Monday, February 19, 2007

whoa...this is trippy like WHOA!

hello everyone, i know that this won't matter to you, but i'm actually in my room right now, typing this blog, and it's not even on word, it's on the interent itself! this is so weird for me, because i'm not suppose to be able to get connecton here in my room! Really i'm not...i live so far away from anythying that it's impossibe to get connection on my laptop in my room. So i'm usually outside. but then now, recently the school had banned you having connection on your laptop or computer because it takes money away from them...greedy school...and so for a few days...more like weeks...i haven't had the interent connection to my this is sorta weird.

I was juss sitting on my bed, doing my homework when my roomie told me that she had internet connection...and that i should check..and viola...i have connection.  it's so weird. the server is saying that it's a default...but i wonder who we are having connection too...i wonder if they are reading what i'm writing right now...if so...HI...and THANKS SO MUCH! :) think they got that...

well, i better go you all...juss wanted to share this trippy moment with you..:)

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Friday, February 16, 2007


Last Sunday, I had gone to my friend Jenny's house to have internet connection and do my term paper…but you know how I am…I can NOT sit still for longer than…uhm…to be generous, FIVE MINUTES…so I was SO I was so proud that I had actually worked for 5 hours straight! SO good I am…but then again, since I had the internet connection that was semi-fast I was chatting on MSN to SARAH and RONDI! (Thanks for chatting with me you two…I MISHU!!) and then I couldn't lay there on the bed anymore…since when I do my homework, I lay down on my tummy…so I was like Jenny we need to DO something before I spontaneously combust! F'realz! And so she suggested that we go out and take a walk…so I told Sarah and Rondi that I had to go and that I will be back in 5 minutes…so let me take the time to say sorry for taking longer than 5 minutes…you see what happened was this…we went for a walk…we actually took Jenny's car to drive to the "strip" and then we were walking and talking…when this little kitty started to "meow" pathetically and was CROSSING THE STREET TO US! And there were cars and tricycles coming…but the kitty continued to come towards us and it almost got hit…and the kitty was sooo persistent to come to us…and so I HAD to do something, so I ran a grabbed it and ran back to Jenny…and I had the kitty…and from that moment…it crawled into my heart and there it stays…awww….so romantic! Jejeje…no but f'realz though…this little kitty is SO cute…so trusting…so adorable…I think that it was abandoned because it never really tries to bit me kasi it's scared…I mean it play bits and stuff now, but not to hurt me. But it's so sad, because I think that it had broken it's back right (or was it left) leg, and no one was there to help it, and so it healed all wrong and he can't even use it anymore…so it walks with a limp…but I know that it's doesn't hurt him because I was trying to see what was wrong with it, so I was touching his leg, and he didn't even flinch or show any pain…kasi you know animals, if you touch something that is hurting they tend to react in a violent way…but this kitty, no reaction when you touch it's leg…and me and Eddie have done so many tests to see if it puts any pressure on that leg…none…so it walks with a permanent limp, and it also broke it's tail at the tip, because you can feel where it was broken. But the kitty is so friendly…me and Jenny brought it to the vet at first, but then it was closed, so then we couldn't get it checked. And now I named Miles…well actually Jyn Jyn came up with the name, I was gonna wait to name it, but she started to call it Miles, so Miles it is. He is a white kitty with a black tail, and some black on its face. His eyes remind me of Precious's (my cat at home) eyes. And it's so cute!

Two days after I brought it home, I couldn't find him anymore. And I was so sad, so I went around looking for it…but then I didn't want to get my hopes up because my other kitty Eddie Jr. had died…and I was so sad about that…and so I was trying not to get my heart so involved with Miles…because being so far from home, it was like I had my new "family" you know how that goes…like how Precious and Baili Dru (my dog at home) is like family now, well Miles…was like my family…and we couldn't find him for 2 ½ days…and then miraculously as I was walking with my roomies back home we saw a kid playing with Miles! And I was like MILES! And the kid brought him to me, and I felt bad because he looked like he wanted my kitty…and so I was saying that he could have Miles if he took care of it…but I guess he couldn't understand my terrible Tagalog…or he was juss shy, because even Jyn was trying to explain that he could have Miles. But the kid juss walked away. I felt so bad, because the kid followed us halfway home and stuff…but I was so happy to have Miles back! Then I told Eddie that I had found Miles…and Eddie said that he was suppose to text me earlier that day, because he had seen the kid playing with Miles and that I should go and get him right away…because get this, mga kiabigans ko, the kid's type of playing is tying a belt around Miles' tummy and swinging him in circles! I am SO glad that I didn't see that…that was so messed up you think! I'll tie the kid with a belt and swing HIM in circles! Well, anyhow, I have Miles back now. He likes to climb up to my shoulder and sit there while I'm walking around. He loves being held and he is sooooooo cute! His eyes are so curious and stuff! I really think that it had a loving owner before, but that owner abandoned it, because it's too friendly to be a real stray. But yeah…Miles is mine…and I love him. :)

