Friday, October 25, 2013

A love like theirs.

Today is my parents anniversary. I'm not too sure how many years...but I want to say that it's 33 years since they were married. Or was it 35 years?! Shoots, what a horrible daughter I am, I don't even know...but I do know that their anniversary is today.

I haven't spoken to my parents in awhile...I think the last time that I spoke to them was a few day before going to California...but I wish that I could talk to them now. I miss them. I know that they are okay....but it would be wonderful if I could hear from them...just to hear their voices again. I miss them.

I hope that one day that I will find someone that will love me and accept me wholly for who I am just like my mom and dad love and accept each other.

I know that they chose to go and be Missionaries. It's still hard for me since I don't have the means to communicate with them when I need them, but I know that they have each other and I know that they are in God's hands...and that's all I can do, trust that God is protecting them and trust that they will have each other.

But my thoughts are with them right now. I love them. My parents.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Week.

Has it really been one week since I was in California?! Wow...time really goes by fast! Doesn't really help that this week is just super crazy at the moment! Has it died down since yesterday's Open House?! Nope! That is one great (sometimes not so great!) thing about being a teacher...not one day is the same. The keiki who are angels one day is something else the next...yep, never a dull day working and being with little children. I love it...but I'm just so tired.

One week. Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever move back to California...but I don't know. I really like where I am right now. Were I am in life and where I am physically. I can't imagine my life with out the people that I have met here. I don't know how I got along without knowing my friends here! I can't imagine them not in my life anymore! I remember years ago, I wrote a similar post about how I am always moving around and making friends all over the WORLD literally...and it's so hard to leave them when my time "there" is done.

Am I done in California though?! I think that I'll always be a "Cali-girl" though....but I sure do love it here. Working with kids and also working I love it! Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like if I did get my RN license. Would I have been as happy as I am now?! I don't know...I try to make the best out of any situation that I am I could be happy and learn to love it...but I really love being a teacher (on MOST days! *laughs*) and I simply adore working the wedding/event route as well. I'm busy as what now though...but I love it.

I know that I need to choose one day which way that I'm going to do...weddings/events or to be a teacher...but I don't want to think about that now, because I think that I love doing both. But I will say that going back to school and having two jobs is crazy! I find myself not having time to myself anymore. Yes, I do try to take time to blog...but that's not really "time to myself" more like a break from studying. But I am not complaining...because I like where I am in life...

But here is something that I have found out about myself along this life...I am not so extroverted as I thought as I was...or maybe, there was a point in my life that I was...but now that I realize what is "wrong" with not really something "wrong" but I am more introverted now. I can still be sanguine...but I don't think I'm as sanguine as before. I think that life and what you learn from life makes you who you are, right? Well, I learned that people can and are fun to be with it...but I learned to trust only yourself (and God) and I find myself exhausted at times when I have be to around people that I don't know a lot for a long period of time...whereas before that never really phased me. But know that I've learned that about myself and I have found people who have accepted me for that...(it also helps that they don't really know my past! *laughs)...I am pretty happy with where I am in life.

But don't get me wrong. I do get nostalgic at times.

I went back to my "old home" when I was back in California. I didn't think that I was going to cry when I did...but I did. I saw my neighbor when I was there...and she remembered me right away...and just hugged me and held me and cried. When she did that...all these memories that I've tried to hide away just came back. I looked at "my house" and realized that I will always see it as MY house. I know everything about that house. They still have the signs up for when we had my beloved "best friend" Bailil....I remember when we put in concrete, I remember when we planted all those plants, I remember painting the house, I remember redoing the roof, I remember biking with the other kids in the court....I remembered my childhood in that single moment when I was hugging the only "original" neighbor left since the beginning of my memories.

Was it only one week ago?! Time is something else, you know...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open House

It was Open House at my preschool today. I am so glad that it's over...but let me tell you, this is a pretty emotion week for me so far. I get this way whenever I think of "home" and since I just came back from "home" on Monday....I'm getting all nostalgic. I know that I haven't had time to write about the wedding of my beautiful let me just do a fast recap of my wonderful weekend.

First off, when I finally landed in California...I was tired to the max! I hadn't had ANY sleep, since I did stay up on Wednesday just to pack my stuff since I left right when I got home...Aunty Goldie was able to pick us up and I was really happy that Amanda was able to come with us...but every second was jam packed with something to do...places to go. It was too short of a vacation...and it was very hard to leave this time around...

