Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amazing....tired...sick...but still smiling!

Well yesterday I had another amazingly fun, but really long day…yesterday was also my daddy's birthday. I miss my daddy so much…and I only hope that he had an amazingly fun birthday as well…whoever said that adults can't enjoy their birthday's still is wrong…because I hope my daddy enjoyed his birthday. If I had any say in it it, I would have taken him deep-sea fishing this weekend starting on Friday…I think that it would have been fun…one day I will though. (And I know that today is Harry's birthday…so Happy Birthday fool…have a great one!)

Oh yeah, and HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!! I don't really particularly like this holiday, because I don't like scary things in the night…but I do miss celebrating it and all the candy…they don't really do the whole trick o' treating here…so you don't get to see all those cute little kids dressing up as uglies or even princesses and pumpkins and such…gotta admit that I miss seeing that. But yeah…I do miss the candy…*laughs*

I finally finished enrolling yesterday…and I started LAST Wednesday afternoon…yep it takes that long to enroll…and I was late…classes actually started yesterday…and I haven't even gone to class yet! Because yeah, I juss finished yesterday, and I was sick all dayishy…and this morning I couldn't even more, I was that sick…and you know me, if I'm sick, I try not to let it bother me, and my body gave up from my busy-ness and stuff…

But yeah, my friend Jo told me that she was gonna come back here to AUP and bring her boyfriend and friend here too…because afterwards, she wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom…which is a small ass theme park…and I mean SMALL ass theme park…and she wanted to know if I wanted to go, and since I had fun with them in Manila…hey, what the heck…I'll go. But here's the thing…I was already feeling sick for the past two days…but yeah, I didn't want to think that I was sick…because I have this theory that being sick is all in the head anyways…at least 85% of it is in the head…because try it…if you think that you sick and you act like you are sick, then you can get sick…yep, you can. But then there is that 15% that you are really sick no matter what you think, it was the 15% that got to me in the end.

But I went, and it was fun. I went on this ride that totally reminded me of Vertigo from Great American and Boomerang in Marine World…and then one of those rides that you juss sit in a chair and they have that big screen in front of you and the chair moves…I think that if you have gone on Soaring California in California Adventures…then you have great expectations when it comes to that kind of thing…but it's all good…it was different…then we went quadding…and it sucked big time because there were six of us, and there were only 5 quads and then the 6th one was for the safety guard person, so I had to ride with him…I wanted to ride with my friend…but ended up I couldn't for some reason…but I wanna go back and experience it myself…where I'm the one who drives…but I have to admit that I was a little iffy about it because my Kuya Neal broke his back quadding…but I'm sure that it's not intense as what he does…and plus my sister does it…so it can't be that bad…*laughs* and then we went go-carting…and that was super-duper fun! I went myself…and so it was a lot better…and it was so much fun! I had a lot of fun doing that…but the whole time I was there, I was remembering that my brother had gone on them when he was there, and I couldn't help but think if the one that I was riding was the same one my brother rode on…I mean, he was at the same exact place I was at like 2 years ago…or was that 3 years ago? Whatever…but yeah, he was there…and I was there now…and yeah. I miss my brother a lot. But I still had a lot of fun. I did want to go on the Ferris Wheel but the guys that went didn't want to go on a ride like that, so it's all cool…I'll go on it next time…I love Ferris Wheel rides…it's a neat view up there…and stuff…and so yeah…

When I got home…I was dead…I was so gone already…since I was sick, already to begin with, and since I was ignoring it for so long, it didn't help…so my body juss gave up and made me go to sleep FOREVER! Oh yeah…and it didn't help that the last ride that we went on was a wet ride…it was the Rio Grande Rapids…the thing is that that ride doesn't do anything to me anymore…because the rapids are NOT like that. The real rapids are more scary…but it was a wet ride and I got wet…not soaked…but wet enough, and since it was already evening it was a lot cooler…not cold…juss cool…and then we stopped at Paseo to eat…and I was wet the whole time…and so that didn't help with me being sick and stuff…and so yeah. Oh well…

I was gonna write letters and stuff on my laptop…but my body was so heavy and tired, the I went to sleep, and then at 4:am I woke up because my dad had texted me because I called him to say happy birthday…and he didn't pick up…and so he texted me that he was working out in the gym and didn't have the phone with him…and so yeah, I ended up calling him, and I couldn't even barely even speak…because I had a terrible sore throat! But then, I told him happy birthday and then as soon as I hung up the phone I was knocked out again…and then I woke up again at 6:am…and then "got ready for bed" since I wasn't even in my PJ's or anything yet…then I went back to sleep and slept for nearly the whole day…but I'm feeling so much more better now finally! I hate feeling sick…

