Friday, December 16, 2016

Pipsticks: Christmas Stickers Galore!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, i was super surprised and happy to get my order from Pipsticks! I love stickers and so when there was a sale that I couldn't pass up, I had to grab at this chance! :)

So I got these two which is the New Years Sticker Pack ($17.99) and also the Christmas Sticker Galore ($19.99). I'll unbox (unwrap?! unenvelope? open :) the one by one...

Here is my Christmas Sticker Galore pack for $19.99. And I want to say that it was SO WORTH IT!! And more!

When I first tried to take the stickers out, it was harder...because there was SO MANY STICKERS! And that is a good thing! I was super excited with my first look!

I LOVELOVELOVE these ornament stickers! I don't know if you could tell, but they are foiled! So gorgeous!

I really adore these "kooky" Christmas tree! They are so fun! I can't wait to use them!

This pack was SO worth the cost! It came to less than $13 with the sale and I am so glad that I got this pack! I know that I will be using a lot of the stickers in my planner, journals, and card making...and I am SUPER excited to use all the stickers! :)

I do subscribe to their monthly subscription, and I totally recommend the if you are sticker lover like me!

Pipsticks is "a company founded on the idea that little things can make a big difference....[they] are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile." They "connect and collaborate with thousands of amazing sticker lovers all over the world...[their] stickers are selected by designers and sourced from around the world." They do an amazing job at making sure that you will get a HUGE variety of stickers each month. You will also get an pre-stamped postcard to decorate and send out and other "paper goodies" in your awesome envelope packet. And it's sent like a regular letter with a cute stamp on it!

There are four different packages that you can choose from. There are two packages for kids and two for adults. For kids, there is the "Kid's Club Classic" for $14.95/month which will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 4 sheets of craft paper. And the "Kid's Club Petite" for $9.95/month and that comes with 7+ sheets of stickers and 2 sheets of craft paper. For the adults, the "Pro Club Classic" for $14.95 will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 1 quote card and the "Pro Club Petite" for $9.95 will get your 7+ sheets of stickers and 1 mini quote card. Shipping is free within the US, but there is an additional $3/month for international subscribers.

If you are a sticker lover like me, I recommend you subscribe to this subscription. You do get a lot of stickers and random ones that you can add to your collection. So, what are you waiting for!? Go to Pipsticks now and join me in this awesome sticker/paper goodies fun! :) Plus, if you subscribe to the Kid's pack this month and next, they will also be giving a sticker pack to a homeless child in the Bay Area! Yay! :)