Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It rained!

Wow, time has flown for me. This month has been filled with a lot of different feelings. I have been at my new job place for nearly a month now...and I have to say that I love it. I really love my new job. Don't get me wrong, I still miss my darling keikis from my previous school, but I have a big enough heart to fit in the new ones that have come into my life. And I do not say that lightly. I love each one of my kids at my new place...whether or not they are in my class. They are all such sweethearts...and I love them.

Since today is the last day of the month, I have made it into a habit to take down all the kids artwork that have decorated my classroom for the month and send them home so that by tomorrow, the new month, my classroom looks "new" and ready to put the next month's classwork up. I have to say that my room likes pretty bare and I can't wait to fill it up again with the kids art work. But before I took their art work down, I wanted to take pictures of some of their work.

This board turned out to be a happy looking board with all the bright colors! I kids loved looking at their work and pointing out their work to their parents and friends. 

This is my circle time place. I think that it still needs a lot of work and I have a few ideas that I want to do with this area...but it has come a long ways and I can have circle time the way that I like to. And I know that the children like what I've done to it...and they have fun learning about the letters of the week and the games that we do with the letters...they love flipping over the new days number and I just like how it's coming along.

This is a place that I want to improve more. I did not like how there was not a place where the children can practice their writing, so I made one. I think that it can have more work to it, but for now the children love to write and draw in their very own journals, they have fun writing new words that are added in the "practice words" basket...and they are getting better writing their own name along with their classmates names! One thing I love about this bunch of kids is that they LOVE to use their imagination! They love to draw pictures and tell me what to write for them as they tell story after story of the pictures that they drew!

And I just had to show you this! I finally got myself a much wanted laminator! This new school does not have a laminator, and I like to laminate a lot of my things...and so I splurged a little and bought this laminator from Ben Franklin's today! I love it...! It is SO easy to use and I love the final product that it "spits" out!

Guess what?! It rained today! And I loved it! Because I could finally use my windshield wipers! And I absolutely loved the SILENCE as it swept away the rain from my windshield...yes, just like it should...but it was SILENT! Not a sound...and I loved it! Simply loved it. *laughs*

Monday, September 29, 2014


I was sad because 4 of my kids were absent because they were sick! I know that it was a junk weekend...but it couldn't have been THAT junkie that they would get sick! Well, I hope that I will see them all on Wednesday! 

Today was board meeting, and Karlie had asked us to make a wish list of our classroom for this month! She said to go fully at it...and not worry about cost or anything...but we had to be reasonable about the thing that we wanted...

...and because I am just the way that I am, I like to really think about what I needed, or wanted, or the things that I could just make myself. 

But at the end, I think the total of the things that I wanted was around $1, 500...and I don't think that was bad at all...considering that my classroom has not had a makeover in YEARS! Even years before the one before me started! And she started YEARS ago! For the most part, we have awesome parents that have donated a lot of things, so that has helped, but there are things that I wanted for the children...and so I'm glad that we were allowed to make our wish list...

When I got home, I was HUNGRY! So I decided to make myself a calzone thingy...

I know, I went a little camera happy here...but I can't even begin to tell you how YUMMY! it was! I, obviously, was not able to eat the whole thing, so I have enough for lunch tomorrow and I'm excited about that. :) It was really yummy, I'm telling you. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

House Cleaning.

This morning, my sister gave me the schedule of Passion Roots, and I saw that for the first couple weeks of October will be super busy, and so I knew that I had things that I wanted to do before I didn't have the time to do it...so I made myself a list of the things that I needed done.

Not everything HAS to be done, but there were somethings that I really wanted done. But I have to say that I got a lot of things done, so that's good. I know that I have today, Monday, and Tuesday to get everything that I wanted done to get done. After that, my life is not my own any longer! *laughs* Just joking...it's still mine, but I know that I will be super busy. It will be wake up, go to preschool work, go to Passion Roots studio, go home, shower, crash...repeat. And if I am lucky, I will find time to eat between goings. *laughs*

One thing I knew that I really wanted to get done today was to clean out my fish tank. To do a full cleaning of my tank. I usually do a full clean of my tank every 2 months. Every month I do a 50% water change and I also change a filter (taking turns with the two filters that I have) every two months. So, it was due a full tank cleaning, and I knew that actually I would have one more week until I had to clean it out, but knowing the schedule that I have I knew that I wouldn't have time, so I decided to do so today.

