Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seriously rain?!

So, here I am sitting in front of my computer eating macaroni and cheese like a starving maniac...just relaxing and listening to my island music. But oh my goodness! What a day! All I can say is that the whole "April showers bring May flowers" better be damn for reals already! It was raining all day today...wait, no, I take that was literally POURing all day long. Uhm...let me think...yeah, I think it was pretty constant flow...maybe there was a whole total 30 minutes through out the whole day that there wasn't rain...but oh my! I woke up early this morning and thought that I wasn't even able to go to school because I know I heard the rain all night long...and it's wasn't the light sprinkles...oh no, it was the full out open heavens and a steady flow of waterfallness going on.

Let me try to explain to you where I live. I live here in Kailua...but right near Lanikai...and there is only one exit to leave my I know, kind of scary when you think about it...especially if that one exit is a bridge over an ocean canal if it floods...the bridge floods and no more way to get out from where I am. So, yes, I do take tsunami warnings and flood warnings seriously...I have to go somewhere higher up so that I won't be stranded. So, when I woke up to the water flowing from the sky, I thought that I wasn't going to be able to go to school. But alas, I was wrong and driving to school was a tricky obstacle course...because it wasn't flooded per say...but there were HUGE DEEP "PUDDLES" that my little tiny trekker had to go through...and there were crazy people who still got up and was of course I couldn't just fly through the puddle, no I had to go snail mode through those buggers so I wouldn't have to be labeled the "jerk driver" for splashing everyone! *laughs* The hard part was everyone was doing it so it was pretty slow going...but I got to school.

...and I swear my lil keikis were spoon fed sugar before coming into school! They were bouncing off the walls, dancing all over the place, screaming and yelling who knows was a mad house! And all this, but we couldn't even go outside to try to release some of their pent up energy! Shoots! I was going insane myself from the trapped feeling of staying inside all day! All in all, this day was a pretty...crazy? fun? draining? Well...all of the above.

Another Anuhea song, "Higher Than the Clouds" ....Island music can always relax me!

"When you love everything you have, then you have everything you need."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Oh so goodness, lets see how long this post will be! I know that I haven't kept up with all my blogging...and shoots, I NEED too! I was reading my past blogs, and I was laughing, crying--well, not really...but felt like it, happy tears, of course!!! *laughs* But shoots, come on now, girl! I need to keep up with my blogging, so I will try. I can say that I will try to write at least 3 times a week...but nah...I'll just try to write as much as I can...

Wow, nearly a year since I last wrote...and yes, I think I will scratch that whole challenge that I was going to do...I think it would be nice to finish that...but not now. "Ain't got time for that!" *laughs*...but I will try to write more. I still love to whoever wants to read whatever I write, but time can be funny and the next thing I know YEAR...well no...ALMOST a year since the last I wrote and let me tell you SOOO much has happened...

Let me try to remember the highlight parts...I know I'm going to fail already, but that is what I get for not keeping up in the first place...*laughs*

I would say that the biggest and by far the best highlight for me would be the birth of my baby niece! Oh goodness....! I adore being an "aunty" and I love that little girl SOOO much. Ily Joy was born on August 14, 2012 at around 5pm...and I have to say she is the youngest baby that I have ever held...I got to hold her when she was 3 hours old...and she was SOOO tiny! I can't even imagine life without did I manage to live without her for so long!
oh okay, I PROMISE I am wearing shorts in these pictures! I promise!! *laughs* But this is me holding my lil DollGirl when she came home for the first time...I love being an Aunty...and I am just so bummed that I don't live near her! It's SO hard living "far" from family...but this little girl can
usually get me to drive to the "other side" of the island just to be with her for the weekends! I wish that I didn't get out of work so late so that I can see her during the weekdays...but yay! That is what facetime is for...and yes, I do facetime with DollGirl plenty that helps. My sister told that she believes that I was the first person that DollGirl [yes, that is my name for her...that at IlyBoo] recognized after her mom and dad. So that makes me smile. Yes, this little one has my yes, I will share more pictures of her...because I can!

These pictures make me laugh!! She makes me laugh! But yeah, I love taking pictures her...this me DollGirl and I when she was...uhm...3-4 months old. Can you tell that by the end she was all pau
"All pau, Aunty! No more pictures!"

 So, I try to go to my sister's place at least once or twice a week...and it's always SOOO hard to go back home...because look at that face, could you leave that face?! So this is her holding my bag and I pretend she is telling me that she doesn't want me to leave! *laughs*

 She is SOO much fun to play with! We play hide-and-seek...where I would hide and I will call her name until she finds me...and yes, she gets SUPER excited when she "finds" me...and this is her when she "found" me...look at that smile!!! Ahhh!!! So cute!

 One of the millions of outfits that I got her! This one I got her for a 6 months old photoshoot...but then she ended up wearing it afterwards to go to church. So I don't really go to church anymore...but ever since DollGirl was born, my sister can find ways to get me to go to church because I really want to see her! *laughs* So my sister will send me pictures of her all Saturday morning until I decide that I want to go see church. Oh shoots! *laughs*

So big girl...her is the recent picture of her...and she is a little bit older than 8 months...She is SOO independent already! Look at her! I love her so much! AHHH!!!

Oh okay, so this isn't as long as I thought that it could be...but I'm actually sleepy I guess for the next few days, I'll just be writing a lot of "catch-up" posts...but least I'm writing again! *laughs* But for right now, I'm going to sleep...

And the song I'm going to leave you the song that I am currently loving by Anuhea ft. Justing Young..."Forever Summer" so have fun listening to this island song!

"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile."