Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Prepping.

So as I a teacher, I like to give my Lil' Darlings a treat for certain holdiays, and of course, this Valentines day is no different! This year, I saw these CUTE and adorable robot valentines at Target and I couldn't help but get them for my kids! I also observed that my keikis have a thing for bubbles, so I couldn't help but buy them miniature bubbles. And I have to say that I love love love Sweethearts candy...and so I feel that because I love all these things I hope my keikis love it all as well!

And I just had to post this cute little guy! I had to drop my DollGirl off at home after school and when we opened the door, this little guy came running up to to us and this is him waiting for us as we were opening the door. I love it. I just love this cute face!

Before the pen: Feb. 13-Feb. 19.

This makes me happy! This is going to be a short week for me since I will have Monday off for President's Day. But I already know that this will e another eventful week! And I'm ready for it!!

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} Design Sticker Store
Stickers {love} PIpsticks& personal stash & my own

Sunday, February 12, 2017

After the pen: Feb. 06-Feb. 12.

Ice cream is most definitely cheaper than therapy! just sucks that I am [in what it seems like a never ending cycle of getting] sick, mix that in with the whole vog ladidahs and its just plain misery! These past two weeks have been very draining, bu I'm still holding my head up and smiling...and that's all that really matters, right?!?

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} BEaYOUtiful Planning
Stickers {love} StickiiClub & personal stash & my own

Out-going postcards.

This postcard is going a photography loving young lady named Lucie who lives in the Czech Republic. I decided to decorate her postcard with flowers, since she said that she enjoyed flowers and also cameras. I hope she likes it!

This beautiful ocean postcard will be traveling to Russia to a young lady named Victoria. She mentioned that she liked anime, and so I hope that she likes the decoration that I used for her postcard!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rodan + Fields gifts.

So, I did bit the bullet and became a preferred member of Rodan + Fields. I am still thinking about being a consultant, but I am not so sure because I do want to try out the products first before I start selling it. And I am not too sure that I would be great at something that I am not super passionate about, but we will see about that. When I because a preferred customer I was entered to be in a giveaway and guess what?! I got picked! And I was able to get a lot of cool stuff because of it!

I got to choose one of the products in their Essential lines, and of course, I decided to go with the "chapstick" product. It was an added bonus to my purchase of the preferred membership! Isn't that cool. It was a welcomed promo that I was not excepting!

And I was also given this awesome product! The Lash Boost! I SO can't wait to try it and see if it works for me! I would love if it does work! :)

And I also got this trial size of the Redefine regime from the person that I have signed under as a thank you! How awesome is that!?

She also wrote me a sweet thank you note. I always appreciate a good presentation of a product bought!

I was also super shocked when I got these Burberry Sunglasses! If you know me than you know that I love to collect sunglasses and this would be an amazing addition to my collection!

I have to say that spending $19.99 to become a preferred costumer for Rodan + Fields, I sure got a good deal! :) I am super eager to try out the Lash Boost, which I have heard so many good things about!

Blueberry Muffins.

I will never stop saying that I was really being looked out after when I found the gem of the place that I am living in now. I have to admit that there are times where I have been tempted to move because my place is SUPER tiny, but when it comes down to it, I don't think that I could have found a more better place that where I am now. Not only am I super close to the ocean (less than a 2 minute SLOW STROLL to the beach), but I have an awesome landlady! I have lived here for almost 2 years now and the relationship that I have with my landlady has gone strong. She is like a "mothering" figure and I love how I feel safe and this place really feels like home.

Yesterday when I got home from work my landlady came out to greet me with her adorable dog and told me that if I wasn't doing anything tomorrow (which is today right now), to text her and she will bring me over some blueberry muffins that she was planning to make fresh in the morning. And look! I did text her and WOW, at the moment, nothing beats extremely fresh, super warm and moist blueberry muffins. I am not moving! :)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Washi Surprise!

I was super was surprised when I saw this package waiting for me in my mail basket; I wasn't excepting anything. I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be...and so when I opened the package and saw...

...glitter washi tape! Wow! I do remember ordering this, but it took so long to get to me and I had completely forgotten about it until today! I love glitter and I love washi tape, so I was very stoked when I saw these beautiful things! I know that they will be used a lot! :)