh's first time going there...and I know it's a shock when you first get there, it's a beautiful place. HUGE property...and simply beautiful place. Shil had gotten in her shipment of clothes [we're starting a clothing like for Passion Roots] so us girls went to the studio to try on the clothes and Mel was looking through look books and flower books for her wedding. That was fun.

We watched the movie Life Is Beautiful, and I had no idea what it was about...and when I realized that it was about the heart was in pain. It was a wonderful movie and I would totally recommend it for people to watch. I learned so much from that movie...and that guy was so positive no matter what. I'm not going to give away the ending...but wow. A heartbreaking but positive movie. [If you want to read a semi-movie spoiler for this one, here is the link to a blog entry that says it very nicely.]

Then everyone went home and it was just my family there...and we watched Unstoppable, another good movie....
but oh mandope, by 1.30am, I was beat, and it was good to go home to sleep. Now, I'm feeling tired again, so I'm going to lay my ass down for one more hour then get up and make this weekend happen! :)

Giosué Orefice: We won! 
Dora: Yes, we won! Its true. 
Giosué Orefice: We got a thousand points and we won the game! Daddy and me came in first and now we won the real tank! We won! We won! --Life Is Beautiful

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mary Kay: Satin Hands

When my sister and bro-in-law took a trip to California [April 2010], they brought me back my favorite EVER hand spa set. It's by Mary Kay and it's the Satin Hands Pampering Set. I looked up the price and on the Mary Kay Website it was running for $34.00 [although, on it could go as low as $19.99). I started liking this when my sister's in-law's gave me this set for Christmas of 2009...and I loved it ever since.

It lasts a long time too. I love doing my nails...I try to do them about once a week...if not at least once every two weeks [when things get too busy], and every time I do my nails, I use the Satin Hands to pamper my hands. I haven't even used the set my sister gave me yet, because I still have the first set that was given me for Christmas. Like I said-it lasts a long time.
Comes in it's own bag!
There are two different types. One smells like peaches and the other is fragrance free. I personally like the scented one. The set comes with a 1) Hand Softener, 2) Hand Scrub, 3) Hand Cream.

The Satin Hand Softener is the first step. This seems more like a thick gel like thingy that you smear all over your hands. At first, I was like, what is this?! But it smells good and it feels like it locks in your moisture that you have in your hands without it making it feel sweaty.

The second step would be the Satin Hands Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub. This one is a lot thicker and has these little beads in it so that it can exfoliate the dead skin on your hands. I usually massage this around my hands for about 3-5 all depends on what I'm doing...sometimes I'm watching a t.v. show while doing this *laughs* I just wait until a commercial or something so that I can wash off the beads and not miss anything! But when you wash your hands, wow! It's really soft and smooth feeling!

The last step is the Satin Hands Hand Cream.  I love this lotion softener, because on it's own, I like to carry around a travel size of it just to keep my hands moisturized. It goes on a lot smoother then the gel stuff that you first put on. It super moisturizes your hands [and my hands tend to go dry...especially with all the hand washing when I work.]

I would totally recommend this. You can use it really quick and get the same results as when you would take your time...I think as long as you scrub your hands enough with the should do it's job. I love this and I know I would use it for years to come...

"What goes around, comes back around....oh baby..."-Beyonce Best Thing I've Never Had [yes, I have that song in my head!]

Friday, July 1, 2011

Super Relaxed.

Wow! When I woke up this morning, I didn't think that my day would end up so relaxing! A wonderful surprise if I say so myself. :)

The kids have been a bit roudy this week...nothing that I couldn't handle, but still super frustrating at times. Today though, I swear they all had straight up sugar for breakfast before coming in! *laughs* It wasn't only my class that was super hyper. I had to step out a few times and help with the other classes when their class became too much...a lot of the kids had gone on vacation...this being a long weekend, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when the second in command [my boss also went on vacation] asked me if I wanted to go home early.