But I am very happy for my dear friends Joelly and Bryan...their wedding was was filled with happy moments and laughter....I had a lot of fun. I talked to my childhood bestfriend again...and it was just really good to catch up. California is my past...but it will always be apart of me.

I'm seriously sad that I'm not as close to everyone as I was before...but that is what time separates you in a way that nothing else can. But I guess I was stupid to tell myself those many years ago that I wanted a clean change...because the past is what made me who I am today...and friends come and go...and that is what it is. It was good to see my past friends again.

My "bestie" now is still in California...and "Mar, I miss you so much!" It was really good to see her again...I think that her and my cousin (Presmarie) and her daughter is who I keep in touch with on at least a weekly basis...and my Aunties will call from time to time...but I feel as if the only tie that I have to the past are those 3 people. I am so glad that I have my sister and brothers with me...and now baby DollGirl...I am happy with them.

It was a wonderful thing to catch up and see those who I was once close with again though. They will always have a special part in my heart.

Coming back to school on Tuesday though was tough...because I just wanted time to myself to recharge myself again...but I had to get back to work...and so I had to sludge through it...and then house...what chaoticness it was!

I miss my keikis whenever I am gone...and it was amazing to see them again after being away from them for only what?! Four days!? *laughs* For a long time I was walking around with little ones hanging on me and afraid that I was going to go back to the "airport to ride the airplane" again. They tell my that they don't want me to go back to the "airport"....I love my keikis! :)

The theme of our open house was Finding before I had left for "home" I had made cardboard cut outs of the Finding Nemo characters.....I wish that I had taken pictures...but everything was such in a rush that I wasn't able too...but it was a fun night.  A lot of the keikis came in the Halloween costume. They were all so cute!

Hopefully all the chaoticness will die down now. Oh wait...there is Halloween first...candy...Ahhh! *laughs*

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"All my bags are packed...

...and I'm already to go!"

I am too! I thought that I wouldn't get everything done...but I did. I did everything I needed to do for preschool done...I hope I did! The hard part is that I come back on Monday...I go back to work on Tuesday...and then Wednesday is open house at our school...and then also since it is the third Friday of the month this Friday I had to already be finished with my lesson plans for next month...AND I had to prep everything for my sub. I think I have everything done.

I just finished packing...I'm going to finish the rest during my lunch break tomorrow...and I should be ready to go right when I get home tomorrow! I am so excited to go home! Well, I know that Hawaii is my home now...but my childhood home is California...and I'm going back home.

I hope that everything goes well. I haven't seen a lot of people in such a long time...that it's going to be weird, but it's going to be good. I am so happy for my "sister" Joelly...she is happy with the love of her life...and I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments so far. She has done well. And I'm excited that I get to go home to celebrate her wedding to Bryan. :)

I need to go to sleep now...but wow...really?! Tomorrow I'll be going on a plane and headed to...Salt Lake, Utah...*laughs* then on another plane to California. I can't wait...I hope I can sit still though! I have a hard time...and it's going to be a 6 or so hour flight...oh mandope...hopefully I'll just sleep! *laughs*

Ladidahdidah! I'm super excited!!!! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Small things.

I have learned in life...that not everything goes your way and that many things will make you I have learned to take the small things that make me smile and hold them near my heart. My lil DollGirl has only been in my life a little more than a year...but she gets me through. I just got home and I miss my lil DollGirl already....she makes me laugh; she makes me smile; she makes me love working with kids. It's hard sometimes being a preschool many different temperaments that I have to work with and sometimes it can get overwhelming...most times it's the adults that I have to work with that makes things hard...but you know...knowing that one day a teacher is going to teach my lil DollGirl makes me want to be the teacher that I want her to have. She is my heart.

This morning she woke me up and she had this huge smile on her face...I could only see her smile because her hair was all over her eyes...but she is such a cuddle bug in the morning...and she is so happy. She found my phone was she was cracking me up because she looked so serious with it...I locked it so that she couldn't accidentally call someone...but she was still looking like she knew what she as doing!
Big things are fun...surprises, a new something or another...but it's the small things that makes life worth living. There is something about children that makes me smile. No matter how bad my day begins...I know that the moment that step into work, my lil keiki's will bombard me with "Aunty, you came back to me!" "Aunty! I was waiting for you!" "Aunty this, Aunty that...." I love holding their hand...I love their hugs...I love the excitement on their faces when they discover something new. I love the way they love so unconditionally, the way they forgive and forget...they way they give you a tissue when you sneeze or they see someone crying...I just love them. They may be small...but to me, they are a big part of my life. Whether they are my lil DollGirl or my little "Autobots" [What I call my lil keiki since our theme is Robots this year! *laughs*]...I love them all.

