Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Postcards going out!

I can't believe that this year is coming to an end soon! I'm excited for new adventures and I'm glad that I heard about Postcrossing, because I am truly having a fun time with it! :)

This gorgeous postcard of Kaneohe will be going to Natalie who lives in Slovakia. She had written me asking if we could do a direct swap and, of course, I agreed! She had written that she enjoys to travel, hike, nature, mountains, views, landscapes, scenery, beaches, oceans...just to name a few and so I decided to send her this postcard since it had a scenery view of the mountains and the ocean! And it's nature. :) She also write that she wanted to know some simple sentences in (your) language "except English." The problem with that is that is speak English, so I told her how to say Merry Christmas (Mele Kalikimaka) and Happy New Year (Hau 'oli makahiki hou) in Hawaiian! :)

This is another direct swap postcard going out to Italy to a young gentleman named Gabriele. He wrote that he has five big passions and they are: Music, Food, Movies, Manga, and Traveling. He never mentioned what kind of postcards that he wanted, so I decided to send him a postcard with my favorite beach on it! On his profile, he asks very specific questions that he would like to be answered. Favorite food, song, and book, any instruments played, and about our city. I did tell him that I loved this beach and why, I told him my favorite food and the instruments that I play...I did mention to him that I couldn't just pick ONE song, but I did tell him the genre of music that I liked.

This postcard is on it's way to Australia to a young man named Jeffrey. I would LOVE to visit Australia one day! One of the things that he wrote on his profile was that he wanted a vintage postcard of people in their everyday lives-at home, at work, at leisure, commuting, shopping, and so I believe that this a perfect postcard for him :)

Gonny from Netherlands had a REALLY REALLY long profile, but from what I got from it was that she wanted a postcard with types of people in [your] country..and then she wrote a lengthy list of the types of people she would like. She was VERY specific about not wanting any city view postcards! And other kind of postcards. But I hope that she likes this postcard and it doesn't offend her too much!

On a side note, I hope that people realize that when they put SO MUCH demand on the type of postcard that they like to receive, at least for me, it makes me not enjoy writing as much. Don't get me wrong, I still do enjoy it, but it just makes me nervous about the postcard that I do choose. Did I choose right?! Will I offend them?! I can understand if someone was like "no gory postcards" or none of something they have a phobia of...but super detailed demands make me blah. (I absolutely HATE/DETEST/ABHOR spiders, but if someone decides that they want to send me a postcard with a spider, I'm not going to be mad.) I think it's another look into that person who sent you the postcard of their decision of which postcard to send you. I should just have blank postcards for those who are super specific and  just say something like,"didn't have any postcards that you wanted...feel free to draw what you want here" or something like that! No, that would be mean though. To each his own!

This beautiful bird of paradise flower postcard will be sent to Bernard of France! He mentioned that he likes flowers, and I'm all about flowers. He did say that he didn't like leis and "hair on soup"...not quite sure of what "hair on soup" means...but I sure don't have any of those kind of postcards! I hope that he likes this one though! :)

And there they are ! I pray that these postcards reach their destinations and that everyone is happy with the postcard that they got!