And you can tell by the millions of bubbles you can see that it was a successful cleaning of my tank. :) I did put in an order at Amazon for more plants...so when that gets here, I'll take another picture of home my tank looks...I like to spoil my pets. *laughs*

Speaking of which, I suspect that my poor BamBam Jr. has FIN ROT! NO!!! Well, I can not be TO sure, but I wanted to treat him so that in case he does have it, he will get better. I was happy when I saw that if I treated him as soon as I notice it, then it's not that bad...I would hate for it to be BODY ROT because all the run has rotted away already! 

My BamBam Jr. doesn't act sick though...he is still super, duper outgoing! But I did ask the person at the pet store if it would hurt him if I did treat him and he didn't have the disease, and he said no...but not to over treat him. I won't over treat him, but I hope that he gets better if he is sick!

Another thing that was on my "to-do" list was to clean and spray paint my shower caddy! It's getting rusty and gross looking and so I wanted to get on that! I also wanted to hang it on a hook on the other side of my shower because I don't like how it's in the way of the cord when I am taking a shower. 

So, I removed everything from in it, and took it outside and cleaned it as best as I could. Took of the rust and all that...and then spray painted it black. I then added modge podge so that it can stay like this longer.

Here is a side view of it...and I love it! It looks more cleaner! But hey, I DO keep my shower clean! *laughs* I do a deep, full cleaning of it every two weeks! :) 

Here is a front view of it. I really like it a lot! And I like how it is on the other side of my tub where there is a lot more room for it. And my shower looks super cleaner because it's not as cluttered with the shower head and stuff. So I hope that it stays like that tomorrow...and not fall down! :)

Well, I was able to do quite a few things off my "to do" list, so I am happy for that. :) What I am going to try to do for this month at least is to force myself to lay down on my bed for sleeping at least by 12. I know that I am going to need my sleep if I am going to be pulling literally all-nighters with trying to balance my two jobs and my school. We will see where it all ends up then! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Relaxing day.

Last night I knocked out. I think that the lavender is finally working! I actually slept 4 hours straight...and I haven't had that kind of sleep in such a long time. And yes, I am crediting it to the lavender, because that is the only thing that I've changed since trying to change my sleeping habits...well, my non-sleeping habits.

I woke up at 4:am this morning and took a shower...and wrote in my journal, then went back to sleep and this time went to sleep for 2 hours before waking up at 8:pm. And guess what!?! I went to church! At the central church there was the convocation thingy...which I really have no idea really what that is...but I do know that it's like this Island's way of having a camp meeting or something.

My sister wanted my brother and Mandy and I to help her and Tracy with the children's program. And so we decided to help them out. My "job" was to keep DollGirl occupied and so I had a lot of fun with that...because we all know that I love that girl with ALL my heart. But before we went to the church we were going to stop by Starbucks to get mine and Mandy's coffee...but the line was way to long and so we made our way over to Peets Coffee and Tea...and I had no idea what to get, so I ended up getting the Matcha Chai with pumpkin Blended...and at first I was SUPER iffy about it...but when I tried it...it was super yummy!

Also, that place is super cute! I know that in Cali we have a Peets in American Canyon, and this place just opened up here in Kailua, and so I'm pretty happy that they have one here, because even though I'm not familiar with the place, I think that I can grow to like it...it looks like a good place to go study, so I wouldn't mind going there to just study homework and stuff...it's cozy and it has a lots of seats and right at my finger tips there is coffee AND tea! And literally it's like 5 minutes from my house...if that!! :)

Well, it was super hot today, and DollGirl just wanted to run all over the place! And I had worn some of my heels to church...and it was good to know that I can still run in heels because I needed to keep up with the little one! But I think that everyone in general had a lot of fun. My sister and Tracy did such a good job. I'm not sure if they were in charge of the whole thing, but they were the front deck people...and when Jem and Mandy came they helped them and then I saw that Kuya Neal and Kaleo were doing their own booth for the health message. So that was cool.

Afterwards we all went over to Wahoo's from lunch. We didn't want to stay at the church for potluck because there was A LOT of people and also my sister was not feeling well because the heat is getting to her. I am super excited because she is getting bigger and bigger and soon I'll be able to feel lil Jr. kick! My sister said that K.Neal has felt the baby kick already, and I can't wait until I can feel him kick too! I am so excited for this little one to come into the world...but I do know with this pregnancy my sister has not been feeling it. But she does everything for her babies...and DollGirl super loves her baby brother already! It's so heart warming to her her talk about her baby brother in her mommy's "tummy". *laughs* 

After lunch we made our way to my sister's house and DollGirl went to take her nap and when she went to take her nap, we all took our nap too! Gingerbear took her nap with me!

She looks tired in this picture...also she looks like she is smiling. I love how she loves to cuddle with me when I am sitting in the E-Z chair...or even if I'm on the ground or something. I am starting to love this dog...even though when I first met her, she wasn't my favorite because she was super aggressive...but now she is SO good with DollGirl and it is always good to see her. :)

All in all, it was a good day. I'm so glad that I was able to spend time with DollGirl. I love that girl...and also I got to see my parents. I miss them. I need to find time to hang out with them. Hopefully that time comes soon. I know that my sister really appreciates how they are here to help with DollGirl and stuff. But I do miss them when I don't see them. I miss all my family when I don't see them. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Since starting for this new school, I have realized that I was super spoiled at the other place that I use to work for. I am really glad that I am still pretty close to my co-workers at the other site, because I can now meet them out of the working environment...and they crack up! Because I have noticed that they always buy my food or bring me food from the school! Because the one thing that I really had to get used to about this new preschool that I work for is that I have to make and take my home made lunch to school!

My goodness, in all the years that I worked for the other site I had never brought my own lunch...unless I really felt like! And there was always snacks in the break room! But here not really! I remember feeling like I was STARVING the first week! *laughs* But now, I am good. :) Last night I worked super late, and I usually go straight from one job to the next job and not go home in between...and so I knew that I would not have time to make my lunch and so, on the way home, I stopped at Safeway to see a friend that works the late shift and also do the lazy thing and just buy a salad bowl from there to take to work the next day.

I did get to see my friend who works the late shift there. And it was good to see her again. She is actually a former student of mine's mom. One thing about working in the preschool setting right now is that a lot of the parents are my age! And so since we live on an island, I usually see them all over the place...and I get close to the parents. But I do have this rule of mine that I do NOT add them to any social network that I am a part of. We end up hanging out sometimes...and when we do, I do not drink. I just don't know why, I can't drink with the parents of the kids in my class! That is just so weird to me! Some people can do that, but not me, I can't! Not that I am presented with a lot of opportunities to, but just on the whole, I just don't if they offer or something.

But I got to see my friend who works there in Safeway...and I did buy myself a salad bowl...and it was quite yummy! :)

I chose the Asian Style Chicken Salad...and look at that SUPER healthy like! :)

I actually never had one of these before, but my friend Jess gets them all the time...and one thing that i did notice about this salad is that they don't put everything together when you first open it! And I absolutely LOVE that! It comes all separate! :)

They had several types of salads to choose from, and I don't really know why I chose this one, but I have to say that it's really super yummy! And if it wasn't SOOO expensive I would SO have one of these every day! But I think I know what I'm going to do though...make my own salad bowls! Can't be too hard and I know that I can just make my own that I like...custom salad bowl to MY liking! But I love these salads! :) Now, I have to go and do more grocery shopping so that I can make my own salad bowls. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Roses galore!

