Saturday, October 15, 2011

I did it!

I did it! And the excitement that I actually did it is still coursing though my blood and  veins! I did it! I made it! I did the swim challenge race at Ko'olina! And I didn't even come in last...but even if I did...I wouldn't care...because I did it...and I am so happy and proud of myself. All the swimming in the morning paid off because I did it...and wow...the feeling is great!

I even got myself a medal...I did it. I, Charity, swam all four lagoons and ran the distance between all less than 30 mins...I am going to do it next year and see if I can beat my time. If I keep up my swimming in the mornings...I should be able too. Oh, I can't wait. I love this feeling. I did it. I swam the race...and I didn't die at the end. I did it. And I am so happy for myself. I did it. :)

This picture I got from [] and is the overhead view of the race beautiful, no?! :)

My sister came and took, these are from her...

Kaleo, the one who taught me to swim and one of the many who encouraged me that I can do it. I took swimming lessons when I was what?! 10 years old...but Kaleo was the one who put the love of swimming in the open ocean and he taught me how to swim like a professional! *laughs*
My brother [in-law] is another person who encourages me that I can do it...he  joined the race for me so that i don't have to race alone...and I am sooooo appreciative to him because swimming isn't his forte...he made me laugh because he said that his goal was to NOT let that lady behind him beat him! *laughs* he's a runner...not a swimmer so I am proud of him.
My brother, Jeremy...I am so glad that he was able to swim today...because for two weeks he was unable to even go to work because he had a really bad staff infection on his face! I felt bad because the pink swim cap was really pushing on it...but look at him! He finished! Even though he...
...nearly couldn't make it home at the end! But I didn't blame him. He usually swims 3-4 times a week...but he couldn't these last two weeks...and today was the first time he swam since his infection...and it wasn't even totally healed...well, it basically was...but he finished...and I am proud of him.
*laughs* Look at me in my pink cap! Oh, how I hated wearing that damn thing...but I'm here doing my final run to the finish line...I hope I never forget this feeling of accomplishment that I did it...I did it!
I was so exhausted and I remember that it took nearly the rest of my strength to lift my hands up. I loved it because on my last run, I thought I wasn't going to make it...and I remember thinking just keep moving, your not done yet, just keep moving, your not done yet the whole way...and half way to the finish line this other guy joined me and was running next to me [I stopped running like 2 years I am not a runner anymore...I am a swimmer and I was dying! *laughs*] and he was encouraging me the whole way...only 50 more can do it...I'm right here with you...don't give up...I'm right here with you and I was so thankful for him. I didn't know the guy...but he was with me and hugged me that I made it. And at the end I got my medal and the wonderful feeling of "I FUCKING DID IT!" washed in me, over me, through me...all over me. I did it!
We all did it. Kuya Neal, Jeremy, Kaleo, and I...we all did it...and I am so proud of us. Now, when's the next race?! :)

NEVER give up or else how would you know if you could WIN?? How can you cross the finishline if you stop running?! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Swims.

So, my swim race is coming up soon! And I'm super's only 12 more days until my race...and even though I swim the distance [and more] 6 days out of 7 days a week...I'm still pretty stoked that I'm going to be swimming in a race...hopefully nothing bad happens that I can't swim it...but yeah...

So yeah, every morning I go swimming at the Y...and sometimes I feel like going and sometimes I don't feel like going...but I go...and my workout motto?! Don't stop when I'm tried...stop when I'm finished...and I keep repeating in my head "I'm not finished yet...keep going...juss keep going" in my head over and over again while I'm swimming. I hurt my shoulder a few days ago...and so I can feel it when I'm swimming...but hopefully it will go away...because I really am looking forward to this race.

There this really REALLY cute lifeguard at the pool. I consider myself a very friendly person, and so it's pretty cool because we're like a little family at the pool, if someone [who is a normal show up at 6:in the morning] doesn't come, we know it...and the next time they show up, we are concerned for them. It's like a mini family...and we all know which ones to share lanes with if we have too, well we ALL have to share lanes if someone asks...just we know who really wouldn't mind...*laughs* And who leaves early, and we all know how we move around and shift...of something like that...

