Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Es-rah!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Es-rah, Happy birthday to you!"

So i juss had a kilig moment...(my favorite word here is kilig...juss look it up if you don't know what it means! :) ) so i'm walking back from my anatomy and physicology class...and i hear "cha" and i HATE that nickname by the way...it's up there with the nickname "Cherry" ugh...gag me!!! so ignore it...and i'm getting farther and farther away...and i still hear "Cha! Cha! Hey Cha!" and so i look...and oh my gosh...there is my CRUSH! okay...well, not really crush...but my eye-candy...and he is there...calling my name...and i'm like all kilig inside...totally made my day...which started at a VERY early time 8:am...shoot...i said that i wouldn't have any 8: o'clock classes...so i don't...i have a 9 o'clock class, so i have to wake up at 8 o'clock...and everyone knows that i'm not a morning person, and it takes me litterally 30 minutes to get up out of bed! But i get out of bed...and i get in a bad mood when i go in the bathroom adn they have SHUT ALL THE WATER OFF!...and then i drop my toothbrush on the floor so i have to go get another one...and then, i'm juss not in a mood to go to class anymore...maybe i shouldn't stay up late at night...but my "eye-candy" jsus totally made my day...:)

the sun is shining, but it's not too hot...the sky has barely any clouds...and there is a slight wind in the atmosphere to cool any hotness down...and it's such a perfect after the rain spring day. :) too bad they don't have spring here...it's only hot weather and wet weather...the only think that is really annoying me right now...are all the flies that are flying all over the place because the house maid decided to fry fish...and they smell it and now are buzzing ALL OVER but other than that...i'm good. :)

Well, i jsus wanted to SING "happy birthday" to my bestest buddy...and share my kilig moment with you all...and juss to tell you all that it's such a beautiful day...sorry USA for hogging up all the sunshine...i hear that it's biting cold back home...i'll soak up some sun for you. :)

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Long Day.

Is it really only monday? it seems like monday's and wednesday's seem to go on forever...especially my last class. I'm so glad that i have my friend Jenny in my last class...why does all the teachers know MY name?! My Kuya Creed said that the balikbayans have a way of getting around...even if you don't want to...man-dope...i try not to stick out...oh well...and life continues to go on and on...
It really sucks...because there was suppse to be a holiday this coming up Thursday...i think a bonifacio or another day...but then the president Mrs. Gloria something-something switched it to friday...and we normally get friday's off anyways...i heard that the teachers were all getting mad at the president here because she can change the days if she wants. they say that they teach us "children" that there is a special day for special things and people and VIOLA...the president changes the day...so i guess i understand where they are going from...i still have a hard time believeing that there isn't day light's savings time here because the president doesn't want one. wow...and people think that i'm spoild.

A lot of my friends are going home for chirstmas...i don't know whether to be sad that i'm not going home, or happy because i get to spend christmas in another country. They celebrate their holiday's differently here. First of all, they do have christmas spirit, like if you go into the million of malls here...there is christmas decoration...but barely...there isn't any christmas lights up either. And i really liked that about christmas...the christmas lights...they are so pretty to look at...all the houses that really go all out and it's so beautiful. over here they don't do that. But they do have fireworks...and that's pretty awesome.

I'm so happy...my hair is getting a lot longer now. FINALLY! yah...i don't think i like myself with short hair..i think i'll keep it long for now on...and i dont' think that i will dye it again. i mean, it was fun while it was happening...but i thnk i'll go back to be an all natural girl...i love how i don't have split ends here though...there are advantages to being here in this humid tropical place.
There is a cat here, Toby, at least that is what i named him...and it's twin Koby...jejejeje. :) but it's on this chair thingy that falls through easily...and it was giving itself a bath and almost fell...it had a funny look on it's face...but i think i would be scared too.

well, tommorow is my best friends birthday...and i'm so bumed that i can't be there...i hope that she has a good birthday...and all of you who know who i am talking about...give her a BIG hug for me...okay...so es, if you are reading this...HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!
So Pre-lims are next week now...my gosh...school is going fast...which is a good thing...i like school...i like school...i like school...i wonder how many times i have to say that until i convince myself that i actually like schoool....maybe if i was doing something that i liked it wouldn't be that hard to do...but oh well...

well, this is a blog full of nothingness at the moment...oh...i sorta need help...i have to write a term paper...for my communication arts II class...does anyone out there have an idea what i can do it on? perferably something about kids...but it doesn't have to be...but is there any suggestions? i really would appreciate it.

well, i guess i will go now...goodbye...

