Friday, February 28, 2014

Made it!

I made it! This was a tough week...but I did it! I generally do not like confrontations, however I had to confront my new assistant about our lack of communication. And that was not a fun thing. But I did it...because it was starting to show a little to much in our daily activities...and I was NOT going to have that in MY room. It was hard, but it was something that needed to be done. So I'm gad that that was over and done with!

My sister called me while I was on my way like a good person I am, I ignored her phone call because I was driving. *laughs* But as soon as I got to my destination, I called her back. I am currently at her house right now...and it feel good to be with family again. I miss my family when I'm not with it's good to spend time with family. Before I came here though, I stopped at Safeway on my way home because I was running out of food...and I really wanted some granola to do with my Acai bowls...

As I was passing the 1/2 price kiosk...look what I found!!

Mounds has got to be one of my top 3 favorite candy in the whole entire world! I know that I'm trying to stay far away from sweets...but I couldn't resist...and plus I haven't had any in such a long time since they are hella expensive here in this island of Hawai' I decided to treat myself and guess what?! It turned out that it was one 99 I scored on that one! I am proud to say though I did NOT gobble it up the second I was home...nope, I didn't! In all honesty, it's still home, on my nightstand waiting until I come home. :)

Another thing that I got for myself was....

...this. Taking a shower/bath is VERY relaxing...and so I saw this and I spontaneously grabbed it and put it in my cart...not because I necessarily needed one but because I seriously never have seen one in this color! And this color makes me smile! I love this color! This bright, happy pink color! So I bought it. :)

Seriously, that God for Fridays...and the weekend! I sooo need this weekend...athought I already know that I'll be studying and working all week. Oh's a break from my normal preschool week days! 

"Remember that you were given this life because you're strong enough to live it."

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Birchbox February 2014: Step and Repeat.

Guess what came in the mail today?! My very first Birchbox!! :) That was fast! I think that I officially signed up less than a week ago...and bam! My box is here already! Do you want one?! Well, feel free to click here to sign up for would be so wonderful if you signed up here that way I can get some Birchbox Points for referring you...but if you don't want to, that's okay too! As long as you sign up somehow to receive this box in the mail...that's good enough for me!

(Do you like my "All you need is coffee" decal in my kitchen?! :) I love's actually not "mine" per say. Amanda got it as part of her Christmas gift last Christmas from my sister...and it fits both of us perfectly. We are both coffee lovers- but I do love my cup of tea as well! :))

Where did I hear about this?! Well, I went looking for it! My friend is subscribed to another beauty box thingy...and I wanted to do that one, but it's more on the pricey side and at least to me it didn't seem as if there wasn't a variety in the things that they send. Her's were more for the nails/hands kind of things. But don't get me wrong! I sure do love my share of nailpolish! But I liked this one because it is only $10 a month and in the States there is no shipping and handling fee. I have heard and read a lot of mixed reviews about it...but I really can not see where you can go wrong when you pay $10 for beauty supplies that is catered to you personally and yes, there are samples but they also send full-sized items and that in itself always pays itself out. Well, this is my first box and I have to say that I'm pretty excited to try the things out!

I adore receiving something in the mail! It's like a mini surprise! And this is no different. Although, I know that it was coming, I didn't think it would come SO soon...I really don't know when it would come...just that it will come every that is a surprise every month...guaranteed! :)

Opening the original red box that it came it, I came across another box inside. I thought that was cute. :) Then opening the box, the first things that I saw was a card on what the theme of this particular box was of. This month of February it was "Step and Repeat" in honor for the award season this month!

I really appreciate the fact that they add an information card listing the items that includes the things that are inside my box. It even gives directions/suggestions how to use the item. And it names the prices of the full-size item...this time I received a full-size Liquid Eye Liner...but as you can see it's $18 and so it more than pays then what I paid for the whole box! I have to say that I was slightly disappointed when I saw that I did not receive any nail polish...but that's okay because there is always next month and also I am super excited for the hair it cancels out the disappointment! :)

When I opened the red tissue paper, this is what I saw. I adore the gift box they added! I can never have too much of those gift boxes! I can always reuse them for something else...! :) But I was excited to see the tea because we all know that I adore tea! And I can also never have too much tea! :)

When I opened the gift box and looked inside there was more tea. I'm not a huge fan of English Breakfast, however my sister is, and so I might just give that one to her. I am excited to try the Lemon green tea though. I can't say that I've ever had lemon tea before so I hope that it's yummy! I also have never tried the brand Ahmad Tea London before, so I hope I like it...and if I do, I'll have another brand of tea that I like. On the info card, it says that it's a British brand of tea, so we shall see...