...but that guard...on wow! I wish I had the guts to talk to him! He is friendly, he makes me laugh...but when it comes to cute guys, oh mandope, I get shy! *laughs* Well, not even if they are cute or not, but I just don't like any attention to if anyone gives me attention, I get all shy. *laughs*...and this guy knows us regulars and is really friendly...but he's young, and I'm young...and the others who come to the pool are all yes, I get shy...but yeah, a really cute lifeguard...sweet too, coz if there is a frog in the pool, he warns me or tries to get it out of my lane before I hop in...he knows I don't like swimming frogs...but who does?! :)

Well, it's my turn to shower was good swim this morning.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Friends.

So, I saw an "old" friend today. I sorta grew up with her...but more like she is my sister's best friend. I know that they rarely get to see each other, but I know that they keep in touch a lot. It's good to have friends. And as the days pass by, and I look back in life, I remember my friends...some aren't my friends anymore, and some are, and some I'm not as close with anymore...and some I remember and cringe. *laughs*

It makes me smile when I think back to the time where I remember my "older" friends...the people the I grew up with. Now that we have's good to see those people that I grew up with. I seriously think that without the internet...and social networks like facebook, I probably will still be wondering how my "old" friends are doing...but thanks to the social networks...I get to keep "in touch" with them.

It's fun writing them and hearing from them. It's pretty cool to see where we all ended up...goodness we were so cool back then...and we still are! *laughs* We have all gone our different ways though and even though we are a lot different from each other now...we all have that one connection...growing up together. We tell each other that it's a good thing that we did grow up together, or else, in our "grown-up state" we wouldn't probably get to know each other since we hang out in different in different places, hang out with different people and the such...and our, they are different. *laughs* But it's good to see an "old" friend...the stories we reminisce together, the laughter, the promises that we'll keep in better touch [but knowing that we probable wouldn't NOT because we don't want too, but because that's just how life is].

I think the fun kind of friendship are the friends that you made during your childhood/teenage can never go back and make more of those friends...but you can always go back and have lunch with those people who helped shape you.

Yep, "old friends"...the friends that knew me when my fashion was sooooo cool. *laughs*

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I actually know a lot of people here...but that is a lot different from knowing knowing know what I mean?! Like I know who they are...but I can't say that I know who they are. Yeah, I know what I mean...*laughs* friend Allie wanted her friends to get with my friends and just have fun she planned this sundown worship at Sherman Beach in Waimanalo at 5:30pm. family went to Island Snow first to get shave ice. I love shave ice. I usually get mine with ice cream and a snow cap...which is just a lot of condensed milk on top of the shave ice...but the flavors I got was Snawzberry [and then the girl suggested that I try it] with Lychee on top of that...and Raspberry [the blue one] and Lilikoi [passion fruit]. It was yummy...but I think the Lilikoi made it super I'll juss get my normal next time with is Raspberry [the blue one], Snawzberry, and Cherry. But I do love shave ice! :)

Then we went to Sherman Beach. No one was there...from our group...but then Tracy and Kaleo showed up after us...Allie ended up being a late, but she brought food and her friends...the park closed at we had to leave. My sister and K.Neal ended up going to see a wedding...Tracy and Kaleo ended up going home and my brother and I ended up going to Allie's house to play games with our new friends. I met 3 new people...and they are really nice. So we ended up staying there for awhile just playing games and eating icecream and just being friends.

It was so funny though because as we were going to Allie's house...we had to follow was her, then this new girl Amanda that we just met and then my brother and I...the other boys were going to follow because they had to go get gas. Anyways, when we were really close to Allie's house, I was like, why is she driving SOOO slow?! And my brother was like is Allie drifting?! Because her car was like enveloped in a cloud of smoke!! But then I saw Allie run out of her car and Amanda was telling her to get away from the car...and my brother yelled at me to yell at Allie to turn off her car...

Turned out something in the radiator was leaking and her engine was getting really hot...and my brother was saying that it could be so hot and pressurized in there that the car would just blow it was good that she turned off her car when she did! We were like 2 minutes away from Allie's house and so my brother said that it was okay to drive to her house...and it was so scary for Allie because it was like she was driving in a cloud of smoke...but it just barely made it to her house. Literally barely coz the second her car touched the driveway, her car died. At least it was towards the side of the driveway so her sister can still back up...but wow, that was scary!

