Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello Everyone.

Hello to those of you who read my blogs…I'm superness sorriness that I haven't been keeping my blog up…it's been almost forever, but not quite since I've written a blog. The last time I wrote a blog was when I was home, and that seems ages ago…3 months seem so far away. It's funny how my 2 months there seemed to pass so fast, yet when I come here the days slowed down and now two months seem like 2 years…can you imagine THREE months here! *laughs* Well, anyhow Imma try to catch everything up to date…won't be as accurate or anything, but I'll say the main points and stuff…

Lets see, I came back here to the Philippines on the 28th right of May…well, that was because I had to enroll on time and if I didn't enroll on time, then I wouldn't get the class that I wanted, because the enrolling here is a very extremely long process…I was sorta disappointed because I wanted to leave a little later because I wanted to attend my cousin's wedding, but then everyone was saying that if I returned here on the 6th of June, then I wouldn't get the classes that I wanted…ended up they were lying…and I didn't enroll until the 8th of June and the classes that I wanted were all open…so I could have stayed…so I'm pretty bitter about that…but oh well, it's the past, and so what can I do but move forward.

I was pretty excited to see my roomies again. Oh and Eddie. Eddie has helped me survive this place…he's a great person and I'm so lucky to have him as my cousin. He's a big help…but yeah, I was excited to see my roomies again after being home again. I had thought that we were gonna be moved out of our Dihilig Faculty house, but ended up that the place that we were going to move into was still occupied. After two weeks we finally moved into the new place….and oh my goodness that was a big work to do in itself! The road and hole in the wall that leads to our place was closed because the school is such an we had to CLIMB the wall with all our stuff…yeah, a concrete wall…it was possible with the help of the guys that were helping us. I swear if the guys weren't helping us, then we would still be in the process of moving! It was hot and we had a lot of stuff!

Anyhow, we are now in our new place for about 2 months now and it's an experience in itself. We have a small ass apartment that we live in. I so swear, my room is as tiny as my bathroom at home was! VERY tiny…you don't walk around in the room, you are juss in the room. So basically the only place that you can actually get comfortable in is the bed…which is the biggest free space in my room. And it's not even a twin size bed…it's smaller! Not complaining though because at least I have my own space. The other girls share a room…as big as my room, they have a bunk bed in their room, well so do I, but I sleep on the top, and I keep the bottom bunk like a place where to store everything at.

Living with my roomies as housemates is something different. It really is different. Where as in the other house we all lived in the same room and we lived with someone who did everything for us…which I was NOT used too…we now have to do everything ourselves…which is something I'm more used too. Well, we have someone to do our laundry (all by hand!!) we were doing it ourselves…but then this girl (she is actually our friend who is a working student) said that if she didn't work extra hours then she couldn't go to school here…we wanted to be independent…and stuff…we had so much offers for a house maid, but we turned them all down, because we weren't used to having a housemaid and we didn't want a housemaid! But yeah…everything else we do on our own. I mainly cook and clean the kitchen…amazing huh, considering the fact that I hate those two jobs…but not much people who like to do it here, so someone has to do it. It's a lot different living with housemates than roommates. Jyn and Joy are amazing people though…but there is the pro's and con's….

Well, I juss realized that the last time I wrote here was when I was 21…now I'm 22…jejejeje…nothing biggie…but yeah. My birthday passed with nothing special. Eddie had duty and everyone that invited to go out didn't come…so I did go out with my roomies. I love my roomies…Eddie bought me a cake…that was yummy…nothing that great and special…but oh well…I didn't expect much anyways. Oh yeah, my favourite saying now is… "Never assume, never expect….that way you won't be disappointed."

Well, Eddie is now 21. It was pretty cool…thanks too all of you who took time to record happy birthday on my camera when I was home. He loved it. We decorated the apartment up for him…and got him the yummiest chocolate cake…and there were other surprises as well. He loved the recordings of people from home saying happy birthday. So many, many thanks to everyone who helped me with that. I think that it's on…if you all wanna see it…

Speaking of which…not that I'm the one who should be endorsing anything…check out eddie's youtube stuff…with his group The Adobo Boys…I know that there are a few more videos that he added…you might be able to see my play that I had to do with my class…uhg…that was so headache! I had to speak Tagalog…and I can speak it, but it's a pain reading it! And I wasn't suppose to be the one who was suppose to be reading the tagalog…so I had to do it on the spot…and my gosh…me and my American accent! Oh yeah, and the video was made at my apartment…so you can sorta see my house…and how tiny it is…it's more decorated now… *laughs* but yeah…go to and search for the "The Adobo Boys"…or

School is okay…I mean, I live off campus and so we have to walk to school now…well, I had to do that before…but now we have to climb and jump the cement wall. At first that was weird and hard to do, but now you get used to it so it's not that bad…the guys here have placed wooden pegs to help for footing and stuff…so it's not that hard…but at first it was pretty scary…it's either climb the wall or walk an extra mile to school…and who likes to do that when class starts at 7:30am…and that starts! Not when you have to start walking…!! *laughs* can't argue that I don't get enough exercise here, right?!

I really like Josh Groban…and he's coming here to the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Philippines in two months. I'm seriously thinking of going to the concert. I really want to go. I know that my sister has gone to his concert twice I think that it was and I really want to go to his concert, and so when Jyn told me that he was coming here, I want to go. It's during my semester break…and so I think that it's do-able…there are a few concerts that are happening here…so that will be fun to go too.