Well then, I was riding on Eddie's motorbike with Jyn when we stopped by the post office a couple days ago, right?! And me and Jyn like writing letters, and so since I know that everyone is busy at home, and doesn't have time to write, I joined a pen pal site where you can write people…and it's a lot of fun writing people in different countries…so we checked the post office to see if we had any letters…and Jyn had one and I had none…and so as we were going back to the bike…I was so sad, because I wanted a letter…but then the girl called me back and asked me if I as Charity P*******…and I said yes I was…and she said that this came in…and so I looked to see what "this" was…and it was this card saying that I had gotten a PACKAGE! But then I had to drive to the Philippine National Police Academy…and I was like WHAT?! So I asked my friend Brian if he could bring me there the next day, and so we went there the next day…and the post office OLD guy was all hitting on me, asked for my number, saying that the next time I get a package, he could call to me tell me that I had a package there…but you should have seen his look…and so yeah…well, so Brian needed to come back to AUP so we went back to AUP and I opened my package that was from my sister, brother, and best friend! And it was like Christmas on Valentines' Day…because this was really all on the 13th of February…right?! But I was SO happy! I loved EVERY SINGLE THING I GOT! I already used the jewelry that I got and took millions of pictures with them, the nail polish I experience with most of them, and I even have my nails painted with them right now, the make up –I've used so much of it to dress up in the last few days, the candy is YUMMY!, I hung the calendar up and I am crossing the days off until I get to go home, I used the bag that I got when I had to go to the Psychology Seminar…and I brought a lot of "fun" stuff to keep me occupied so I wouldn't get bored…it saved my LIFE along with my friends :), the pens are one of my favorite kinds, OoOoOoO…and the twinkies I shared that, but I have some still…they are YUMMY!…I watched The Little Mermaid that Kuya Neal gave me and I also watched Elf…one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, I had no idea how my sister knew that I was looking for that movie! Ask everyone here, I was really looking for that movie…but then no one here was selling it…not even when it was near Christmas time…but I watched it…and already listened to The Little Mermaid soundtrack a million times, I use my new Mermaid HUGE pen as my new pen to write in my journal, and my VOLLEYBALL, I already pumped it up, and named it Sebastian, and wrote: STOLEN FROM: Charity P******* [Sebastian] on it. And I listened to the music that my brother sent me…and OoOoOoOoO…it reminded me of getting "care packages" when I was in MBA…I felt so loved, and the my roomies and Eddie were even shocked to get stuff from home too…it was such a happy day! Can you imagine a world without Twix and M&M's…yeah…it's impossible…they don't sell Twix here and the M&M's are SO expensive since it's imported…so it was a taste of heaven to have those again. :) So thank you Ate, Ading, Sarah and Gayle! I love you all so MUCH! Thank you for not forgetting me! Es and Leah…I put the picture that you didn't use for your Christmas tree up by the pictures that I have of you two on my wall. :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Well, as everyone knows…yeah…I'm not much one who likes Valentines Day…but I wanted to change my mind about that…so I went out and socialized with everyone. And we had wanted to go out with a group of friends and eat out for Valentines Day at the end of the day when all the activities had died down…but then, we didn't…but I did go out with Jyn & Eddie, and Joy…and we went to eat at a steak house…and the place was SO full…and the service was so slow, but it was A LOT of fun! Sucks that I didn't have my camera…my friend was suppose to give it back to me at 5:pm…but she didn't. She needed it for her community thingy that was at 1-5:pm…I don't know what happened…oh well…I will NOT dwell on that. How was everyone's valentines day? I want to know…:)

Well, I better go now…guess what?! It's only THIRTY SEVEN more days until I get to go home! FUN FUN FUN! I'm soooo excited…! Oh yeah…Happy Sabbath everyone! :)

"I would have giving you all of my heart, but there's someone who's torn it apart, and he's taken all that I have…"

Have a super duper fun day!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Remember that songs that goes...

