Friday, September 30, 2016

Ipsy GlamBag September 2016: Glamazon.

Ipsy's GlamBag is a monthly subscription in which you will receive 4-5 beauty products every month for just $10 (and that includes shipping and handling!) Michelle Phan curates the bags. You take a beauty questionnaire so that your GlamBag is filled with products that pertain to you! Each month when you receive your bag you can write a review and rate each product which will earn you points that you can turn into dollars when you buy things on their site. Not only that, but with each review you subscription will get to know you better and you should start receiving products that matches you more with each review/rate! Check it out here and get your very own Ipsy GlamBag each month! Oh yeah, and I can't forget! The reason why I say "bag" is because each month your subscription comes in a it's own make-up bag! How fun is that?! :)

This lovely pink package was waiting for me when I got home from Maui!

And this month's theme is: Glamazon. And it looks like the make up back is spelling out! :)

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow in the color Teaser. I can always use eyeshadow! I love eyeshadow. :)

Too Faced: Lip Injection Extreme. This is an interesting one! I haven't had used a lip plumper in awhile! But this one should be fun to use again! I love how it will also leave a shine behind! I'm excited to try this out!

Nuxe: Moisturizing Mask Créme Fraîche de Beauté. I do love a good face mask...and this one claims that it instantly "relieves any skin discomfort."

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics: Nail Polish in Va Voom. I love nail polish! And I am so excited to have received a nail polish in my bag this month! This color is extremely dark though, but I can already think of a design that using this color!

Living Proof: Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Treatment. I like hair products and this is like a leave-in I can always more of this!

Well, that was everything in my glam bag this month! I am super excited to try everything in my glam bag, especially the nail polish and the lip injector gloss!

So come join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! you get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here!

Hello Henriëtte!

After a long week (why is the week after a vacation always seem to be so long?!) of work I just wanted to come home, put my feet up and just relax. However, that all changed when I got recharged when I saw this lovely postcard in the mail! Elephants from the Netherlands! Henriëtte had contacted me a few weeks ago to do a direct swap and earlier this week she informed me that she got my postcard and so I knew that it would only be a matter of time when her postcard, she informed me that she specifically picked out just for me, was going to get to me...and look it did! And, Henriëtte, it's perfect. :) She wrote that she read my blog, so a shout out to you, my friend! I got your lovely postcard, and thank you! She also wrote that she lives in a small town where it's very crowded and you can hear the traffic all the time, but that she has her ohana with her and that is the most important thing, that and health, and I very much agree with her. Ohana is everything.

Family: where life begins. And love never ends.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Haul.

My sister is a distributer of dōTERRA, Essential Oils and I came home to my order of oils! I have my favorite oils...and some I am still saving up for. I always encourage people to do their own research about the different oils, and try them out if they want to. I believe in them.

I don't order monthly, but every few months I do put in an order of oils. I love how one bottle can last a long time and I also appreciate the benefits that they come with.

Breathe. I go through this oil fairly fast since I do diffuse it every night and I like to carry a bottle around with me. It's my most favorite blend of oils. It's a respiratory support oil blend that aids in lungs and sinuses and seasonal respiratory discomfort. One if it's ingredients is peppermint oil so it smells of peppermint and I love it! I got two bottles this time. :)

Since I am allergic to oranges, I hesitate to use their On Guard blend which has orange oils in it. I happen to use a salt scrub with orange oil in it and I started to feel real itchy and broke out in hives, so I didn't want that to happen when I would diffuse On Guard. Young Living Essential Oils (which is another essential oil company that I like as well) has a blend called Thieves that is similar to On Guard, but uses lemon oil instead of orange oil and so I like to use their recipe in making my own blend of On Guard/Thieves. I was running out of clove, cinnamon bark, and lemon so I had to get more of those oils. (I use a Thieves spray in my preschool classroom...and I LOVE it!)