Well, I don't have my cat anymore. That devastated me more than anything, since I really loved my cat a lot. We were having a lot of arguments with the neighbors and so I had to give Miles away…NOT FAIR! They have 50 billion cats…and I'm not allowed to have one. Miles doesn't even cause any problems, he would sleep with me at night…and he liked to stay in the house a lot…but he would go out at times too…it was either give him away or have them poison him. I would rather have him alive than dead, right?! That's always the better thing…but it's tore something inside of me to give him away. Yeah, you might think that I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but try coming to a new place with NO ONE. You find comfort in the littlest things…sorta like "Wilson" in Cast Away…never saw that movie though, but so I hear…

I did buy myself two fishes on my birthday…gold fan-tailed fish. One was Michelangelo and the other Trisanna. Trisanna died the second day…so I didn't get attached to her (yeah, I know I don't know the genders! But oh well…) And I had Michelangelo for awhile…he was a fun fish…he made me laugh because he was very active and he liked to follow your finger…when I gave Miles away though, I was so sad, that my roomie got me another fish a blue garami…basically it's a blue fish…very pretty…especially with my gold/orange Michelangelo…the guy that she got it from said that they can live together…but then within a day…Donatello (the blue garami, yes, I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!)  had attacked Michelangelo so badly that he died. Which made me soooo sad…I wanted Donatello to die too…but then, he's my fish and so I was like I can grow to like him. A few days later my roomie got me two more fish, two Angel Fish…they are beautiful. And yes, you guessed their names…Rafael and Leonardo. But I put then in separate tanks…Rafael and Leonardo in one and then Donatello in another…until my roomie assured me that Donatello wouldn't kill Rafael and Leo. Well, so I put Donatello with the other two and then went to go eat lunch…when I checked up on the less than an hour later…Leo was dead and Rafael was swimming frantically away from Donatello…so I had to separate the two and Eddie did the honors of flushing Leo down the toilet. So now Donatello's other name is Killer. I do miss Michelangelo though…

Lets see what has been happening…well school has been called off a lot since it has been raining and raining and raining…like none stop. What separates us from school is a river and the cement wall…the river is like a rapids river, I'm sooo swear! And it's not a pretty blue color it's a brown color…like a big chocolate rushing river…pretty scary to walk by. Eddie who lives a few doors down from us and has lived there for about 3 years now, says that the river will swell until you can touch it…yeah…something I would rather not do. We live on the second floor and I would like to keep the river away from me. He said that it wouldn't get that high…but still it's pretty scary to look down our balcony and see the rushing river…if there is a landside…goodbye everyone! Naw…I know that I shouldn't joke like that…but that's basically how it goes.

I'm so bored. We can't go out the rain is non-stop and right now, I'm dying from boredom! You know me, restless as they come…but I can't even do anything about it! I'm sick and tired of watching movies on my laptop and movie shows and juss writing letters. It gets old after awhile. Me and one of my roomies wanted to go out yesterday even though it was raining, and so we attempted to go out…we didn't even make it to the gate! We were soaking wet through and through and it wasn’t fun at all. We were really really , REALLY wet…our umbrella's didn't help at all…water was in our shoes and our clothes were so heavy from the rain. So we had to turn back and go back home and make HOT soup and drink it…it was pretty cold for the Philippines. Our shoes and clothes are still wet because they have not drying machines here and we can't put our clothes out to dry because it won't dry since it's raining…oh such miserableness…! Hopefully it will pass soon before I go insane.
Well, I miss home a lot. I miss everything about home and I'm SOOOO sad about everything that I'm missing at home. I know that there are so much stuff that I'm missing out of…and if I stop long enough to think about it…it gets me super sad, so I don't think about it. But still it's still there in the back of my mind. I think that it's harder to not miss home this year because I know that I won't be home for awhile, and I know that when I do go home, it's not going to be the same. But I can't really dwell on that…I'm making memories here…but I really really really miss home…so everyone at home…know that I'm missing you all there.

Well, the last weekend…me and my friend Jo went with a couple of guys to look at houses…the houses were really really nice…maybe not as nice as back at home…but pretty nice…and huge…the rooms I have to say were "Philippines size" since they were really tiny…but the houses were huge. And the guys were hot! Some were models! Okay…maybe not hot…but they were pretty good looking if I have to say so myself…and this coming from me! *laughs* if you know me, you know what I mean. *smiles* The condo's were really as well…very nice…for one person though…but very nice. If you wanna look at what I'm talking about, I think that they have a website… Check it out if you want…the houses are near a golf course and you know how nice golf courses can be. It's really neat and awesome…I miss doing random things like that. Me and Jo juss went to Starbucks juss to go and when we left there were these guys who came up to us…yeah, I know we should get in the car with strangers…but they seemed legit and we were bored already from being couped up for so long! But I promise that I'll be careful…next time we might not be so lucky…but we were safe.

I'm still trying to figure out what is fun here in the Philippines…going to the mall isn't all that great fun when you do it all the time. I want to know where everything else that's fun to do is. When you ask the native people around here…their fun is different from my (or any other foreigners) kind of fun…but that is to be expected. There really isn't that much fun to do here…so you have to make the fun…and sometimes its juss not fun anymore when you are always the one who is planning everything, so you don't have as much fun because you are making sure that everyone else is having fun. If you know what I mean. Gosh, to be home for one week…then I can come back here and be okay. Oh well…and life keeps going.

Well, Imma go now…Miss you all so much! ::hugs and kisses::

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