Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas..

Hello everyone…well it's Christmas today, but it really doesn't feel all festive at all…doesn't really feel like Christmas…only a lonely feeling since I'm alone in the apartment right now. Yesterday I went out with friends and we were gonna grab a movie, but I wasn't feeling it, and neither were the people that I was with, so we juss ended up picking up random movies and going back home and watching them…we also bought food to cook…food that we missed from home and that we wanted to "recreate" juss for today…we had chili hot dogs, pancakes, grape cider, and we were gonna have Mac and Cheese but it ended up juss being three of us, and so wee had enough food already…yeah, I really miss pancakes (from home, not "hotcakes" or whatever they call them here) and I really really miss waffles…*laughs* foods that you never really think of missing until you don't have them anymore…

Well, my cousin's parents came over to the Philippines for Eddie's capping and pining ceremony…and there have been here for a month, but we couldn't really hang out with them since it was our exams before the break, and we were really busy and stuff…so on the 21st we ended up going to Manila to hang out with them…We went to the Mall of Asia a lot…and then Market! Market!...which is still in Manila…we went to watch Polar Express in the IMAX…me and Eddie didn't want to see that one…because we didn't really like that movie in the first place…but there was no good movies out that were showing in IMAX…Beowulf was showing, but his parents had seen it already, and so they didn't want to see it…I'm wasn't too hot on seeing it, but I did hear that it was animated…and I like animated movies and stuff…they did a lot of last minute shopping…and me and Eddie juss tagged along…

We dropped his parents off at the airport on Sunday…on the 23rd, because that was when they were going to return home…and I was fighting tears, because I wished that I was going with them, so did Eddie, he hasn't been home in such a long time and we both want to be going home…but we fighters and we watched his parents walk to the gate while we were left behind. Our turn will come someday…

We ended going back to AUP straight after that…and I was so exhaustedly tired…my goodness…traveling anywhere here in the Philippines is so tiring…! Anyways, when we got to AUP…I ended up staying at Eddie and Andy's place until late, and we even made a last minute video…my debut on theadoboboys' site! *laughs* so if you want, go ahead and check it out…it was last minute and I had NO IDEA that I was even gonna be on camera…didn't really know the words to the song, but oh well…it was fun and funny…to watch that is. *laughs* then I went home…then yeah, yesterday, that's when we went out to try to be a little bit festive for Christmas Eve…and today is Christmas…and what did I do?! Well, I woke up at 1:pm…and cleaned the house, wrote a lot of e-mails, and letters, and that's about it. Oh, I did talk to my family…well, everyone but my dad…he texted me that my mom was trying to call me though…I don't know if that counts though…but I called my brother early morning there…and then I called me sister, got her voicebox and she called me back…she is happy…but I can already feel the pull of the distance taking a toll on us. Gosh, I miss my sister and brother a lot…

My roomies are in Singapore, since their parents moved to Africa…they did go to Thailand for awhile, and they met up with their brother, and then went to their Auntie's house in Singapore…so they are there…I miss them a lot. They left on the 13th of this month…so they had an early start on their vacation…but it was funny because they left at 2:30pm on Thursday…and at 2:30 on that Thursday, I had an exam in my reading and speech class…and my exam was that I had to deliver a speech! And so I was up front delivering a speech and fighting tears at the same time! I had juss said good-bye to them, and we are all crying and tearing and everything…and then I had to go to class and do a speech, and I have to say that I did pretty good considering the fact that my speech had to be and lively speech. My teacher even came up to me after class and said that I was a gifted speaker…so that was pretty cool…my eyes were swimming though, that was the funny part…but I survived the day…I had class until 7:pm that day…and it was a LONG day…

At first I thought that it would be a problem that I was alone in the house, because I don't like being alone and stuff…but I'm okay now…I like living alone…it's kinda lonely though, because everyone has gone home and is having parties for this vacation, and I'm here in school…not technically AT school…but I'm "home" and I don't know if I can really call this home because home is where the heart is…and my heart is sure not here at all! *laughs* but I'm cool with staying here and stuff…not cool cool…but okay. There, I don't even know what I'm saying! *laughs*


::hugs and kisses::