My friend wants to go clubbing this weekend before her boyfriend goes back home to London…the thing is, he's leaving on Sunday…and we usually go out Saturday night…and stay out all day…and sleep in on Sunday…and so I don't really wanna go, since I don't like going clubbing anymore…well, it's not that I don't LIKE it…it's juss, I don't go. But tell me…if you haven't seen your boyfriend in a long time because you went to school abroad, and then he comes to visit for about a little less than a month…wouldn't you want your last few days be with him and you ONLY…you wouldn't want to share him with anyone?! Right?! I mean, that is what I would think…and so now, I don't know…because she really wants to go, but I don't know if HE wants to go, because yeah…but yeah…we'll see how that goes and stuff…

Anyways…juss wanted to tell you about my awesome day…nothing biggie really! Jejeje…cya…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spontaneous times + Friends = Fun!

So the last two…no three days have been amazing, I didn't even know where to start! Let me try though, because I really don't wanna forget these past few days…it all started on lets see, I guess you can say on Friday…so last Friday on the 19th I had planned a "fun day" with all my friends…the thing is, it's sem-break, but I had told them all ahead of time…it was suppose to be something me and another of my friends planned. The thing is…when the day came…my friend's flaked out, and then the friend that I had planned this day with backed out and said that we should "plan it for another day." But I'm already sick and tired of planning things and then the people bail out…so I don't think that I'll be doing that any longer. So I was in a pissy mood…and I was like, I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to Manila on Monday, and meeting up with my friend. Plus, I know that a lot of you at home don't know my situation here but I was 99% chance of going home…but hey that 1% chance of stayed keep me from leaving this place…and in all honestly, I think that I'm glad that I'm staying, yeah, I miss everything at home…but I feel as if I'm already been gone for so long I'm juss a memory in everyone's mind—which yeah, hurts…but it's life, you know…absence makes the heart wander and all that shit…(Oh, but I gotta say…EXCEPT FOR YOU JOE! BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU KEEP IN TOUCH! THANKS!) And I prolly got more going for me here than at home anyways. But yeah, don't get me wrong, I miss home more than anything…

Anyways, since I was suppose to go home, I needed to go to Manila to the Immigration so that I can update my I-card…for those of you who don't know what an I-card…and if you really wanna knows…it's my alien identification card that allows me to stay here. And every 6 months I need to update it…I hadn't updated it, and to leave this country, I need to update it…so I had to go to Manila to update it…and since everyone was busy and stuff, I was gonna go myself.

I hadn't traveled ANYWHERE by myself yet. Well, that doesn't count when I have friends who put me on the bus going straight to school from Manila or something…that I have done…but this time I was going somewhere by myself and I had no idea how to get there…but I didn't care, because I was sick and tired of people bailing out on me, that I need to learn how to do things myself anyways…and this friend I was meeting in Manila…her boyfriend had come from London, and so I was gonna meet him and hang out with the two for two days and stuff…I figured that I wasn't doing anything staying in AUP, so I wanted to get out.

So yeah, Monday morning I leave and I take the bus to Lawton—which is in Manila, close to Intromuro's –which is where the Bureau of Immigration is—which is where I'm suppose to get my I-card (and Eddie's) renewed—which is where I'm suppose to meet my friend…But when I get on the bus going to Manila, my friend texts me and asks me to meet her at her condo! And I'm like…are you kidding me! Okay, I was there a week before, because me and my other friend went there with her so that we can get the place ready for when her boyfriend came, the thing is…it's a really REALLY nice condo and all, but it took forever and a day to find! And another friend had driven us there! So how the hell was I suppose to get there with public transportation…and I didn't even know to get to where I needed to get for my I-card…

Anyways, I knew what I needed to ride on though to get to the Immigration because Eddie gave me specific directions…including to call him or Jyn or Joy if ANYTHING happened…but then going to my friend's condo was a different story…but to make a super long story short…I had so much help…the people on the bus were so helpful, even getting me a taxi and explaining where I wanted to go, and that he better make sure that I get where I wanted to go…and to keep me safe, and so the taxi driver was really intent in making sure that I was comfortable…was he driving to fast? Was I too cold? Too warm? Did I want to put my chair down? Back? What radio station did I want to listen too…all this and that…so very sweet! After an hour or so, we finally got to where I needed to be…I was gonna go straight to the condo, but my friend texted me saying that they would juss meet me at the gas station in the corner of Mercedes Avenue…so yeah, the taxi driver stayed with me until they showed up and then since my total to pay him came up too around P230…he told me to juss pay him P130…but I was like, No…because he was really nice and all that stuff…so I ended up giving him p250, even though he wanted to give me change…he was very nice…