So, I know that this week already will be a crazy week. I have so much to do before Thursday rolls around. I have to get everything done by Thursday because I don't want to worry about anything while I am on the I will remember the "small" things that make me smile...the "small" things that get me through with life. So here goes...happy new week!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just add glitter...

Wow...I feel drained! That's what happens when I spend lots of time with people I don't really know. It's not a bad thing...but just something that I realized as the years go by...I'm not much of a people person anymore. No, I take that back...I can be...but it's more exhausting now a-days...where as before, I use to love meeting new people, I still do, but I'm not as open and teaches a few things...and one is that being too trusting will lead to getting you hurt, so I just don't like being around a lot of people. Wow! Where am I getting with this?! Well, we had a social night at my sister's place and everyone just left.

I did hang out with everyone for a while...but then when it got TOO much...I just went in the room and added glitter to my manicure. It was way to plain for me, so I had to just do something to how do you like it now?!

 I do like it a lot better...plain...but still a lot better then just the color. The nail polish was one that I got for my sister OPI Which is Witch?....I like it. I like glitter. So it makes me for the time being it will stay that color. I'm going to see if I will can keep it for the wedding this coming up next we'll see.

So, for church today it was the young adults who held church...and it was good. I played the piano, sang, and just went to church today. *laughs* I need to start going to church more...but it's not me anymore. And I hate having to feel like I HAVE to go to church. But I did. We did something my church back in California...we use to sing this song Family of God...and then greet each other...and we tried that today...and I think that it went well. 

Oh, I need to post about this wonderful sweet thingy that my sister made for us! So, I'm not sick...but nearly everyone else is...and so my sister made these really healthy, low-sugar, chocolate rolls...and they were SOOOO yummy! I took a picture of them...they remind me of something that you would see in Dr. Seus's world or something. *laughs*
When it's the young adults who do the church service...since we have to be there at church early, my sister will make yummy's for us and so that is what she made today. Aren't they so cute! I didn't get the final product picture...but she had drizzled chocolate on them...they were so yummy...and I was telling her that I didn't feel guilty if I wanted to eat two because they were healthy!

For special music there is this guy named Uncle Charlie who played the Uke with his friend on the bass...and wow! I love when Uncle Charlie comes and play...he is SOOO good. I would have to say that he is one of the best uke players that I know! He has his own album out and everything...well get I usually get restless at after my part of the program and listening to Uncle Charlie play, I went outside to go to the young adult room...when Uncle Charlie stopped me and told me that he wanted to do a performance WITH ME! He heard me sing and he liked what he heard so he wanted to do a duet with ME! I was SOOO stoked! It made my day...:)
Well, since I was not feeling like staying inside of church...I had taken my lil Baby DollGirl inside the young adults room...and she was cracking me up! She finds the smallest things so was a random paper advertising the Fall Festival at Amanda's school...and she was just taking the paper and pretending that she was reading was cute!

She really isn't sleeping...she was just resting...but it looks like she was sleeping in that one picture...and that's Ciccio...she is sooo good with him...and I'm so proud of him too, but he takes her "lovings" *laughs* she is still learning how to be gentle when petting him and she gets excited when she sees him...and he doesn't try to bit when she gets too rough...he just walks away. But they do have this love-hate relationship...because he knows that she is the one who will purposely "drop" her food and watch him eat it. *laughs* 

(Can't you tell that I just LOVE being an Aunty! *laughs*)

You know what I think is sooo adorable?! When she gets in her carseat for no reason...sometimes she is so crazy and just runs around so crazily...and then she'll see her car seat and just sits in there. I love her...she cracks me up. Already I'm sad because I know that I won't see her next weekend since I'll be going to the mainland for Joelly's wedding...I wish that i can just take her with me! *laughs* But I don't think that her mom will like that that much.
Having fun in my car seat while Uncle Jem rocks me!
After church, we decided that we were going to walk the pier at Queens Park and feed the fish...but on the way home we stopped by Leonards for some hot malasadas. YUMMY!

