Friday, December 16, 2016

Bulu Box: December 2016.

 After an exhausting, yet fun day at the preschool, I was super happy to recieve one of my subscription boxes! I always love getting happy mail! It makes me...happy! :)

Bulu Box "is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box..." There are two types of boxes that you can choose from: The Bulu Box Original which is a monthly box that has 4-5 premium samples that provide a well-rounded sampling of all things healthy and nutritious and the Bulu Box Weight Loss which is a box that also contains 4-5 premium sampling that specifically helps with weight loss. This monthly subscription is $10 a month and it also does a point system where you can earn points that you can use like money on the site by just sharing your thoughts about each product in your sample surveys! The website is also full of expert tips, tricks and a supportive community!

So here it is! The happy orange box filled with motivational quotes! I like that! I can only imagine the encouragement and motivation it brings to people who sees it...whether that be the people at the post office as they are sorting through boxes, or the mail carrier, or the other people who get this box! I would imagine them reading some of the quotes on this box and smile. :) At least I know that I do.

I believe the box is the same box ever month, however a quote always catches my attention...and this month this one caught my attention. This holiday season, this is a good reminder. As a teacher I am always trying to put other's first before me...but I have to remember to also take care of myself as well. Yep, a good reminder!

My first look when I opened my box!

And here is the first glance of when I opened the tissue paper...looks like yummy stuff! :)

I like how they add this to every box. When you go to their site, they give you details about the samples that you get.

On the back of that card, they give you some coupons that you can use...

NeoCell Beauty Infusion. This is a powder that you put in your water. "This powder is packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair, skin, and nails." I liked this this, and I wouldn't mind having more of these!

Energems Chocolate Energy. These are the bomb! I love these! I love how I got THREE samples...and I have to say that I love that they are CHOCOLATE! I think that I will save up my points for these ones! These came at a great time, coz I am going to throw these in my bag and just pop one in my mouth (or three!) when my day goes crazy at the preschool, and I need that extra shoot of caffeine! (On the website, it says, "Just 3 gems will give you 133 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a large cup of coffee!) PERFECT!

FLYJOY Quinoa Bars. I actually ate this one already. As soon as I took the picture, I ate it. What?! I was hungry and I figured if I was going to snack, at least it's a healthy snack! I have to say that it's VERY sticky and SUPER REALLY REALLY sticky. It so it was hard to chew...but it filled me so I wasn't so hungry anymore. But MAN! was it STICKY or what?!

Natural Vitality Cal Plus Calcium (Original and Raspberry-Lemon Flavor) I am all about flavored water...however even though the original says that it's unflavored, it still had a taste. I'm not to sure about that taste, however the raspberry-lemon one was actually pretty good!

And I even got a coupon for it! :)

Thayer's Dry & Itchy Skin Relief. I love this! I am going to bring this to the prescool since we always have mosquitoes and I am going to use it whenever I get a bite and see how it feels! I wouldn't mind buying more of these! Plus, I am prone to eczema out-breaks at this would be good to have on hand. :)

Frownies pH-Balancing complexion Wash. I really don't use cleansers, so I don't know how I feel about this product...but it would hurt to try it.

And that was everything in my box! I loved this box this month...I will DEFINITELY put the Energems to good use and everything really, other than the complexion wash, but that's okay. You can never have to much travel sample size for on the spur of the moment outings!

 If you want to join me in this healthy journey and learn more about different healthy choices and goodies out there, please feel free to click here to subscribe to this monthly subscription!