Lavender and Peppermint are two oils that I like to make sure that I have a supply of. I always have a hard time sleeping and so I like to add some lavender spray on my pillow right before I lay down to sleep, or I would diffuse it when I am getting ready for bed. I have to admit that at first the smell really got to me and I didn't like it...but now it's a calming scent. :)

On a side note: I was really excited when I was able to go to the Lavender Farms of Maui! I adored their gift shop that had a lot of lavender products! :)

Peppermint has a lot of benefits that I appreciate. One of the top benefits that I love about this oil is that since spiders do not like the smell of peppermint, they stay away. Spiders and mice and so far it has worked. I haven't seen either in my studio since I started using this as a spray mixture. I like to spray this around and in my studio every few days. If anything, I love the smell of peppermint. :)

This is a rub that I absolutely love and will always hope they have around. It has peppermint in it so it does have that cool feeling when you rub it on. The older that I am the more my back and neck has been feeling sore. It doesn't help that in two of my jobs, I am putting a lot of pressure on my back and neck muscles (preschool: EVERYTHING is toddler height, so I am constantly leaning over, floral job: you are constantly putting strain on your back when you are designing and moving things around). It also helps when I work out and my muscles are sore, I just rub this on and I feel as if I can feel an instant relief! I love this product!

When I first placed my order, I had originally wanted only a few oils, however my sister told me that if my order totaled a certain amount I can get 3 free oils of which I usually get anyways. I figured that since I usually order these oils and the ones that I did end up getting, I might as well bulk up on some to make the amount and get these three free.

So this month, I was able to get these free! How awesome is that! :)

Like I mentioned earlier, do your own research about essential oils--how each oil can benefit you and even the source that you get them from. I have heard a lot of different things about different companies and so instead of just blindly listening to someone, I decided to do my own research and I have found that I like dōTERRA and Young Living Essential Oils. I do recommend oils...but that is for you to decide. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Greetings from Romania!

Today I got a card from Romania! When I saw where the postcard was from, it made me smile because it made me think of this guy who I had the biggest crush on for the longest time in grade school! His ethnicity was Romanian and I remember his eyes which were blue, blue, blue. :)

This postcard traveled 25 days to get to me from Oana. She wrote that one Romanian postcrosser was the one who took this picture! I think that that is SUPER awesome! She also mentioned that stress is a poison and I highly agree with her! :)

I like how she added this fun, colorful, and flowery washi tape on the bottom! So thoughtful!

 She also stuck this sticker on the postcard! How fun! A postcrossing meet! That really is awesome!

And I really like the stamps that she used as well! I love the flowers! :)

New Subscription: Bulu Box September 2016

While searching for new subscription boxes to subscribe to (can you tell that I just LOVE subscription boxes!), I came across this health and fitness subscription box: Bulu Box. I was able to use a code that allowed me to get my first box for only 99 cents! And then only $5 for the rest of all my boxes each month! That's 50% off the original price for the lifetime of my subscription! How can you go wrong with that?! So I was excited to join this subscription and to get my first box when I got home from Maui!

Bulu Box "is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box..." There are two types of boxes that you can choose from: The Bulu Box Original which is a monthly box that has 4-5 premium samples that provide a well-rounded sampling of all things healthy and nutritious and the Bulu Box Weight Loss which is a box that also contains 4-5 premium sampling that specifically helps with weight loss. This monthly subscription is $10 a month and it also does a point system where you can earn points that you can use like money on the site by just sharing your thoughts about each product in your sample surveys! The website is also full of expert tips, tricks and a supportive community!

This is the box that the subscription comes in. This is one of the most motivational boxes that I have ever received! I love quotes and I love how this one is filled with quote that will get you motivated and inspired! How fun!

When I opened the box it was filled with the fun samples that I got and some good coupons as well!

Here is their little greeting card that they send you. Although it would have been nice to have the card say on it what the samples are about, I like how they tell you where to go to find out more about your samples.

This is the SPORTea Hot Tea ($19.99 for 2-20 bag boxes) sample. It says that it is 100% natural, decaf equivalent, naturally occurring energy ingredients, and that it tastes great. I am excited to try this because I do love a good tea!

