Friday, December 2, 2016

Preschool Christmas Program.

Oh. My. Days. It is done. We made it...and we made it alive. Every year (in all the places that I have ever taught) we have had a preschool Christmas program. This year was no different. For the past month I have had the tune to "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells" stuck in my head...and hopefully now that the Christmas program is done, I can now retire the song for the next year. Oh wait, it's still's going to be playing some where. Well, not in my classroom it will not! :)

Today was our Christmas program, and if I said that it happened without a hitch and went smoothly, that would be lie. I will say, though, it as one of those things that every teacher has to go through and when they do, at the end of it, at least I can, say that WOW, it went great! :) And it did. More than half the kids had stage fright, we had jumpers galore, and those who wanted to run, run, run! A few of the children wanted to sit down when they were suppose to stand up and stand up when they were suppose to sit down. We had those that became a statue and didn't want to move when we were talking down the aisle, and those who decided it would be a good time to LAY DOWN in the middle of the aisle and throw a crying fit. I had a few clingers, and those who looked like deer stuck in the headlight. We also had those 5 or 6 children who were having a singing concert-who can sing the loudest. And those who did all the motions but never opened their mouths once. We had pushers, we had wavers, we had over-excited children. But all in all, I believe we had a wonderful Christmas program. :) All said without sarcasm or joke. It went exactly how I thought it would be, but better. :)

One of the hardest thing to work with is that we have two separate groups coming together for the first time to sing together. Even though they never practiced together. We had our Monday-Wednesdasy-Friday kids join with our Tuesday-Thursday kids and that means we had over 85 students performing together. Yes, we had practices during the day, but since there are only less than 15 kids who come everyday, we practiced with, at most, 49 children a day. But you know what, it worked out.

Here we have "Santa's Helpers" practicing on their cutting skills while we are waiting for the rest of the children to arrive. It seemed so peaceful in the morning...calm before the storm, that's for sure! :)

It was so dear to watch as more kids came and all the girls came in their pretty dresses all dolled up for the program. The boys looked just as smart in their cute outfits, all Christmas colors and looked all spiffy!  But the girls held my heart when they started to spin and spin in their dresses to fan them out!

I remembered when I was young and I use to love doing that! Shoots, I still love doing that. :) I love their innocence, I love the fact that they are carefree and happy. I love this age!

Although, to a teacher, working on the Christmas program can be stressful (I will say that I was sure stressed out a lot!), I will never change my job. I love it. I love working with this age. I love being around the kids. I love how all my kids love music. I love how they are so creative, imaginative, and smart! Their hearts are pure and they only know how to love. I love it. And I have to say that I was one proud teacher as I helped the kids walk down to their voices singing, "Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day...."

I love my job! :)