Saturday, December 10, 2011

1st Gingerbread house & Marshmallow Catching.

So this is the Gingerbread house contest part of the Ugly Sweater party. I have never had the opportunity to make a Gingerbread this was quite the experience! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was boys against girls; some of our group decided to play a different game, but every so often they would come and aid us some..even if it was to eat some of the many candy and sweets there were on the table.

The object of the game was to get the marshmallow in your mouth ...from  your forehead! *laughs* [Taken by Allie]
This picture makes me laugh! [Taken from Allie]
Oh okay, that was hard for me. It was such a temptation! All the different candies on the table! We had, of course, the graham crackers--that we used as the walls...and then the vanilla frosting that we used as "glue". We also spread the frosting all over the box as snow. Then it was the candies that were such a temptation! We have candy sprinkles, Skittles, Nerds, Dots, different kinds of Twislers, different flavors of sour strips, frosted mini wheat cereal [we used as the roof at first before it got to heavy and caved in!...The roof, I think, was the hardest to shape for us!]...we had mini chocolate chips, sour pouch kids, M&Ms, brownies, strawberries, and a lot more other goodies! 

At first we tried to play taboo for the parts we were going to use in our Gingerbread house. Like one point and you can pick of the goodies for part of the house...
The boys having a hard time with words! *laughs* 
The girls totally ruling at the game!
We ended up not even using the points that we won because we just went for it at the end...using whatever we wanted...but that was because we totally beat the guys...and if we did use the points from the game, then the boys would barely have any graham crackers alone to even make walls! *laughs* They were pretty bad...but not too was pretty funny. :)

Here are some of the pictures of the girl's Gingerbread house...
"Mele Kalikimaka!" [Merry Christmas!] The front of our house. [Taken by Allie]
Side view of out house [Taken by ME!]
Other side of our house [by ME!]
The back porch of our house [By ME!]
Us girls who worked hard on our beautiful house!
The boys interesting gingerbread house...! Can you see the big difference between they guys bachelor pad and our beautiful snowy "hotel?!" *laughs*
But hey, the dog house and oversized dog added in the back had to count for something, right?!
...and the creative way they made their path leading up to the house...I mean, you can tell that they are trying! :)
Kissing penguins in the swimming pool of sour vines! :)
The men of the Gingerbread house...:)
At the end of the contest, we, ladies, allowed the boys to claim the victory...all because of the genius idea of the kissing penguins...I mean, who would have thought of that?!?! [And also, they really did try hard...:)]

At the end of the one wanted to take them Gingerbread house home...I mean, talk about ants galore if you brings this baby home! So what did we do?! We...

The sign never fails!
...smashed it to pieces! It was funny because our "Mele Kalikimaka" sign survived the cruel beat of the house! But what a waste...all that good food?! Where's Karlie?!?! We dare you to eat it!...with NO HANDS!!

Oh make me laugh...!!
It was such a fun contest...! :)

White Elephant.

So during our Ugly Sweater Party, we had a White Elephant game thingy...or would you call it an activity?! Well, whatever you call it...we had it. It. Was. So. Much. Fun. I think they are always so much fun...with lots of gag presents and those presents that you hope that you get to keep. I know that everyone plays differently, but our rule is...the first one gets to pick a present, but then also at the end s/he is able to "steal" and switch his/her present at then end. BUT there can only be 3 "steals" and the third person gets to keep the gift. And then the traditional rule, yes, we go in chronological order from the number you picked from the "hat."

It turned out that Kuya Neal had number one...and so he got to choose from all the presents...and he picked
[Taken from Allie]
hand towels. *laughs* I thought they were cute though! They had a picture of an ice-cream yummy in the front and there other towel was multiple colors...very cute...and very NOT Kuya Neal! *laughs* As the game went on, there were a lot of laughter and a lot of joking around. I couldn't stop laughing a lot of the time. *laughs* I think the favorite presents were a $10 gift card for Starbucks and my sister's Recipe box filled with Mint Chocolate Chip cookies with the recipe. I had stolen the Starbucks gift from Kaleo; Amanda stole it from me...and it was a funny thing too! But then she said that it was going to be okay, because we'll just get coffee together and spend it that oh okay. *laughs*
[Take by Allie]
Until RYAN took it from Amanda! And we were BOTH sad! *laughs* It was all very funny. :) Some of the other fun gifts where a Snowman cookie jar filled with homemade cookies, a Spiderman lunch bag filled with homemade cookies [both compliments from my sister! Yes, she is so talented! *laughs*], a hot water thermos, chocolate Godiva, Sees Candy, a hand held Massager [OH MY GOODNESS!! FUNNY STORY HERE!!], really nice earphones, picture frames, puzzles, thumb war games, Local Slippers, and many more!

