Sunday, December 18, 2016

Out-going postcards.

So at one time, a bunch of my postcards reached their destination, and so I got to have some fun sending some postcards out! I love choosing postcards for each person and personalizing them on the back! It's fun and I love the fact that a part of me is traveling around the world! How awesome is that?! :)

This time I had SIX postcards going out...and just looking at all these beautiful postcards makes me feel so happy I live where I live! I never knew that I could love this place so much! But I hope to never take advantage of this beautiful island where I live! :)

This first postcard will be traveling in style in a bright pink envelope! Camilla of Sweden asked if her postcard could be sent in an envelope, and so of course I had to decorate the envelope as well! :)

Camilla wrote that she would like "old fashioned, vintage style ads (no modern ads or free cards), so I think that this is a perfect postcard for her! :) She also asked that "if there's some mythology connected to your region or city where you live, I'ld be very interested in reading about it." So I wrote and told her about our little Menehunes that we have running around! :) I hope you enjoy this postcard, Camilla!

This postcard will be on it's way to Russia to a gentleman named Valery. He didn't write very much on his profile, but that he would be "glad of any card." And so I decided to give him this one! I love the view of Sandy's and I hope that he will like it too! Oh, he also said that he liked trains, and so I had to put a train full of santa's on his postcard! :) Enjoy Valery! :)

This postcard will be sent to Hannelore in Germany. She wrote, "I also like very much surprises, so any card that you want to send me, wold make me happy." So I love this postcard, so I hope that this one will also make her happy! She mentioned that she liked to garden so I decorated her postcard with some gardening washi tape! :) I hope this postcard makes her smile! :)

This Sandy Beach postcard will be staying here in the States, but will be making it's way to the Mainland in Virginia to be exact. I can't imagine just how cold it is there right now! I chose this card for Robin because she mentioned that she loved to hike in the I decided to give her this postcard since it has the mountains for her...and it has the ocean for me. :) I hope she enjoys this beautiful view of our mountains and of the beach!

This beautiful plumeria postcard will be going to Yuekun in China. She wrote that she wanted a postcard with flowers on it (well, it was one suggestion on her list of postcards that she wanted) and she didn't want a multi-view postcard, and so I chose this one for her. She asked if we would "write me 'Hello!' in your language!" Well, I speak English and we say, "Hello" but I did tell her how here in Hawai'i we say "Aloha"...even though it's more than a greeting. I hope she likes this postcard!

This multi-view postcard will actually be sent to a secondary school in Szczecinek, which is north west of Poland. I think that it's pretty awesome that this English Class is having a postcrossing project that sends and receives postcard from all around! They will collect all the postcards that they will recieve and make a presentation with them! :) I chose this postcard since it shows several awesome views of this beautiful island, and I also wrote some facts about Hawai'i! I hope they like it! :)