This perfume sample was also inside the red gift box. I don't like a lot of perfume samples, because they aren't my favorite...but I don't hate them either. They are good to keep in my bag for emergencies! So I like that I got this one. I did smell this one already...and it smells really fresh and something that I would wear. Lets see, if/when I finish this little sample, I might be tempted to go out and buy the full-size! For some reason when I smell this (I sprayed some on my wrist already!), it brings me home back to California, which at the moment, I am missing so much. I think that it might be that it has a slight after-smell of a hint of oranges and spring time.

I am super excited to try these two items! I am blessed to have super shiny, super straight hair...but living here in Hawaii and being out in the sun a lot and in the ocean several times a week can't be the best for my hair. I do notice that I have NO split-ends here though (In CA I remember always getting split-ends! So horrible!) So I am happy that I got this sample in my box. The bottle is super cute too!

I am an eye-liner girl. I love eye-liner. I have read really good reviews on this Cynthia Rowley Liquid I'm excited to try this out. If I had to say the one make up item that I can't leave the house with out, it would be my chapstick, if that was even in the category of being "make-up"...but then running second would be a tie between lip gloss and eyeliner.

I am not to sure about this bar of soap. It does smell really good though. I might not like the tastes of Jasmine, but I do like the smell of it. It reminds me of the bar of soap that you would get in a hotel...but I'll use it and see how I'll like it. I do like the presentation of it though.

And that, dear friends, is my first box from Birchbox. I like it...and I'm glad that I found this and I'm looking forward to my next box already! I hope I get nail polish in my next box! :) 

"It doesn't matter who hurt you or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again."-Anonymous

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nail Blahs.

I was looking at my nails and realized that I haven't done my nails in awhile, and so I was looking thorough my pinterst page and looking at my Nail Designs board and saw this pin and decided to do my nails similar to this design. As you can tell, my pinky is completely different...but for the most part, I did try to do what the person did.

I like Elf nailpolish...they go on pretty smooth, however I'm not a big fan of how thick it can go on. But it was okay. And I really do like the Kiss Nail Art Paint...I use it a lot in my designs!

E.L.F nailpolish: Flirty Fuchsia Kiss Nail Art Paint: White

E.L.F Nail Polish: Teal Blue  Kiss Nail Art Paint: Black
I wasn't a fan on how I had a hard time remixing the Teal Blue Nail Polish...however it worked fine. Each hand was basically the same just changed up the base color of the hands and did opposite of each other. I really liked the simple design of the middle finger...I might one day do that one on it's own! It's cute!

Left Hand

Right Hand
It's a fun design...that makes me smile and so that's all the really matters. I didn't get the change this time to ask my keiki what they wanted on my nails...and so this is what it :) Next time if I do this one though, I might choose a bluer color...but I think that it turned out just fine. :)

"Someone you haven't even met yet is wondering what it would be like to know someone like you."--anonymous

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lion King.

Oh My Goodness! I am still on a high about what happened today! So, during my 15 minute break at school today at about 9:45am...I go to the break room and check my phone. It's blown up from my sister and friend, Evelyn. I freak out and call my sister to ask what is wrong! Nothing was wrong...but it was GOOD. My friend Evelyn had an extra ticket to the Lion King show! Ahhhhh!

I'm still so amazed of it all! During my lunch break I drove home to get clothes so that I can go straight to town after work so that I an make the show...oh my goodness. I can not even explain how in awe I am with everything! The costumes, the talent, and just how I can believe that I actually was able to go!

Yes, we had balcony seats...but that doesn't matter...because there is no bad seats at this can see really well no matter where you sit...and I'm telling you, it was simply amazing! I wonder how my life would have been if I had chose to do singing as a career. Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing...but I think I want to do more with music now. But wow, if ever you have the opportunity to go to any broadway show, GO...don't think about it...just go! Seriously, you will NOT regret!