Oh for the funny, but at first embarrassing story! *laughs* So, I had "stolen" Kaleo's present of the Starbucks gift card...but when Amanda took it from me, I decided to try my luck with the pile of I opened my present...and my first reaction was...oh my goodness! I fucking vibrator dildo! What the fuck!!! Oh, my goodness, I could NOT turn around and show everyone...and I couldn't stop laughing...turns out, it was hand held massager in the shape of a vibrator...the person who brought the present, my friend Tracy, was mortified when she realized what it looked like from the shocked look on my face! *laughs* It was priceless...but seriously...take a look yourself! What do you think?!
[Taken by Allie]
Right?! I'm not sure if you can really see it, or get past my horrible looking sweater/blouse thingy...but yeah, there it is, all in its shinning was pretty funny. *laughs* But I think that we all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun.
[Taken by Allie]
Kaleo was up there a lot because he kept getting his present stolen! *laughs* He would ask Ciccio for help by letting him smell the present to see if he was interested in the present. Here is when he got the Starbucks card.
[Taken by Allie]
Someone must have gotten something fun. :) We all had fun...with a lot of laughter. My family's sweaters look pretty horrible!
[Taken by Allie]
Kuya Neal did some stealing himself! He got Lacy's candy...he is a candy lover! I think that both my sister and him ended up with the did that work out! I know they planned it that way...thats why you need a partner in these games! *laughs*

[Taken by Allie]
It was funny because all the time that Kaleo came up there...he ended up with a matching set like his wife, Tracy and friend, Lacy! *laughs* Oh my goodness! So much laughing throughout the night! I love much holiday spirit! *laughs*

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree & Housewarming Party.

Check out our beautiful Christmas tree! Well done my brothers and sister! I ran my first 3 miles in a long time. Literally run. I was super exhausted and they could not wake me to decorate the Christmas tree...oh well...I know for sure that I'll be filling up the bottom of the tree with presents! If I had unlimited funds of money...I love buying presents..I'm not to fond of wrapping the presents, but I love buying things for people! What do you think of our beautiful Christmas tree?!

It was a wonderful success! I had so much fun...! I'm so glad that Amanda didn't get upset that we had "broken" into her backyard to fix things up...! *laughs* That would have been NOT good if her neighbors were wondering what we were doing and call the cops on us! *laughs!* 

Brandy [Amanda's co-worker] was the one who was able to get her way for a time by asking her to go to the school with her [Amanda's a teacher] to do some school related whatevers...and so that gave us some time to go to her house and decorate...we decorated her backyard in a lot of Christmas lights and cleaned her chairs so we had somewhere to sit...we took some sidewalk chalk and made a dance floor...and waited. My wonderful sister did a lot of the cooking and baking...along with other's who brought other awesome tasting food.

My sister made the yummy cookies...Allie made the Oahu fruit tray and the traditional jello for the housewarming!

Oh! This bread was AMAZING! My sister found it on PINTEREST! And did her own version of it...and oh my was amazing good!!
Lots of yummy food...we're just waiting for Amanda to arrive!
We we finally get the phone call that Amanda was about to arrive...we quieted down and started playing "her" song...the Cha Cha Slide song...long FUNNY story! *laughs* and I think we surprised her! *laughs* We had left a note on her doorstep and told her to come out back and go to the dance floor...and she did...and a few of us did the Cha Cha Slide dance with her. It was a lot of fun.

