Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sending smiles out!

This beautiful postcard of our Aloha Towers will be going to Maisa of Finland. She wanted postcards of famous landmarks of our place and so I decided to send her this lovely postcard. I decorated her postcard with some washi and some Christmas inspired stickers. I told her about how I use to live near the Redwood forest of CA and I use to love exploring them! She had written in her profile that that was one of the things that she liked to do, explore the forests near her house. I also told her that I use to go fishing with my dad...but I have never been ice-fishing before...and that was another thing that she enjoyed doing! I hope Maisa enjoys this postcard!

This postcard will be sent to Irena of Czech Republic. She wrote on her profile, "I would like to receive postcards with theme of your town or nature. I'm interested in all types of places all around the whole world." Literally that is all she wrote. I'm not sure how I feel about those people who write so little. It's hard to get a feel of who the person is who write something like that that. What I can tell you, it makes me want to write "Happy postcrossing" on the back and that is it. I feel like you should write a little more...but for all I know she might not know a lot of English so she didn't write much...but still it's so had to write to someone who barely writes nothing. That being said, I still decorated her postcard and tried to write something nice. I hope she likes it...and I do hope that she gets this postcard. It says on her profile that she has been a member for a year but has only sent out 13 postcards and received 8. I pray that this is not going to be another dead end for me. I have had such bad luck with people not registering my postcards...:( I hope she gets this and registers it.

Now this postcard will be sent to Gaƫlle of France. She is 36 years young and lives in a small village surrounded by vineyards. I think that is a beautiful place to live! :) She requested for some postcards of the landscape from your area or country, so I decided to send her a beautiful postcard of my beloved Lanikai beach at sunrise! :) I also decorated her postcard with washi, some Christmas inspired stickers, flowers and cats(she said she loved flowers and cats), and a chocolate cupcake. :) I hope she likes it! :)