I haven't posted a lot of the weddings that I've been doing...but that's because I always forget to take pictures of the arrangements...or I'm just to tired and I tell myself that I'll do it "later" and then I end up forgetting...but today I remembered! :) They aren't the best quality pictures, and I know that I can always wait until the professional pictures come out, but I really don't feel like waiting...and the pictures that I got are decent enough...just I wish that my phone had a better camera, because I have noticed that the pictures do NOT do the arrangement justice in the colors! The flowers that we work with are SOOOO vivid and bright...and the camera really doesn't do them justice in the color area! And to, my picture skills are the best and are pretty rushed.

Oh, and this time I did take the pictures in the freezer...where the light is junk anyways, and so you can't really tell how vivid the colors are, but I'll share what we worked on awhile ago.

The first thing that I worked on was these aisle markers. You can't really tell, but there are three separate arrangement. This wedding was one of those ombre weddings...(it's a lot more difficult than it looks to do!)...From a deep vivid pink color to white. The aisle markers were only from pink to white though. And CHOKE FULL foliage! I had to do two sets of three arrangements here since they are aisle markers...one set for each side of the aisle...obviously! :)

There were 6 bridal bouquets. These were BEAUTIFUL bouquets too! I did not do these, one of my co-workers did them...but I did dress them. You can't tell, but the dressing for these bouquets are white lace...made it look extremely lady-like. 

The bridal bouquet was amazing!! Shilhi did it, and I dressed it...but it was GORGEOUS...and SUPER heavy! But SO very gorgeous! I super love the pink roses! :)

These were the center pieces. The first one for me took FOREVER to figure out how I liked it, then it went fast from there. But they were so very lush and beautiful! I loved the lanterns that were used with it...and yes, when Ivy did the set up for this wedding she did add a LED light inside, and I am more than sure that it had an amazing ambience when it got darker. I truly did love all the roses that were used!

As always, working with flowers and with the amazing staff of Passion Roots is always a positive experience. I love working for this company. Shilhi, my boss and my "sister" is an amazing person and I am so proud of how far she has come with this company. The staff that she has hired are all so fun and we all have our individual personalities and we all get along so well! I have been with this company long enough that I remember and miss some of our former staff...but some have moved out of state and others are doing their own thing...but I love that people that I have met working with this company. And whenever I write "I" or "me" when working weddings...what I really mean, is "my team" because I love how we ALL work together...I love this job. :)

And at the end of the day, I will always know that no matter what, there will always be these beautiful flowers to make me smile. 

One day will be "my day" and I can't wait to see all the beautiful flowers that will make my "dream wedding" come to life...but for now, I will live through my work and smile because I know that I had a part of making some bride and groom's "dream wedding" come true. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birchbox September 2014: Fresh Paint.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that is $10/month. I highly recommend you to subscribe to this box subscription if you would like to expand your experimentation of beauty care products. I have to say that since I have been subscribed to this box, it has not been all sugar and spice, but I have found plenty of new beauty care products that I've liked and added to my collection. If you would like to subscribe to this box, please click here and enjoy! :)

FINALLY! My Birchbox for this month came and even though I will say that I was waiting and waiting for it and I was disappointed that it has come to this again where I will be getting my box more towards the end of the month. BUT, when I saw everything that I got, I dismissed my disappointment because I am super excited about EVERYTHING that I got in my box this month! I can't wait to share it with you and so without anymore delays, I present to you my Birchbox for this month!

As always, I was surprised with this beautiful pink box in my mailbox. I can not event tell you how excited I get when I see packages for me...much more if it's in my favorite color! Such a happy color and I hope that they never change the color! :)

This month makes four years for Birchbox and so I'm guessing that that is the reason that the box looks completely different than the past boxes...but I am NOT complaining. I love it! I simply love this design of this gorgeous, fun box! 