The talent alone was out of this world! The way they presented the scenes, the costumes, the singing, the acting, the everything! It was amazing!

Evelyn was able to get pictures from it of me and her so I hope that I can get those pictures from her one day soon. I went with a huge group actually and someone had backed out the last minute and so I am so glad that I was able to go. Really, I am in awe of it all...I can't even say how much I loved every moment of it. 

Yes, I do recommend seeing it if you have the chance...and yes, I would SO go see it again...

...the elephant and her baby were so need to go see it. :) Rafiki was amazing...she had a beautiful voice and she really set the scene and could have been a show on her own...she added so much character in the show...but really though, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was amazing.

And I am SOOO glad that I was able to go. :)

"Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata, Ain't no passing craze! It means no worries for the rest of your days! It's a problem-free philosophy! Hakuna Matata!"-lyrics by Tim Rice

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Big City Diner.

Well, there was moment in time where I was going to quit my job...and I ended up not...and the job that I was going to apply for went to this really fun lady. It's a job working with my friend Tracy and so Tracy wanted us to meet her and so after they all did their early morning workout of swimming and running, we all went to Big City Diner to eat. And I have to admit that this is one of my favorite places to eat...namely because their food is SOOO yummy! I always have a hard time to choose what I want to eat. The only reason why I know what other food here taste like is because I try my family's food...*laughs* Because what do I always get...?! Yep, I love me my loco moco! *laughs*

Coffee always in the morning...and of like my black and strong. *laughs* least the first cup...yes, I did say the first cup...:) 100% Kona Coffee is the bomb diggity! :)

So unhealthy...but yet SOOO yummy! I have to say though that their french toast is pretty yummy too! :)

"God loves you more in a moment than anyone can love you in a lifetime."--Anonymous

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tea at 1024.

So guess what?! I went to church today! Ya-hay! *laughs* It's been while, but my sister and Tracy really needed help for the Young Adult I helped them out and did song service, Keiki Korner time (Children's  Story), and I did a Reading drama with my sister and Tracy. It was actually pretty cool! 

After church, Kuya Neal dropped my sister and I in China Town and we walked to our favorite Tea place...Tea at 1024. I really love this place. The atmosphere...the tea, the service, it's just a really fun and cute place to go and spend time!

I actually adore the fact that we can choose our own cups to use! Today I actually surprised myself when I picked out a PURPLE teacup and saucer! PURPLE! *laugh* My sister chose a pink dainty looking one. The reason why I picked that purple one was because I saw the one that I wanted to use at another table that someone was using...and this one was the closet one that looked like it. It's cute though..and I like the hearts on the side of saucer. :)

Here is me with my teacup. :) You know, even though the tea place in Kailua has more tea options...I am fine with the limited options that they have here. I can always drink one of my top favorite with is Irish Breakfast. It's so yummy...and yes, I do drink my tea with cream/milk and honey/sugar! :)

The girl there offered to take a picture of my sister and I...and so here we are! I love how I am close to my sister now and we can sit and have tea together and just talk about everything and anything. Yes, we do agree to disagree on plenty of things...but we are adults now and so even though we don't see eye to eye on somethings...we are able to get along now. :) And actually, we do have things we can agree on! :) I love my sister and I trust her.

Here is our goodies served to us! I wish I can remember the names of everything things...but I will try to name as many as I can...and what I think of them...

Here is our dessert platter. The scones were amazing! There was a blueberry scone and a cranberry scone...and with the clotted cream and strawberry cream it was SUPER yummy!  I really don't remember what everything was called! But seriously it was all so yummy. I do have to say though that the one with the blueberries on top, I only ate half of it...if that. I don't really like lillikoi...(passion fruit)...and super sweet/tart...but don't get me wrong, it's still yummy...just not for me. My sister LOVED it! :)

There were our sandwiches! And even though there is a good selection of sandwiches that you can choose from...I doubt that I will stray from these ones! We got two sandwiches each (cut in triangles though! So eight pieces each!) My sister loves her Chicken Curry with Apple sandwich though and so she just got two of that one. I also adore the chicken curry one so I got one of that one and then the other one I got was Smoked Salmon over Pesto...oh my, that one was AMAZING!...But were amazing! :)

I had a fun time with my sister. And I am super glad that we were able to spend time together. I am excited to one day bring DollGirl with us. I think that she will have fun too. 