She then went on the say that she wanted to ask me first because she realized that I never asked to leave early or have days off; that I always offered to stay late and close, sometimes working 10 hour shifts, just so that the other could go home early [if an opportunity presents itself]. She said that I deserve a break give myself some relax time. Since a lot of the kids went on a long weekend vacation, there didn't have to be all the teachers there to watch the kids. So I went.

It was a relaxing day. I was suppose to go to the Y with my sister...but I haven't been able to get a car yet since mine was totaled in the accident, and my brother's car...well, he was fixing the break and changing the tires...and just doing the car check up on it...not knowing that I was going to come home early. He felt bad, but it was okay...I ended up cleaning the whole house, my room, and doing random projects that I had put aside, but now had time to do. I plan to go to the Y to sign up on Sunday...after I swim at the beach. So no worries there.

I love long weekends...but coming in on Tuesday will be a pain since the children will have to go get used to a schedule again. I guess the younger you are, the fast you forget "schedule." *laughs* oh well...they are all angels and I love them.

I ended my perfect, relaxing day with spring rolls from Saigon Noodle House [my older brother went out and got some for my sister and I]...and I caught up on Covert Affairs. Now, I'm here sipping my Honeyed Chai Tea...smiling because I love living here in "paradise".

Beginning of July.
Yeah!! A new month! I can already tell that this is going to be GREAT month! *laughs* Yeah, ms. Chop...way to keep positive [especially after such a negative last month! *laughs*] What comes to mind when I think of July?! Hm...

I think summer. Like the middle of super hot summer...and my first summer here in Hawaii. Not on vacation. Coz yeah, I've been here in Oahu for vacation...but I'm not on vacation right I'm happy to see what comes this month.

My sister wants me to join the Y[MCA] with her. She approached me yesterday about helping her to be motivated about working out in the morning and in the I said that yes, for the next six month I will be getting my ass up earlier than my 6:am to go to the Y. I am still staying with 24 hour fitness...coz  I really like that place...I'm not sure when I'll join up at the Y...but we will see. More exercising for me! Yay! :)

This is the last month of summer school at my preschool. So I'll be looking forward to a more steady schedule for the kids...not that it's out of whack right's more like "flexible" like. *laughs* My challenge for school this month is more patience for the new teacher. She really isn't a horrible's just that I think I'm having a little trouble meshing with her teaching style...I can't really tell what it is...other than "whatever happens happens." And even though it's a good thing to keep in mind..not for teaching.

I've been singing more...and playing the piano more...and more involved with music. Which excites me more...because I do have a passion for music. Music will always be running in my veins to keep me alive. Without it, I don't know what will happen. Maybe I'll do something with my flute too. I mean, I did bring it with I should use it.

I also going to see if I can fit more time working with weddings and events. I've kind of put that on the shelf for awhile, but now that things are kind of slow with my preschool job...I'm going to see if I can take the stress [and fun] or doing events again. I miss it.

I'm still swimming...but I want to swim more. I swear I want to be a mermaid! *laughs* But this hot summer month, I want to swim more.

What else is there to look forward to this month?! Uhm...well, I know that I have to start saving money coz I was asked to bridesmaid for two different weddings...abroad. So, I'll be working my ass off to make enough money to make the money. It's good that I have been at both jobs for more than a year now so that I can time off without feeling bad.

Oh yeah, and I'm going to start writing more reviews for random things...I already have a few places, things, items, girlie stuff, websites, music, books in mind...and so when I look back through the years, I can see the stuff that I was into in the year 2011. [That is the main reason why I like to keep this blog going. :) For memory saving!]

And I'm seriously thinking of getting a fishtank with some fish. I've been wanting one for some time now...and so now, I think it's time. :)

Well, I can't really think what else so, here is to this month of July!! Bring it on...I can't wait to see what is in store for this month!
"Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many."-Unknown

*P.S. before I forget...RABBIT! RABBIT!!