Vital 4U Vitamin Essentials ($35.00) There are 30 packets in one basically a months worth per container bought. I actually have heard a lot of good things about this product, but I have to admit that I was quite intimidate when I opened this sample card and saw all the pills! I don't normally take that many pills...(if any, at all!). But it was good to read what each pill was about. The pills in this packet will help aid in healthy skin, immune system, vision/eye health, body metabolism, bone health, energy, mood, and memory, healthy cholesterol levels, body development, and calcium absorption.

Goodgut Boost ($14.40/28 capsules per bottle) I like the information that it gives on the sample's very informative and makes me curious about what this capsule does! It looks like a good thing!

Teeccino Tee-Bags ($9.99/10 Tee-Bags) These come in 7 flavors: Dandelion Dark Roast, Dandelion Caramel Nut, French Roast, Vanilla Nut, Maya Chocolate, and Hazelnut. I got the Havelnut and French Roast and I am super excited to try these out!

Bhu Fit Vegan Protein Bars ($38.99/12 bars) They come in 3 flavors Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Apple Chunk Cinnamon Nut Meg, and Chocolate Tart Cherry Pistachio

As you can kind of see in this picture, they stapled the staple not on the top where it would affect the by the time that the box got to me, there were ants already eating the bar. So sad...but that's okay, hopefully they got their dose (and more) of protein! :)

This flavor wasn't mentioned as the flavors that you can get. But just reading what it is sounds like a healthy version of one of my favorite candies! Almond Joy! I hope it tastes just as good! :)

I also got a few coupons to use! How nice! :)

I'm not sure I would pay $10 for this box, but for $5 I think that it was a pretty good deal! I like how it sent me a few teas that I am excited to try and I truly am curious about the Vital 4U Vitamins, so I think I'll do more research about that! But I like this box...I want to be more healthy in my lifestyle and so I think that this box is a good step forward in the right direction!

If you want to join me in this healthy journey and learn more about different healthy choices and goodies out there, please feel free to click here to subscribe to this monthly subscription!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I got the notification that two of my postcards got to their destinations while I was in Maui and so now that I am home (and a little bit more settled from my trip) I am able to send out two more postcards! I also got a message from a postcrosser friend if I would do a direct swap with her and so I agreed and sent her a postcard yesterday.

When I asked for two more addresses from the Postcrossing website, one postcrosser mentioned that he would like to get his postcard in an envelope, however he did not mention if he would like me to write on the postcard or not, and so I messaged him asking if he would like a blank card or if he didn't mind me writing on it. I am still waiting for his reply before I send his postcard (in an envelope) off!

This postcard was sent to the Philippines to a lady named Melissa. She is from the Philippines and I was happy to see that she is from the same town that I was able to visit when I went to the school there for a couple of years! That was exciting to see! She never mentioned any specific postcard, so I decided to send her this beautiful postcard of North Shore here on O'ahu. This one of my favorite places to visit. The waves are just so mesmerizing to watch! :) I mention that I had the opportunity to visit the place she lived and also told her about my favorite book series and movies (she asked on her profile. :)) I hope she likes my card!

This gorgeous sunset postcard will be sent to a gentleman in Japan! How cool would it be to be able to explore Japan! That would be SO MUCH FUN! He had a list of postcards that he wanted to receive and "beautiful landscapes, sunset and colourful, bright postcards" stood out to me and so I decided to send his this postcard of a beautiful, bright colored, sun set in O'ahu postcard! I hope it gets to him at a timely manner! :)

I also hope that I hear from the other gentleman that I am suppose to send a postcard too. If I don't hear from him within a few days, I think that I'll write on the postcard...but I would hate to be wrong and have him want a BLANK card! Ahhhh!!!

Orenda (n.): A mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own lives. [Iroquoian origins]

New Subscription: Stickii-Cute Pack September 2016

I was so excited to discovery the Stickii Club subscription! I have looked a multiple "unboxings" of this particular subscription and I absolutely love what I see! I love stickers and I am so tempted to subscribe to ALL packs! All the stickers are so cute and fun! When I got back from Maui, I saw that my first packet of stickers came in the mail and I was super excited to open it and see what I got for my first shipment, and I was not disappointed at all at what I got! I got the Cute pack...and although I am super happy with what I got, I wish I knew if there was a way to switch packs every-so-often. I did purchase a 6-month subscription with a renewal at the end of the 6 months, so I don't know if it's possible to change in the middle of a subscription, but that's okay, all the stickers are so adorable!