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Give me a reason.

My ass hurts....i'm sitting outside on the ground talking to family, and so i don't wanna go in now. i have one pj shorts, basketball shorts and the pajama pants...and i have on a jacket, and tehre are these two cats that are sleeping on my legs...but surprisingly enough, i'm not hot feeling. i like this cool feeling...except that my ass is sooo painful right now..:)
can you believe that it's 11:44pm right now, almost midnight...and it's 7:44am in the states. i haven't been on this late in a long time. i remember i use to stay on forever! but now, i practice self-control...as for now, i don't feel like practicing self-control, and it's not like i stay on for millions of years now!

oh...juss so that you can all know...i finally have AIM on this computer...so if you have aim...feel free to talk to me...at XxMysticPinayxX...i miss you all, and if you ever see me on...please talk to me. :)

well yesterday i went to manila to go to church. there is this church called the victory church and it is a born-again christian church, and there are a million of them...and i love going there...it reminds me of home...the speakers and the songs and the service adn there are so many nice people there taht remember you and accept you for who you are. i brought jyn and eddie with me...actually it was my small group that went there,and so we all hung out there...then i met my friends in manila and juss yeah. :)

you know what was so sad? i had totally forgetten that it was thanksgiving?! can you imagine that. i mean i knew that it was coming...i always looked at my calander...and thought that the 4th thursday on the month was thanxgiving...but on that particual day...i had forgotten...so sad...and i was hanging out with some American boys that day too...and i was even with eddie and we had forgotten...and then early that morning the next day...my brother texts me happy thanxgiving and stuff...and that's when i remembered! how sad..i missed out on turkey and gravy and other wonderful food!!! aww...i tink i'm gonna have my own little thanksgiving dinner when i get home in march...hey, it's never too late to be thankful. :) or eary...whichever way you see it. :)

right now my roomie's are watching tv and i'm juss out here...my roommates are really a late sleepers, especially jynjyn...that girl would have class at 7 and she would stay up until like 5: in the morning juss watching tv! she is crazy...i remember when i would do that my first year in college...staying up late, waking up barely in time for class...the difference is in PUC, you weren't really always required to go to class...here it's like sin not to go to class...literally...its a #1 sin...

wow...my ass is really in pain right now...

well i better go now...miss you all so much KIT!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Pillows: Choco-Filled Crackers by Oishi

Yummy…these pillows are SO good…you'll never understand unless you've tried one. Right now I'm snacking on them, because I didn't breakfast or lunch because I don't feel like eating vegefood…and also because I woke up to late to eat breakfast. J There are a lot like them…Loaded…Chocochum…but Pillows are the best. Well in my opinion. My roomies like Loaded…I like Pillows…juss something random for you guys all to know about me….jejeje….

Yesterday I went out with a group of my friends to ATC…Alabang Town Center…to hang out and stuff. For once there was actually more guys than girls! Maybe that's because we juss hung out to relax, not to have a night out! Jejeje….There was Jyn, Me, Jenny, and Ashley…(Joy, my other roomie is on a weekend retreat with her fine arts group thingy) and then there was Eddie, Andy, Jan, Jeff, Jay and John. Our other friend Daimler was suppose to come too, but then he was in Manila, and I don't know what happened. But it was fun anyways…we split up when we got there…and us girls went to go "up-date our wardrobe" and juss go do girl stuff…and the guys went to do guy things…I guess…I know they went to the arcade place…then we all met up at the theaters…and yeah. That's all I'm gonna say about that part…but yeah. J it was pretty fun. Us girls wanted to go take pictures…but then you know how guys are…so at least Jyn brought along Eddie's camera and us girls were juss taking pictures at random places…and then the guys were being guys. Jejeje…but I really miss that. I miss juss hanging out with friends. You know having fun…juss hanging out…not really planning to do anything but to hang out. I don't think over here the natives have the same meaning of hanging out. But yeah…Jyn's from Thailand; me, eddie, Ashley, John and Andy are from CA; Jan and Jay (and Daim) are from New York; Jenny is from Canada; and Jeff…uhm..i don't really know him…he's kinda shy I guess…but he's Andy's friend, I think he's from here…but yeah, It was cool hanging out with English-speaking friends…jejeje…I know I'm so weird. J