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Greatest Story Ever Told

Greatest Story Ever Told by James Oliver
"Thank you for this moment. I've gotta say how beautiful you are. Of all the hopes and dreams I could have prayed for, here you are. If I could have dance forever, I would take you by the hand. Tonight it's you and I together, I'm so glad I'm your man. And if I lived a thousand years, you know, I'd never could explain, the way I lost my heart to you that day. But if destiny decided I should look the other way, then the world would never know the greatest story every told, and did I tell you I love you tonight? I don't hear the music when I'm looking in your eyes. But I feel the rhythm of you body close to mine. It's the way we touch it sends me, it's the way we'll always be. Your kiss, your pretty smile you know I'd die for, oh baby, you're all I need. And if I lived a thousand year, you know I'd never could explain, the way I lost my heart to you that day. But if destiny decided I should look the other way, then the world would never know the greatest story ever told, and did I tell you I love you, just how much I really need you, did I tell you that I love you tonight? And if I lived a thousand years, you know, I'd never could explain, the way I lost my heart to you that day, but if destiny decided I should look the other way, then the world would never know the greatest story ever told, and did I tell you that I love, jus now much I really need you, did I tell that I love you tonight?"

Now, how romantic would it be if some guy dedicated that song to me…and REALLY meant it…I don't want that song to be dedicated to me unless he REALLY meant it, and not only to be "romantic." *laughs* but what am I saying…I don't even want a boyfriend or something, but I still think that it would be super romantic and sweet. *laughs*

You know what really annoys me? Is that sometimes I know that I'm super nice, and it's hard for me to be mean to someone. Like if someone needs me to be there, to help them, and stuff…I always try to be there, I go out of my way to be there, even though at that moment, I can't…and then I'll even not do my homework in order to "be there" for them…and then I have to stay up late (sometimes not even going to sleep, knowing that I have a full day the next time)… But when I need someone to be there, no one is there…they give me all this fake bull shit promises and then they don't come true…they'll say, "yeah, I'll be there, Che…" and then they will text me the last moment and say, something came up, I can't make it, and so I'm left hanging, and then I get so mad and then I say in my mind that the next time they need…WANT me to be there for them, I'm not going too…but then when the time comes and they need me, I juss can't turn away…I really hate that about myself…being to sympathetic…because I know how it feels like when you need someone and no one is there, so I try to be there, even if they stood me up…because I know how it feels like to have that feeling inside that you juss can't really explain and you juss fucking need someone there! I'm sick and tired of being there for people, and no one (at least here) is there for me…it burns you out…I'm starting to keep things inside again, and I know that that is bad, because it leads to bad habits that aren't good to have…but what the hell, I'm not the type of person who tries to impose my problems on people…so what am I doing right now complaining about it anyways…nothing can come of it…oh well, life keeps moving and the world keeps turning and I'm one second older than juss a second ago. *laughs*

Well, I got to talk to my mom AND my sister the other day! That was really cool…my sister needed to confirm her wedding date to make sure that I can come home for it…and other stuff…and my mom was calling to talk about my sister and her coming up wedding…it sounds really stressed out there at home…but a good kind of stressed out and stuff…Gosh, I miss home a lot, and I still tear up when I think about it…when I get a phone call from home, even a simple e-mail will get me all teary eyed and stuff…but not all "come to my people and comfort me!" type of thing…where I want attention, I'm actually frustrated by my tears when it does come because why am I still crying because I miss home?! I should be over that already! It's always good to talk to my family. Always…

So it was Sarah's birthday 2 days ago, and things like that make me sad too…knowing that I'm missing out on special dates…but I'm sure that she had a good birthday…my wish for her…well…yeah…ONE of my wishes for her. *laughs*

Well, the days here are long still…and they sorta run together…I get tired really easily because I study till really late and wake up early to finish studying and stuff…I'm really looking forward to going home next October…! For my sister's wedding…really really really looking forward to that. It's one of the very few things that keep me going these days…I'm so excited for it…I know that it's going to be a beautiful, fun day! I might be home the night before the wedding day, but I told my sister that the adrenaline rush that the wedding brings will keep me awake. Oh, and a lot of coffee! *laughs* Maybe I'll be home also for my brother's and dad's birthday and my parents wedding anniversary…so that's good. *laughs* Gosh…I so can't wait…!

Well, me and Eddie are supporting each other in going to church every Saturday…tomorrow would be the third time in a row that we're gonna go to church, with nothing special going on. I know that that might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it's a big deal to us…we haven't been going to church here, because it doesn't mean anything to us anymore…and I think those of you (in general) who go to church to socialize and to dress up all nice and all those other stuff, is juss as bad as not going…but me and Eddie feel like we are missing something in our life, and so we are trying to go to church every Saturday again. And really try to be there for church…at first I wanted to go to church at least once a month…which in itself a big struggle in itself…but Eddie wanted to go EVERY Saturday, and so with each of us supporting each other, it's easier…I never thought that it would come to this…but I really am trying to get back on track and stuff…so that is a good thing, so everyone pray for us…because we are struggling, and we are only on our third week! *laughs* not even…YET…tomorrow would be the third week. *smiles*

Well, Eddie's parents are coming tomorrow. So it's good to see family. Gosh, I really miss family.