So I met my friend's boyfriend, and he's very cute—more like HOT! But yeah, he's very easy to get along, he claims that he is shy, I don't see it…he also told me that my friend was shyer than him…I REALLY don't see that one! *laughs* oh well…we went back to the condo after going to the money changer because the guy needed to exchange money. Then we went out to immigration, where I gave my I-card (and Eddie's) to someone to hook us up (yeah, I got connections here! *laughs*) and we were suppose to go back the next day to pick it up…then we went to go ride a horse carriage, that was weird, since the guy only spoke Tagalog, and I was the only one who understood, and my friend's didn't really understand! But it was all good…it was cool being with them because I have the American accent…them two have the Brittish Accent…SEXY! *laughs*

Anyways, we really didn't know what to do after that, so we ended up going to Star City…which is this kiddie theme park, with a few "grown-up" rides and such…and that was when I had so much fun that I didn't think that I could stop laughing. My friend (the girl) didn't like roller coaster rides all that much, but her guy did, so we went on them…but we got my friend to go on one…in exchange I had to go through a haunted house…and that was NOT a good experience! (You should ask my brother what happened the last time I went to the haunted house here in Star City…*laughs* embarrassing! But it was 114% worst this time around because…I didn't have my brother this time! *laughs) But we had a lot of fun. I think the most fun that I had was going to "Snow World" it was anything BUT snow…it was more like ice-blocks everywhere and stuff…but they had these two huge ice slides and we would all go on them together, and it was so much fun. It was so kiddie that we had so much fun. It was really cold though because can you imagine it being like 100 degrees' and then you enter this room that had at least 20 air-con's going…and ice blocks and towers all over the place…there was ice-sculptures…it was amazing fun. My friend took pictures on his camera and video's I will get them from him and post them up so that you can see what I mean. It was so much fun…it brought me back home…because I remember complaining all those times where it was so cold that you can see your breath in front of you! It was funny…because there were people there who were experiencing that for the first time…seeing your breath in the air! I mean, I didn't think I was taking that for granted when I was at home! Because you know that when it's cold, it juss happens! *laughs* and how your nose gets all cold and drippy feeling…and you're actually shivering because it's that cold! And your fingers are frozen…juss feeling cold…a lot of the people that were in that room where experiencing that FOR THE FIRST TIME! And it made me realize…that they really don't know how it is! I mean, it wasn't even REAL snow, it was juss ice-blocks in a air-coned room…and it made me laugh because I didn't think for the life of me that I would actually miss it! Because since it was an everyday occurrence at home (well during Winter time that is!)…I never really thought about it…but you come to a country that NEVER has experienced it, and they had to make up a room that allows them experience a fake reality of what we go through at home…then that's when you realize that, "WOW…this is actually fun!" And while they are still trying to get used to the coldness…everything back at home comes rushing back, and I'm here laughing with my friends…because we're used to it! But it's awesome watching someone experience it for the first time…because it's something different to them.

I know that not many of you know what I have been going through since July…but lets juss say that I haven't been smiling or laughing or anything all that much because there has been a lot of tension and complications in my life…(very bad time in my life) but that time in the Snow World place, even though I have gone to the snow so many times at home, it was different, because it was what I needed to give me that push that I really needed. I'm swear, me and my friend and her guy laughed so much and had so much fun that it will definitely be a top highlight in my life.

I learned that you should be spontaneous in life. You never know what is going to happen. I mean, be spontaneous within reason and stuff though! But it's good to be spontaneous…because it open's doors to new things and you never know, you might have the most funnest time in your life…well, maybe not the most funnest time, but maybe it might be something that be something that you needed and stuff, ya? Life is short, and so you shouldn't juss spend it doing things that you always do, break out and do something that you wouldn't normally do, and then you might juss find out that you actually like doing whatever it was that you did.

When I'm home, I don't normally like going to the snow…it's COLD…and I like the hotness and stuff…but going to the fake snow here…it felt like home…if felt like actually wintertime…and according to my friends…it's cold like that in London all the time…and so they felt like that they were at home too…the cold weather and all…it was a comfort because it really did feel cold like at home…they gave us these sorta puff jackets to wear when we went in the rooms…and I haven't worn a thick-like jacket like that in such a long time…and you know, it was really comforting to feel like I was at home again. And even though my friends were from London, it was like I was with home friends…they acted as if all my friends at home acted like. Yeah, they are a couple, and I was technically the "third wheel" but they so didn't make me feel like that…I really felt like I was at home with them…and that's what I really needed because I miss home a lot and I'm not going home for a very long time…

So, I juss wanted to take this time to thank God for friends and small comforts that I find here far away from home that make me feel like I'm home again for juss a moment…