This month's theme is Fresh Paint. The first sentence says, "September means turning the page on summer, and diving into fall's colors, textures, and inspiration." Love it. :)

And this is all the products that  I got in my box this month! I swear I did not read it before looking at all my stuff! :)

Because it is their anniversary month, they added this card informing that I am "the best"...*laughs* and that they have an offer of an Anniversary Bonus Box...the sad thing is I tried to buy stuff of the website, but they were saying that they can't ship "hazardous" material here to Hawaii...and so the things that I wanted, they weren't able to send to me. I am going to write them though because the things that I wanted was some of the things that I previously got in my boxes, so I don't understand how the cyan not send it to me when they send me samples in my box! But we will see...but this card and offer was nice of them. :)

When I pulled the beautiful pink tissue paper aside, this is what I saw...so since you can't really see what I got, I organized it a bit better and took another picture. :)

First though!? Wow! I feel like I got a lot more stuff! And the sample sizes are amazing! I love it! I'm excited to go through what each item is, because I feel like I'm going to really like all my stuff. Oh and, really?! I got CHAPSTICK! I am a chapstick addict and so I'm SUPER stoked for that one! :)

The first things that I noticed was this Macadamia Professional Healing Oil Spray (Full-size $14.50-$29.50) I love it. I just used some on my hair right now, since I just took a shower, and I have to say the second that I sprayed it on, which by the way, a little goes a LOOOOOONG way!...but as I was saying, the second I put it on, my hair immediately felt super soft! And that is saying a lot because I have naturally soft, silky hair, even when I get out of the shower...and when I can notice that a product did something to my hair that enhances it's natural state, that is a good thing! :) The smell though...it was NOT the best smell. If only it didn't smell so nutty, I wouldn't think twice about purchasing this one. But as it is, I just might because I love how it makes my hair feel! We will see. 

I know that this is a Birchbox Find...meaning that it is a sample that doesn't count to my usual samples, but I can't help but pick this one to look at because I LOVE CHAPSTICK! The product and this ChapStick brand is my favorite brand of chapstick ever! I have always used this brand...and I love it. I do use other brands, but I have at least 2 ChapStick's in my bag and one in my pocket. I can't wait to try this one...it does have a new look though and it's a lot longer than the normal one...but no complaints...can't wait to try this one! :)

Tocca: Crema da Mano-Bianca (full-size $10) I am ALWAYS down to have lotion, which is pretty weird since I live here in HI now and I don't really need the lotion, but it's a habit that I don't mind to get rid of. I love lotion. This one does not leave you greasy feeling and the smell is definitely not strong.

Temptu: S/B Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer (Full-size $27.50) This was the smallest sample in my box this month...but I figured that a little goes a LONG way. I could use this...

The little box inside was a bright, bright green this month. I would love to have a nail polish this color. :)

There was two items inside the bright green box...the first thing that I pulled out was this Avene: Cleanser Soap-Free Gel Cleanser (full-size $20). I LOVE the sample size...pretty big and I can imagine using a few times before it goes gone. Wouldn't mind trying this one either.

I was completely captivated by the adorable packaging for the sample of this perfume! It is SOOO cute! I love it! Harvey Prince: Hello (Full-size $55) I love this scent! I tend to favor the fruity scent...and this one smells yummy. :)

Yes, overall, I am extremely excited and happy with what I got in my box this month! Love it! Thanks Birchbox! Until next time....:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Classroom.

The very first time I stepped into my new classroom, I have to admit I was discouraged. It literally was just a bare classroom with what looked like "junk" all over the place. Granted I did take into consideration that for a week it was "cleaning" week at the school and they probably just took the room apart to clean it and then just stuck everything back into it.  But in all serious, they couldn't at least make it at least a little bit more like a classroom, because I really discouraged and wondered if this was what I really wanted.

I mean, I knew that I was going to leave my former school, but yet I still fixed up the classroom all bomb and everything. I took the time to make it a classroom. The room the I entered was anything but a classroom at the time. I do have to say though that I do appreciate how Karlie helped me move things around until I was satisfied with the layout. But that first day that I went there, was something that I will not forget...something that felt like I might have made the wrong choice when leaving my previous school.

I am glad, though, that I do not feel like that anymore. Once I was able to get the class layout the way I wanted, the rest of the classroom came along. There was a LOT of stuff. And I mean, a LOT of stuff. There is still a lot of stuff there that I know that I don't want, but I have no idea where I can put everything! I am always trying to do something to my classroom because even though I like it a million times more than that first time I came into the classroom, it's not to my satisfaction.