Well, I better be on my way now…juss wanted to write a quick blog and stuff! Miss you all so much (Joe!!) and I love you….

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello World.

Right now I am sitting on the floor of my room typing on my laptop this next blog that I'm going to post up on myspace…and I'm listening to Linkin Park's newest album Minutes To Midnight and I'm listening to my favorite song on it, Leave Out All The Rest, it's one of the main songs that I want to play at my funeral. So yeah, remember that everyone, okay…when I die, I want this song to play at my funeral, my roomie Joy already knows to play it…*laughs* we have lists of songs that we want to play for different occasions in our life. Like we already have our wedding playlist and our funeral playlist and so on…actually only those two lists. *laughs*

Well, school has already been happening for less than a month, and I have never been so busy in a long time! And this is school-wise busy…not socially busy…only school-wise busy..! My schedule is so tiring as well, I always come home and sleep for like 2 hours and then wake up and do my homework. Can you imagine that?! I actually sit down and do my homework without procrastinating it! Wow, I have improved for the better! *laughs* maybe it's because it's something that I want to do, rather something that I was pushed into doing.
I do believe in a healthy balance of school work, social life and "my" time for myself…but then so far it has only been school work. Since I fought to do what I want to do, I want to prove to those who don't think that I can do it that I can actually do it. I thought that I would have less pressure because I don't have to be doing my hardest because I needed to "please" someone, but now I have even more pressure because I need to prove to those same people that I can do it, even if I feel like they aren't supporting me. I know that they are supporting me, but sometimes I feel like I'm alone here.

I wish that I can say that things have finally settled down in life, but I guess I can't say that. School work makes my life jump around and makes me feel as if I have so much to do, and 24 hours isn't enough to do it all. I have classes from 7:am-7:pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on Tuesday's I have only one class from 9:am-10:30am…but then the rest of the day I am doing the homework that is due the next day…and in-between all that I'm trying to stay in contact with my friends, but I'm finding it that it's getting harder and harder because using the "Oh sorry! I can't right now because I'm doing my homework" is starting to sound like an excuse to not want to hang out and I don't wanna lose my friends here, because they help me when I feel like I can't go on. So I guess I can't really win.

Oh and another disturbing thing that has come to my attention…well, let me throw it out to you first…which is worst, a fake person-someone trying to hard to be "popular" or a snob-someone who is "above it all"? When I first got here, I was really friendly, myself, and juss yeah, that friendly…then I would get people saying that I was a fake because I'm "unnaturally friendly?!" What is that?! I don't wanna say sorry for being a friendly person, so I'm not going to, but what is so wrong with being friendly, what is wrong with smiling at someone even if you don't know them, what is wrong with introducing yourself to your classmates when no one else is going to? Nothing, at least that is what I think, but I guess it comes off as being trying-to-hard, fake person. Gosh, why didn't they teach you this is preschool? How to be friendly, but not to friendly so that you won't be called fake…because that cuts deep. So, I am a lot more withdrawn...oh, don't get me wrong, I'm still that very hyper active person, that likes to make a difference in someone's life-positively!, and that chicka that "never" has a problem in her life, but that is only to people who I already know…I don't do as much random stuff any longer, like introduce myself to people randomly, or say hi randomly or smile randomly…so now what am I? A snob because of it. Yep…I can never really win. Oh well…

I know that I can't really complain about my situation, I chose it for myself. I could have been home right now. I believe in free-will…but sometimes I wonder…what the hell am I doing. What am I doing? *laughs* I juss said that I wouldn't complain, so what am I doing now?! Whoops…my bad. *laughs*

Well, it's been raining a lot lately…in the morning, it would start out all nice and warm and perfect weather, and then by 4 in the afternoon it gets all rainy…and I'm always stuck out in the rain…but you know what? Even though I hate it when my hair is wet…it's actually very relaxing walking in the rain. For some reason, people here think that they are going to melt if they are gonna get wet…so even if it's juss sprinkling, they are running for cover, but it's different here. At home, when it rains, it's FREEZING cold and it's hard to breath because you are shivering and shaking. Over here, it's always warm weather, I think that it's possible to go all year long without every wearing a jacket…but I know that I wear a sweater because that's the thing about it…even when it's raining, it's not that cold, but then if you go around not wearing something "warm" and you get wet from the rain, you are going to get sick…but yeah…it's a different feeling walking in the rain with no need of a jacket. Because it rains even harder than it does at home…but the difference is, you really don't feel that cold. Oh, don't get me wrong though, it's miserable to walk in since we have to wear certain shoes to class, and that is uncomfortable…but in all seriousness…it's all good.

