Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm serious.

hello wonderful people out there that is reading this! feel free to contact me at my e-mail address instead of on myspace. I'm serious when i say that i don't go on this thing all the time. My e-mail is princesspinay@hotmail.com juss dont' get mad at me if you tell me something on here and i don't respond. but i still love you all SO much!! *kisses* (if you have my cell, call me, if i don't answer, i'll get a hold of you somehow...)
*Kuya, do you have my number?! please e-mail me...i have this need to know how you are doing...and through other people doesn't count!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


wow...that brings a lot of memories! T.G.I.F, is where i met Jack! jejeje...juss something random, kasi i felt like it!
but f'realz already, i really do thank God that it's Friday, and lucky me i don't have school on Monday and i don't have to go into work, now thati'm i'm sad, i don't know about you, but i'm one of those people who LOVE what they are doing, and i'm sad that i don't have to go in, but yeah, that's juss me.

juss thought to write up another blog, iono why though, juss thought i wanted to, but i dont' even know what to say...but when does that ever happen?!
you know what!? sometimes i do some very embarrassing things that i don't remember! jejeje...juss talking about that to my best friend, damn, i can get so hyped up that i don't know what i'm doing...maybe unconciosly that's why i don't get drunk...jejeje...kasi if i'm that hyper when i'm NOT drunk, what more when i AM drunk...jejeje...but i dont' drink, so i don't have any worries in that area. :)

damn! it's so cold, my hands are frozen, well, not really...juss saying, and i thought that i survived winter! goodness...i survived winter, only to realize that it's spring thats gonna freeze me! i can't wait to go back to asia...it's nice and warm there! im swear i was one of the VERY few people who actually used a blank when i slept in the philippines, actually TWO! jejeje...me and my blankets and pillows and stuff animalls...jejeje...but wow, the memories of the weather there in Philippines and Thailand make me wanna be there NOW, well, i ALWAY wanna be there! but that is a different story.

i really need to redo my nails...but *wow* i don't feel like it, so maybe i'll juss leave it the two-toned pink with glitters on. But i'm singing tommarow in front of church! oh well...who care, they can either look at my nails and ignore me, or they can listen to my song, and ignore my nails, either way, i'm singing, jejeje...but yeah, the little girl at my work liked my nails. Damn! i love kids!

damn! i'm cold...sorry, its like in my mind, my mind is feeling like it's freezing! and i juss talked to my best friend and she said that it's snowing where she is! and it doesn't really snow where she is...goodness...okay, think SUN, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND! jejeje...i'm cold!
but yeah...this is long enough i think, well, another note to my kuya before i go, i know you read my blogs kasi i juss know it. :) but i was right, diba?! but write me please, i miss you a lot. i really do...and i wanna know how your doing.

"Miss Charlie (it's so cute how toddlers pronounce my name!) can you play with me?!" --Eric

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Monday, February 13, 2006

...again and again... I fall in love!

damn i love them kids...i really do! im swear i see one i fall in love again! i love working with them, and being with them, and teaching them...i love them so much! :) jejeje...well, thas all, i juss felt like putting up a new blog...juss because i felt like it...
oh yeah...hi...
Kuya, i know that you read my blogs...WRITE ME!!!! WHAT ARE YOU UP TOO!!?! :) I love you...

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Friday, February 3, 2006

confused emotions.

Hm...you know there are those times where you juss feel SAD...and you don't even know WHY...or if there is even a REASON to even BE sad?! well, there are a lot of reason to be sad...but why?! i mean, i know why...but why?! okay, i'm not making any sense...anymore!!! i feel sad for some reason...okay...let me make a list of why i should be happy...well, i am happy, something is hurting my heart right now though, and i don't know why...

i have friends
my best friend is coming home this weekend
my friends are coming in october (maybe)
the weekend is FINALLY here
I get to play with babies later on
my sister is gonna be coming home again
my sister bought a house!!!!!
none of my pillows/blankets/stuff animals OR me...fell off my bed this morning...jejeje
i had applesauce and blueberries
I get to see my home friends tommarow

i think i know what it is...i miss my past friends and family that are gone. hm...that's what heaven for right? i'll see them again...hm...was the date again?! oh yeah...yeah...

"happy thoughts!!!" jejejee

okay...i'm going now.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

do NOT turn off the lights

The teacher turned the lights off to get the class's attention. It was dark. Pitch dark...and there was a glass door. I screamed. The end.

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