Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello there...angel from my nightmare. *laughs*

Hello everyone, so I know that I haven't been good in keeping you all updated with what has been up with me, but then I've been so mad busy that I feel like…blah, blah, blah, blah…I'm writing that, and I feel as if I've written that before…most likely it's because that's what I have been saying for my last few blogs…the I've-been-so-busy-with-school-that-I-haven't-had-time-for-anything-else excuse…but it's not excuse mi amigos' it's f'realz!

This week is university week, and that means that we are suppose to have the week off from school…but no, we don't get it off…we get Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday off…but then from last Sunday until the whole entire week have had had so many required things that we had to attend…which is so stupid since the teacher's haven't stopped giving us homework…so it makes all of us stressed out because at least for me I have exams and reports that are due and then I have to attend to these really stupid things at night that last until 11.pm and then I still have homework to do…and then I don't get to sleep until late and then it makes me cranky and stuff...oh gosh, I so need a break…but then look at me complaining is if I'm the only one in this world…*laughs*…sorry everyone, this was juss my "pity me" paragraph….*laughs*

Lets see, well yesterday it was Eddie's birthday, I got him three different kinds of magic cards since you all know that he LOVES anything to do with magic…I have NO idea what the difference is, but the guy at the store said that they were good…and I really hope that Eddie liked them…I had to walk all over the mall and Mall of Asia at that…and get lost so many times….and get LAUGHED at…because so I didn't know where to get the magic trick thingys…because originally I wanted to get him this DVD set thingy that shows you different magic tricks…and I know that he really wanted it a lot and I remember that I saw it at Mall of Asia the last time that I was there…and so when I went back, I couldn't remember where I got it…and so when I would ask information what stores sold "magic tricks" they all start laughing with each other and talking in Tagalog, AS IF I can't understand them! My goodness…makes me mad when people do that…and say like "oh this girl things she is a witch, or a wizard…" or something like that…and that would piss me off…because I'm like HELLO I FRIKIN UNDERSTAND YOU!....but anyways…I found a stores that sold magic stuff…kinda sorta expensiveishy…but worth it since I love my cousin, and Eddie is worth it…I juss couldn't find the DVD set that I wanted to get him.

Anyways, I met up with Jyn and Joy there in Manila when I went there on Sunday, and then they came back with me…and then on Monday, me and Jyn were planning a surprise birthday party at Eddie's favorite pizza restaurant…but then everyone bailed…(oh gosh, I can go on and on about people bailing here, it's frikin' sucks donkey balls how you can't rely on anyone here!!) and so we ended up taking out the pizza to my apartment and having a mini party here with our neighbors…not as good as I would have liked it…but it was still fun all the same.

So for my Psychology department, I was voted "best smile" and "ms. Congeniality" and then so was another person…and then now we have to get the whole school to vote for us…and I thought that it was pretty flattering that I was voted and stuff…but then it's such a hassle…because now I have to get people to vote for me…and surprise of all surprises…I couldn't care much less if I win or not and so I'm not much motivated to get people to vote for me because I have so much other stuff to do! My goodness…can you see how much my life is getting to be so anti-social! *laughs* I really need to snap out of it…because know that my friends are a big part of my survival here…

But in saying that…I have now found out that I can't really rely on much of my friends here…because I have realize that people here LOVE drama and they will start drama no matter what…but I say juss screw that…if people wanna start drama…they can try all they want, but then Imma brush it all off…I don't need extra drama in my life right now or any other time in my life. I am going to say this though…I hate it when I have to learn the hard way that people aren't what they seem like. You think that they are you're friend and then they go and back stab you…and no matter how many times that has happened to me, its like I can't stop myself from making friends…and that's one way that it's a blessing and a curse to be so friendly…and nice. But whatever…I'm not going to be here forever…and when I get out of here…I won't ever have to see those people again…

I have a lot of friends here, don't get me wrong…but now I juss see who I can trust and who I can't…who love to start drama and who stays away from drama…who is jealous of other's and who isn't…damn it…can't a girl juss be friends and be nice to people without having people talk shit! *laughs* well…yeah, right now things have been bothering me lately about certain people…but like I said…WHATEVER…right?!