STICKII club is a sticker subscription that sends out fun-filled envelopes of kawaii stickers! They offer three different styles of subscription packs from Cute, Retro, and Pop styles of stickers for $10/month each (Free delivery in the US, $1.25 delivery for Canada, and $2 delivery everywhere else)! According to CrateJoy, "Not only the Cute Pack includes all the kawaii stickers, our Retro and Pop Pack also loaded with adorable stickers but just with a slightly different mood." Each monthly pack comes with 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 1+ washi tape sample. And each month is a different theme for all styles. Subscribe to one style or multiple styles, it's up to you...and must have subscription for sticker lovers (like myself!) :)

Each style of sticker packs come with their own unique envelope. I love how the cute pack comes in a bright pink envelope, because pink is my favorite color. :) It's such a "cutesy" color! :) The envelope comes in a plastic, designed outer envelope with a plain [bright pink] paper envelope inside.

One the back of the plastic part of the envelope it comes with a sticker that informs you of the theme this month. PANDA'S! How "cute!" I do follow them on IG and so they had a post as to why they decided to have Panda's be the theme for the cute pack this month. "Did you know the Panda was just officially removed form the international endangered species list? That means we will see this cute animal more often; YAY!! What's better than opening up a whole pack of cute pandas to celebrate??" That is such a happy reason to have Panda's be the theme for this month! :)

Oh my goodneess! How CUTE are these puffy sticker panda's! I love the fruit that they added! I ended up giving this sticker sheet to my sister, Amanda When my DollGirl was just learning how to talk, she started calling her "Aunty Panda" and so "Aunty Panda" she will forever be. :) So, of course, when I showed her this sticker pack, I couldn't help but share with her the sticker love! :)

I've never seen this happen to a puffy sticker before, but on the top "row" of this sticker sheet, this (I think it's a strawberry?!) sticker looked like it got the air knocked out of it! How funny! :)

This is another cute sticker sheet of puffy stickers! I can NOT get over how CUTE these are!! I also gave these ones to my sister. :) She told me that she liked puffy stickers and so I didn't mind sharing with her. :)

Oh my goodness....such cuteness OVERLOAD! I love them all! :) I think I will have a panda spread in one (maybe two?! :)) of my planners one of these weeks just so that I can use PLENTY of these cuties! :)

I love ALL the stickers that I received in this months pack, but I have to say that this sticker sheet has got to be my favorite one! They are just so cute...and it reminds me of those cute panda youtube videos that I see of these cute rascals!

I know that these sticker flakes will find their way into my planner since I thing they are just SO adoreable! I think my favorite one is the one with the ice-cream, or the one in the, the one in the donut...ahhh...I don't just have one favorite...they are ALL my favorite! :)

I love the glitter "bigger" sticker! Ahhh! SoooOoooOooo cute! I love how it looks like they are playing in SWEETS! And I do have a sweet tooth! And the washi tape sample is just as cute! I did end up giving these two to my sister because I saw that she loved them as well, and so I let her have them. She told me that she was going to use them in the letter that she was going to write her sister. I think that would make the letter fun. :)

I think these were an added bonus this month...and how are are these adorable book sticky markers! AHHHH! I definitely will be using these in one of my planner! They are just so happy to look at! :)

I can see why this is called the CUTE pack! I think I have just overused the word "cute" for the day! :)

I loved this pack, and I am so looking forward to my next month already! I love stickers and this is a fun and inexpensive subscription that is worth every penny. Now, do you see why I would want to subscribe to all the different packs! *laughs*

If you would like to join me in this fun monthly subscription, please click here to start your subscription today! Let me know which pack (or packs) you decided to's so hard to choose just one! :)

(How many times did you read the word CUTE in this post?! I lost count! :))