Well, today is Saturday, I didn't go to church…we went to church LAST week…I know that it isn't the same…but you know, I feel like I don't get anything here from the worship service. I miss my home church and my youth group. I really miss it a lot. They don't really have youth groups here…they have a lot of small groups…but they are always asking things from you, and you have to do stuff someone, they never really plan "fun" things for us to do. For example, you join a small group, and you have to donate a lot of money all the time to different things…or your going and doing things for other people…which don't get me wrong, because I AM part of a small group CRT…but then CRT is a different. But as I was saying…the other groups don't ever plan things fun for you…like not football games, no game nights, no ay nights, no river rafting (not that that was the best time in my life!!!)…but things like that. It's more like they make a group to bleed money from. And then they give you guilt trips like, "You're doing this not for YOU but for GOD…" I mean, Im sounding like a person who doesn't like to help…but I do…truest me, if you know me, you know that I like to help. But then, it's like this school is all about money…and different ways to get it.

Now CRT is a different story. CRT or Cross Roads Team is basically a balikbayan group that goes around doing evangelical stuff…and yeah, they ask for a lot of money to help the less fortunate ones…but they don't take it from you…you actually see where you're money is going. Like they don't take your money and you don't know what happens to it…but we go somewhere, and it's your choice what you wanna do with your donated money. And also, we do fun things…like starbucks runs, visiting different denominations, going to resorts, going on fun stuff…juss to hang out. We're almost all balikbayans and have the same meaning of hanging out so that's cool. And we are not connected to the church either. I mean we are…but we don't broadcast it all out. Like the other small groups…they do all these stuff for God, then they show off what they do, to show the other small groups what they did and stuff…I don't like that at all…but yeah.

For two days now it has been raining. Like a constant rain. It didn't let up…but today it's so bright and sunny and beautiful outside! Don't get me wrong, rain can be nice. I know I tend to complain when it's raining, but the rain is a welcomed coolness from the hot weather, because it doesn't get to cold, it gets warm and it feels good. I juss don't like wet clothes. Or when my body gets wet and cold at the same time…and it can get like that. You know our uniforms, the girls blouse thing is SO see through, I'm so swear, maybe I'll take a pictures of my uniform, and show you all, but it's pretty see through, and if it gets even juss a little bit damp, it's practically non-existing! Yeah, I don't like feeling wet.  So the sun feels really nice right now.

"Love is complex, it can hurt, it can be great…But never ask any one to define love coz love was never meant to be explained, it's supposed to be felt…"

"The saddest thing that can happen between friends is when one falls in love while the other wants nothing more than friendship. Love can sometimes be magic…but magic can sometimes be an illusion."

"It's hard to live alone, it's harder to choose someone to love, but the hardest part of loving is to admit that you've fallen for someone who can never be yours."

"In life you're given certain chances, you have to make certain choices, a choice that may change your life. If given a chance, would you rather be wrong, but happy? Or right but sad?!"

"What makes friendship special is the way each one remember the other when they are apart. They miss the talks, the laughs, and the times they were together. 'Life changes, memories don't."

"Love comes in our lives in a tricky way. Sometimes we think that we're in love not knowing we're really just friends, but sometimes we stick too much to friendship that we forget that we're really in love."

"Friendship is made in the heart…silent…unwritten…unbreakable by distance…unchangeable by time…once a friend, always a friend."

"You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. It is the honest man you should not trust for you never know when he would be dishonest.—Capt. Jack Sparrow"

"It's not easy to let go of someone you care about, but there are times you just have to let go, not cause you want it that way, but cause it's more painful to hang on and wait for nothing…."

"You don't have to be perfect to let somebody love you the way you wanted to be loved. Always remember, that being simple is the most perfect way to make someone fall in love with you…"

"kung wala man ako sa tabi mo, hindi ibig sabihin nun nakakalimutan kita. Anjan ako, andito ako pero kahit ganon, nandito ka sa puso ko, isa lang hiling ko, ingitan mo sarili no dahil may nag-aalala po dito!"

"Time and distance are not important between friends. When a friend is in your heart, they remain there forever. I may be so far, but I assure you, you are always in my heart."

