Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Just walk across the room...."

So I went down south to Loma Linda area this past few days and I juss got back...but there was this one phrase that stuck in my head since yesterday (Saturday)..."Just walk across the room..."

How many times have you had the opportunity to "juss walk across the room..." to make a new friends, to meet someone new, to make someone feel more comfortable in yourgroup of friends? Think about this...

"What if twenty steps across a room could change your friend's forever?"
Well, last Saturday I went to my sister's church in'm not sure if that was spellled right, but however it's spelled I went there and they weere having this evangelistical thingy that you could juss walk across the room and meet someone new and you never know what will happen.

Here, let me try to paint the situation for you:

You are with your feel comfortable around them...joking around, laughing, having "chicka-chicka" and juss having a good time...and then at the courner of your eye something catches your eye...someone sitting all alone in the empty part of the room, squirming because they feel uncomfortable. You know that that person see's you...but you get the feeling that that person is too shy to walk up too a group of "loud" people and strike up a what do you do?
As for me, I KNOW that i have been in that situation before. I have been in both sides of the situations. Yeah, I sure that most of you will juss ASSUME that I'm this bubbly, out-going girl that can walk up to just about anyone and introduce myself and start talking...NOT TRUE. There were times where I was that lone person wishing that someone would juss come up too me and say something...anything to get me out of that miserable situation of being lonely in an unknown place...

Then I also have been the one in the "loud" crowd with my wandering eye noticing that person that sits by themselves....looking like s/he juss wants to leave because everyone seems to be having fun, and they are juss to shy to walk up to that group to strike up a conversation.

In those situations...I know that I have done one of two things...go up to that poor person and TRY to strike up a conversation with them...or I juss hope and pray that someone will have mercy on that poor person and talk to them...not really wanting to leave MY comfort zone to meet someone who I have not idea who they are.

However, I think that I want to change that. I want to be that person that goes up to that lonely person and talk to them...make them feel comfortable. I know that I have done my share of "good deeds" but I think that I should go and do that EVERYTIME I have that opportunity. I mean, this could be the ONLY time that I would see that person. And going up to that person could change everything...
We all know that different choices in our life changes our life that much. And it all depends what those choices are that will define what our lives will be.

My sister has been telling me all week that "you never know what is going to happen." She juss attended a funeral of a friend, and I think that it made her think that life can be snatched in a moment, and you won't have that time to go and find that person that you brushed off and tell them "hi." A simple "hi" can mean the world to someone...and it can change the course of your life. Maybe it won't change your's....maybe it won't change that persons...but who's worth a try though, right? There's no time like right now to get something done. Don't let the opportunities walk pass you...

"Just walk across the room...."

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