"99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer! Take one down...pass it around...98 bottles of beer on the wall...." yeah...iono...i'm juss wondering if you remember that song...:)

"i'm juss a girl with a crush on you!"
"Girl: *going down the stairs and drops her phone*
Guy: *coming up the stairs and makes a quick move and catches the phone*
Girl: Thank you!
Guy: Akala ko "text you!"
(guy is the definition in the dictionary for HOTTIE!!!)

you had to be there to know makes you heart feel all kilig!!! jejejee.....
Well, right now, i'm waiting for my friend Jenny to pick me up because i'm suppose to go to her house...but the brother borrowed the car...which i don't understand since he has his own car...oh well...iono how things go on there...

Last night we were suppoes to have a game see, Eddie and Jyn thought up of having game nights every so often...because we miss them so much at home...and now people want them all the time! They are actually a lot of fun...but we need more games...we're running out...i can't belive that people here don't really have game nights...they never even though of them...but like i said, we were SUPPOSE to have game night...but the guys (but eddie) flaked out on Me, Jyn, Joy, Eddie, Jenny, Ron went to go out to eat at this REALLY cheap place but the best place to eat called "blue corner" such GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOD chicken! I'm so swear! Then we went back to our places and me and jyn and joy had a "movie night" in the a really suckie movie...but oh well...i love my roomies :)

well if i'm correct, i think i have 43 more days...right? I think that's right...yep...can't wait! and i HEARD that some of my relatives will be here TOMORROW!!! on the 12th...i hope i get to see them, i'm so excited...even though i'll be going home tomorrow...i really want to see someone that i know from home...Eddie and Manang Zel is a comfort here...but you all know what i mean right?! i go...i am SOOOOOOO craving some sour gummy worms right now...i've always been a gummy candy freak huh? But i really really want some now...and there's nothing that i can do about this sucks...!!! oh well...and life goes on...

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hello All!

So right now I am sitting here on my bed, and it's 9:43am…and I have class at 10:30am…but I feel as if I can't move my body…and moving my fingers to type does NOT count since it doesn't take that much energy to move your fingers…I juss got out of a "shower/bath…" you know what?! You can't really call them a shower or a bath…you know what I mean right?! I mean, all you Filipino's that are reading this right now know what I mean right…you use a "tabu…." A shower is when you stand under a shower thingy…and a bath is when you fill up the bath tub and juss soak up the WARM /HOTwater…no that's not what we have here…we have the tabu…jejeje…it's funny when you think of it…but when you have to experience it EVERY SINGLE DAY…it's SO not funny! J But look at me, I'm still smiling….kasi I'm thinking "adventure, adventure, adventure" (right Ebola!? all had to be there to understand! J) The water these days are SO freezing because the weather is "cold!" I say "cold" with parentheses because I know that compared to home it's actually warm…but for here it's cold…and then when you are used to the hot humid, sometimes dry weather…when the weather becomes even just a lil cold, then it's COLD…and so yeah…and there is no hot water…I don't understand why people can't have those water heater thingys…it would make their life so much more easier…and I think it has something to do with living longer I think…jejejeje…at least I know that I will live longer with hot water! I so can't wait until I get home…I will take a LONG shower followed by a HOT bath! J

Well last night I went to my friend Jenny's house and it's a really nice house. Reminded me of home for a moment. Except I would like carpet, she said that she is more of a wooden floor…yeah…I like my carpet…can't do without my carpet…since AT HOME I juss like to lay down where ever I am and do my homework…take a nap…play with Precious and the such…I miss that…here I know that I can't do that…first off I don't have a house here to just lay down anywhere…and second off…it's not carpet it's tile.
OoOoOoO…I miss the hair dryers! I can do with one right now! Juss saying…I HATE it when my hair is wet for a long time and it's cold…yep I hate it. Oh well…I'm going home soon.