Hm…what can I say, not much since all is juss busy with school work and stuff…oh, my mom called me the other day, and that made me cry…because I know that I have disappointed her with my change of major's and it was really really good to hear her voice again and have a conversation with her that didn't end up with one of us angry and the other crying. My sister is now planning out her wedding plans. That's really awesome…and I'm so happy for her. My regret? I can't help her plan it…I do wanna be a wedding counselor, at least get my certificate, I think that it would be fun…but in all honesty, I doubt that she would want my help at all much…maybe on the little things, but yeah, I totally understand though, I think that she has talent to be a wedding counselor if ever she wanted to be one…she is really good with the things that concerns weddings and stuff…and she prolly doesn't even know it. But my goodness…I'm super happy for her and her fiancĂ©e.

She told me that she got a dog with Kuya Neal, and her name is Ginger, I don't even know what kind of puppy it is…all I know is that they got a dog…she said that she would send me pictures…but I haven't gotten any yet…so that really sucks…oh well, I'll get to see her when I come home for her wedding. *laughs* that is funny to say, her "wedding"…my sister is getting married…it's a pretty cool thought.
I wanna get a puppy, and my friend said that her dog is gonna have puppies, and I could have one if I wanted…and it's gonna be ½ Lab ½ Pit Bull…and I really want one, but I don't live alone and so I have to respect my roomies wants as well, and they don't want one. So wishing isn't gonna help here. Plus, I can't even have Miles (my cat) what makes me think that I can have a dog. I do have my fish though. Five of them…two blue gourami's – Donatello and Trissana, two bala sharks – Johnny Bravo and Leonardo, and one angelfish—Rafael. (And before you ask, yes, I did have a "Michelangelo" but Donatello killed him. *sob*) My roomies also have a fish, they have a beta fish named Shia. I'm saving up for a bigger fish tank for my fish. I call them my "cherubs"  *laughs*. But I sure do miss my Baili Dru (my pit bull at home) and Precious (my cat)….they are in good hands though, I know that…they BETTER be! *laughs*

Oh yeah, before I forget, I promised Eddie that I would say something about this, there is this new site that is the first Filipino internet network thingy thing thing…I'm not really sure what it's the first Filipino thingy, but it's one of the first Filipino thing. *laughs* anways you should visit it, it's www.projectube.com …anyways…it's supposedly really big…and guess who they are endorsing?!?! The Adobo Boys!!! Yeah, that would be Eddie's movie-making group! You know Eddie's "Ghost at Finister" movie, yeah, it was front page and Eddie's face is RIGHT THERE! And I guess they got a lot of positive feedback and so they have asked Eddie to make more Video's for them…oh, they are giving Eddie the credit though, and so yeah…go check out that site and support it okay?! Yeah, that would be cool…*smiles*
Anyways…have any of you people watch the TV series called Monk, oh my goodness! You SO need too! It will make you frustratedly, madly, laugh so hard that you will be referring to it for a long time! My goodness, it's everything not to tell my roomies and Eddie what is going on, because between my busy-ness life, I watch one episode of Monk to make me laugh and see the happier side of life, because that show is so funny! I am liking Hero's too…but seriously everyone, watch Monk…it's setting is also in Frisco…so it's pretty cool…*laughs*

Well, I better go now, it's almost lunchtime, and I need to start cooking for lunch. I haven't eaten for more than a day now because I didn't have a chance to eat yesterday since I was too busy to stop and eat, and when I came home I was so tired with a huge headache that I juss knocked out on my bed…so Imma cook because my stomach is hella growling and eating itself now…I think I'll also make yemma today. *smiles*

I miss you all so much, and I love you muchoness!!! ::hugs and kisses::

*blows a kiss::mwuah::mwuah::*

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Monday, November 5, 2007

First day...OH NO!!! *smiles*

So I went to my first day of class today at 9:am in the morning, and as early as that sounds, it's actually not bad. I have a class that starts at 7:30am on Thursday, so I would like to count myself lucky that I don't have that everyday…because I know that last semester I had class that starts at 7:30am and 8:am…and THAT was too early, and I was tired all the time…my class today was Historical and Philosophical Theories of Psychology…it's not all that exciting…so I'm hoping that it will start being okay…but it's not that bad…that teacher is funny nice, and I like my classmates. I know some of them, and I thought that I wouldn't know anyone too! But I did end up know a few of my classmates already…so that is good.

And that was my only class on Monday and Wednesday…but before you say that I'm lucky that I only have one class on Monday and Wednesday…remember that I still have Tuesday and Thursday and those two classes are so packed that I don't know how I'm going to handle all those classes…but we will see if I will survive tomorrow and stuff…! Wish me luck…

Well, my friend Jo came over today, and my heart hurts so badly for her at this moment. Everyone knows how much I hate saying good-bye…and she had to say good-bye to her boyfriend yesterday…and that has be something really hard to do…I should know. He had come over from London to visit her and he had to leave her yesterday…We did end up going clubbing on Saturday…I was kinda iffy about going because like I said, I would have wanted to spend time with my guy with me and me alone for the last few days alone…but she really wanted to go…and so me, Jyn, Joy and Eddie went to go clubbing with them two. We wanted the "other girls" to come, but our friend ended up in the hospital because of…..yeah….and so they went to stay with her…but it's all good. I still had a lot of fun.
Me and Joy were hella dancing it up…Eddie was really tired because he had duty for two 12-hour shift days…and he barely had any time to go to sleep, and so yeah…we didn't really want any guys to come up to us and dance with us, because it was funny when guys came up to dance with me and Joy, we would not really dance…and there was this time where we had hella guys juss watching us…and we were juss dancing with each other…and we were laughing…because it was the times where it was my song and Joy's song's were playing…I'm really liking the song, Cyclone by Baby Bash right now…and Joy likes Bartender….and so yeah…but it was fun…sometimes it's juss fun to go dancing with your friends and laugh because your having fun…and stuff like that…

But it was still sad because the next day (Sunday) AJ had to leave….that would be Jo's boyfriend…and yeah, we had crashed their condo in Manila…and so we wanted to leave right away because we wanted to give them their time alone together before he left…I can only imagine that must have been really hard to do…to say bye. Maybe that's why even though I really want to go back home…I don't wanna because I always have a hard time saying bye…I hate goodbye's so much. I had fun with AJ and Jo while he was here…and I'll remember it, so I'll miss him…but he said that he'll back next year, and Jo is still here, and she is always fun to hang out with.

Well, the thing that is really annoying me right now is some animal is leaving their shit in front of our apartment door! And it pisses me off because I think that it's my neighbor's dog! And it pisses me off to no bounds because they had me get rid of my pet because yeah…they said that he was shitting all over the place…when I know that wasn't true because Miles use to sleep with me at night, and the shit would appear during the night…so it wasn't Miles…and now their pet is shitting at our place! And they aren't cleaning it up…and it's GROSS!!! I mean, more than gross…it's REALLY gross…and then when I came back from class that was a fuckin' DEAD rat…and unless my roomies decided to get up and shit and kill rats in front of our apartment then it sure wasn't our house who did that stuff…and it's our neighbor's because they have FOUR cats and TWO dogs…and they said I had to get rid of Miles…I'm so mad at them right now! They better clean up their shit! Literally! Well, Eddie got rid of the rat awhile ago…I'm so thankful to him…but the shit is still there…

Well…hm…I'm suppose to go to Paseo as soon as my roomie gets back from enrolling…yeah, both my roomies aren't done enrolling yet! And school actually started LAST week…I was late in enrolling too, but I'm done now…so I hope that they are going good with getting their classes. They were texting me awhile ago…you know that is what I love about my roomies…every so often, I'll get a text from them asking how I'm doing. Even though we are roomies, they still text me at random times in the day to ask how I'm doing. I so love my roomies a lot.

One day, I want all my friends at home to meet all the friends that I have here in the Philippines…I think that you two will all get a long really good. My roomies especially. Joy is a little more on the quiet side…but she is a lot of fun too! I go out with her a lot…and she makes me laugh…Jyn too, she is an awesome friend, roomie and girlfriend of my cousin (yep, that would be Eddie!) She is so thoughtful…I juss know that everyone back at home will like her…them. Both of them…even their brother is pretty awesome as well.

Well, I'm juss blabbering right now, and so I guess I should be on my way and go…but juss letting you know (all of you!) that I miss you all a lot! ::hugz::

*blows a kiss*

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amazing....tired...sick...but still smiling!

Well yesterday I had another amazingly fun, but really long day…yesterday was also my daddy's birthday. I miss my daddy so much…and I only hope that he had an amazingly fun birthday as well…whoever said that adults can't enjoy their birthday's still is wrong…because I hope my daddy enjoyed his birthday. If I had any say in it it, I would have taken him deep-sea fishing this weekend starting on Friday…I think that it would have been fun…one day I will though. (And I know that today is Harry's birthday…so Happy Birthday fool…have a great one!)

