Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Spontaneousness.

Today I had "Photoshoot for family" on my agenda for today. So I left super early o'clock to head on over to my beach to start taking pictures of my brother and his wife for their Christmas card this year. I love coming to beach at this time since there are nearly no people here yet and it's just so beautiful and peaceful!

I think that I have gotten quite spoiled with our warm winters here in Hawai'i. And I honestly have to say that I can't to be able to send out Christmas cards of me and my honey one day. :) But I took the pictures for my brother and his wife, and my other sister was suppose to come on by so that I can take their pictures as well, however the little ones where not cooperating and so they decided that they were going to do their pictures at a different date. I have to agree though, sunrise or sunset's here in Hawai'i make for some awesome pictures! :)

I had totally forgotten that Lanikai was having it's craft fair today! So right after I took their pictures we decided to go and stop by the craft fair to look around...and it was amazing! I love craft fairs and this one was no different! I love seeing all the artwork and craft that people were talented to make! My brother and his wife purchased this cute artwork for their home. My sister and DollGirl were able to make it out and walk around with us, so that was cool! :)

There were so many crystals there and I wanted to get some for my friend Ashley since she is into crystals. It was so overwhelming, the crystals since there were so many there! I don't know anything about crystals and so I didn't know the ones to get her...but I knew that I wanted to get her something. I remember that she had told me that she likes to hold the crystals and feel if they were "calling" to her...and so I did the same thing. I was holding the crystals and thinking of her and if I should get the for her or not. (I kind of do the same thing with coral. I can tell if they are meant to come hone with me, or I have to leave them on the beach. It's hard to explain. But I used the same method with these crystals for Ash). These were the ones that I got for her.

My DollGirl actually picked this one out for her. She kept saying that "Aunty Ash wants this one. She really wants this one." And so I had to get it for her.

I sent this picture to Ash to show her the crystals that I got for her...and I put my chapstick next to them to show her the size of the crystals. I hope she likes them!

After being at the craft fair for some time, we decided to go to town and walk around ala Moana center. My sister and her babygirl decided to go home and take a nap and my brother and his wife and I went to town. We did some random shopping and and ended up eating at Spaghetti Factory. I love this place! It's my favorite! :) I love their Holiday Wish List! I like everything on it! :)

After shopping around even more we get a text from my sister asking if we wanted to go out and have dinner at Mexico Cantina....It's one of their favorite Mexican places to eat.  Since I had a late lunch, I wanted to eat something I got their Nacho Libre...and let me tell you, it was anything BUT small! It was HUGE! I barely made a dent in it..and I couldn't take it home! Oh well, I love hanging with my family and I love them so much. It was a good day. A good, yet tiring day. But I loved it! :)