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Ramblings of Miz Shorty

So here I am sitting on my bed with my laptop open on my pillow trying to figure out what topic I should write about. I have been writing pretty melancholy stuff lately, and I think that I should change that…but uhm…yeah…so I am here sitting on my bed thinking of what I should write when I get this text…FROM MY BEST FRIEND! Gosh, it's so good to hear from home…and from your best friend no doubt! She wanted to know when she can call me…anyways I called her, talked to her for a few minutes…and that was good…you never how good English sounds to your ears…unblemished with different accents until you live in a country that English is not the first language, and when someone speaks English to you it's with a different accent and hesitant and "broken." Not that I'm complaining…I'm sure that EVERYONE and their mom and dad and dog are saying that the same thing about my slaughtering of the beautiful language of Tagalog! *laughs* But hey, don't hate…I'm getting so much better…! Imma be a pro at it, juss you wait and watch! I guess it's good that I'm forced to speak Tagalog more here, because it forces me to speak slower…but can you imagine that people are not telling me to SLOW DOWN because I still speak to fast! Gosh, I so swear…people need to step on it! *laughs* juss joking…I guess that makes me different…I talk fast.

I really can't sleep. I know that it's lunch time already, but I have been awake since uhm…7:am…concerning the fact that I went to sleep at around 6:30ishy am…I only know that because I was up texting a friend until that late. And no I wasn't up because I was texting, I was  texting because I was up and I couldn't go to sleep. We actually started texting at 3:am…crazy boy! What's he doing up so early in the morning/late at night anyways! *laughs* and what was I doing? I was writing. Don't know if all you people's know that I'm a letter writer…but I am…so I was up writing letters. I have learned that if you wanna get letters in the mail, you need to write yourself…but if you know me…I have always been a letter writer no matter where I am. So hey…if you wanna write…feel free to write. *smiles* I do do e-pal's as well, but then, I rarely go online anymore. I do get back at you, juss might take even longer than snail mail. But yeah…

So yesterday morning I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep…it was 6:am…and WHO gets up at 6:am in the morning when you have no school, no work, no LIFE! *laughs*…and then I get this text… "Si Charity Patrco i2 (Is this Charity 'Patrco'?)" and I'm like…uhm…yeah, I'm Charity (who calls me that anyways!?!) wusup with my last name?! what happened to all the "i's"!? Anyways…it was this delivering company…and they were delivering me a HUGE package! Pretty cool, huh?! But at 6:am?! Anyways, I got Eddie to wake up to go to 1st gate to get it…and this little guy…like maybe 5'5" or something…CARRIES THE PACKAGE TO MY HOUSE?! Okay…you guys, give me a break, I wouldn't be THAT surprise if it was this tiny ass package that I could carry myself…but it was this HUGE (Balikbayan) BOX that prolly weighted near to uhm…70-80 pounds…and he carried that thing by himself all the way to my house, which is not the nearest to 1st or even 2nd gate! My gosh, I complain about how heavy my school bag is when I walk it…much less something like 100 million times heavier! So here I was and it was not 7:am in the morning…and I had this hug box from home in my tiny living room…and I go to my room and I finally go to sleep…it wasn't until later that after that I actually open it though…something spilled in it…so when I opened it…and overwhelming smell of something like the wilderness or something flooded the WHOLE house! Couldn't figure out what it was at first…you wanna know what it was though…it was the hand sanitizer aloe vera scented bottle thingy that opened! Oh well, it wasn't that terrible of a smell…it was juss really strong smelling…I love presents and getting anything from home is like a present to me! *smiles*

Oh yeah…yesterday I was online for an extremely LONG time…with extremely TERRIBLE SLOW internet connection…and so it was like I was on for 10 minutes…but am I complaining?! *sarcastic* oh no! Not me! Never me…but anyways…I was on here for a moment…and guess who I saw on?! My cousin…it's been SUCH a long time since I last spoke with him! And so we ishy talked…only ishy because it was the ghetto way…you know the comment and the sending of the message way…but hey, it was "communicating" and that's all that really totally matters, right?! He doesn't have a phone that I can reach him at…so that sucks…oh well…life sucks…get over it! *laughs* but it was good to "talk" to him for that short moment.

"Che, today is your day!" That banner is on my wall…my roomie made it for me on my birthday…but you know, it's good that it's on my wall…I guess it's another way to say, "SIEZE THE DAY!" I mean, if I wake up each day and I'm greeted with "Che, Today is your day!" then, hey…I should take advantage of it, ya?! My gosh…does anyone remember what my room looks like when I was at home?! Anyone?! Yeah…it's sorta what my room looks like right now…pictures, posters, random things galore all over…fairy lights (aka Christmas lights) up…oh and I even have my very own disco ball up…hanging from my ceiling…it's pretty cool…I did make a video about my room…wish that I can show you all…but I'm not to sure how to do that…so yeah, juss imagine it…my room is pretty small though…prolly uhm…I'm guessing by juss looking at it…uhm..7x10feet…yeah…TINY! My biggest space is my bed…so I do everything on my bed…well, I have a bunk bed…so my bed is on the top…since it's really not that high up…it's prolly as high up as my BOTTOM bunk was in Graff (my dorm room in PUC). But yeah…it's my own personal space and I like my own personal space. But yeah… "Che, today is your day!"