Shit, but it still hurts…Eddie, Jyn and Joy and other of my close friends are surprised that I'm not mad…but that's because I seldom get mad and if I do get mad, you all know that I can't STAY mad…I'm juss hurt really…because people juss ASSUME the worst of people sometimes…I should do that too, huh…assume the worst instead of the best so that I won't get hurt. *laughs*…but then if I did that then I wouldn't be me…
Goodness, the times is coming when imma be home SOON! But it can't come soon enough…and goodness knows, I'm pretty excited like really excited and I'm counting the days…I have so many countdowns already, on my phone, in my planner, on my wall…*laughs* juss to remind me, as if Imma forget, that the time is coming when I'll be home for a short while…I know that it's gonna be short…but that short while is going to help me recharge until I graduate here…and so yeah…

Well, I best get going now…Eddie wants to go to Paseo tonight, and even though I was stuck in the library for (no kidding) FIVE HOURS researching…my ass hurts from the hard chairs! *laughs* I still need to do a lot more researching online…and so yeah…I need to get ready…we're gonna be taking Eddie's bike…and so yeah. *laughs* I love the feeling of the wind in my hair…and it's hella hot even though it was raining…so it's gonna be a cool ride. *laughs*

Well, mi amigos, I miss you all so much and I can't wait to see you all again…but the days are getting less and less! I love you all so much!!

*hugs and kisses*

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kinda sorta but not really...ishy-ish-ish and update.

So, it's been a couple days…more like weeks really that I have attempted to update my blog. I have been so busy with school lately that I haven't had time to myself…it's a good thing that I breath automatically without thinking…because I know that I would have been dead right now if that wasn't the case! *laughs* I don't even remember that last time I wrote a proper updated blog that updates my life…but yeah…not much to tell really…

So I've been really busy lately. Like super busy…which makes me SO relived that I didn't run for the president of SA or for Psychology or I'm not even an officer because I know that my life would have been under the definition of busy and stress. Even though I'm not an officer I have been one of those people that the standing officers have said, "Oh juss ask Che because you know that she can pull through." I'm learning how to say no though, because I don't wanna burden myself too much. But I have to say that I do feel bad.

My human development class…I still love that class a lot. I really like that teacher a lot too, but I don't like him as a teacher. He remembers what I think is the useless information in a chapter and that is what you have to remember for the exam. I mean, I'm in psychology…what does it matter if we know what that fuzzy stuff that covers' a baby is called?! I mean, it doesn't effect their brain…and why do we have to know that the fourth stage in a woman's labor is when she is resting…what does that have to do with Psychology…it's like he purposely tries to make the exams so difficult for some reason, I don't know…I mean, he is a really cool person and stuff…but I don't like his teaching style. He doesn't even teach TEACH the class…he reads the book to teach and then he asks generic questions that aren't the main point in the chapter and he doesn't even put that part in the exam…he puts the part that we don't even discuss. Something like that…

I love my Theories of Personalities class. It's a real eye opener…the teacher is also VERY strict…but I love reading the text book…I makes you realize the different theorists and what makes them think the way that they do to learn how come people are the way that they are. That was a pretty complicated sentence! *laughs* but yeah…

And my Filipino Psychology…okay, this class is okay…I LOVE the teacher, she has become a really good friend…and I see her as a friend more than a teacher…but the class sucks. I know that it's in my heritage that Filipino runs in my blood…but then this class is pointless. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an interesting class, but I won't really REALLY need it that much. It makes me see how Filipino's see themselves…and it's like they regard themselves so high and stuff…it's crazy…the characteristics that we discuss about a Filipino I see it with my friends at home, and they have to Filipino blood in them…not saying that Filipino's are bigheaded and stuff…I'm juss saying that I don't really know what the point is to this class. But then again I don't see a point to a lot of my classes and stuff…

Hm…I know that this doesn't really do justice in updating my life and stuff…but I really do gotta go and start studying again…yeah I know…feel free to tell me that I don't have a life anymore…I'm becoming the machine that I don't wanna be. This is why I hate schedules and I hate feeling so trapped to follow a plan. I'm not liking school that much right now! *laughs*

But before I sign out, let me tell you that I'm still extremely excited that I'm going home soon and it's prolly the main reason that keeps me going…the fact that I'm going home…something to look forward to…because oh because…I'm juss so excited! *laughs*

Aiight then…let me go back to doing my homework now. *rolls eyes*
I miss and love you all SO VERY MUCH!! *hugs and kisses*

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh well, what the heck...might as well.

How many people have you kissed in 2008 that actually meant something?What "kiss" do you mean?! I do that whole greeting hello and laterz check kissy thing all the time...i don't do that without meaning it...hm...what exactly DOES it mean...ionno!!

Were you happy when you woke up today?Most definityly NOT! I hate having classes at 7:am on Fridays!! And that's when class STARTS...so that means I have to START waking up at 5.30am...which is about 4 hours too early for me...make that 5 hours too early! *laughs* oh wait...AND i woke up an hour early than that so at 4.30am too study EVEN MORE!

Have you ever kissed someone and never saw them again?
you mean like, have I kissed someone and then they disappeared right after I kissed them?! Never to see them again?! Hm…naw, that hasn't happened…

Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced?yeah, actually i have....but nah..

Are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?nope...

Do you have a birthmark?yep...two actually...

Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hate?
hm...hate's a strong word! Maybe more like disliked a lot...*laughs*

Do you prefer to call or text someone?Oh goodness...calling! I hate texting! SOOO time consuming...! I miss the cell phone plane in the States!

Has anyone ever called you perfect before?*laughs* yep...[perfectly insane, perfectly crazy, perfectly imperfect…jejeje…or juss PERFECT…*laughs*]

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
hm...thinking about it...but not anytime soon though…

How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?
yummy! yummy! yummy! especially if it was dark chocolate!

Does anyone hate you?I hope not! But then again, people only hate you because they wanna be you, right?! So…hm…does anyone hate me…like I said... "hate" is such a strong word!

What are you doing Saturday?hm...you know, i don't really know...something spontaneous, most likely...

What would you do if someone told you that you were the most beautiful person in the world and they would do anything to wake up to your face each and every morning?*laughs* knowing myself, i would prolly roll my eyes or something...or maybe i would juss think in my head..."are you f'realz?!" *laughs* or something like that...depends on who says it though...*laughs*

Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?If I really loved that person enough...yes.

Would you make a good parent?I would like to say, when the time comes for me to be a mommy...yes.

Where was your default picture taken?It's the "C" in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />California Adventures...in CALIFORNIA! *laughs*

How do you think you look right this moment?most likely tired...it's 12.49am...and I juss got home. So i feel tired...so therefore most likely, i look tired. *laughs*

Do people underestimate your intelligence?Hm...sometimes.

Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?hm...ishy-ish. She knows me pretty well i would say...

Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex?playfully, yeah...but seriously full on punch...naw!

Last person you went to the movies with?
Jynnylicious, Joynessless and Edilyn *laughs*

Do you believe in gay marriage?yep..

Do you flip your pillow to the cold side?
I can honestly say that this is the first time that i was ever asked this question! And yes, actually I do...! *laughs*

What is the most money you would spend on a pair of shoes?oh gosh...i don't even know! *laughs*

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?hm...i think it would be a toss up between hot pink and neon green. *laughs*

If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt?Oh, i already plan to adopt AND have my own kids! *laughs* so adoption will be a yes to either way..

What woke you up this morning?My phone alarm...

Would you take a bullet for anyone?
hm...i would like to say yes...but i won't really know until i'm faced with that split second decision...you know what i mean?!

What kind of house would you like?a comfy house that overlooks the beach...

Who is your number 1 on your top?My one and only blood [baby] brother: Jeremy

How do you know this person?he is my only blood brother. [and not that the question asked...BUT i miss him SO much!

What's your favorite kind of soda?Pepsi

Are you listening to music right now?yep…*sings along for a moment*

What time is it now?
12.58am [aww...10 minutes past my favorite time! *laughs*]

What makes you mad?
immature ignorance…is only ONE of the things that make me mad.

What song makes you cry?Hm...none actually...but i will say that "Back At One" by Brian McKnight and "Angel" by…(oh my goodness! I forgot her name! Its on the tip of my tongue!)  still evokes feelings of sadness in me. *laughs*...but they don't make me cy...

Do you have a bad habit?unfortunately yes…

What is the oldest gaming system you still own?*laughs* you should ask my real friends this one...and you will know if they are my real friends if they can answer this question correctly! *laughs*

Have you ever taken karate lessons?nope.

Ever been in a tree house?yep! My daddy built me one!

Is there anyone you miss right now?oh yeah..."when i don't see you, i miss you."

What are your plans for today?i have no idea yet...it'll come to me though!!! *laughs*

Do you think anyone will read this?i don't know actually, i know that people read my blogs...but i don't know who (except for JOE!! *smiles*) but other than that, ionno....

You're really upset; who is the first guy you go to?
hm...wow, i don't really go to anyone if i'm REALLY upset...but if it's anyone, my brother.

You're really upset; who is the first girl you go to?
Like i said, i dont' really go to anyone if i'm REALLY upset...i would rather stay away from people when i'm really upset.

Can you do splits?i haven't been able to do that in such a long time! *laughs*

Last person you texted?Eddie

Do you prefer to take showers at night or in the morning?Oh gosh, at home in the morning (a full shower) and at night i would juss wash up. but here, at night only because they only have FREEZING COLD ASS water...and i would much rather take my shower at night...that way in the morning, i wouldn't have to be rudely awaken by the shock of the water...plus my hair is still damp in the morning...which if you know me, i HATE when my hair is wet (from the shower, but for some reason, from anything else, i don't mind...)

Have you been to New York City?nope.

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Mi madre!! She called me today!

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?"To the world, you may be only one person; but to one person you may mean the world"...i believe that i have.

Do you remember the name of your first school you ever went to?
YEP! Dan Mini Elementary School in Vallejo! *laughs*

Which year has been the best so far?hm...i think my 18th year...but then again...hm...let me think about that...