That's juss a few of the millions of text messages that I receive a day…my gosh…aren't I so loved…jejeje…yeah…they sorta of keep me going through day, or sometimes I juss get annoyed by a lot of them. It's like those annoying forwards that you get in your mail, and they are pointless…like…"think of a number…make a wish…now send this forward to that number you thought of in 14 minutes or you will have (insert an unlucky happening) for the rest of your life…start NOW!" yeah, they have those here…so annoying to receive on your phone!

Well, nothing really exciting in my life is going on that I can put on this blog. I don't really know who reads these blogs…but yeah..i don't even know WHY I write in here…maybe juss because I know that there are those random people who do read this stuff…or maybe because I like to talk and it's another place where I can "talk" or maybe I juss FEEL like it…but whatever the reason is…I'm gonna go now. J

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Monday, November 13, 2006


can you believe that i actually like my anaphi class. that would be anatomy and physiology class! the teacher is really awesome. but i don't wanna take lap. you know that you have to KILL a cat...and they prefer a baby kitten..yeah..i don't wanna do that. so i'm gonna ask puc to send my lap grade here so that i don't have to do that again. plus we actually had lap with a REAL cadaver...not this fake stuff...i can't go through that again. but yeah, the lectures are actually really fun. and i'm taking gen-pych again. i really like that class too.
right now i have "mamaz" and "toby" snuggled on either side of me...and it's pretty hot and their boby heat is hot...but it makes me miss home...so it's all good...by the way that would be the cats that are here. mamaz was jr.'s mom...but jr. is now dead...so sad i know.
i can tell that up in the sky it's pretty windy that coulds are moving pretty fast...aww...cute! there are baby chickes here! the chickens here juss roam around free, and they are so anoying in the morning when they cluck and juss make so much noise...kuya jett (the son of my guardians) said that there was once a guy who use to stay in our room, and he would be so anoyed with the chickens in the morning that he bought a pellet gun, and would shoot at them in the morning.  hm...maybe i'll get myself one...jejeje...they are cheap here...jejeje...
you know there are so manythins that i wanna do here, it feel like i don't have enough time to do it all! my goodness...and i'm here for four years...that says something huh?! i guess it's hard because of school and a lot of things is usually on a school night...but it's easier to do things this year since i'm in faculty houseing ...than it is in the dorm. now that was hell...so many of my friends though are litterally begging me to be in teh dorms again...but i'm so sorry there is NOTHING that can get me back into the dorms. it was complete hell! and it was like i had no freedom and no personal space. i still don't have as much freedom as i want, but it's a lot more better here in the faculty houseing and my roomies get me personal space if i need it.
well, i'm getting sleey and i have class in about 3 hours, i think i'm gonna take a nap...miss you all so much!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm so craving Jamba Juice right now!

yep...you read right...i really wanna go to jamba juice! i asked my friend Chris, who is lucky enough to be going home for christmas break what is the first things that she is gonna do when she goes home...seems like we have something in common...i wanna go to jamba juice...so does she. the only difference is that she gets to go home this christmas, and i have to wait until march to have my razzmatazz with energy boost! jejejeje...i know...a lot of people are always asking me why i need to have some more energy...but iono...i like it...it makes it taste better...and you know...yeah...

well, i went out to ATC (Alabang Town Center) with Chris and that was fun...then we went to Festival...and we actually came home early because we were so tired...but it was raining like what when we got back on campus. yep...i figured out the weather sorta...when it gets really hot...the next day it will rain. and so since yesterday was so hot, it rained today...but we had forgotten to bring umbrella's so yeah...we were soaked...AND i was wearing white...and i was wearing pants...so imagine that! my pants so litterally STUCK on me and my top was see-through, but hey...it's okay...i wasn't the only one who was drench...and so that is the weather of the great philippines.