So, my sister is getting married soon…well, I have NO idea how soon…or when…but hey, she is engaged…wow. How life speeds by and you don't even KNOW how that happened! MY SISTER…ENGAGED?! It's not that unbelievable…but when I start looking back at when we were younger…I'm thinking…whoa! I use to fight with that chicka EVERYDAY…I have this picture here on my closet/table thingy…and it's of me and my sister of when we were prolly uhm…I would say…7 maybe 8 years old…and my sister is either 8 or 9 years old…and it's at the stage where our hair was cut hella short…and I mean HELLA short…you can see our EARS for crying out loud…and it was permed curly…and a little sprout thingy on the top…(Aww…how cute!) and we are both wearing red and white…could be valentine's day…ionno…we are in the backyard of our childhood house…and we are hugging each other. It's pretty cute, I suppose…but mandope! How the years speed by! I'm superness…duperness happy for her. Yep! Yep! Yep! *thinks back* (sitting in my sister's nutrition class…and she is sitting on the other side of the classroom…and the classroom is HUGE!, I was actually with my then-roomie…and my sister happened to be in that class…and I remember she was SIGNING letter by letter that she liked this guy named N-E-A-L…and I was like WHAT?! That was pretty funny!) *snaps out of it…is back to present time now*

Hm…I think that I should go out and cook lunch now…a late lunch more like it…it's 1:09pm na…so yeah…late lunch…but yeah…my random ramblings of today! Peace out yo'! *smiles* *does princess wave goodbye* (elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist-flick your hair-and blow a kiss) *LAUGHS*

Today's gonna be a good day….*SMILES*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ten Things That Makes Me Smile [here in the Philippines]

So, as I was writing my other thingy thing thing, I realized that WOW, this makes me look like I only see the bad things that happen here, things that really piss me off…but trust me, there are a lot of things that make me smile. More than ten actually, but…here are ten things that make me smile…

10. When I wake up and I'm in a rush to class because I didn't "obey" my alarms and took those "five more minutes" of sleep…and even though the teacher is most likely going to be late…habits are hard to break, and I can't bring myself to be late…so I'm rushing fast to class…I live on the second floor of apartments, and so I'm running down the stairs…carefully…and then the little boy (Wilbert) on the first floor is outside playing with his new puppy. And Wilbert is laughing and the puppy is wagging her tail and comes up to me with her tongue hanging out and does a cute little "yap" and I can't help but crouch down and spend a few moments playing with the puppy and Wilbert…juss a few moments since I realize that I are still going to be late for class…but as I stand up to start rushing off to class again, I can't help but smile.

9.  It's raining outside…and there is no classes because there is a warning of a storm coming. I get so bored juss staying inside the house. My room mates get so bored juss staying inside the house…all I can hear is the heavy down pour of the raindrops and the loud rushing sound of the river rushing below the apartments…finally I get so bored that I open the front door and juss look at the rain. Then I step out and go to a place where the rain is falling on me…and then I remember the stories that my parents told me that when they were younger and growing up in thePhilippines, it would rain so hard that they would take a shower in the rain. I don't take a shower in the rain though, but I juss sit there in the rain, watching the river rush by and enjoy the nature of the raindrops and the rushing of the river and smile.

8.  After waiting in line for millions and katrillions of years, I'm finally done with enrollement…I'm tired, and all I wanna do is juss go home already and juss relax…as I slowly make my way home, I past the post office…and I wonder, should I check the mail to see if I get something, or should I juss walk on by because most likely I won't get anything in the mail. Well, what is there too lose, it's right there anyways…so I walk to the post office and see if my name is on the list to see if I got mail…and lo' and behold…there is my name…Charity P*******!!!…and I tell the Ate there that my name is on the list that has a letter…all excited because I got a letter, but instead of getting one letter I get TWO letters from my pen pals! I thank Ate for the letters…turn away, look at the return address and with more spring in my step I go home to read my letters and I smile.

7.  It is a hot, hot, super humid day…and it feels like there is no escape from the heat. There is no breeze to chase away the hotness that cocoon's around me. I sluggishly make my way home…when all of a sudden two hands cover my eyes and yells, "guess who?!?" After awhile, I figure out who it is…and they suggest that we go to the restaurant and get ourselves some shakes to drink while we catch up on how we are doing. So arm-in-arm…we walk to the restaurant talking a million words per minute, order our chocolate and strawberry shakes, and laugh until everyone looks at us and wonder's what has got us laughing. An hour or so later as we say "see you later" to each other blowing kisses to each other in the wind as we turn around to go our separate ways, I smile.

