Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Keiki Gifts.

I had mentioned to my TA that I was getting worried that the gifts that I had gotten for my preschool keiki weren't going to be here in time...so she brought me something to cheer me up because I was getting super stressed about it! This Volcano candy is just like pop rocks...and I ended up sharing them with my keiki, and they loved it! But I seriously was getting nervous because the last day of the school for this 2016 year is Friday, and the books that I had ordered like on the 6th of this month still had not come in! Then a few hours later, Jami, our office lady walks into my classroom with this box of books! They came it! I stayed after school wrapping them so that I can send them out tomorrow with the kids!

So I wrapped 20 of these babies, and I had to wrap them fast because I did NOT want to be stuck at the school when it was getting dark and it has been getting dark earlier and earlier...but I'm glad that I was able to wrap them...that was a load off my back! Now to other things to get done before this week is done!