I wish so badly that i could be going home for christmas...but since i'm not, i can't dwell on the idea that it'll be awhile until i get to go home for the holidays...i don't really know what i'll be doing for christmas...i've gotten a few offers as to what to do...but i don't know. i know that i'll miss the christmas sale...oh especially the thanksgiving sale....! we don't have thanksgiving here so that sucks...oh well...we have intrumerals...(however you spell that word) and so we get a week off still..something to do with sports.
well, since the new semester has started, i have made a lot more friends...some people even from PUC...some who's dream school IS PUC....some who are juss balikbayan...some from africa...some from new york some from europe...juss from all over...this new semester isn't gonna be the greatest...but i think i'll live!

you remember those nights were we will juss go to someone's house and juss chill for the heck of it...juss to hang out...and play games and to have a crazy fun time. well yeah...jynjyn and eddie were missing that, so they planned one at eddie's house. well the house that he was staying at...it was so much fun. we didn't have much games to play...but we ended up playing Tabu like forever! it was so much fun! it was guys against girls...guess who won?! yep...you got it right...us girls! yep! yep! it was superness funness! it brought me home for juss a moment. it was a little harder though, because i didnt' ahve all those inside jokes and past to help me with the words...but us girls still made it through...but i think that owner of the house thinks that we were a little loud...whoops! :) maybe next time we can find another house...maybe at the house that i'm staying at now. sucks though that we have a 10:pm curfew...otherwise i know that we could last forever...yeah..i miss those times.

well, right now, i'm sitting outside...and it's pretty outside. it's night time even though i know the time doesn't say that it's night time really...this myspace is on US time i guess...and i'm too lazy to change it...it rained, but the skies are clear now...and the stars are bright...i'm in my pj pants and my hoodie sweater and my house maids keep coming out here saying that i look so cute and serious sitting here consentrating on what i'm doing with my hood up and my laptop on my lap jejeje...at least the misquitoes aren't out.
you know...today while i was ATC i was waiting outside the store for Chris when this little baby grabbed my leg in time to not fall down. He was i think not even one year old yet...or was juss near one...because it was the little baby drunk walk that they do when they are juss learning to walk...and i really missed holding a baby that i bent down and picked the baby up, and it lay his head on my shoulder...aww...it was love at first sight! i didn't see the mom or dad around anywhere! but then all of a sudden i hear this couple like franctically looking for their baby...and i went up to them with their baby...they were all like, "thank you! thank you! thank you!" my goodness! how do you do that?! leave you baby alone! my gosh! i was shocked...but the baby was okay...gosh i want to be with babies again...all the babies that i knew at home will be so big now when i go home...*sigh*...i guess that's what i get for going home.
damn...the stars are really beautiful...i'm remembering past days...i hate thinking of "what if's" but you know sometimes you can't help yourself...but yeah...

you know...when i go home, i need to look for a really awesome costume to bring back here! the holloween parties are the craziest here! i'm so swear!! and next year i wanna go again and really dress up, but it's hard to find cool costumes here so i have to look for one at home...so help me okay...if you have any suggestions or something...its gonna be crazy!!! :)

you know what? i want a pet here...little jr. died. my kitty...i was SO sad for awhile....but i'm surviving. but i want a pet to love here...i think having a snake would be so cool...but my guardians forbade it...so something else will have to do. i'm thinking of a puppy...that would be awesome...but it can't come in the house...and i would want it too. i miss having a pet. i do have cats here that i like...but they aren't my cats they are kuya jett's cat's but he shares them...like the one that call "mamaz" is here...with me juss sitting with me. i miss precious...and baili...*sigh*

well, i besta go no...i went online to do some research...and i'm done with that now...so i think i will go inside now...plus, i'm feeling sad and cold out here...i wanna go inside my room and have fun with my roomies...jejeje...it's great to have great roomies! :)

*hugs and kiss.....*

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hello...I want some strawberry lemonade please.

I am so bored out of my mind! I'm trying to do something to keep me out of this boring phase of my day. I went to sleep very late last night, and I woke up very early this morning. And there is nothing to do! My room mates are still sleeping. They always sleep in if they don't have anything to do. I already woke up, and help my housemaid cook food…well, I juss helped make Taron…that stuff is the best! By the way….jejejejeje…I would have watched TV, but the TV here is weird…like you would be watching then all of a sudden it goes crazy on you. I went outside and talked to random people who passed by…I already ate my lunch…tried to go back to sleep…but now, I'm just here sitting in front of my laptop writing this blog. Letting you all know how bored I am. But you know what? I think being bored is a mind thing. Just like being happy. Maybe if I don't think that I'm bored, then I won't be bored. I'm not bored.