6. I am walking along…trying to get home as soon as possible because I have been up all day, had classes all day, and I am juss physically, emotionally, and mentally tired, you know how it goes! It takes forever and a day to get back home…when all of a sudden a motorcycle comes roaring by honking it's horn, and your thinking what is your problem?!?! Then all of a sudden that motorcycle turns around and slowly makes it's way back to me, and I realize that it's my friend! He tells me to hop on and he drives me home…and as we ride along...I hold on so that I won't fall off, and the breeze that is created by riding fast blows my hair back from my face and makes me smile.

5.  I'm a light sleeper, but there are those few times in a blue moon when I am so tired—mentally, physically and mostly emotionally…that I sleep the whole night through without waking up at all. The only time I wake up is when my 1st alarm wakes me up. Which, as always, irritates me because I don't wanna get up. When my 3rd alarm goes off…I grudgingly, slowly, painfully, get up and check my phone for the time…and I have a text message…from home juss saying "I was thinking about you, and wanted to let you know that I love and miss you" type of thing…and I get this warm feeling inside me and I'm in a good…well better mood…and I smile.

4.  Being away from home sometimes it's hard because sometimes I juss wanna see my family and friends again, even if it's juss a few minutes. And when I get a phone call from home, I still cry, because it's so hard sometimes…their voice is so clear and right there, that I feel like I could juss jump in a car and juss drive over to their house and meet up with whoever I was on the phone with. But that can't happen because they are far away…a lot of times I go to the bathroom and cry, because it's the only place in the house where you can have 100% privacy. And I don't like crying in front of people…so I juss pretend that I have to take a shower and my tears fall as the cold freezing water is pouring down on me. When I have gotten a hold of myself, and I can put that smile back on my face, I get out of the shower...dry my hair as much as possible…wrap the towel around me and make my way to my room, and on my bed there is a simple note from my roomies, letting me know that they are there for me when I wanna cry, and that they are my sister's while I am here and they are my family and friend's here. And that I'm not really all alone. Having friends… "sisters" ….like them, makes me smile.

3.  Sometimes being away from my sister and brother is so overbearing that I would do juss about anything to see them again. I text my brother and sister that I miss them, because that is all that I can really do…and then my brother sends me a lot of load. And I call him and we talk and talk and talk. When I run out of load, he sends me load again, and then I call him again, and then we talk and talk and talk…over and over again it goes until I am okay again. We talk about everyday things, as if we are still in the same country. Then when my brother is sure that I'm okay, he tells me that he will send me load one more time so that I can have load after I use it up talking to him…and that I will be okay. When I need someone the most, he is there for me in the only way that he can be…and I appreciate and love him to heaven for that. Even with all the miles that keeps us apart, he is still able to make me smile.

2.  Last year, I fell in love with an adorable little black and white kitty. When we moved places, I brought him with me to the apartment, and he would come inside the house and at night he would sleep with me in my bed. He would sleep right next to me, and in the morning he would wake me up by rubbing my face with his face. During the day, when I'm laying on my bed he would jump on my bed and juss fall asleep on my back or something. He would get crazy and chase none existent things…I swear he had a foot fetish since he would be laying "sleeping" somewhere in the house and you would walk by and he would attack your feet! When I was forced to give him away, I was devastated, cried for days, and still when I think too hard about it…I still get really upset, because he was my "baby" and it was so hard to give him up. I go visit him every so often when I have time. The people who have him now take really good care of him…but whenever I go see him, he still remembers me and comes up to me and he still attacks me feet, he still stays near me, and he even follows me when I have to leave which makes me tear up. But seeing Miles, my baby, makes me smile.

1.  Fourteen days ago I got this phone call at 6:am in the morning. At first I couldn't figure out who it was, because I was still more than half asleep…and I was talking (I swear) in my sleep or something. When I figured out who it was, I was pretty excited because I hadn't spoken to her in a long time and I really missed her a lot. Then she told me WHY she was calling…she called to tell me that KUYA NEAL PROPOSED TO HER! And so yeah, hearing the happiness in my sister's voice, and speaking with her after such a long time…put one of the biggest smiles on my face (even if it was only 6 in the morning!).

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ten Things That Makes Me Go WTF?! [Here in the Philippines]

There are times when I am juss going along in my life here in the Philippines, and then something happens and then I'm like "WTF!?!?" And so I decided to make a short list of the main things that make me look at someone (or someoneS) crazy and think… WTF?!?"

