Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of June.

I survived. I did keep busy...and if I did blog this month, you would have known just how busy I kept myself so that I didn't have time to think. But I didn't blog, and I don't regret it...but I will write a very fast up-to-date that end of month thingy...just the highlights...some ups and some downs.

I got to talk to my parents several times this month! I would be so happy to get off of work to see a few miscalls from my parents...knowing that I was able to call them back and talk to them for a few hours. Yep, a few hours. I miss them so much.

Things with the new teacher has been pretty up and down. I have to hold in a lot of my frustration; I tell myself every day that I was once just help her. But seeing everything that I worked so hard with the children to learn come apart just frustrates me. But it definitely is not as bad as it was way in the beginning. I'm getting used to the idea that I have to really go out of my job description to get the day going  with a smile on my face. Maybe I'm just exaggerating just a little bit. But there is no doubt that there is that one co-worker that you really don't get along with. Oh's not as bad...and there can be worst things in the world, so I'm good...for now.

My birthday was fun. I went to work, but got to come home early...and I was happy about that. The kids knew it was my birthday so when I got to work, I was bombarded with I am every morning, but this time instead of "Good Morning Aunty...!" It was "Happy birthday, Aunty!" Oh, I love all those wasn't only the kids in my class but in all the other classes too. When I got home my family and a few friends of mine went to my favorite local restaurant, Saigon Noodle House, and then I came home and opened presents. I loved everything I family and friends really do know me and what I love. :)

Thank you Tracy for my birthday Roses; I love roses. Pink Roses. :)
The sad part was, on my birthday also, my friend's family back in California/Washington had an accident...the little girl [7] died on the spot, the little boy was in critical condition...died a few days later...but the older one to my knowledge made it...but is not talking...I assume he is overcome with grief. I would be too. I think he was 18 years old. The mom was the one driving and she lost control of the car when the tired popped...and the van rolled several times throwing two of the children more than 50 feet [about]. Very sad. The family is in my prayers.

I still love swimming in the ocean. One of my favorite things to do on this island. The beach. I still hate swimming in the shallow...the deeper the better...but I like it better when I can see the bottom. I do not like swimming above coral...I realize that I'm much more at peace if I'm swimming at least 8 feet above the coral...other than that...I start panicking...but I can do it. I know it's all mental, and I'm working on it. Still I don't like swimming next to coral. And the jellyfish continue to scare me. *laughs* I'm more scared of jellyfish than I am of sharks! *laughs*

On June 19, 2011 we had a BBQ at our house in celebration of the June babies and Father's day. That was a lot of fun. So. Much. Good. Food. So I will not complain about the mess that my family and I had to clean up afterwards. But it was a lot of fun. During the party, my friend told me that his boat was "totaled" [LONG story!]...and I'm bummed about that...coz I love boating! But he's going to get it fixed, so hopefully in a couple of months it will be okay...a lot of damage. But yeah.

I'm getting use to the shock of being around so many hot guys at the gym now. *laughs* I still am kind of self-conscious when I go...but I love how they are all so a way that you KNOW that they are not trying to make you self-conscious. They are so helpful when they see that I'm struggling...but I still struggle at running on the I don't think that I'll be doing that...I will be just running the 3 mile loop around my neighborhood if I want to go jogging. *laughs* Much better that way.

I still would be so much happier if June never exist...but since it does, I will have to live with it. It wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be...but my heart is still heavy with all of the loved ones that I lost at the same time, this time last year. And I know that if I dwell and think about heart seems so heavy it feels like it would stop. But it's the end of the month, and I will be able to move on once more.
It's by the ocean, in the middle of a field of pink flowers, reading a book. Seems to me this is the ultimate happy place! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beginning of June.

June. My birthday month. A month full of heartbreaking memories. I think I will not blog this month. I need my strength to keep strong. Maybe next year I won't be so sad. RIP my Baili. I love you.