The company was a lot of fun. The food was amazing good! The games kept us laughing non-stop...oh goodness...[The Psychiatrist is the funniest game EVER!!!]. We all found out that since Amanda had moved her she literally only had ONE fork...only one of anything...can you imagine cooking with the limited utensils?! Oh goodness! *laughs* So it was fun watching her open her housewarming presents. 

I know what it's like to be away from home, away from everything you were comfortable with and from everyone you know. I know what it's like to step in a place were you know no one and you don't understand that different culture and way of life in the new place. It's a horrible feeling of homelessness. I hope Amanda starts feeling at home here. I love it here...and I think that Amanda is a great friend. I'm glad that I met everyone. And I'm glad that her party was a success. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Wow! What a day! An unexpected surprise day! And I loved it! So, yesterday late last night, my brother asks do you want to paint faces!?, not really...why?! For what?! Oh, cause there is this foster children convention and Allie and them are going to volunteer their time and paint faces...Wait! I changed my mind! I want to do it! It sounds like fun...I mean, now that I know whats going on! *laughs*

So, I call Allie and she gives me the details and I am to meet her at her morning, today...we start texting each other...oh, Allie makes me smile. Allie is a great person, and I'm so happy that I can call her my friend. I am more shy than I was when I was younger...and I'm trying to trust people again, and Allie makes it easy...I'm still trying to break the walls down that I've had up so long, but I feel so comfortable around her....basically she is a big inspiration in my life. Anyways, instead of going to her house, I end up meeting her at Castle Medical Center...then we try to go pick up Karlie [another person that I'm so thankful that I've met!]...Amanda [another amazing person! :) I thank God all the time for great, patient girls to hang out with!] is already in the car...but then there is like a parade that is going on...and we try to find anyway to get to Karlie's house...we can't figure it out, so Karlie ends up going on a short hike and meeting us where we were...she's such a good sport! What was that parade!? Maybe I'll find out on Monday when I'll ask my co-workers...they always know such things...

Anyways, we finally make it to the Blaisedell Arena in Honolulu...late. But once we mention that we are volunteers for the face painting they usher us past the long lines and to our spots. I thought that they were going to give us some prep time or at least show us pictures of what to do...I had never done something like this before...! But no...they show me my station and this child shows up and tells me he wants a "rocket ship blasting off to space." He's about 4 years old...and so I started...being as confident as I can be, and pretending that I knew what I was doing. *laughs* I got a lot of request of tigers, Batman, butterflies, Christmas trees, stars, hearts, last names, Angry birds, princes, masks, dolphins, sharks, snowflakes...just to name a few. It was an amazing experience. During out short lunch break, Karlie started to paint a butterfly on my cheek...but she didn't get to finish it because there were so many people waiting for their turn...even though were suppose to be having a break...oh well...

After painting...[we got to keep our shirts!]...we went to Allie's house to jam and just relax...then after a long decision of what to do, we ended up ordering pizza and coming over to my house and watch of my favorite movies because I can't stop laughing! *laughs*...and all had fun together watching...oh and another sister made her yummy...very, VERY, yummy cookies for us to munch on during the movie!

"I help kids." The amazing group that I got to work with...
Since Amanda had a dinner party to go to, we were able to plan her surprise house warming party after the movie...I think that it's going to be fun. We're going to do it it should be lots and lots of fun! I'm so happy that I get to hang with such fun people...At least I'm starting to get out of my shell more...I didn't even realize that I was building one around me...*laughs* I would definitly hang out with these ladies [and gentlemen] again! :)

As I was about to crawl into bed, I saw all these nasty termite droppings all over my bed! EWWWW!!! 

Who wants to sleep in I decided to clean it off...write in my blog...just to write in my blog and now I'm going to attempt to crawl into my bed...hopefully I got all the nastys out! *laughs* Goodnight all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ohana Night.

I love Fridays! For many, its the weekend and I have a weekend "break" [but then the weddings/events roll around most of the times...but sometimes not. :)] Two, its a blessing every week to remind me that God was SOOO smart to give us the weekend to recharge. Three, Ohana Night with [duh...!!!] my ohana. I love how I have found a family here to call my own. I am so happy to be here with my brothers and sister, but I love how I have "moms" and "dads" and "uncles" and "aunties" and "nieces" and "nephews" here. No one, and I mean no one can ever take the place of my family back in Cali...but it's good to have family here too.