I have to say though, that it's finally beginning to feel as if it is "my" classroom. It's getting there in organization. That was hard to do...trying to get everything organized and in it's place. I was still working at my former place while trying to get this classroom up and running and it was hard...and at times I was bitter about that...but at least now it's starting to get there.

I believe the classroom is a very important place for a child. It is the first place a parent looks. Well, usually at least. They want to see the place where their child is going to be and where they are going to learn. I felt as if they made my room into a storage room and so I had a lot of "junk" that I really didn't need. I still have a lot of excess stuff that I have no idea what I'm going to do with...but like I said, it's getting there. And I know that soon it will be to my liking.

I am the kind of teacher that likes a lot of visuals on my walls. I like using the children's art as the main decorations for my walls...but since I am a visual kine person, I like to put a lot of colorful posters, letters, colors, and such up on my walls. I also do not like my shelves stuffed with toys. Right now there are a lot more toys out than I would normally like, only because in every place where I can store toys, there are toys there already...so for right now I have to keep the toys right where they are. But I will say that I have already put at least 50% of the toys away already!

Anyway, on the day that was my official start day, I was giving a $50 gift card to use for my classroom and so I decided to jump on a teacher resource site and buy some things that I want for my classroom. It's not much but it is a start and it's something that I think will be beneficial for my kids.

Today, when I got home, this is what was waiting for me outside my house.

I wonder what happened to the box because...

...there was tape that was wrapped around it to reseal it...and that was not a good thing! 

But at least when I opened the box, everything was there...and it seemed like all in good condition too, so maybe the box just accidentally opened or something and they were nice enough to reseal the box. :)

So, Mandy, who is also a teacher, told me about this site and so I decided to pick a few things up from here. I was disappointed though because even though it said that no matter what, the shipping would be $5.99...my shipping ended up being nearly $10.00...but I really wanted the stuff for the classroom, that I ended up paying for the shipping. Obviously all this was way more that $50, but the gift card did help some, so that was really appreciated.

The first thing that I knew I wanted were these name plates. They ended up being a lot bigger than I thought...yes, I know I should have looked at the measurements, but it's all good. It's not bad at least. :)

What I was planning to do with these is write the child's name on it and leave the names on my writing center so that they can use it when they write in their journals. Each child will have their name on the card and for the most part, all my kids know what their name looks like, and so I am encouraging them to learn how to write their name independently without me. So with these cards I hope that they can get used to coping their name in their journals without me verbally telling them how to. And to, it will help them know how to and practice writing their friends names as well. That's not always a bad thing. :)

When I first saw this mini bulletin board set of the alphabet, I fell in love with it! They are fun, colorful and on each of them it gives and example of what the letter sounds like. I have not yet decided I was going to put this on the wall around my writing center or use them during circle time as an letter recognition activity. I am leaning more towards putting them on the wall...but we will see.

I need a calendar. I do have a class calendar in my room, but it's velcro-ed together, and even though I like that, I was able to buy previously for my former classroom all these calendar stuff that was NOT velcro-ed and so I figured that I can put this to good use. Can't hurt, right?!

I am planning to use to for letter/number recognition. I have been getting asked by multiple parents that they want their children to learn their alphabet recognition, sounds, and writing. So I have several (if not plenty!) activities using site cards and items to help promote alphabet learning.

And just because it was on sale, I decided to get these flash cards. They will also help aid in my letter recognition and sounds teaching. 

So, those are a few things that I have gotten for my classroom. Although, in the beginning was apprehensive about starting a new place...I am glad that I am where I am today. I do miss my former keikis terribly, but it's okay, because although they can never be replaced, my new kids are quickly helping me heal my sad heart. Then to, I can still go and see my former keikis whenever. :)

When my classroom is to my liking, I will might post up pictures of it. The teachers there have been a big help in throwing ideas out there with. They are a bunch that are fun and easy to work with. And I am enjoying myself here and happy. :)