Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mailbox Disaster!

As I was going to the beach early this morning I looked at the mailbox...and it wasn't there! What?! Oh okay, I have this relationship with the mailbox...I use it practically everyday to send off my letters and postcards...and so I can't have it missing.

That's when I saw that it was laying on the ground a little bit a ways from the post. My guess was that it had fallen off sometime last night. I was planning on going to Hardware Hawaii to pick up a new mailbox, but as I was leaving I heard one of my neighbor guys come by and fix it for me! That was awesome and super nice.

 I am often blown away by how nice my neighbors are! I love how we all just help each other out...and even though I don't really "hang out" with anyone, whenever I go out of a jog or walk to the beach, I always seem to have a lot of stops talking to those I have gotten familiar with. I love how whenever I am driving out of Lanikai my neighbors always wave goodbye...I love this friendly place that I live in.

Even though I encountered a mailbox disaster today, I was very grateful that my neighbor Christ came by to help out. I am so grateful for where I live and the people that I have encountered here.