10. Okay…I have the timing down, and I know that if I leave the house at 7:15am, if I walk this fast and go this way I will make it in time for class which starts at 7:30am. I have juss enough time to make it to class and get a good seat with juss a few seconds to spare. I mean, come on now, who wants to even be UP at 7:30am much less be up earlier than that to even get ready for that early morning class! I leave the house, I check my watch, I'm good…I'm in a good mood because I'm not gonna be late…and then bam…three girls who walk as slow as a sloth moving in a tree, as if they have the whole time in the world…oh yeah, and don't forget that they don't walk behind each other, they walk BESIDE each other. I try to pass, but they won't let me…they have this "friends forever" linking arm thingy going on…and I'm like WTF!!!?

9.  If you have never been to the Philippines, then you don't know that EVERYONE and their mom AND dog carries around with them an umbrella. Why don't we all take a look at what Encarta says about an umbrella shall we?

collapsible canopy that protects from weather: a round collapsible canopy of plastic or waterproof material on a frame at the top of a handle, held in the hand to protect somebody from rain, snow, or sun
Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Got it?! Okay…well, yeah…you can understand that it's a very handy object to keep with you, since it "protects somebody from rain, snow, or sun." Okay…well, juss try to imagine this with me…you are walking on a sidewalk, that is only so wide…. The sun is out and there is a barely a breeze to keep you from breaking out in a sweat. If you are like me, you have your shades on to protect you eyes from the glare of the sun…because if you are from anywhere but here, you like the fact that you are able to work on your tan…then you turn the corner, and you see the umbrella brigade. A group of a million people who have their umbrella. Okay, so that's cool, ya? I mean, umbrella's are good to protect you from the sun...but this umbrella brigade don't even move the umbrella! I mean, here you are walking against them people, and then each and everyone of them don't move their umbrella out of the way…so that those pole thingys that stick out around the umbrella hit you in the head…and after getting hit in the head by the 1 millionth umbrella pole thingy you are juss fuming mad from their lack of respect and you look at them and think WTF!?!!

8.  In certain places in the world, they still have manual enrollment, meaning…you enroll by your personal self…none of this going online and enrolling your classes while you are sitting on your comfy chair, in your room, with the air-con on, and no lines to stand in. Manually enrolling means you have to stand in a long ass line waiting with TOLERANCE (not patience) for your turn to get to the front of the line. So for at LEAST FOUR HOURS you get pushed, banged, smushed, squished and almost trampled between millions of people who are as irritated as you AND there is so much body heat and body odor that makes you wanna gag…and of all places you get to stand behind the one person in the whole entire school who knows everyone. Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are most likely going to be more than 5 thousand students and only ONE person at the desk to "help" you…so yeah, imagine that. AND that person in front of you keeps seeing their friend…and what do friends do?! "oh here! Stand in line with me!" then they do this annoying thing…they turn around and with a sweet smile on their face they say, "They're with me…I was saving [his/her] spot…" And you juss look at them juss barely holding back from giving them a piece of your mind and think WTF!???!

7.  It is a hot, hot, super humid day…and all I can think about is how I want to go home and sit in front of the fan and go to sleep. The classes are at least a 15 minute (if there are no slow ass walkers in front of me!) hard hike away from where I live…(think…concrete wall, rushing river, uneven path, dogs galore, SHIT (from the dogs) galore, Rape Street (the uneven alley way that me and my roomies named "Rape Street" since it's the perfect place where someone can abduct you and rape you. NO LIE), gates, guards with guns, and lots of tree's and HUGE bushes) and when I get home, you juss wanna get to me bed, flop down and juss enjoy a cold strawberry juice drink while my fan is stationed on me at number 3. I finally get home, sweating…I remove my top…I'm sweating and hot…and I turn the fan on, I have my cold drink…and I flop on my bed…I'm juss about to smile because I can finally relax, then all of a sudden the electricity goes off. No fan. It's hot. There is no air circulation (since my apartment has only ONE window in front of the house and it's TINY)…and I think WTF?!?!

6.  I am walking along…minding my own business. There is a big open road in front of me, behind me, beside and juss all around me…there I am juss walking…I hear someone coming up behind me…but hey, there is room all around for them to walk with out them touching me…big space…then they walk into me, they bump me, they collide with me…then walk on by because they are in a hurry, and as they walk beside me, trying to pass me by, they look at me with this really dirty look on me face…AS IF IT'S MY FAULT THAT THEY WALKED INTO ME! as if there wasn't open space all over the place. As if I were this huge object that took up the whole road and they couldn't get around me with out knocking into me…and I look back at them and say "sorry" for "being in the way" because since they were BEHIND me they couldn't be bothered to look up to see that I was there walking, minding my own business…and even though it really wasn't anyone's fault who walked into who (well, actually we all know who's "fault" it was…but who's naming names?!)…and I took the courtesy to say sorry they still look at me as if  I was an obstacle to the walking human population…and I think in your head…WTF!???!