Oh yeah, and HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!! I don't really particularly like this holiday, because I don't like scary things in the night…but I do miss celebrating it and all the candy…they don't really do the whole trick o' treating here…so you don't get to see all those cute little kids dressing up as uglies or even princesses and pumpkins and such…gotta admit that I miss seeing that. But yeah…I do miss the candy…*laughs*

I finally finished enrolling yesterday…and I started LAST Wednesday afternoon…yep it takes that long to enroll…and I was late…classes actually started yesterday…and I haven't even gone to class yet! Because yeah, I juss finished yesterday, and I was sick all dayishy…and this morning I couldn't even more, I was that sick…and you know me, if I'm sick, I try not to let it bother me, and my body gave up from my busy-ness and stuff…

But yeah, my friend Jo told me that she was gonna come back here to AUP and bring her boyfriend and friend here too…because afterwards, she wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom…which is a small ass theme park…and I mean SMALL ass theme park…and she wanted to know if I wanted to go, and since I had fun with them in Manila…hey, what the heck…I'll go. But here's the thing…I was already feeling sick for the past two days…but yeah, I didn't want to think that I was sick…because I have this theory that being sick is all in the head anyways…at least 85% of it is in the head…because try it…if you think that you sick and you act like you are sick, then you can get sick…yep, you can. But then there is that 15% that you are really sick no matter what you think, it was the 15% that got to me in the end.

But I went, and it was fun. I went on this ride that totally reminded me of Vertigo from Great American and Boomerang in Marine World…and then one of those rides that you juss sit in a chair and they have that big screen in front of you and the chair moves…I think that if you have gone on Soaring California in California Adventures…then you have great expectations when it comes to that kind of thing…but it's all good…it was different…then we went quadding…and it sucked big time because there were six of us, and there were only 5 quads and then the 6th one was for the safety guard person, so I had to ride with him…I wanted to ride with my friend…but ended up I couldn't for some reason…but I wanna go back and experience it myself…where I'm the one who drives…but I have to admit that I was a little iffy about it because my Kuya Neal broke his back quadding…but I'm sure that it's not intense as what he does…and plus my sister does it…so it can't be that bad…*laughs* and then we went go-carting…and that was super-duper fun! I went myself…and so it was a lot better…and it was so much fun! I had a lot of fun doing that…but the whole time I was there, I was remembering that my brother had gone on them when he was there, and I couldn't help but think if the one that I was riding was the same one my brother rode on…I mean, he was at the same exact place I was at like 2 years ago…or was that 3 years ago? Whatever…but yeah, he was there…and I was there now…and yeah. I miss my brother a lot. But I still had a lot of fun. I did want to go on the Ferris Wheel but the guys that went didn't want to go on a ride like that, so it's all cool…I'll go on it next time…I love Ferris Wheel rides…it's a neat view up there…and stuff…and so yeah…

When I got home…I was dead…I was so gone already…since I was sick, already to begin with, and since I was ignoring it for so long, it didn't help…so my body juss gave up and made me go to sleep FOREVER! Oh yeah…and it didn't help that the last ride that we went on was a wet ride…it was the Rio Grande Rapids…the thing is that that ride doesn't do anything to me anymore…because the rapids are NOT like that. The real rapids are more scary…but it was a wet ride and I got wet…not soaked…but wet enough, and since it was already evening it was a lot cooler…not cold…juss cool…and then we stopped at Paseo to eat…and I was wet the whole time…and so that didn't help with me being sick and stuff…and so yeah. Oh well…

I was gonna write letters and stuff on my laptop…but my body was so heavy and tired, the I went to sleep, and then at 4:am I woke up because my dad had texted me because I called him to say happy birthday…and he didn't pick up…and so he texted me that he was working out in the gym and didn't have the phone with him…and so yeah, I ended up calling him, and I couldn't even barely even speak…because I had a terrible sore throat! But then, I told him happy birthday and then as soon as I hung up the phone I was knocked out again…and then I woke up again at 6:am…and then "got ready for bed" since I wasn't even in my PJ's or anything yet…then I went back to sleep and slept for nearly the whole day…but I'm feeling so much more better now finally! I hate feeling sick…

My friend wants to go clubbing this weekend before her boyfriend goes back home to London…the thing is, he's leaving on Sunday…and we usually go out Saturday night…and stay out all day…and sleep in on Sunday…and so I don't really wanna go, since I don't like going clubbing anymore…well, it's not that I don't LIKE it…it's juss, I don't go. But tell me…if you haven't seen your boyfriend in a long time because you went to school abroad, and then he comes to visit for about a little less than a month…wouldn't you want your last few days be with him and you ONLY…you wouldn't want to share him with anyone?! Right?! I mean, that is what I would think…and so now, I don't know…because she really wants to go, but I don't know if HE wants to go, because yeah…but yeah…we'll see how that goes and stuff…

Anyways…juss wanted to tell you about my awesome day…nothing biggie really! Jejeje…cya…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spontaneous times + Friends = Fun!