Jade had baby Elijah last Sunday and so I got to see him for the first time today and even got to hold him....oh, he's sooo tiny!! And Layla had her baby a month ago, but we haven't seen her or Joel since I got to see baby Kaylee and hold her too. It's so amazing the difference of almost one week to almost one month! That's the age difference of Elijah and Kaylee. But they are so cute. The older "grandies" were making me laugh by saying that it's "baby time" now...and Shilhi will be having her baby sometime in many babies! Yay! I love babies...but I still love my preschoolers. :) Here are some pictures of Ohana night...[I just got home!]

My sister holding baby Elijah, just barely 6 days old, while Kuya Neal watches. 
Liya and Isaiah playing with mommy/aunty's iphone
My sister holding baby Elijah and Aunty Michele holding Baby Kaylee and talking to Mom, Layla.
Another cute picture of my sister holding Baby Elijah.
Today at work [preschool job], one of the little preschoolers was holding my hand when she came in. She was one of the original ones that I had when I first started working...but she had moved on to another classroom already...[in the morning, all the kids come up to the playground together until breakfast and then we all break up to difference classes]. Little "mama" is usually talk-a-tive and dancing around in the morning, but this morning Daddy told me that she was feeling sad because he had to go to the mainland I was holding her hand and she would rest her head on my leg. Then I realize she was kissing my hand every so often. We have a rule at school, Only hugs because kisses are for at home...[I personally, do not like that rule, because the little ones try to find ways to kiss us when we least expect it! *laughs*...But I never kiss them back, only hugs...I understand the importance and reason for the rule.] I reminded her of it. Then she looked up at me and she said, [something like] "I know. But I'm sad and so I'm saving kisses for Daddy when he gets home again. You're saving them for me." Something like that...oh my heart melted. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, yes, I know that I am a person that likes to write to people. That means, I like to hand write, yes, written letters. Then I like to take an envelope and pop the letter in it, address it, stick a stamp on it and send it off in the mail. Why do I like doing this!? Well, it's because I love getting things in the mail! You [for the most part] don't know when you're going to get something in the mail...but if you write out...most likely [hopefully] that person will write back. I have always said that it's like a tiny surprise in the mail.

I use to like doing that when I was younger. Now that I'm older, I don't do that as much...but now I get a difference surprise in mailbox...or something on my front porch...or even on my washing machine. *laughs* I get to order stuff online and I wait in anticipation for it to arrive at my doorstep and when it does...yep, I'm super excited! Like today.

It wasn't a too bad of a day...just a normal day at my preschool: being with the kids, joking around with my co-workers, talking with the parents...capping on my boss! *laughs* That was a joke...:) But anyways, I was walking home and when I got home...there it was. What I have been waiting for since I ordered it last box from! It was my itouch! Yay!! It was a wonderful surprise. I love how I can blog from there will be more pictures that I have taken with my itouch...but I know that I will come back on my desktop and edit whatever I posted because typing/texting with it is such a pain! And there is no way that I can make a whole post on that alone...but it's okay...I'll put the pictures on. So anyways...the first picture take by my wonderful itouch [4th generation/black] is:
My brother...ew...this is the first picture! *laughs*
Yep, that would be my brother...he said that he wanted to put it as my background...I said, no. *laughs* But at least the second picture is...
I'm the second and my funny faces...!
me...still making funny faces...*laughs* Can you see our Christmas tree in the background....?! So, after playing with it for a little bit, I let my other brother, Neal, mess around with it...and when I got it back...this was what he set the background too...
My brother Neal...
yeah, can we say SCARY?!?! *laughs* I love my family...I love my new itouch...I still gotta think of a name for it...I'm thinking "Blade"...that can be a girl name right?! The case that I got for it is bright pink...but we'll see...maybe Saphira...I think I'm liking that name...but we shall see. :) I can see now that the quality of the pictures aren't that great, but it's all good...:) Maybe I can fix it...I have to mess around with it some. But yes, I love this surprise that I got in the the washing machine...[yes, our UPS guy leaves our boxes on the machine sometimes...don't ask me why. :)] Even though I did pay for it. :)