5.  My first class is at 7:30am. And if you know me, I am the worst morning person…well…maybe not the worst…but pretty close up there. I know that it takes me at least an hour to actually get out of bed. So let me let you know how I set my alarm or my alarms…so I have to be in class at 7:30am, ya? Move it one hour back…6:30am…then 30 minutes from that. So my first alarm is set at 6:am…2nd 6:30am and then the last at 6:45am. Then here is how it is done. My first alarm wakes me up at 6:am…that alarm prepares me to actually start waking up. My 2nd alarm 6:30am…tells me that I better start getting my butt up because I only have 15 more minutes before I have to actually get down from bed. 3rdalarm at 6:45am informs me that if I don't get in the bathroom right now, I will be late…so I get out of bed and take a 15 minute wake up shower (and the water is cold as the Merced River in April (for those of you who don't know…Merced River is the river that I almost died in about a year and a half ago! Which is one of the river's that get the juss thawed snow of Yosmite). So trust me, it's a fast wake up call if I ever needed one, which I always do. And then if I'm lucky, I didn't take that long in the bathroom…and it would be 7:am by the time I get out…and so I only have 15 minutes to put my uniform on and get my make up on and get my stuff ready for class…which literally takes me forever since even though I did get that "wake up" shower to "wake me up"…it doesn't really 100% help…and my brain is still sleeping. It takes me 15 minutes to walk to class…and that is even if I'm wide awake…! So you see how it's important how I listen to my alarm clock, because it's always a very close call with everything. This is what makes me angry though. If someone CALLS or TEXTS me at 6:29am or even worst at 6:44am. It annoys and pisses me for various of reasons….one being that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AND I DON'T WANNA BE BOTHERED and two, because that one minute helps a lot…and it annoys me because sometimes it's for the most dumbest thing they call or text… "Che are you awake yet?!" Yeah, that really, really REALLY makes me go…WTF!????!?

4.  When I allow someone to borrow something of mine…like my portable USB drive…and they return it and it's broken…and they go something like… "Oh, Ate, I'm so sorry, but it's okay because your from America and your rich…so you can juss buy another one." And then they frikin' laugh like it's no big deal…and I can't blow up, because then they will think that I'm being so "maarte" and for some reason they really stereotype people here, and since I'm a foreigner…and if I blow up, they will categorize that ALL foreigners (namely from US) are so "maarte"…and I juss wanna yell my frustrations and all the unfairness in life…and I think WTF?!?!?

3.  Let me explain the whole cell phone system here. You buy a cell phone and sim card separately. You can have a cell phone, but it's useless unless you buy a sim card…which is your number. And then you can't use your cell phone or sim card unless you "load" your phone. So basically it's like a pre-paid service thingy here. P1=1 local text….P7=a local phone call + (I think) P4 per minute (so technically it's P11=a one minute local phone call….P20=a international phone call + P30 per minute (so technically it's P50=a one minute international phone call). P15=1 international text. Got that? Oh yeah, the exchange rate now for the US$ to P (pesos) is now $1=P45…(by the way, I usually keep at least P60 load on my phone, unless my wonderful brother sends me load, since there is a website so that "loved-ones" from the States can send load…and the minimum for that is P115…but yeah…I try to keep P60…because if I need to call home I still can.) I hate it when people text me asking for a favor…ASAP…I always answer back…because it's only nice to let that person know that you got their text…and sometimes the text is urgent so it's good to get a reply…but I hate it when I need help or something from someone…and they never reply back! I mean, hello…I usually text locally, and so that is only ONE PESO! Am I not even worth ONE peso to let me know that you got my frikin' text?! I'm nice enough to answer the person back…but they don't return the favor… that pisses me off and makes me go WTF!?!?

2.  Whoever invented "Filipino Time" should have freezing cold water poured on them and dry powder dispensed all over them and then last but certainly not the least a buttload of feathers thrown at them! I mean…who is proud to go by "Filipino Time" anyways?! I mean, that only means that you are NOT punctual and you aren't reliable! For those of you who don't know what "Filipino Time" is…it's the term referred to Filipino's because they are almost ALWAYS late for everything…if something was planned at 5:pm…don't even bother coming until 7:pm…because that is how late these people can get…it annoys me to death! I'm not saying that ALL Filipino's are like that…I'm juss saying that MOST people here are like that. It really annoys me to all frustrations and pissy-offiness and it most definitely makes me go WTF!?!????!

1.  When I get a phone call from home, and that person is crying because they are hurt, betrayed, "alone", confused, and they need someone right now…and I can't do anything about it except hear them crying, bawling, and in pain because I'm 50 katrillion miles away from home…and I get this feeling of acheiness in my heart down to the depths of my stomach because I'm such a shitty friend/cousin/sister because I can't be there for them…that is the ultimate time I feel like crying and screaming WTF?!????!???!?!???!?

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