So the last two…no three days have been amazing, I didn't even know where to start! Let me try though, because I really don't wanna forget these past few days…it all started on lets see, I guess you can say on Friday…so last Friday on the 19th I had planned a "fun day" with all my friends…the thing is, it's sem-break, but I had told them all ahead of time…it was suppose to be something me and another of my friends planned. The thing is…when the day came…my friend's flaked out, and then the friend that I had planned this day with backed out and said that we should "plan it for another day." But I'm already sick and tired of planning things and then the people bail out…so I don't think that I'll be doing that any longer. So I was in a pissy mood…and I was like, I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to Manila on Monday, and meeting up with my friend. Plus, I know that a lot of you at home don't know my situation here but I was 99% chance of going home…but hey that 1% chance of stayed keep me from leaving this place…and in all honestly, I think that I'm glad that I'm staying, yeah, I miss everything at home…but I feel as if I'm already been gone for so long I'm juss a memory in everyone's mind—which yeah, hurts…but it's life, you know…absence makes the heart wander and all that shit…(Oh, but I gotta say…EXCEPT FOR YOU JOE! BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU KEEP IN TOUCH! THANKS!) And I prolly got more going for me here than at home anyways. But yeah, don't get me wrong, I miss home more than anything…

Anyways, since I was suppose to go home, I needed to go to Manila to the Immigration so that I can update my I-card…for those of you who don't know what an I-card…and if you really wanna knows…it's my alien identification card that allows me to stay here. And every 6 months I need to update it…I hadn't updated it, and to leave this country, I need to update it…so I had to go to Manila to update it…and since everyone was busy and stuff, I was gonna go myself.

I hadn't traveled ANYWHERE by myself yet. Well, that doesn't count when I have friends who put me on the bus going straight to school from Manila or something…that I have done…but this time I was going somewhere by myself and I had no idea how to get there…but I didn't care, because I was sick and tired of people bailing out on me, that I need to learn how to do things myself anyways…and this friend I was meeting in Manila…her boyfriend had come from London, and so I was gonna meet him and hang out with the two for two days and stuff…I figured that I wasn't doing anything staying in AUP, so I wanted to get out.

So yeah, Monday morning I leave and I take the bus to Lawton—which is in Manila, close to Intromuro's –which is where the Bureau of Immigration is—which is where I'm suppose to get my I-card (and Eddie's) renewed—which is where I'm suppose to meet my friend…But when I get on the bus going to Manila, my friend texts me and asks me to meet her at her condo! And I'm like…are you kidding me! Okay, I was there a week before, because me and my other friend went there with her so that we can get the place ready for when her boyfriend came, the thing is…it's a really REALLY nice condo and all, but it took forever and a day to find! And another friend had driven us there! So how the hell was I suppose to get there with public transportation…and I didn't even know to get to where I needed to get for my I-card…

Anyways, I knew what I needed to ride on though to get to the Immigration because Eddie gave me specific directions…including to call him or Jyn or Joy if ANYTHING happened…but then going to my friend's condo was a different story…but to make a super long story short…I had so much help…the people on the bus were so helpful, even getting me a taxi and explaining where I wanted to go, and that he better make sure that I get where I wanted to go…and to keep me safe, and so the taxi driver was really intent in making sure that I was comfortable…was he driving to fast? Was I too cold? Too warm? Did I want to put my chair down? Back? What radio station did I want to listen too…all this and that…so very sweet! After an hour or so, we finally got to where I needed to be…I was gonna go straight to the condo, but my friend texted me saying that they would juss meet me at the gas station in the corner of Mercedes Avenue…so yeah, the taxi driver stayed with me until they showed up and then since my total to pay him came up too around P230…he told me to juss pay him P130…but I was like, No…because he was really nice and all that stuff…so I ended up giving him p250, even though he wanted to give me change…he was very nice…