It's been a long day. But now I'm going to sleep. :) But before I go to sleep, I want to share this song with you. Last time we did the young adult church service thingy...I did signed a song with my friend that we didn't get it on video...but I had to learn the song in 1 hour...and I never heard the song before...but I want you listen to it now, it's really a nice song. I liked it. But here, enjoy!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Friday. It is over. And wow! I am still at my sister's place. Laying on their super duper couch. I usually try to come over at least once every week...just to spend time with family and with my lil DollGirl...and my sister actually had a room set up for me...but it's so stuffy in there and I don't like the bed...the couch is HUGE! I should take a picture of it so that you can see it...but not now. I'm comfy right now. *laughs*

Today I had a day with my sister and one of my really good friends Tracy. My sister and I went to get our nails done at TWO different places! The first place was so rude that we just was actually pretty I don't think that I'd ever go there again. They were just plain rude. Even when THEY were in the was just so uncomfortable we went to a nail salon in Kailua...(we were in Kaneohe at first)...and I was happy with them. :) The place is where Amanda usually I knew that they had to be good, because Amanda ALWAYS goes to them...and her nails are ALWAYS so cute! :) I might add glitter my nails though....OOO I got this really cool glitter nail polish for my sister...the brand OPI...and the name was Which is witch? So, tomorrow I might add that one to my nails right now. But here are my nails:

I LOVE them...but yes, I do have a problem with the whole one color, no design...but I think I do like my toes that bright pink. I am going to find that color for my own nail polish collection...I LOVE THAT COLOR! And I can never have too much pink color! :) Drake was the guy who did my nails and I would so have him do my nails again!

After we did our nails...we went back home to pick up Tracy...and we went shopping. And I got a cute dress for Joelly's wedding for this weekend. I can't believe that is coming up! I'm going back to the mainland this  Thursday! I'm super excited about that too! Yay! :) But I got a dress for her wedding...and I think that it's cute. I also bought other stuff...I'm trying to update my wardrobe...and wow...I hate shopping! *laughs*

After we went shopping, we went to get some desserts at this really cute place...but oh dear, I have forgotten the name...Tracy actually got the desserts and my sister and I went somewhere else....but I need to get the name of the place because the desserts were so cute and SO YUMMY! And then we went to Taste Tea...our favorite boba tea's like a small local hole in the wall place that super chill and relaxed with yummy boba tea! So we went there and I got my usual...Taiwan Melon Tea with Lemonade at one 70% sweetness with LARGE (non of the small boba in there!) boba...and we just chilled there and ate our desserts and then we went home...:)

 And when we got home...we decided that Tracy and Kaleo would come over for dinner...but before that I gave Ily my gift for her that I got her! I got her a Turtle Tent...and it was SOOO cute! She so loved her tent. Kuya Neal helped me put it up for her in the front lawn...and she went crazy inside! It was so cute. I was inside   there with her for awhile and she was running around in circles and trying to roll the WHOLE tent around! It was so cute! I SOOO love that girl SOOO much!

She is the funnest...AND FUNNIEST! She is crazy and I love her so much. I can't imagine life with out her...and I'm so glad that I don't have to imagine that. Right now, I am already sad because I know that I won't be able to see her this weekend since I'll be going to the mainland for Joelly's wedding...but I think I'll facetime on her or something. I love her.

So I made a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone. Grilled cheese is one of my comfort food...and they are SO easy to make. :)
So for now...goodnight and sweetdreams. :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not to gel.

Wow! What a crazy day! At least I'll have an extra long weekend....and no that is not due to the fact the I have Monday of for Columbus Day...because I don't! Blah! But because I don't have school tomorrow. The preschool that I work for has decided to do their staff day on Saturday...and since we aren't suppose to go to work on Saturday, they have told us that we don't have to go to school on Friday...but we have to go on Saturday. NOT a fair trade if you ask me...but you didn' therefore it is what it is. I'm actually writing this on my ipad at my sister's house...because since I don't have to go into work tomorrow, then I'm going to spend the weekend with my sister! We're going to have a sister's day! Yay! I haven't had one of those in such a long because I love my sister and I like spending time with her! :)

Well, I have  decided that I do NOT like the gel nails that I did yesterday. Nope, not at all. First off, the was getting to me. So plain. Just one color...dark too. And no glitter! Not even the shiny-ness stayed. I think that I did it wrong...or something...because check this out. I did my nails. Went and done homework...and it was still good to go...but when I went to take a shower yesterday before going to sleep...look what happened!!
Left Hand
Right Hand
 Right?! Not impressive At. All. As you can see there looks like there was a shine to it...but I could have put a normal top coat on that and still have it look shinier. But oh well. I not against trying it again....but maybe with more brighter colors or and some design or something! But yeah, my sister wants us to go and do our nails tomorrow and so at least I know that I won't have these ugly nails to look at for that long! I might just even take it off after I write this post!

