Friday, January 16, 2004

The weekend is finally here!

I really want to go home and i know that eventually i will get home, but my driver is SLEEPING ON MY BED!!! so how am i suppose to go home now?! oh well, i guess ill juss wait for her to wake up so that she will be well rested and not fall asleep while driving!!! that would be soooooo scarey! oh okay then....

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Anatomy Lab...

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! that was soooo long! i can't sit still for 3 hours!!!! much less 30 minutes...! Anatomy lab is sooo long and it takes forever!!! AHHHH!!!! i have this for the rest of the am i gonna get through with it? oh well...with the help of my friends and God, i know that i can make it...hahaha....!!!!

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another LOOOOONG day!

dang, that really sucks, i had to wake up at 9:am and my classes don't even start until 2. You know what even sucks even more? I HAVE ONE CLASS THAT IS 3 HOURS LONG!!!! dang! that really sucks...! but oh well...i get to see my favorite niece today! Rosemarie is the cutest, your missing out if you don't have a chance to spend a day with her...but i'm about to go now to get ready for class, so take care...and i'll write more laterz..

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