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."-Marion C. Garretty

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Yay! Today was a success! And I am only bummed that I was unable to take any pictures! The other teachers were able to take the hopefully I'll be able to grab them from them in the future! :) The kids had a blast during out bubble party time. We had it with the whole school and we had a lot of fun dancing and just singing in the bubbles that were surrounding us! The bubble machines were amazing...and having two of them was like a bubble ocean! Seriously...the kids loved it, I loved it...we all had fun!

The party was a success as well! I thought that I wasn't going to make it because it was all chaoticness since the schedule for my keikis was off...but it went well...they had a blast making their own pizzas and smoothies! And we all shared our valentines with each other! I love my keikis...and I can never say it enough...I love working with them. :)

I did want to share what Lil' Tristan made for us teachers! He isn't in my class any longer...but he made a bunch of these to give out to the teachers...and I absolutely adored it! Aren't they just the cutest ever!!!

I just put my lil DollGirl down to sleep. And I am just chilling like a villian on my sister's couch waiting for them to come home. :) I left the house before being able to give Amanda and my brother their Valentine so I just left it on the island in the kitchen upstairs at my house for them to see it before they went on their Broadway date. But I was able to give my sister's and Kuya Neal's their valentine...and they really liked it. I am so blessed to have an amazing family. I love them so much!

DollGirl was a bit fussy tonight...and super I got to cuddle with her and read her books galore. I'm happy that she loves books...just like her mama! (And Aunty AND Uncle...UNLIKE her daddy though! He does NOT like to read! *laughs*)...Tracy was over for a bit just to talk story before going to sleep herself. She cooked up a Greek dinner for her hubby and herself and she cooks amazing! But she dropped by to give me this bowl of goodies, which I am currently consuming as I write this post. :)

Happy Valentines Day all...I hope everyone had a day full of love! :)
"Our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart rather than a piece of our mind."--Anonymous

Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Valentine Cards.

(So shoot me, this will be a long post! *laughs*)

This year, I am not going to be down (not that I am any other year!) that I don't have ONE special person to share the love day with...because I have several actually, and I call them my family. :) So, I decided to make the all Valentines cards and then since they so happen to be couples (My sister and her husband, Neal; My brother and his girlfriend, Amanda) I got them gift cards to go eat out and have a date with each other from me. :) But making the cards was actually fun! I have been so stressed out with life lately that I told myself that I will sit down and just relax by making my family their valentines tonight.

I am actually quite proud at how they turned out and I can't wait to give it to them!

Each one of the cards are unique and different from each other. My sisters were actually a lot of fun to make with not brothers on the other hand were a bit more challenge because I didn't want to make theirs all girlie and everything. *laughs*

I personalized a message to them on the index cards...however as you can tell since I don't want the whole world knowing what I wrote to them, I covered them with a blank card because I did want you to see the inside of the card. :)

Amanda, she collects old cameras...and so I liked this one for her! She also has this thing where she says "heart" all the time...when she is sorry or's kind of cute actually! *laughs*

I think I took the longest on Kuya Neal's! I wanted him to like it, but not things that it was girlie! *laughs* I hope that I got it down though! *laughs*

I actually really love the back of Kuya Neal's!

I hope I also nailed it with this one...It was so hard to make it more "masculine!" But I can only hope my brother likes it! :)

And those are the cards that I made for them! I had fun making them and I it makes me miss the times where I actually had time to make my cards! It was a favorite hobby of mine back in the days when I actually had time to sit down and craft more! *laughs* Hopefully I'll find more time since it was a really relaxing to do!

Both couples will be going to see The Lion King broadway...and I do have to say that I am jealous...but one day, I'll be able to afford to go and see it myself. It's on my bucket list. I have heard that it was amazing and that I would absolutely fall in love with it...I will see it one day! 

I am actually going to babysit my lil DollGirl while her parents go to see the show...I know that I'll have fun with her....I always have fun with her. :) 

Hopefully tomorrow when I have my "Friendship" party with my keikis at school, they will enjoy everything that I have planned for them! :)

"They may forget you, but they will NEVER forget how you make them feel."--Anonymous