What's my next class? Oh yeah…biological science. A fun class…but so far away. I like how it doesn't start until 10:30am…but it sucks that it's raining right now. But oh well…oh! Do you smile in the rain…or do you cry? Do you walk with your head down not looking at anyone in the rain…or do you look at people and smile? I guess it's all in the personality on what you do. Rain can make the day seem so depressing…oh well…I still smile in the rain…you know actually I think that it can be quite healing to dance and sing in the rain. I remember there was this one time in high school where I was SO down and I felt like my world was falling all around me, and no one was there to…blah blah blah…you know that feeling…yeah…this was in NAJA actually…but I actually went outside from class once and my lil friend was there and I gave her a lil concert of singing and dancing in the rain…it was really healing. Oh! I remember when I was so hurt, I use to juss sit outside in the freezing cold Northern California rain and freeze…just like my frozen heart, oy! Diba?! Pinakapoetic ako! J jejejeje….

"…And though you are invisible…I trust the unseen…I cry out with not reply and I can't feel you by my side, so I look inside to what I know, and you're here, and I'm never alone!" Such a happy song….isn't it…Listen to it one day…it's called "Never Alone" by the Barlow Girls.  My sister gave me the song before I left to come here to the Philippines. 

Well, I should get ready for class…make myself all pretty and stuff…jejejeje…J But my hair is still wet! And it's raining! I'm gonna get pneumonia! Cross your fingers I won't! Well, I love you all…and I miss you muchoness!


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Monday, February 5, 2007

48 days.

Well, it has been a while since I actually sat down and took time to write an update on my oh so interesting life here in the Philippines…and I know that all of you are interested in how I'm doing, just like I'm interesting in how you all are doing, but since the internet connection here sucks sitting ducks…I can't go on each of your pages to assure myself that you all still exist in my life. I guess this is where "faith" comes in…and Im juss going to have to believe that all of you are okay, doing well, and happy, and not a dream in my world of unreality…and not have any satisfaction of knowing that for sure...and all I can do is pray and hope that you are. I miss you all so much, I hope that you all know that.

My brother told me that it's not a secret anymore of when I'm going home…although originally I wanted to surprise you all and just show up…but he told me that a lot of people know already…so I guess we can all do that count down together, and be excited that I'm FINALLY GOING HOME! So yeah…what is it?'s 48 more days…so near, yet so far away…and I'm so looking forward to it! This week is our pre-finals…and then finals, and I'm leaving EXACTLY after finals…like finals end on a Friday and I leave that Sunday…I would have left on Saturday, but then for some reason it's "bawal" to leave/travel/do anything really that uses real energy on a Saturday. So I have to leave here (AUP) at 6:am…to get to the airport at 8:am…sucks because my flight doesn't leave until a lil later…well, a lot later like at 10:55am…but you know that whole you-have-to-be-at-the-airport-a-few-hours-before-takeoff thingyamajiggy…so sucks for me…what am I gonna do?! Be bored that's for sure, because I have a lay-over in Taipei for…*drum roll please* TEN FREAKIN' HOURS!!! Hey, at least they have free wi-fi right?! Jejeje…or, I'm gonna be bringing a lot of books to read, or I can find that cute hottie that likes to travel and hope that he has to stay at the airport that long and we can become friends J But yes…that all is going to happen in 48 more days. J

Let me see, I juss got out of my Anaphi class or in other words…A&P or Anatomy and Physiology class…the teacher is so old, his handwriting on the CHALK board is sooo hard to read…but he is a nice teacher…but sometimes it makes me really angry when he makes fun of mentally retarded or mentally challenge kids/babies/people. But he's an alright teacher…my class is from 9:am to 10:30am…and then my next class is at 2:pm…such nice schedule, diba? J But then my next class is Food Production…what the hell is that…jejeje…yep… I can hear you all saying that to yourself even all the way here in the other side of the world…but that would be like a farmer's class…you learn how to PLANT, SOIL, and what time you should plant certain plants…yeah…I didn't want to take that class either…it's a pointless class to me…I think I know how to plant…I'll juss follow the instructions on the back of the seed packet thingy if I ever decided to plant of something…you get me…but yeah…that's my class and then I have Gen-Psych…

