Thursday, December 15, 2016

DIY Christmas Bell.

Yay! Today we FINALLY completed our Christmas Bell ornaments for our parents! I think that they turned out super cute and I love them so much! They were super easy to make and I think that this might be a Christmas project that I am going to make with my DollGirl this year when we are on break.

I spray painted the clay pots red and green and then I allowed the children to "paint" the pot with metallic/glitter glue. Then I gave them various things that they could glue on as well-buttons, winter sequins, pompom balls, and glitter. I did give it a quick spray of sealing varnish and wrote their names inside the bell and also attached a bell inside. And I also added a tag with one of my favorite quotes on it. I think they turned out amazing...and I hope that the parents will love them!

Now I just have to get the Children to finish decorating their gift bags so that I can wrap/bag these babies up! :)