So I met my friend's boyfriend, and he's very cute—more like HOT! But yeah, he's very easy to get along, he claims that he is shy, I don't see it…he also told me that my friend was shyer than him…I REALLY don't see that one! *laughs* oh well…we went back to the condo after going to the money changer because the guy needed to exchange money. Then we went out to immigration, where I gave my I-card (and Eddie's) to someone to hook us up (yeah, I got connections here! *laughs*) and we were suppose to go back the next day to pick it up…then we went to go ride a horse carriage, that was weird, since the guy only spoke Tagalog, and I was the only one who understood, and my friend's didn't really understand! But it was all good…it was cool being with them because I have the American accent…them two have the Brittish Accent…SEXY! *laughs*

Anyways, we really didn't know what to do after that, so we ended up going to Star City…which is this kiddie theme park, with a few "grown-up" rides and such…and that was when I had so much fun that I didn't think that I could stop laughing. My friend (the girl) didn't like roller coaster rides all that much, but her guy did, so we went on them…but we got my friend to go on one…in exchange I had to go through a haunted house…and that was NOT a good experience! (You should ask my brother what happened the last time I went to the haunted house here in Star City…*laughs* embarrassing! But it was 114% worst this time around because…I didn't have my brother this time! *laughs) But we had a lot of fun. I think the most fun that I had was going to "Snow World" it was anything BUT snow…it was more like ice-blocks everywhere and stuff…but they had these two huge ice slides and we would all go on them together, and it was so much fun. It was so kiddie that we had so much fun. It was really cold though because can you imagine it being like 100 degrees' and then you enter this room that had at least 20 air-con's going…and ice blocks and towers all over the place…there was ice-sculptures…it was amazing fun. My friend took pictures on his camera and video's I will get them from him and post them up so that you can see what I mean. It was so much fun…it brought me back home…because I remember complaining all those times where it was so cold that you can see your breath in front of you! It was funny…because there were people there who were experiencing that for the first time…seeing your breath in the air! I mean, I didn't think I was taking that for granted when I was at home! Because you know that when it's cold, it juss happens! *laughs* and how your nose gets all cold and drippy feeling…and you're actually shivering because it's that cold! And your fingers are frozen…juss feeling cold…a lot of the people that were in that room where experiencing that FOR THE FIRST TIME! And it made me realize…that they really don't know how it is! I mean, it wasn't even REAL snow, it was juss ice-blocks in a air-coned room…and it made me laugh because I didn't think for the life of me that I would actually miss it! Because since it was an everyday occurrence at home (well during Winter time that is!)…I never really thought about it…but you come to a country that NEVER has experienced it, and they had to make up a room that allows them experience a fake reality of what we go through at home…then that's when you realize that, "WOW…this is actually fun!" And while they are still trying to get used to the coldness…everything back at home comes rushing back, and I'm here laughing with my friends…because we're used to it! But it's awesome watching someone experience it for the first time…because it's something different to them.

I know that not many of you know what I have been going through since July…but lets juss say that I haven't been smiling or laughing or anything all that much because there has been a lot of tension and complications in my life…(very bad time in my life) but that time in the Snow World place, even though I have gone to the snow so many times at home, it was different, because it was what I needed to give me that push that I really needed. I'm swear, me and my friend and her guy laughed so much and had so much fun that it will definitely be a top highlight in my life.

I learned that you should be spontaneous in life. You never know what is going to happen. I mean, be spontaneous within reason and stuff though! But it's good to be spontaneous…because it open's doors to new things and you never know, you might have the most funnest time in your life…well, maybe not the most funnest time, but maybe it might be something that be something that you needed and stuff, ya? Life is short, and so you shouldn't juss spend it doing things that you always do, break out and do something that you wouldn't normally do, and then you might juss find out that you actually like doing whatever it was that you did.

When I'm home, I don't normally like going to the snow…it's COLD…and I like the hotness and stuff…but going to the fake snow here…it felt like home…if felt like actually wintertime…and according to my friends…it's cold like that in London all the time…and so they felt like that they were at home too…the cold weather and all…it was a comfort because it really did feel cold like at home…they gave us these sorta puff jackets to wear when we went in the rooms…and I haven't worn a thick-like jacket like that in such a long time…and you know, it was really comforting to feel like I was at home again. And even though my friends were from London, it was like I was with home friends…they acted as if all my friends at home acted like. Yeah, they are a couple, and I was technically the "third wheel" but they so didn't make me feel like that…I really felt like I was at home with them…and that's what I really needed because I miss home a lot and I'm not going home for a very long time…

So, I juss wanted to take this time to thank God for friends and small comforts that I find here far away from home that make me feel like I'm home again for juss a moment…

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