When is your next road trip?well the next planned one is the first week of september...

Where is your phone?in front of me.

Do you know anyone by the name of Dennis?yep!! actually i know a few of them...!

Where is your pet(s) right now?well Baili Dru (my pitbull) and Precious (my orange cat) are at home with my parents. My fish are in their aquarium in the kitchen. Miles (my cat here in the philippines) is at my former house (but i still visit him all the time!) and Mi-ming and her kittens are actually outside somewhere...

What color are your eyes?dark brown

What are you doing tomorrow?I have to go to the mall for some group work activity...*rolls eyes*

Have you eaten popcorn in the past 48 hours?nope...but i LOVE popcorn! *laughs*

What happened at 10:00 am today?I was walking to my class to take my exam from the church where we had Friday chapel...*laughs*

What were you doing at 7AM?i was waiting for my teacher to arrive so that i can take my first exam of the day...

How do you feel?
i actually feel tired...but then i did this survey so that i can feel tired so that i can go to sleep...and so yeah.

When was the last time you cried?i can't remember actually...

What do you think of your number 3 on your top friends?Eddie?! oh he's a loyal cuzzo! *laughs*

Whats bothering you right now?
my hair since it's blowing everywhere! *laughs* It's hella hot and the fan is on…

Have you ever injected a drug?nope

When was the last time you saw your grandpa?
I never met my gpa on my mom's side...on my dad's side...uhm...May of 2007 when i was home last...

Do you fight with your grandparents often?
nope...i have THE awesomest grandparents!

The thing that was bothering you before, is it still bothering you?yes...it's hottish so my fan is on and it's blowing all my hair every which way! *laughs*

What bed did you sleep in last night?mine...

What are you looking forward to?
Going home...FINALLY!

What's your name spelled backwards?
ssecnirp arias ytirahc

What did you do last night?stayed up studying!!

Have you ever licked a battery?WTF!? And WHY would i want to do that?!

Last time you swam in a pool?
a LONG time ago!

What are you wearing?pink spaghetti top and black boyshorts

How many cars have you owned?Too many to count! *laughs* wait, toy car's right?! *laughs*

Do you have cable?Don't i WISH!

What kind of computer do you use?
Hp...my computer at home...NOT my laptop i'm using now.

Ever made a prank phone call?yep.

Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving??

What's your favorite comic strip?
Calvin and Hobbes!

Do you know all the words to the national anthem?yep

Favorite pizza toppings?extra cheese, ground beef and black cut olives *laughs*

Chips or popcorn?popcorn
What cell phone provider do you have?

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?nope…

Orange Juice or apple?
I would have to say Apple Juice...

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?*laughs* as a kid I was my dad's worst pest in his garden...i LOVE tomatoes! *laughs* i haven't eaten a homegrown tomato in a while though...

Have you ever won a trophy?

Ever ordered from an infomercial?nahhh.

Sprite or 7-UP?

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?*rolles eyes::rolles eyes AGAIN::roles eyes one more time!*

Ever thrown up in public?nope.

Where would you like to go right now?anywhere BUT here...preferable somewhere near a beach though!

What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?oh wow...i actually have a pink one to carry my laptop around..

Do you drink more water or juice? water

Are you there for your friends?yes, I try to be…

How different are you from three years ago?yep!

When's the next time you will see the person you like?ionno : |…but it's too long a time away…and I don't like that ONE BIT!

Do you hate being alone?
i dont' like being alone...but i do value my alone time...

What's your favorite color?pink, black and silver

Do you get along with girls?

What are you doing right now?This suvey.

Do you think you're old?
i am getting older but i'm not "old"...*laughs*.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Do you like your life at the moment?
kinda sorta, but not really...ishy-ish-ish

Ever talked to someone that was drunk?
*laughs* yep!

How tall is the person you like?
Uhm...around 5'10"-ishy...

Do you have good vision?with my contacts in or when i'm wearing my glasses...yeah. *laughs*

Did you have a dream last night?yep....

What should you really be doing right now?sleeping...

Can you handle the truth?i would like to say i can. I would rather know/hear the truth than a lie.

Who was the most recent text from?Gina

Last person you were in the car with besides your family?Ms. Maganda

How often do you talk on the phone?depends where I am...when i'm at home...i'm on the phone a lot...here not that many people call.

Are you currently frustrated with someone?nope...

Name some things you can't live without?chapstick, a hair tie, eyeliner, showers, water, hand sanitizer/isopropyl alcohol, light, air, hugs,

Currently wanting anything?
yep...lots of things…

Do you use chapstick?
yep, I sure do!

Do you like your hair?yep...

Have you ever broken your arm?
surprisingly enough, nope…!

Do you have any scars?

Do you have a friend that starts with the letter X?yep!...jejeje...

What month is it?

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