You know last week, I was in Manila for more than half the week, and I was suppose to go there again last weekend…but then I had to be back in AUP early in the morning…and it takes at least 2 ½ hours to get back to AUP…public transportation is FOREVER here! They don't have bus stops, or jeepney stops…you juss gotta WAIT for one to come by, and then you juss have to cross your fingers it's the one that you need. Sometimes if I want to go to say this mall called Festival in Alabang, it's suppose to only take 20-30 minutes to get there, but then, I'm lucky if I can get there in a hour and a half. More than half the time I am waiting for a jeepney or a FX to fill up. My gosh!

But anyways, as I was saying,  Last Monday I went to Manila with Jyn and Eddie. You see, me and Eddie needed to get our I-cards, which is the Philippines version of a green card. And at first we were planning to go on Tuesday, but we didn't know that it was gonna be a national holiday so everything was gonna be closed including the immigration place. So on Monday around 1:pm when we found out that it was gonna be closed that next day, we went to Manila. They said that immigration closed at 5:pm.  We got there at 4:30pm enough time to start our I-card process, right…nope…whoever told us that Immigration closed at 5:pm was wrong…it closed at four! So sucks for me, since I juss lost day to register my classes. It takes at LEAST two weeks to register for the next semester, trust me…a big pain! So we juss went to the mall there in Manila and hung out.

Come Wednesday, I had to go to Mall of Asia to sing. Yeah, that was fun, it was amazing…would I do it again, I don't know…but it was an awesome experience…and so Wednesday since we were there we stayed over in the Legend Condo's—the condo's that we always stay at when we stay the weekend in Manila. (I love the place…they ask you no questions of what you do J) And the next day Thursday me and Eddie worked on our I-cards. Jyn and Joy were always with us, since they came to see my "debut as a singer" as they like to put it. J My cousin here, said that doing the I-card was gonna take about uhm ONE HOUR! So why were we there from 8 in the morning to when it was closing time, and BEYOND! Uhm…closing time…4:pm…we stayed longer since…jejeje…I'm about to get to you about that one. J

Anyways, our I-cards (which took about five million years just to SIGN UP FOR ONE!) was so crazy to get! When we went to the immigration place to get it, they said that we didn't have the necessary papers to get one! And I was like WHAT?! Yes, we did! I know we did! The school said that photocopies of our student visa were okay, and our passports…and my cousin had gotten hers with only that stuff…so I don't know what the hell they were talking about. Anyways…you know…I changed my mind. I don't wanna tell you HOW we got the i-cards…that's gonna be a really long story, and I would rather tell it in person. It's funny, amusing, and flattering. Jejejeje…so juss remember to ask me HOW we did it. J Anyways, Eddie and I need to go back to actually pick up our I-cards in a few weeks…we'll see how that goes. J

You know how I'm on SemBreak right now? Well, in the beginning of my sembreak, I actually went to go to this highschool and did an evangelistic meeting….that is a story of itself, and I would be willing to tell you all about it, but there's juss so much that happened…so many stories…I'll juss have to tell you when you asked. Just ask me about CLAA in Pampanga. I'll remember, I can't forget. Anyways…I juss wanna share with you this one awesome time that I had there. There were only a few of us that went. Me and my friend Chris (Christine) were the only girls, and there were three other guys. Anyways, on the last night there, my friend Erold was playing the guitar…HE IS GOOD! HE IS AWESOME! I WANT YOU TO HEAR HIM!...that guy can play anything, I'm so swear, and he's so modest about it too. I asked him to play "Love and Honesty" (my favorite Hawaiian song) he didn't know it, but he asked me to sing it, and I did, and he played it…he's great. But anyways, my last night there in CLAA, the place is the perfect place to go star gazing…so me and my friend Chris were star gazing, looking for shooting stars to wish on, and Erold was playing the guitar. It was so perfect. I wish that you all could have been there. Chris is from San Diego, we were both missing home…the night was quiet except for Erold playing his guitar, and me and Chris were juss sitting on the balcony thingy juss looking up. If only I can describe the feeling…I missed home so much, but I knew that I wasn't (completely J) forgotten.

You know, I miss that. Star gazing. You know in AUP, the stars are amazing and you can really see it. The only problem is, this place is like a prison. Curfew is at 10:pm…and you aren't allowed to be walking around campus for no reason when it's dark…and it gets dark here at 6:pm. There are guards with guns…and I'm sure as hell know that if you told a guard that you were star gazing, they would take you in for questioning at head quarters! Naw…juss playing…but it is pretty strict here. The guards have guns! Im swear!

I will go now.  

(Happy Birthday Manang!)