Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For Benji.

So, I coudn't sleep...and so I painted my nails. It's been a long time since I was able to sit down and do some sort of design on my nails. They aren't the best...but I did promise my little Benji that I would paint them rainbow for him...and I promised Olivia that I would do stripes and polka dots. *laughs*

So here it is...my lovely rainbow colored, stripes and polka dot nails....

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Wedding Cafe's 12th Anniversary

 Oh my goodness...so in all honesty, I really didn't want to go...but I forced myself to go and oh my goodness! I had SOOO much fun! It's not very often that I dress up for a night out...but I did today...and I did have a lot of fun.

This last week had been so stressful that I didn't want to go out and have fun with people...or just even be around people...and plus last Friday, my car had broken down and I was VERY leery of driving it...but Shilhi came and picked me up...and I thought I looked cute. I still have it in me to dress for the night out! *laughs*

It was a fun night of pupus' and wonderful GREAT music and just meeting new people and seeing people that I've worked with in the field...and it was wonderful to see everyone in a different atmosphere...not stressed out trying to work an event! *laughs*

The food was wonderful...everything was wonderful! I'm glad that I went...I had amazing fun. :)

 I'm sad that my sister didn't get to be here for the picture...BUT she really was there! She just had to get home and go to DollGirl...and so she left before we could take pictures. But it was wonderful meeting Ivy because I have heard about her...and she just started working with us...but I hadn't had the opportunity to work with her...but she is so much fun! It was fun seeing everyone to have fun...at a party just for us! It was an amazing night. A wonderful night. :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013


So, I don't normally go to church...but today, I did. I am actually at my sister's house in town right now. I know that I should go to church more often...but I don't know. I just don't really like going to church...I'm not saying that it's a bad thing or anything....just I have a hard time sitting still and paying attention.

You know what I miss though? I miss going to church with my family. With my mom and dad and just all of us...and going as a family. I went back to the church that I grew up in when I went back to California a couple weeks ago. Its so different from what I remembered. It didn't really feel like home anymore...but it was amazing to see familiar faces again.

Anyways, I went today and I was blessed. We had our Young Adult Sabbath where the young adults participates in the program. Oh mandope! Yesterday! Yesterday I nearly had an anxiety attack! My sister had told me that we were going to "get together" and have "breakfast for dinner." And so being me I assumed that it was only going to be the regular people who go together on Friday's when I go over...uhm. NO! There was SO many people....and I was wanting to get away from everything.

But it turned out to be a fun thing...the people that were there last night also participated in our program today. I ended up playing the piano for the morning service and I did song service. Wow, we sang REALLY high key songs! I thought my throat was going to get lost or something! *laughs*

Sucked super bad because for some reason whenever I go to town...the first day there I always get a huge headache. And so today I had a huge headache...I wish that I can figure out why I have these huge headaches...but oh well...so I ended up just spending time with DollGirl after the program...and she entertained me with talking on the "phoneSSSS"...it was so darling. *smiles*

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh dear.

Today...I almost lost it. I was embarrassed beyond anything...and I am so ready to move on now with my life.

But what really sucks is...I don't want to be "giving up"...but when do you know that it's time to just accept that something is not meant to be and that it's time to move on.

I was always that person that said that people should do what they love to do. That why it won't be such a burden going to work...because you are doing something that you love to do.

I am passionate about working with children...and weddings...so I am so blessed that I am able to have two jobs that is my passion. But sometimes my preschool job gets me so stressed out...and I want to move on from that job...but you know...I can't for the kids. I love my little keikis....and I can't see myself leaving them...I love them so much..

It's had working with kids...because even though you try so hard to stay professional and not let them in your heart...they find ways to worm their way into your protected heart...but it's all worth it. I love them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good News!

So, yesterday I had no idea what was going on! But I guess it was so bad that I had totally forgotten to be positive...I feel so shame that I didn't even think about this...just I was seeing red! But guess what?! I heard from my parents!

Well, technically I didn't hear from them...but my sister did. With all the typhoons and bagios happening in the Philippines, I was so worried because I haven't heard from my parents. And reading the news...where it was happening was around where they where the last time that I talked to them. But thankfully, my sister finally got through to them through text...and they are okay...and safe for the time being. THANK THE LORD! THANK YOU!

It's so hard not being able to get a hold of my parents, especially in times like this. It really is hard...but I am glad that they are safe and I pray that they will continue to be safe for a long time still until I see them again...someday.

Please keep Philippines in your prayers. Please keep my parents in your prayers. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Happy "11.12.13"!

I'm glad that I got myself that punching bag. I needed today. It was a hard day today. Yep, I'm glad that I have that punching bag.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ewww...I stepped on a...


A slimy, ewwy slug!


Barefoot, did you hear me?! Oh my goodness, I need to scrub my foot and...and...scrub it again and again and again!

But I did already, coz I wouldn't be sitting here with slug guts on my foot...nope. I wouldn't. It was an awful experience, I tell you!

So, I got home from a day in town spending it with my lil baby DollGirl...and when I went into my room, I realized that I had forgotten to take my trash out of my room before I left for the day. So...being me, I HATE trash...super hate trash...so I wanted it out of my room. So I took it out of my room...all the way outside to the rubbish bin outside...but that is where tragedy hit.

I like to walk barefoot. Come on now, I nearly live on the beach...and I don't make it a habit to always to put shoes on when I'm going outside...just outside right in front of the house...and that is exactly where I stepped on the damn slug.

I couldn't even look at the poor slug that I stepped; I knew right away when I stepped on it...coz I one foot hopped to the washer facet thing we have (it's great to have one when you live by the beach that way you can wash up before going inside...don't want to get all the sand inside...!) and just washed all the guts off...then I hopped my way back inside the house straight to my shower....to scrub my foot.

Oh well, I learned my lesson. Don't step on slugs?! *laughs* Well, at least be more careful and TAKE THE TRASH OUT BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR THE DAY! *laughs*

Happy Vetern's Day!!! Thank you for those who have served our country and fought for me. Thank you!