Oh my new thing that I absolutely LOVE...chocolate. No, I have ALWAYS loved chocolate....but this is something else! Check this out...
You can get it at Safeway...which is where I got this...and it's like $3.99 here in the expensive Hawaii...but I'm not sure how much it is anywhere else...but this is SOOO yummy. I don't melt it like they say to...I just eat it like this:
YUMMY! It is SOOO creamy yummy and so hits the spot! You should go out and buy some and try it! It's sooo yummy! :)

But I'm getting tired of typing on this ipad I think that I'm just going to go to sleep now. Goodnight and sweetdreams! Yay to the day off tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To gel...or not to gel?!

So, what is this whole Gel Nail fad that is going around?! Well, my friend decided to get herself a Sally Hansen Gel Nail starter kit. My boss (who is also like a sister to me) from Passion Roots actually bought it for us girl (co-workers) to use...and no one has used it. For me, I actually like doing my own I never really get my nails done...well, let me clarify that. I LOVE to get pedicures...but as for manicures...I don't really like, because I like to do my own designs (or something I've seen on Pinterest)...and I wasn't about to buy the expensive gel nail polish...especially since it said that it should hold for 2 weeks. Uhm...yeah, I don't keep my nails on that long! A way for me to relax and just have "me" time is to do my own nails. (I'll just post a few pictures of some of my nails at the end.)

Well, yes, my friend got this kit...and no has used it yet...and so she told me to PLEASE try it. I didn't want too, because I just like doing it the old fashion way! But oh well, I can't say that I don't like it until I try it, right?! So, I tried it. And do I like it?! Well, I like how it really didn't take all that long. I had four layers in all...with 30 second curing between each layers...and so it really didn't take that long actually...and it really didn't have any drying time other than the times that I was curing it. And I really liked that a lot. The color that I used was the color that the kit came with so it was "Wine not" I think the color is a beautiful color...just I tend to go for more brighter colors...and I have to honestly say that this is the first time that I have my nails just red. Because basically this color just looks like a deep red. And I'm not sure that it's really "me" to really have my colors just one color and to have it all red (oh okay WINE color!) My friend had other colors that she bought, but out of all the colors I think this one was the one that I liked the best. Again, I am not saying that I don't like this color...its a nice color...just really?! Wow, my nails are one color. *laughs*

It took maybe a total of 20 or even less to do my nails...and they are hard dry now. I do have to say that when I did the last layer, I wasn't sure that it was dry enough since it left color the on the brush and also when I had to wipe it with the cleanser pad thingy...that thing also had color left on! And that tells me that it wasn't fully dry or something...

Maybe it was suppose to do that. I'm not sure...but I was like I doing something?! Oh well, no harm done...I think! The directions were easy enough though.
Pretty basic directions...not hard to follow. I did put sunscreen on my hands though; recommended from a friend, since to cure it, my hands will but under UV rays...and I don't want to damage my skin or something...but it really didn't take that long to do. And I really like that...and it dried basically when I did last my 30 second curing...because even though I wiped it with that cleanser pad thingy and color stayed didn't really damage my painted yeah. Here are my hands after I was all pau painting it.
My left hand

My right hand
And just if you were wondering...that was NOT nail polish on my skin on my thumb. I was painting with keiki today...and that was just paint from that activity earlier the day! *laughs* So it was pretty basic and looks basic. *laughs* I don't know what else to say. I'm pretty sure that with in a week I might already want to change it. Like I said before, I never really have my nails only one color. Not me. But we'll see if I can keep an update for however long I wear my nails like this. Because it says that it should last 2 weeks WITHOUT any chipping. I don't know...only time can tell!

Well, let me post up WHY I'm not too hot on my nails looking like that. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think that if my nails don't chip...that would be really cool! But I like design on my fingernails.

I don't always have time to do my nails...but when I do have time, I try to do them. Seeing my nails in things that make me smile...make me happy. A lot of the "off/weird" designs is because I like to ask my keiki what they want me to paint on my nails...and that is what they come up with. Sometimes it would be completely random like the one times they asked me to paint my nails "tree/ladybug/tree.....butterfly" I was like...oh okay and I did looking at my nails as I type and they are just one color is a little off for me. *laughs*

And I will leave you now with this little girl that makes me smile. :) Her hair is just so long it cracks me! :) Goodnight and sweetdreams!

"Don't be afraid of tough times because it gets you real friends and real friends get you through tough times."