I'm glad that it didn't blow up when Allie was in the car...that would be HORRIBLE! But yeah, Allie said that she would get her car fixed so that's good.

We played the game "The Last Word"...and it was a fun game...but I feel like I have to up my vocabulary! *laughs* I was always freezing and getting stuck on what to say! *laughs* But yeah, I just home a few minutes ago, and so I'm going to sleep, because I think I'll be swimming my mile in the ocean at 6 in the morning, so I need to get myself to sleep! Always good to have new friends!

Beginning of October.

Well, the first thing I will say is that I will write more this month! Yes, that is a goal...but I think already with this post, it's going to be better than I did last month! I seriously didn't realize that I didn't write in my blog for that long until I sat down to do my end of the month recap...oh wow...I wonder if this month will be going as fast as is did last month!

This month, I have to admit, I feel a little sad. I was so looking forward to seeing my parents again. When my parents left to be missionaries...I was crying when I asked my dad..."Daddy, when are you gonna come back to me?!" He told me "October 2011." Well, It's October 2011...and they won't be coming back. I still get teary eyed when I think about that month that they happened so fast...and everything happened so fast that I sometimes think it was all a  bad dream...and the worst part is, I still haven't woken up from in. I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss Baili. I miss Precious. But I guess that is how life goes, ya?! But I won't start this month feeling sad. It will be a good month.

Oh dear, so it's going to be my brother's birthday in...oh! Seven days! Yep! October seven, my baby brother will be adding one more year to his life! I have been looking and wondering what to get him for his birthday...and I think I have decided to get him another hat to his growing collection of hats. He does love his hats. *laughs* But I think I'll be getting him a HI Life hat...a trucker hat...I remember him saying that that was something that he wants...but now, I'm tempted to get myself one too! *laughs* We'll see...

Oh goodness, my sister and Neal's wedding anniversary is on the 5th of this month! Oh my goodness! could I have possibly forget about that...that was one of the most chaotic times in my life! *laughs* But yeah, I know that K.Neal always plans something surprising for her...I wonder what it will be this year.

My parents anniversary is also this month on the 25th. I'm going to miss them so much...I wish that I can throw something for them...I think I'm going to talk to my sister to see if she wants to plan a "ReVow" Wedding for them one of these years...sadly they won't be coming home this year, so we'll see...they did say that they will be back next year...and my sister and I are in the wedding we'll see what we can do. But yay for my parents...I hope I find a love like theirs...I wonder when...but maybe...maybe not.

So I am a "Daddy's Girl..." and yes, it does break my heart that my daddy will be having another birthday with me not there. I haven't been there for his birthday for about 7 years not. I was so looking forward to spend his birthday with him this year...but I guess it's not meant to be...I miss him so much. His birthday is on October daddy. Oh, I miss you Daddy so much. [Oh okay...time to swtich subjects! My eyes are filling up with tears!]

Oh. My. Goodness! I can't believe that I nearly forget to mention that I'm going to be swimming my first race this month! On October 15 I'll be going to my favorite place at Ko Olina and to a swim-run-swim race. Basically, it's swimming all the lagoons...all four lagoons...and running in between the lagoons. I know that I can swim the distance because I have before...I do it plenty of times during the week and weekend...but this time it's a race...with a lot of people...and so I have to get over being scared that I'm going to swim in to someone. And I think that this is a good race because I'm comfortable swimming in the lagoons and I feel for right now, I don't have to worry about sharks and we'll how that goes.

I really do want to start jogging our Keolu loop. I really do want to loose more weight. I know that I swim every morning...but it doesn't seem like I'm loosing what I want...even though I know that I am loosing, because I fit into clothes that I haven't worn in that's good...but lets see if I'll start this month to run our loop.

Oh preschool's school pictures will be this month. Oh. Wow. I haven't taken school pictures in FOREVER! Seriously...forever. *laughs* Our Holloween party/open house is also this month on the 26th...and the theme is Smurf's...say what?! I didn't choose it...and I'm glad that dressing up is optional because dressing up as a smurf is NOT my first or even last...or even on the list...option! *laughs* But I'll do something blue-y or something.

Well, here is to this month...October here I come! Please be good to me! :)