Well last Friday I went out with a bunch of my friends…jejeje…I would put up the millions of pictures that we took…but, that's SO time consuming you think…I mean…I'm so swear when I say that connection is SO slow here…and I'm not even lying…so I think you all will have to wait until I have enough patience to put up the picture…or juss wait until I get home…but yeah…we went on Friday…well, we didn't have any class on Thursday because it's Silang Day and my school is in Silang, so we didn't have school, and my two friends that I was suppose to go out with bailed out on me, but that's okay, I had a relaxing day…juss sucks that the guy that I was suppose to hang out with made a fake excuse and was seen in MANILA later on…but I nothing him right now, but we're friends…so I should juss say I "nothing" what he did…that's all…J And then my roomie came in the room and said that my friend Daim wanted to do something tomorrow with everyone, so we got friends and went out…a lot of us…and then later on people got mad at me for not inviting them…what?! I didn't plan anything…! I wasn't the leader…so now I have to plan another "hang-out" thingy and invite the whole school…naw…juss jowking…I was a lil sad though, coz people made it seem as if it was my fault that they weren't invited to come…I can't ever make everyone happy, and I'm so tired of trying…but you know what…I keep trying anyways…and I keep failing…so sorry to all of you who I have failed to make happy…it's all my fault. Wow…what am I doing…pitying myself…what a pathetic person I am! J

Well Saturday Me, Jyn, Joy and Eddie had a picnic at Friendship park. It was a lot of fun in spite of the windy weather…it was fun. We had beef loaf…this really good sardines cooked with something else, chocolate, J raspberry ice tea, rice, tuna, watermelon, fruit cocktail…and we took a lot of pictures of that too…it was fun…hey everyone back home…we should have a picnic…they are fun…or lets juss go to a "real" park and have fun, like last time in the Benicia Park…remember that one (those of you who came)…I had a lot of fun. J Then we went to the mall because there was a big sale and I brought two new shirts…and these wicked looking earrings for my sister…and lip gloss…and punas (tissue)…I would have gotten more stuff…but I trying to try this new thing of trying to NOT spend money…well a lot of money at one time…and so yeah. J

Sunday I had another "quiet" day…of relaxation…sorta…I'm not even gonna go into…lets juss say my house helper pissed the shit out of me! You get my point…?! Yeah…I'm over that now…You know how I don't get mad all that much…and if I do…it's something big…well…yeah…that…but hey…I didn't blow up though…I was a good girl and kept it all to myself…so I will continue doing that.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what BLEACH is for? I thought it's for your clothes that you want to keep white…or if you want to bleach your hair or your teeth or something…but bleach is for something to WHITEN or something right? So why is the house helper bleaching our clothes…and I mean ALL our clothes…I was wondering why clothes were fading VERY fast! I found out that she BLEACHES ALL OF OUR CLOTHES…our black clothes, colored clothes as well as white clothes…I guess it's back to washing our own clothes…yeah…I still need to dye my clothes…because I'm walking around with faded looking clothes as if I can't get more clothes…I couldn't figure it out…I really couldn't until I asked…the power of asking questions do so much, you think? You learn so much from it. Maybe that's why I'm always asking questions, always talking…then why am I not as smart as I wish I could be…? J

Whoa…I juss re-read what I wrote…yeah…that "bad" thing that happened last Sunday has NOTHING to do with my last paragraph…it's a whole different topic, has nothing to do with that terrible Sunday…okay? Yeah…juss had to clarify that.

Can I please cry now...the internet is so slow...that my tears won't make a difference...i want to go home now.

Well, I think I'm gonna head inside now and eat lunch…I miss you all so much…I love you all a lot too…remember FORTY-EIGHT more days! I'm soo counting! J


Hey Kuya Stephen...
I hear your going lucky butt! I"m so jealous...we miss each other by so when is the next time i'm gonna see you...or hear from you? i thought you said that you would keep in touch...what happend? I wrote you so many times...e-mail, snail takes two to make "keep in touch" f'realz insan...i miss you. Wish i could be home when you are...don't forget me....
always your insan,
(sorry, i had to write like this...i can't go on your page anymore for some all seriousness...iono why...write me a message though, i can answer that. I'd love to hear from you.)

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